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Brit Lit II

                                    Portfolio Entry #2: Descriptive Essay

This portfolio assignment asks you to take a note from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales: Prologue
and create a vivid and memorable character based on appearance, actions, thoughts, and
words. Your textbook offers a wealth of information/tips on how to best achieve this goal (p. 218-
225). It is expected that you will use this section of the text book to assist in mastery of the

Rhetorical Situation

Author: creative fiction writer

Audience: fan of creative fiction

Context: The author must use a variety of indirect characterization to create a vivid and
memorable character.

Plan of Attack (tentative)

          T 9/6: turned in people-watching free write

          T 9/20: complete Character Questions Activity in class

                 HW: complete Character Details Activity

          W 9/21: review guidelines of assignment

                 HW: complete Subject Outline

          TH 9/22: class time to work on Descriptive essay 1st Final Copy

          F 9/23: class time to work on Descriptive essay 1st Final Copy

          M 9/26: 1st Final Copy submitted to before 11:00pm

          T 9/27: bring in 2 hard copies of 1st Final Copy

                 This is not a substitute for submission
                 If submitted to via “copy & paste,” bring in 3 hard copies

          T 9/27: peer review of 1st Final Copies in class; Final Essay Tips

          TH 9/29: Revision submitted to before 11:00pm
Brit Lit II


Q1 Points: two-page people watching [20 pts]; Character Questions Activty [15 pts]; Character
Details Activity [15 points]; Subject Outline [15 pts.]; Peer Review Activity [15 pts.]; submission
guidelines [40 pts]

Portfolio Points:

                    o   Focusing on distinguishing characteristics, mannerisms, behaviors, and
         /20            actions that make the character memorable
         /20        o   Organizing essay in clear, effective order, including only details that
                        contribute to dominant impression
                    o   Vividly describing character’s physical features, using sensory details
         /20            and figurative language to enhance description
         /20        o   Describing character’s thoughts, attitudes, and words through
                        dialogue and action
         /20        o   Grammar, mechanics, formatting/assignment guidelines

Formatting Guidelines

When you submit to, I’ll ask you to upload your essay. Before doing so, you’ll need to format
the document in this way:

         12 point Times New Roman font
         Double-spaced
         1” margins on top, bottom, left, right
         Name, Class period, date, assignment title on 1st line of 1st page (right-justified)
         Right-justified header of last name, page number.

Submission Instructions

#1: Submitting to

         Log in at
         Click on your class period
         Click on the submit icon for the assignment “Descriptive Essay” to turn in the 1 st Final Copy
                  Click on the submit icon for the assignment “Descriptive Essay Revision” to turn in the
         Choose the paper submission method “single file upload”
                  If not using Microsoft Word, choose the “copy & paste method” to submit, and bring in a
                   hard copy of essay from the program you used to create it
         Make sure your first and last name are correct
         Give your essay a creative, appropriate title, and enter that in the “submission title” space
         Click Submit (you should then see a copy of your essay. The format may look different, but that’s
         Click Submit again.
         You’ll then see a digital of our essay, showing the correct format. There is no need to print this

#2: Saving to your H drive

         Save your final essay to the Brit Lit II folder on your H drive, in case there are issues.

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