Tips for Teaching Mitosis by anamaulida


									Mitosis can be a challenging topic to teach, especially if your only
educational aids are textbooks and photocopied worksheets. For years,
introductory level biology students have been taught to memorize the
stages of mitosis, without ever thoroughly understanding the process.
Luckily, VIRTmac's DNA/RNA Protein Kit provides biology teachers with
engaging lesson ideas that are specially designed to help students
understand and retain the difficult concept of cell division.      What
is Mitosis?

Mitosis is the process by which a eukaryotic cell separates the
chromosomes in its cell nucleus. The result is two cells with identical
nuclei. While this may sound like a simple process, biology teachers know
that mitosis is actually a complex and highly regulated procedure. The
sequence of events is divided into specific phases: the interphase,
prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. Once this cycle has taken
place, the cell is ready to separate, which is known as cytokinesis.
Manipulative Models Make Teaching Mitosis Fun Science students have a
better chance of understanding difficult biological concepts when they
are actively engaged in interactive activities. Integrating manipulative
models into your lesson plan will therefore foster multiple modality
learning in your students, encouraging increased participation and
enhanced knowledge retention. While there are a handful of mitosis
activities documented on the Internet, none provide the same amount of
clarity and engagement as the VIRTmac magnetic classroom. Teachers from
all across Canada are praising the usefulness of the VIRTmac magnetic
classroom; one teacher notes that, -œit is so good to have a model that
covers so many aspects of cell biology that you can manipulate and
develop further.-• The mitosis VIRTmac magnetic classroom activity is
included in Lesson 4 of the DNA/RNA Protein Kit and includes an
informative video introduction to the concept.        Using the VIRTmac
Lesson Plan to Teach Mitosis    The VIRTmac Mitosis lesson plan is easy
and fun to teach. Using the DNA nucleotides provided in the kit, teachers
will build two homologous chromosomes. Teachers can then unzip and
replicated the chromosomes, using four different enzymes and DNA
nucleotides. Students will be able to watch as the duplicated chromosomes
become bonded together via a centromere. Teachers are able to manipulate
the duplicated chromosomes through each stage of mitosis, including
cytokenisis.        Students today are fortunate to have technologies
like the VIRTmac system to aid them in their study of complex cell
reproduction. The ability to witness mitosis as a process, and not just
individual steps, will make a significant impact on your students'
understanding and help them grasp the process much quicker than
traditional memorization methods.         VIRTmac (Visual Interactive
Revolutionary Tactile Magnetic Classroom) is a modern evolution of the
classroom learning experience. Learn more about these and other
manipulative models at    Related Articles - magnetic
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