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     Bump              Evernote       Google Mobile         Pandora Radio            FMTouch

  Swap contact          Note taking    Search Google          Free personalized    FileMaker in your
  information,          information   quickly using your    radio with streaming         pocket
  photos easily                        voice and your               music          Requires a copy of
                                           location                                  FileMaker Pro

      Free              Free/$45 yr          Free                  Free                 $29.99

 Quickoffice           2Do Lite: A      Print Magic               Skype            myHomework
 Mobile Suite        Stunning To Do

    View Word,          To Do List      Print from your     Make phone calls or    Keep track of your
 PowerPoint, PDF                         iPhone or iPod        send instant           homework
     and Excel                            Can use free       messages for free       assignments
 documents. Paid                       “Printer Test for
versions adds some                    Print Magic” app to
    editing and                             check for
   composing of                         compatibility of
 Word and Excel .                        printer before

Free/$7.99/$9.99        Free/$6.99          $6.99                  Free                  Free
    Dragon              PDFReader                Days Until            CountDown             Margins (book
   Dictation                                                              Free                  notes)

 Voice Recognition        PDF reader           Days Until beauty      Count down to your     If you keep notes
   software that                                     lies in its           big day!          on your reading,
   allows you to                                functionality and                            Margins is for you.
speak and instantly                            options. It informs                           Organizes by book
  see your text or                             you helpfully how                             and page number
  email messages                              many days or hours
                                                 are left before a
                                              specific event takes

       Free                  $0.99                    Free                   Free                   #3.99


   Matches             Postman Plum             Math Train             Scibble Lite           Pre-K Safari
                      Interactive Kids        Free – Addition                                     Lite
                            Book              Subraction for

  A computerized      Vibrant hand drawn      Teaches kids to add         Easy drawing       Touch the screen
app of the popular    pictures accompany      and subtract visually         program.         and animals come
children card game    a skillfully narrated                            Full version allows   to life with the
 to improve your        text, all of which                            you to take a photo    sounds and sights
memory. Choice of     come to life at your                            in the app and then    of the Serengeti.
 images to match          very touch!                                      draw on it.
  and nice sound.

       Free             Free for Limited              Free            Free /$0.99 (limited       Free/$0.99
                              Time                                           time)

    Stanza                 Kindle                StoryKit             WordSearch            WordWeaver
                                                                       Unlimited               Lite

   ebook reader;     ebook reader; books       Create your own      Electronic version of     Make as many
includes some free      acquired from        electronic storybook      a word search         words as you can
      books                                            puzzle             from the given
                                                                                            letters in the time

      Free                   Free                   Free                Free/$0.99              Free/$0.99

 Math Test                Narrator            iQuote 2.0 –          Diet WordPop!
Mix-up – LAZ                                 – Dictionary &             World of
Reader (Level                                  Thesaurus                Quotes

KINDERGARTEN TO           Multimedia           Dictionary and        Search over 10,000       WordPops is an
FIRST GRADE          storytelling platform    Thesaurus inclues          quotes by             addictive cross
readers will read            form              over 1,000,000       Categories or Author      between Tetris®
about two students   Hear the book as you         words and                                    and Scrabble®.
who experience a          read along         definitions, word of                            Spell words with
dilemma when                                 the day, and audio                             your finger to stop
they don't follow                              pronunciations.                               the bubbles from
instructions on                                                                              filling the screen.
their tests.
questions follow
Other levels

      Free                  $2.99                   Free                   $1.99                Free/$0.99

 TanZen Lite             Equater             Coins Genius            Sudoku (Free)            Mental Maths

Over 40 different      Fast paced game          Kids have fun        Sudoku game for the       Nice Math drill
tangram puzzles     that pits you against    learning to add coin       iPhone or iPod        As you complete
                      the clock trying to     values quickly and                               the problem a
                     create and solve as          accurately.                                 picture is formed
                     many equations as
                           you can.

   Free/$0.99               $0.99                Free/$0.99              Free/$2.99              Free/$0.99

 Pearl Diver         Math Games -             ArithmeTick             Quick Graph              Math Tutor
                     Free Addition                                                                Lite

   Developed by                                 Flash Card Drill       Quick Graph is a       Starts with simple
                    Do you want to get
   mathematics                               game for +, -, X, and       powerful, high        math operations
                    your children
     educators,                              /. Set problem from        quality, graphic     and as you progress
                    interested in
 researchers, and                             Easy to Hard. Will     calculator that takes    you will encounter
                    practicing their basic
game developers                                 help to develop      full advantage of the   operations that will
                    math skills? Do most
  at the Learning                            speed and accuracy       multitouch display      be challegning. PC
                    Math Based games
Games Lab at New                                                       and the powerful      word 2009 Best App
                    only keep them
   Mexico State                                                       graphic capabilities    for Primary School
                    interested for short
  University. For                                                     of the iPhone, both       Kids Third Place
                    periods of time
 Grade 3-8 helps                                                          in 2D and 3D               Award
                    before they get
                    bored? If so, then
understanding of
                    Math Games is for
   fractions and
  whole numbers

      Free                   Free            Free/Limited Time               Free                   Free
Twenty Four!            Math Zombie             Multiplication              PI-83                Formul8 –
   Free                     Free                 Genius Lite              Calculator               Math,
                                                                                                and Physics

  The goal of the       Math Zombie was        Encourage your kids         PI83 Graphing       Most used formulas
       game is           selected as Apple     to master 12 Times      Calculator is a clone       in Algebra,
deceptively simple:       Staff's Favorite     Table! Top 10 Trivia     of a $70 graphing      Geometry, Calculus,
 make the number        during the week of      App in Poland. The      calculator for your       Science, and
 24 using the four        Christmas 2008.      multiplication is the      iPhone. It does          Chemistry.
given numbers and       Exercise your brain            most            everything the TI83
 basic arithmetic --    with this game for       FUNDAMENTAL             does. Has been
      addition,         people of all ages.       foundations of           featured in PC
    subtraction,       The goal of this math       mathematics.          World as a must-
multiplication and     game is simple: In 10                           have back-to-school
  division. Has 50      seconds, combine                                        app
problem for you to       numbers to equal
        solve.          the number in the
                          big yellow box.

    Free/$1.99              Free/$1.99             Free/$0.99               Fre$0.99e                $0.99


 The Weather             WeatherBug                  NASA               Mild EleMints             Discovery
   Channel                                                                                         Channel

 In-motion radar        Live, local weather        Official NASA         Period Chart of        Videos, daily news
maps, traffic cams,                              information and            Elements             stories, quizzes,
current conditions,                                   photos                                        photos, TV
     and more                                                                                  schedules and more

       Free                 Free/$0.99                 Free                Free/$4.99                 Free

Google Earth           USA Factbook              I Like DC Lite               USA                Constitution
                           Free                                            Presidents           for iPhone and
                                                                                                  iPod Touch

 Explore the same      All 50 US states facts   DC Triva for children         Flash card          A copy of the
global satellite and     with description            of all ages           application and      Constitution with
  aerial imagery                                                         game to help you           proposed
  available in the                                                        learn the names,        amendments
desktop version of                                                      picture, and dates in
   Google Earth.                                                             office of the
                                                                          Presidents of the

       Free             Free/$0.99 (Sale)           Free/$0.99                  Free                  Free

 America Lite           World Book –             Oregon Trail            US Historical           Civilization
                         this Day in                FREE                  Document               Revolution
                           History                                                                   Lite

   Facts about         Interactive calendar        Classic Game          Collection of 200 of    Build. Discover.
 America including        which displays             revisited           the most important     Conquer. Rule the
people, places, and    significant historical                           historical documents         World!
      events             events that took
                        place on a specific

       Free                    $0.99                Free/$4.99              $0.99/$4.99            Free/$6.99

       Shazam            MyPaint Free                 Pano                  Postino

  Point your phone     Edit and share your      Use a photo or a        One of the most         You can send
 towards the music         photos from           blank canvas to      popular iPhone apps    postcards to your
  source to identify        anywhere            explore the inner         for making         family and friends
 and buy the track,                                  artistic.         panoramic views.      with photos taken
    or share your                                                       Uses the iPhone      in iPhone. Virtual
    discovery with                                                         camera.             e-cards free or
 friends and family.                                                                         physical postcards
(iPod requires mic.)                                                                          for $2.00 or less.

    Free/$4.99                 Free                 Free/$1.99          $2.99 on sale for           Free

Colors!                Doodle Buddy            Art Gallery            Animoto               Musée de
                                               Premium                Videos                Louvre

Colors! is a           This is a cool little   Browse through         Turns your pictures   Official application
simplistic painting    application where       7,500 works of art.    into music videos     of the Musée de
application            you can draw and        Learn about artists.                         Louvre
combining ease of      add stickers on
use and powerful       either a white
painting tools.        background or a
Nominated in 2008      picture. You can also
Best App Ever          work on a picture
Awards for Most        with a friend.
Innovative App and
Most Original User

Free                   Free                    $0.99                  Free                  Free

    Lose It!           CPR & Choking          RunMateLite -           iFitness          iMapMyFitness

Track your weight             Videos          Your new personal     A comprehensive       Makes tracking
 loss and calories                                  trainer        excercise database      your outdoor
                                               Works on iPhone       with videos and     fitness activities
                                                     only               pictures         and adventures

       Free                    Free              Free/$3.99              $1.99                 Free


Sign 4 Me – A             VoiceOver             Sentence           Speak it! Text       IEP Checklist
   Signed                                        Builder            to Speech
                       In the iPhone 3GS
3D tool for learning                           Elementary aged       Text to speech      Provides a list of
                       settings, use
  sign language        VoiceOver for screen   children learn how        solution           items (with
                       reading, and Zoom            to build                            description and ed
                       for magnifying up to     grammatically                           code) to complete
                       500%.                  correct sentences                             for an IEP

       $9.99              Included on 3GS           $2.99                $1.99                 Free
                         iPhones and 32G
                             iPod Touch

FREE Spanish         Local Picks by              Revu4U             Checkers Free        WolframAlpha
   Tutor              TripAdvisor                Review

 Learn or refresh           Get              Revu4U is a testing    Checkers game that     Computational
   your Spanish,      recommendations       and review app that        you can play       knowledge engine
    anytime and      from Local Picks for   can help users gain a                           that draws on
  anywhere with      nearby restaurants      mastery of various                          multiple sources to
your own personal                             subjects Current                           answer user queries
   language lab.                                subject areas                                  directly.
 Also available in                              available are
 French, German                              Algebra Readiness
     and Italian                                  (Free), AP

   Free/$7.99               Free                Free/$4.99              Free/$0.99             $1.99
  (Spanish 101)

 Wikipanion            AP Mobile               New York                  WBRZ             White Noise
                                                Times                                        Lite

Designed for easy,    Associated Press           News and             Local news and     Ambient sounds of
search, navigation         News              information of the         information      the environment to
  and display of                              New York Times                              help you relax or
Wikipedia entries.                                                                              sleep

   Free/$4.99               Free                    Free                  Free                  Free

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