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									Apple iPhone

   March 21, 2007
             Smart Phone

•   Calls by Touch

•   Voicemail

•   SMS

•   Photos

•   Calendar
Apple iPhone
       •   Smart Phone

       •   iPod (Widescreen)

       •   Wireless Internet

       •   PDA

       •   Computer (OS X)

       •   Camera
       iPod (Widescreen)
•   Tunes Library Access

       •   Videos

       •   Songs

       •   Movie Previews

       •   Lyrics

       •   Album Artwork

•   Touch Controls

•   3.5 inch screen iPod with touch screen controls
  Wireless Internet
Communication Device
•   Wi-Fi enabled Internet Device    •   Internet email

       •   Auto Wi-Fi detection             •   Rich HTML email
                                     •   Widget Applications
       •   Bluetooth
                                            •   stock quotes
       •   GSM
                                            •   sports scores
       •   Cingular’s EDGE
                                            •   weather reports
•   Full Feature Browser
                                            •   traffic updates

•   Syncs automatically with a Mac
    or a PC
PDA, Computer and Camera

  •   Apple’s OS X running Widget’s Java based software

  •   PDA features: appoint calendars, contact lists, photos,
      emails and documents

  •   Built-in camera takes pictures at 2 MB resolution that
      can be stored in 4 GB or 8 GB flash memory
               iPhone Design

•   Display Screen
                                               Headphone jacks
    •   3.5-inch touch screen display
                                               Built-in speaker
    •   Finger commands interface
                                               Bluetooth (stereo) transmission
    •   25,000 pixels per inch resolution

    •   Ambient light sensor
 Software OS X

•Full OS X       •Cocoa
•Multi Tasking   •Core Animation
•Networking      •Graphics
•Syncing         •Audio
•Low Power       •Widgets
•Security        •Applications
Phone Market Position
iPhone vs. the competition
         Customer segments
•   Enterprises are unlikely to buy iPhones

    •   Price ~40% higher than Blackberries’

    •   Blackberries have top-notch push-email

•   iPhone has features that appeal to mass
    consumer market

•   However, sales will be gated by network and price
Marketing decisions (I)
•   Pricing

    •   Skimming strategy

    •   Typically cell phone prices drop rapidly

    •   Expect Apple prices to fall slowly

•   Product

    •   Add functionality, maintain price

    •   Versioned iPods for price-sensitive segment
    Marketing decisions (II)
•   Distribution

    •   Restricted availability to Cingular and Apple

    •   New iPhones will open channels & drive sales

•   Promotions

    •   Cingular iPhone discounts unlikely

    •   Expect iPhone voice / data plans
Early adopter market ~8.7m

•   Cingular customers                                   58m

•   Cingular subscribers with iPod                       30%

•   Cingular subscribers with iPod                       17.4m

•   Uptake rate from Cingular iPod customers in 1st year 50%

•   Est. uptake by Cingular iPod customers in 1st year   8.7m
Mobile Device Market

World Sales

              Millions of Units
      Porter’s Five Forces
             New entrants

Bargaining   Rivalry within   Bargaining
 power of       industry       Power of
 suppliers                    customers

               Threat of
                     SWOT Analysis
   strengths                                                           weaknesses

Style/Brand          Sensors                  No UMTS        High price / high end

                User base                        Limited distribution channels
                               First mover
  Rich UI
                                                                          Unsafe for
                     Hype                       Missing features
                                                                        corporate use?

            Migrate people to Apple
                                                Similar devices

Port existing apps                                  Highly developed market
                     New social device

                  Distribute iTunes content

 opportunities                                                             threats
Open up the OS
  to third party developers

Voice over IP
(The Future)

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