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                IR services
Euroland Investors Best Practice IR Services offers high quality and cost efficient
IR services. Our services include IR Share & Web tools,
online marketing programmes through the financial website and Annual Report Promotion.

Best Practice IR Share tools and web services
Provide visitors to your website with online IR Web
tools. We offer share and financial analysis tools, digital
reports, shareholding information and more. Our inter-
active online tools offer your visitors the opportunity to
personalise the information they receive.
Our tools enable you to offer your information in multiple
languages for investors outside your home country. We
also develop customised solutions on request.
We offer three main marketing programmes on our
financial website These programmes are
designed to increase your company’s exposure to the
right target group, offer your company’s financial infor-
mation to investors in the right context and link them
to your corporate website. IR Share tools and Web
sevices for your corporate website are included in the

Annual Report Promotion
The Annual Report Promotion programmes are de-
signed to reach institutional and high net worth retail
investors through campaigns in carefully selected finan-
cial publications, online media and through personally
addressed investor mailings.

                                           Euroland Investors introduction ......... 2
                                           Euroland programmes ...................... 4

                                          IR Share tools & Web services
                                           Best Practice IR Share tools ............. 5
                                           Best Practice IR Web tools ............... 9
                                           Best Practice
                                            Financial presentations.................. 11
                                           Best Practice Online Reports .......... 13
                                           Best Practice
                                            Consensus Estimates services ...... 14
                                           Best Practice IR Web services ........ 15

                                           Introduction .................................... 16
                                           Euroland IR Marketing .................... 17
                                           Marketing on Euroland .................... 18
                                           Corporate presentation ................... 21

                                          Annual Report Promotion
                                           Introduction .................................... 22
                                           European Campaign ....................... 23
                                           Investor Mailing Campaign .............. 24
                                           German, Austria and
                                             Switzerland Campaign .................. 25

                                          About us
                                           Contact information ........................ 26
DnB NOR (Norway’s largest                  Our clients ...................................... 26
financial services group)
“Increasing our presence on is also important with re-
spect to how we communicate with our
investors. They can monitor and track
shares on more than 20 stock exchang-
es worldwide and we believe that our
presence on this site will make us even
more attractive to new investors”

– Per Sagbakken
Head of Investor Relations
Voted as Norway’s best IR department in
2007 by IR Magazine                                                                        V 1004a

                                                                            Euroland programmes

      Euroland programmes

Our programmes are aimed at increasing the visibility and interest in your company
and positioning it in the mind of the international investors.
In order to meet the different objectives of our clients we offer three man cost-efficient programmes
as well as the possibility to purchase tools individually.

                                            P               Euroland Premium Subscription
     Premium programme
      Best Practice IR Share &                   P         Euroland Medium Subscription
       Web tools.

      Full Euroland Company                            P   Euroland Basic Subscription
       Presentation in your                                 IR Share Tools
       corporate language(s)
                                            P     P     P     Share Graph Flash - NEW!
       plus 4 addition
       languages.                           P     P     P     Share Price Ticker(s)
                                            P     P     P     Share Series (incl. basic share data)
                                            P     P     P     Share Graphs Java & HTML
                                            P     P     P     Latest Share Trades
     Medium programme
                                            P     P     P     Historical Price Look-up
      Best Practice IR Share &
                                            P     P     P     Investment Calculator
       Web tools.
                                            P     P     P     Wap Service
      Full Euroland Company                                IR Web Tools
       Presentation in your
                                            P     P           Stock Exchange News Releases (OMX, RNS)
       corporate language(s).
                                            P     P           Email Alerts (RNS)
                                            P     P           Management Shareholding - when applicable

     Basic programme                        P     P           Major Shareholders - when applicable
                                            P     P           Quick Fact Sheet
      Best Practice IR Share
       tools.                               P     P           Financial Performance Table (Key Figures)
                                            P     P           HTML Annual Report
      Brief Euroland Company               P                 Financial Calender
       Presentation in your
                                            P                 Interactive Analysis Tool, Annually/ Quarterly
       corporate language(s).
                                            P                 Euroland Smart Survey

                                                            Additional IR Tools
                                                              HTML Annual/Interim Report
All programmes benefit from the
comprehensive marketing sched-                                Flash Annual/Interim Report
ule used to promote Euroland                                  Consensus Estimates
and its clients. Targeted towards                             Subscription Centre - NEW!
international investors, this promo-                          Vector Graph - NEW!
tion generates visibility and creates
                                                              SMS Management Alerts - NEW!
interest in your stock.
                                                              RSS Price Ticker - NEW!
                                                              Market Overview Solution

                                                                                   IR web tools

      Best Practice IR Share tools

For every shareholder, your current share price and trading information constitutes some of the most
important information on your Investor Relations website. Euroland has a wide range of Best Practice IR
Share & Web Tools on offer to meet this need, all of which are built according to your requirements and your
corporate design.

 SharE GraPh – FlaSh
  Equip your investors with
  a multitude of interactive
  features by using our latest
  Best Practice Flash graph.

    Styled to match your
    homepage, this graph allows
    investors to follow your
    stock with ease thanks to a
    large graphical information
    display as well as a user-
    friendly interface.

    Features include:
	   •	Comparison	to	
      peers & indices
	   •	Fundamental	data	
	   •	Key	figures	&	Estimates	
	   •	Press	releases
	   •	Dividends	
	   •	Insider	trading	
      (when applicable)

    Supplementary plug-
    in features such as an
    HTML graph, share data,
    latest trades, orders and a
    historical performance data
    table are also available.

                                    IR web tools

     Best Practice IR Share tools

 TickErS
  Concisely display your share
  performance to investors
  by using a static, scrolling
  or graphical snapshot share
  price ticker.

 SharE SEriES
  Provide all key share series
  information to your investors
  with our convenient Share
  Series table.

                                      IR web tools

      Best Practice IR Share tools

 SharE GraPhS –
    Java & hTMl
    Supply your investors with
    a dynamic, interactive
    share graph, allowing them
    to monitor your stock
    performance and make
    investment decisions.

    Features include:
	   •	Comparison	to	
      peers & indices
	   •	Total	return	
	   •	Moving	averages

 laTEST TradES
	 Display	your	most	up-to-
  date trading activity with our
  convenient Latest Trades
  data table.

    Graphically illustrate detailed
    broker statistics including
    buy/sell data, trading
    volumes and percentage
    changes. (Broker statistics
    are only available in certain

                                     IR web tools

     Best Practice IR Share tools

 hiSTorical PricE
   look-uP (wiTh or
   wiThouT PEErS)
   Equip investors with a tool
   that enables them to access
   both up-to-date as well as
   historical share price data.

 invESTMEnT
   Allow your investors to
   calculate the current value of
   their holdings, with results in
   multiple currencies.

 waP-SErvicE
  For those on the go, our
  WAP service provides quick
  and simple delayed share
  price information direct to
  any internet enabled mobile

                                    IR web tools

     Best Practice IR Share tools

 STock ExchanGE nEwS
   rElEaSES (rnS, oMx)
   Eliminate the manual work of
   uploading news releases to
   your IR homepage with our
   automated News Releases

   Releases are presented
   directly on your
   homepage, with
   historical announcements
   conveniently archived and
   accessible by way of an
   interactive search function.

     Best Practice IR Web tools

 EMail alErTS (rnS)
  Keep investors informed
  with your company’s latest
  news releases using our
  Email Alerts service.

   Subscribers can select and
   subscribe to their news
   type(s) of interest.

   Announcements are
   automatically sent to an
   email-box of choice.

                                   IR web tools

      Best Practice IR Web tools

 Financial calEndar
  Keep investors up-to-date
  with your events, information
  releases and roadshow
  dates through the Financial
  Calendar tool.

    Features include:
	   •	Display	upcoming	and	
      historical events
	   •	XML	feed	to	create	
      ‘Event tickers’
	   •	Email	subscription	
	   •	Alerts/reminders	feature

 SharEholdErS SErvicE
  Provide visitors with
  your latest shareholder
  information, including a list
  of the largest shareholders,
  their holdings, relative
  changes and overall

 inSidErS / ManaGEMEnT
    Offer investors a detailed
    account of your Insiders /
    Management Shareholdings,
    including a list of
    shareholders, their holdings
    and relative changes.

    (Only available in certain

                                              IR web tools

      Best Practice Financial presentations

 Quick FacT ShEET
  With a variety of potential
  applications, the Quick
  Fact Sheet is a great one
  page company snapshot
  summary in HTML.

    Features include:
	   •	Relevant	corporate,	
      financial and share
	   •	Updated	daily	with	the	
      latest share data
	   •	Downloadable	to	PDF

                                              IR web tools

      Best Practice Financial presentations

 Financial
    PErForMancE TaBlE
    Allow visitors to analyse
    and better understand your
    financial performance with
    the Financial Performance
    Data	Tool.

    Presents data in simple
    HTML format, with the
    option to see figures

 inTEracTivE analySiS
    Tool - annually and/
    or QuarTErly daTa
	   Display	your	historical	
    financial data in an
    interactive environment,
    allowing users to undertake
    their own analysis of trends.

    Features include:
	   •	Review,	comparison	and	
      analysis in tabular and/or
      graphical formats
	   •	Graphs	and	data	
      selections are
      downloadable in several
	   •	Information	can	be	
      exported as an image or
      raw data.

                                     IR web tools

      Best Practice Online Reports

 FlaSh onlinE
    annual rEPorT
    Equip investors with the
    latest in Online Annual
    Reports by converting your
    documents	from	PDF	to	

    Enhance and unlock critical
    content in your Annual and
    Interim Reports.

    Features include:
	   •	Live	share	graph	
	   •	Detailed	contents	page
	   •	Enhanced	navigation	
	   •	My	Favourite	Pages	&	
      My Notes
	   •	Download	Centre	

 hTMl onlinE
    wEB rEPorT
    Offer visitors with an
    interactive reading
    experience by converting
    your	documents	from	PDF	
    to HTML.

    Enhance and unlock critical
    content in your Annual and
    Interim Reports.

    Features include:
	   •	Detailed	contents	page
	   •	Hyperlinked	financial	notes
	   •	Financial	statements	in	
    excel format
	   •	Download	Centre	

                                                   IR web tools

      Best Practice Consensus Estimates services

 analyST liST wiTh
    Concisely display the
    analysts following your
    company in this convenient
    Analyst List.

    Includes coverage and

    Search options for different
    time periods and historical
    archive included.

	   Downloadable	in	both	Excel	
    and	PDF	format.

 rEcoMMEndaTion
    IR website visitors will have
    the latest current analyst
    recommendations and
    target share prices at their
    disposal with this real-time
    graphical and statistical
    overview service.

    Search options for different
    time periods and historical
    archive included.

 conSEnSuS
    See a statistical analysis
    of economic indicators
    based on predictions for
    the upcoming quarters
    and financial years with
    our Consensus Estimates

	   Downloadable	in	both	Excel	
    and	PDF	format.	

                                      IR web tools

      Best Practice IR Web services

 Euroland
    SMarT SurvEy
    A powerful tool to create,
    design and maintain your
    online surveys. The primary
    objective of this tool is
    to enable you to create
    professional online surveys
    quickly and easily.

	   Unlimited	number	of	users	
    with password security for
    each user.

 MulTi-lanGuaGE
    To improve communication
    with your stakeholders
    throughout the world, we
    create multilingual links
    on selected parts of your
    Annual Report for posting on
    your corporate website.


What can offer my company?

We offer you communication across borders towards the        user profile
international investor community and decision makers with    Investment Professionals 30%
Best Practice IR web tools and services for your corporate   Portfolio Managers, Financial
website/s.                                                   Analysts, Financial Advisors,
                                                             Stockbrokers, Economists
 Cross-border multilingual marketing on 28 different
  stock markets.                                             Management                 28%
                                                             Managing	Directors,	Board	
 Best Practice IR Web tools for your corporate web site.    Members, CEO/CFO’s,
                                                             Senior Executives
 Communication with investors through an exclusive          Other Professionals        42%
  database of investors.

 International targeting in Europe and North America        users per region
  through top financial medias on- and offline.              Western Europe ............ 43,2%
                                                             North America ............... 18,1%
user statistics                                              Northern Europe............ 14,1%
Euroland has more than 3,1 million visitors per year. The    Eastern Europe................ 9,3%
average user has the site open for 32 minutes per visit.     Asia ................................. 8,9%
                                                             Other ............................... 6,4%


      Euroland IR Marketing


 Euroland is comprehensively marketed in
   financial print media, financial websites and
   search engines including targeted online
   media campaigns.

 Euroland and our clients are also marketed
   offline to our affiliates Europe Investor
   Direct’s	exclusive	database	of	more	than	
   150,000 institutional, and retail investors,
   fund managers, analysts and other

                                                   Media                          Type       Region
                                                   The Economist                  Online     USA,	Europe

                                                   Wall Street Journal            Online     USA,	Europe

                                                             Online     USA,	Europe

                                                   Harvard Business Manager       Print      Germany

                                                   Market Watch                   Online     USA,	Europe

                                                   Börse Online                   Print      Germany

                                                   Forbes                         Online     USA

                                                   Manager Magazin                Print      Germany

                                                   Investors Chronicle            Print      United	Kingdom

                                                   Fast Company                   Online     USA

                                                   Financial Times UK             Print      United	Kingdom

                                                   Financial Times Deutschland    Print      Germany

                                                   La Tribune                     Online     France

                                                   Wirtschaftswoche               Print      Germany

                                                   Barrons                        Print      Europe

                                                   Money Week                     Print      United	Kingdom

                                                   Business Week International    Online     USA,	Europe

                                                                            Preliminary list, subject to changes.


       Marketing your company on Euroland

	Designed	to	ensure	excellent	
   visibility and high readership, report ads
   advertise your annual report
   and/or latest financial reports
   on the front page.
 Maximises the opportunities
   for targeted investors to track
   your development.

PrESS rElEaSES and
 Keep your investors informed
   and updated with your latest
   news and reports. All news
   is published on the Euroland.
   com front page taking your
   news directly to our investors.

coMPany inFocuS
ir MarkETinG
 On’s frontpage
   your Company InFocus is
   presented for maximum


      Marketing your company on Euroland

EnhancEd PoSiTion in
STock liSTS
 To ensure excellent visibility,
   highlights your company name
   in stock lists.
	Users	view	average	15,7	pages	

 Your company’s advertising
   will appear on selections of
   non participating peer or
   competitor’s pages where
   you will be recognised as an
   investment alternative.
 To ensure excellent visibility, highlights your
   company at every opportunity.


       Marketing your company on Euroland

lanGuaGE SErvicES
 Present your company in
   English and in all of your
   corporate language(s).
 Language options
   for Premium package include:
   English, German, French,
   Dutch,	Spanish,	
   Italian, Swedish, Danish,	
   Finnish, Polish, Russian,
   Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic
   and Japanese.

GuidE invESTorS To your
Investors will be able to visit
   your site through a web-link
   or reach you directly via your
   preferred contact channels.


     Your corporate presentation

Corporate presentation taken from your latest annual and quarterly reports.
Updated	by	your	own	Euroland	support	person.	Minimum	work	effort	for	you.

 corPoraTE
   Company presentation
   Business segment
   Strategy & Goals
   President’s Message
   Year in brief
   Acquisitions & divestments

 nEwS & rEPorTS
  Press releases

 Financial
   Financial summary
   Income statement
   Balance sheet
   Cash flow
   Interactive Analysis Tool

 SharEholdEr
   Shares & dividends
   Annual general meeting
   Financial Calendar

                                                                           Annual report promotion

       Annual Report Promotion Campaigns

Target the international financial markets, reaching both institutional   We make your company
and high net worth retail investors with your results and future          report accessible to investors
plans.                                                                    and companies who actively
                                                                          request it and have the capi-
Chose among five different regions. Highly targeted campaigns in          tal to invest in your company.
the international financial media and high quality personally ad-         The average share portfolio
dressed mailings and financial web portals are used to promote            value of our respondents is
your company.                                                             20.96 million €.
Build brand awareness of your company and benefit from our long
experience working with the international investor community and
worldwide financial media.

Survey of Investors
Promotion surveys audited by Ernst & Young and post promotion
analysis give you overall feedback and a specific company feed-
back of the results generated for your company.

Key findings

   20% made a decision                79% include previously               87% invest in foreign
    to invest within a year after       unfamiliar companies into             companies.
    receiving company report.           a schedule of possible
                                        investment opportunities.

   92% use the annual                 91% think our                        20.96      million € is the
    report to learn about new           presentation of companies is          average share portfolio value
    companies within and                extremely or very important.          of our respondents.
    outside of their home
                                                                                        Audited by Ernst & Young

                                                                       Annual report promotion

      European Campaign 2010
                                                                                                        ort 2nancials
                                                                                                  al Rep

European financial media            Material closing date              Included financial media
Our annual report promotion is      May 19, 2010.
published in a comprehensive
and highly prestigious selec-       Annual Report distribution         Börse Online
tion of European media. Your        Fulfillment of requests for your   Business Week International
company profile will be reaching    annual report is included in the
subscribers (approx. 1 million)     service, except for economy        Financial	Times	Deutschland
through 25 or more of Europe’s      class postage.
                                                                       Financial	Times	UK
most influential financial and
business media.                                                        Harvard Business Manager
                                    Annual Report Promotion
                                                                       Investors Chronicle
Reaching the top tier of            Participation in this programme    La Tribune
European investors                  is also possible with a            Manager Magazin
The audience reached repre-         downloadable	PDF	version	          Money Week
sents a major proportion of Eu-     of your annual report. This
rope’s institutional and high net                            
                                    is made for companies that
worth retail investors as well as                                      The Economist
                                    wish to market their annual
decision makers in both private     report electronically through      Wall Street Journal
and public sectors.                 the exclusive Europe Investor      Wirtschaftswoche
                                    Direct	campaign.	There	are	           Preliminary list, subject to changes.
Three major languages               two options for partici-pation
Your company profile will be        period. For a monthly download
produced in two languages,          fee, your company can either
English and German.                 participate in the marketing
                                    from July to January or by
Positioning                         participation all-year round.
The annual report remains the
prime source of information for
investors and is a key influence
in their investment decisions.

                                                                          Annual report promotion

      Investor Mailing Campaign 2010

                         The Investor Mailing is personally
                         addressed and targets institutional
                         and high net worth retail investors
                         and other key players in Europe,
                         North America and Asia.

Exclusive investor mailings         The target group consists            Annual Report distribution
to professionals on the             mainly of key players at financial   Fulfillment of requests for your
international stock markets         institutions and investment          annual report is included in the
                                    banks	in	the	UK	and	at	              service, except for economy
With this mailing you will reach:   selected markets in Europe,          class postage.
 Institutional investors           North America and Asia. There
 High net worth private            are 7000 Financial Analysts
  investors                         from	the	UK	and	about	11	
                                                                         Annual Report Promotion
                                    000 from the others markets.
 Fund managers of                                                       PDF
                                    Other target groups for our
  Investment Banks and within       mailing include pension fund         Participation in this programme
  Asset Management                  consultants, financial advisers,     is also possible with a
 Pension Fund Consultants          stock brokers, CEOs and CFOs         downloadable	PDF	version	
 Analysts                          within banking, finance and          of your annual report. This
 Financial Advisers                industry and carefully selected      is made for companies that
                                    subscribers of leading financial     wish to market their annual
 Stock Brokers
                                    magazines in Europe and North        report electronically through
 Financial Journalists             America.                             the exclusive Europe Investor
 CEOs and CFOs                                                          Direct	campaign.	There	are	
 Other Key Players in              Our survey, certified by Ernst &     two options for participation
  international financial markets   Young, shows that both high          period. For a monthly download
                                    net worth retail and institutional   fee, your company can either
 Carefully selected
                                    investors use the Annual Report      participate in the marketing
  subscribers of leading
                                    Promotion as an Investment           from July to January or by
  financial magazines in
                                    tool.                                participation all-year round.
  certain regions of Europe
  and North America, mainly
  London, New York, Paris and       Material closing date
  Frankfurt.                        May 19, 2010.

                                                                      Annual report promotion

      Germany, Austria and Switzerland
      Campaign 2010

                            If you are interested mainly in the
                            German speaking markets.

                                                                                                                ht 20
Attracting German Investors        Positioning                        Included financial media
Within our advertising pro-        The annual report remains the
                                                                      Börse Online
grammes it is possible to          prime source of information for
limit the selection of media to    investors and is a key influence   Financial	Times	Deutschland
German-language publications       in their investment decisions.     Harvard Business Manager
only in Germany, Austria and                                          Manager Magazin
Switzerland. This special pro-     Material closing date              Wirtschaftswoche
gramme is attractive to compa-     May 19, 2010.
                                                                        Preliminary list, subject to changes.
nies who wish to offer their an-
nual report to German-speaking     Annual Reports
investors.                         distribution
                                   Fulfillment of requests for your
German Financial Media             annual report is included in the
Your annual report will be pre-    service, except for economy
sented to subscribers in special   class postage.
advertisement sections of the
most important German-lan-         Annual Report Promotion
guage Financial publications.      PDF
                                   Participation in this programme
Reaching the top tier of in-       is also possible with a
vestors in Germany, Austria        downloadable	PDF	version	
and Switzerland                    of your annual report. This
The readers of these selected      is made for companies that
magazines represent the major-     wish to market their annual
ity of the high net worth retail   report electronically through
and institutional investors in     the exclusive Europe Investor
Germany, Austria and Swit-         Direct	campaign.	There	are	
zerland. With this programme       two options for partici-pation
you will be able to present your   period. For a monthly download
company’s prospects and per-       fee, your company can either
formance to German speaking        participate in the marketing
investors.                         from July to January or by
                                   participation all-year round.

                                                                                About us

Contact information

Euroland com AB          Euroland Investors is a non listed public company which em-
Kronhusgatan 2 B         ploys more than 60 highly qualified personnel in its four main of-
411 13 Gothenburg        fices. We have been providing quality investor relations strategies
Sweden                   and services since 1986. We cater to the needs of over hundred
                         listed companies worldwide. Often with tailor made solutions for
Phone                    the individual client’s need.
+46 31 10 56 00
+46 31 10 56 02
                         Euroland	is	ranked	as	a	Deloitte	Technology
E-mail                   Fast 50 company 2008.

A selection of our clients



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