Accessing Media on the iPod Touch

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					                  Accessing Media on the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch allows you to view
many different file types including:

                                      Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007

                                      Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007

                                      Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 and 2007

                                      PDF Documents

                                      Sound files - including MP3, AAC, AIFF and Wav formats

                                      Video files - including support for .Mov, .M4v and .MP4
                             Accessing Single Sign On
      Single Sign on can be
  accessed through the built in
        Safari Browser at

   From this page, you can access
    Blackboard, Netmail, Library
    Resources and the Sole Page

You can use the “pinch to zoom” feature to
 zoom in, or turn the iPod to automatically
          display a landscape view
                         Accessing VLE Documents
Documents stored on Blackboard can be accessed
in much the same way as on a desktop computer

Choose Blackboard from the Single Sign On,
 and then choose Log In when prompted
Once logged in to Blackboard you will
be able to view your available courses

  Changing to landscape view can
     help improve readability

 Select your module to to navigate through your
course content and view documents, web links and
PowerPoint files are readily
   accessible by default

  Word documents can
also be viewed in exactly
      the same way
             Our secondary institutional VLE can also be accessed on the iPod Touch

           Simply log in at to access
               the site

 Choose the Login link at the top right of
the page and enter your details, or choose
             login as a guest

 All of your current Moodle modules
           are now available
   Once you are logged in you can
   view your module content and
    access Word, PowerPoint and
          other documents

It is also possible to access video content
         if it has been made available
                                  Accessing Video
         Many types of video available on the web can also be viewed with the iPod Touch

This includes content from the BBC iPlayer:

Navigate to the BBC home page at http:// and scroll down to the BBC
iPlayer section to view available content

Use the Click To Play control to view the programme
   The video content will load
   and the programme will play

Tap the screen during playback
to change volume settings, fast
     forward and rewind
 For further help and information in using the iPod Touch at
the University of Worcester, please contact

Official Apple iPod Touch documentation can be found here:
                 Apple iPod Touch Manual

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