ADVERTISING Rate Card – 2009

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					  ADVERTISING Rate Card – 2009

This publication is a valuable tool for all healthcare professionals and anyone who needs to
evaluate healthcare options either for their own families or on behalf of their staff, clients or
The first part of the book deals with the size and shape of private and public healthcare services,
unfolding healthcare regulations and a description of how all the participants in the industry fit
together. It also offers readers a guide to checking on the health of different medical schemes, as
well as understanding the details of benefits and options.
The second part of the book focuses on healthcare service providers, healthcare consultants and
medical schemes and gives industry players an opportunity to describe their services and list
their contact details.

Effective Advertising
As Health Care in South Africa will be used predominantly by professionals evaluating healthcare
solutions and those wishing to optimise their healthcare services, it provides the advertiser with an ideal vehicle to reach a quality high ne
worth and targeted audience.
A further advantage of Health Care in South Africa is that the structure of contents and information contained therein makes the publication
a valuable reference that is used regularly by several readers per copy, giving repeat exposure to advertisers.

 General Information

 Print run                                                     7 500
 Financial Planning Institute members and students             3 000    Medical Professionals               1 000
 Other bulk orders                                             1 000    Retail stores/subscriptions         2 500
 Frequency                             Annual (January each year)
  Booking deadline                                     3 November
  Material deadline                                   10 November
 Page specifications (width then height - Vertical)
  Trim: 166x240mm         Type: 142x225mm           Bleed: 172x246mm (3mm)
 Material specifications: Press-ready PDF file [CMYK, Images - min 300dpi, All fonts embedded or converted to curves)
 Electronic files will only be accepted in PC compatible format

 Advertising rates                                           (ex VAT)
 Full Page Full Colour                                       R18 400
 Full Page Black &White                                      R14 200
 Half Page Vertical - Full Colour                            R10 900
 Half Page Vertical - Black &White                            R8 500
 Cover Strap & Full Page Full Colour                         R46 800
 Book Mark & Full Page Full Colour                           R43 000
 Spine & Full Page Full Colour                               R46 800
 Inside Front Cover - Full Colour                            R21 200
 Inside Back Cover - Full Colour                             R19 250
                                                                                                                                                 Q:\H C S A\brochures & rate cards\2008\HCSA_Advertising_rate_card_09.cdr

 Outside Back Cover - Full Colour                            R25 200
 Two Facing Pages - Full Colour                              R25 200
 Company Focus - 4 x Full Colour pages                       R38 800

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