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					                               ASSOCIATED STUDENT GOVERNMENT

                                     November 17th, 2008 (11th Meeting)

   I.   Call to Order – 6:58 pm

  II.   Pledge of Allegiance – led by Senator Skellie

 III.   Roll Call

 IV.    Approval of Minutes-Approved

  V.    Guest Speakers
               A. Crystal Bushacker, Golden Key Honour Society – Combine forces with ASG to build a
                    volunteer base. Schools in San Marcos have cut funding for the school districts. They are doing
                    the reading this Thursday at the San Marcos Library. One on one basis and the kid will read
                    to you. Exciting because the kids like to talk to college students. Big program and will be
                    excited this Thursday.
               B. Trenton Thomas with the Cancer Awareness Committee- Make another presentation. Make it
                    at the end. END- Family affected by cancer- having a bone marrow drive. 1 out of 600,000
                    people get picked out of all the people registered to give bone marrow. Take forms back to
                    organizations and the processes of getting them registered. Email or
           for more information. Starts in April and start now to get people
                    registered. Nathaniel Neil got a transplant. Help out someone in need.

 VI.    Public Forum – None

VII.    President’s Report
        1. Memorandum sent to the Dean of Students office vetoing the legislation that passed last week. Read the Memo
        aloud. Thoughts on legislation? First, the legislation was forwarded and I think that Residence Life and RHA
        should have imput. Read email from a concerned parent. Possibility of Co-ed dorm rooms. Need to move forward.
        Competing with UT and A&M for students so we need to take into consideration the students and parents of the
        students. Asked for questions.

VIII.   Vice President’s Report
          1. Dean of Students candidate meetings coming up. Dr. Garrison was here for 32 years. The university is
          trusting us to help make a good decision. Need volunteers for Golden Key. Priest, Covo and Domaschk helped
          with Tailgate. If we win this Saturday, we are playoff-bound. Legislation will be due for last meeting this
          Wednesday. New parliamentary procedures.

 IX.    Committee Reports
              A. External Affairs- Passing around the sheet for the holiday social. Give it to Crystal at the end of the
              B. Student Life- Won the game-carpool for the game on Saturday. Basketball game this Saturday at 7
                    pm. Safe Sex campaign on campus.
              C. Student Relations- No report.
              D. University Relations – academic scheduling, discussing further. Evaluating tailgate. Senator Guzman
                    asked question for methods at tailgate. Looking into that.

  X.    Advisor Report(s) No Reports

 XI.    New Business
              A. S.R.F. 2008/2009/16 “Library for Academics”
                         1. Bill Read- Senator Andrew Gonzalez

XII.    Old Business
               A. S.R.F. 2008/2009/14 “Informed Constituents”
                          1. Parliamentarian removed his name as a sponsor.
                             2. Add Diane to legislation at the last „be it resolved.‟ Bill passes by voice vote.
                B.   S.R.F. 2008/2009/15 “Broadcasting With Boko”
                             1. Motion to consider already read. Addresses amendments to make. Amendments.
                                  Specific days and times of the broadcasting. Filed out the paperwork. Working
                                  with the equipment. Old main is where KTSW is broadcast. – Bill passes

XIII.   Questions- No questions

XIV.    Announcements- Senator Priest- want to thank everyone for support.
                           1. Senator Domaschk- distribute condoms on campus. Safe sex- not telling people to have
                                 sex. People have to deal with sex, no political evaluation. No decisions afterwards and
                                 Texas has the highest teen pregnancy rate. Help market and come up with ideas.
                           2. Senator Luna- office of community relations- volunteers for the kids.
                           3. Senator -Quad Tuesday and Wednesday to give food in the quad for the foodbank.
                           4. Dress code is casual at the Student Recreation Center tour.

XV.     Adjournment- Adjourned

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