sample breach of contract letter

Description: A breach of contract is quite a serious offence as if it happens the contract in question can be declared null and void. Given the legal nature of it, its best that everything concerning a contract and any breaches is followed through formal channels. If someone believes a contract to be breached they should write a legal notifying the party in question that they believe the contract has been breached and they should state why. Depending on the severity of the breach, the consequences will vary. It can range from asking to simply not happen again to damages being paid. Typically a breach occurs in an employment situation. An employee has violated the contract is some way and now the employer has the right to tear up and cancel the contract. This happens with athletes when they misbehave and then the team sacks them. If the reverse happens and the employee is wronged they will ask to be recompensed as opposed to cancel the contract. They may be paid less then they should be – instead of canceling the contract they will ask for the money in question. But the outcome depends on the variables which will change according to the situation so best to look at this on a case by case basis.