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									 This newsletter is a
 product of the hard                                               Concerned Musicians'
 work and dedication
 of the Concerned
 Musicians of Local
                                                                    Campaign Platform
 802 AFM, including:                        e are Concerned Musicians of Local 802. We                              Ethics and Financial Integrity

                                            feel compelled to speak up, to get involved and                         e are committed to the highest standards of financial
       Larry Abel                           to involve others in the effort to protect, improve,                    integrity and will establish checks and balances that
     Gary Anderson                and strengthen our union, especially the effort to unify our                      protect and preserve the resources of Local 802.
     Russell Anixter              ranks.                                                                 Local 802’s leadership must restore a culture of honesty,
     Jack Bashkow                                                                                        transparency and accessibility.
       Vinnie Bell                We stand for the membership. We offer Local 802 new lead-
                                  ership to navigate the changing terrain of our industry. We            Concerned Musicians of Local 802 will:
       Ken Bichel
                                  want more for our union. More inclusiveness, more diversity,              · provide leadership that earns and maintains the trust of
      Roger Blanc
                                  more open debate, discussion and dialogue, more attention to                  our membership and of other unions, and the respect of
       Abba Bogin                 the concerns of all members, more accessibility, more ser-                    those with whom we negotiate;
   John Buckingham                vice, more honesty and transparency. We are taking a stand                · re-establish sound financial practices that prevent misuse
       Jeff Carney                for better contract negotiations, strategic political action in               of union resources;
     James Chirillo               the public arena, restoring financial integrity to the local, imple-      · mandate regular financial reports to the Executive Board
   Bob Christianson               menting financial accountability among its officials and em-                  and provide a full monthly accounting of the expenses
   Marilyn C. Coyne               ployees, upholding the highest ethical standard for union of-                 of all staff and departments;
     Bob Cranshaw                 ficers, and broadening and unifying our membership. We                    · improve financial accountability by having the Local 802
        Bill Crow                 invite you to join us.                                                        controller report to and answer to the Executive Board,
   Cenovia Cummins                                                                                              rather than to any individual officer;
    Armen Donelian                                                                                          · submit timely and accurate filings to government
   Steven Danenberg                        Negotiating More Effectively                                         agencies as required by law.

      Bill Dennison                        e need negotiators who are strong,
      Ralph Farris                        intelligent      and       mindful        of     the                                 A Stronger Future

       Ethan Fein                         consequences of their actions for the bargaining unit                      e pledge renewed focus on the needs of
                              and for the union as a whole. We seek contracts that protect and                          all musicians in Local 802.
     George Fiddler
                              improve our incomes, benefits, working conditions, opportunities
       Irwin Fisch
                              and job security.                                                                          We will build our membership base by reaching
        Peter Fish
                                                                                                         out to musicians in the jazz, Latin, Chamber music, gospel, rock,
    Daire Fitzgerald          We will retain a skilled and experienced legal team, one that can          pop, and hip-hop fields, as well as those who work in music
     Steve Gelfand            offer knowledge and wisdom to our committees and negotiators.              preparation and as accompanists. Ours will be the most inclusive
    Maura Giannini            We will also preserve the right of individual bargaining units to          and diverse entertainment union in the industry, embracing all
    Janet Goldbaum            retain outside counsel through the Musicians’ Legal Services Fund.         those who in fact are making today's music; we will work to
       Eric Goletz                                                                                       bring indie film and indie label recording, interactive media and
       Scott Healy            A key to successful negotiations is an informed, involved and unified      video game music under the union umbrella.
        Alva Hunt             membership. We will focus on rank-and-file participation, ensuring
     Mark Johansen            that negotiating committees, bargaining units and individual          At the national level, we will work to restore our credibility as a
                              members will be fully engaged with the issues,                                    key local in the American Federation of Musicians.
       Dave Keyes
                              background and context of each negotiation and our                                 While continuing to be a forceful presence nationally
       Art Koenig
                              efforts on their behalf. We will insure that our                                   in the Recording field, we must also lead the way in
        Eva Kulm              orchestras, especially those at Lincoln Center that
                                                                                              "[We will ]        other areas pressing the Federation to unionize non-
     Mary Landolfi            are so important to the cultural life of our country,
                                                                                             re-establish        union tours that take our members on the road, and
   Pasquale Landolfi          have the full support of the union in their negotiations.                          encouraging strategic working relationships with
     Lucinda Lewis                                                                        sound financial
                                                                                                                 other unions.
     Junior Mance             We will strengthen our relationships with our fellow         practices that
      Dan Manjovi             unions to maximize our leverage. Local 802 must re-         prevent misuse Local 802 must engage in public policy and interact
      Steve Norrell           establish its credibility within the labor community; it         of Union          with policy makers. We will increase our strategic
     Jimmy Owens              must forge enduring ties with other unions within and          resources"          involvement in political activities to heighten our
   John J. Palatucci          outside of the performing arts community, as well as                               visibility and enlist allies in the public arena. We
                              with any allies that can help us advance mutual                                    will work at the federal, state and local levels to
       Sue Panny
                              interests and achieve collective goals.                                           insure proper public support for the arts, particularly
  William "Spaceman"
        Patterson                                                                                   non-profit orchestra, opera, ballet and theatre companies.
     Shawn Pelton                          A Strong and Competent Staff

                                         e will retain a staff of competent professionals at Local       The national healthcare crisis disproportionately affects our
        Dan Pratt                                                                                        members. We will raise our voice in favor of health care reform
                                         802, to create a more efficient and effective union.
       Erwin Price                                                                                       legislation.
                                         We will engender mutual respect among our staff and
  Rose Tillotson Price        officers; and motivate our staff to communicate with and share
    Dave Riekenberg           its knowledge with our members.                                            Providing all children with access to a quality musical education
      Lenard Rivlin                                                                                      can help assure that future audiences will value live music. Local
        Ken Rizzo             Filling vacancies in key staff positions will be a priority. Local         802 must be a leader in that campaign.
     Maxine Roach             802’s Organizing Department is the key to bringing new employers
  Pedro L. Rodriguez          under collective bargaining agreements. Working within our union’s                                Conclusion
     Jay Schaffner            budget, we must rebuild this department, filling its vacant staff          The future has arrived for us and our union; we are confronted
     David Schneck            positions and insisting that it reaches out to organize in all fields of   with changes in our industry which could never have been
     Gary Seligson            music. Organizing efforts must be heightened in such areas as the          imagined when the AFM was first organized - proliferating new
                              club date field, and in new areas of contemporary performance,             media, new tools for the creation and dissemination of music
   Richard Sortomme
                              as well as other traditional areas of performance, which have              and new kinds of musicians. The time has arrived for leadership
      Marti Sweet
                              been historically neglected.                                               willing to face and embrace these changes with a determination
   Walter Usiatynski
      Frank Vacin                                                                                        to enable our members to benefit from them. We cannot turn
                              Enforcing existing agreements is equally critical. Our leadership          back the clock.
     Brenda Vincent           must effectively manage Local 802’s staff to insure compliance
    Kimberlee Wertz           with agreed-upon wages, benefits and working conditions.                   With this in mind, we offer a fresh approach to the pressing
      Roy Williams            Vacancies in business representation and all other services,               issues facing our union. We invite your comments, concerns and
   Masako Yanagita            including music preparation, must be filled. We will insist on             criticism. Most of all we hope you will join this discussion and
                              enforcement of the Broadway Special Situations agreement, the              the effort to strengthen our union for the opportunities and
Sign up today by logging on   neglect of which allowed two recent musicals to begin and end              struggles ahead, as we strive to protect and improve the lives
to our website, located at    their runs in violation of house minimums without adequate                 and livelihoods of professional musicians.    challenge or timely consequence.
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