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                   Bill& GaYLE

                                                             Changing lives.

                         T              hat’s the guiding theme of an event planned for Sunday to celebrate the contribu-
                                        tions Gayle and Bill Cook have made to Bloomington, Monroe County and the sur-
                                        rounding area of southern Indiana. In this section you will find stories that illustrate
                                     how lives have been changed for the better through Cook contributions in the
                                     job market; in the fields of health and wellness; through commitment to                             alth Care/Well
                                                                                                                                   y · He              ne
                                     education; through a passion for historic preservation; and in the broad                     m
                                                                                                                      ion · Jobs/Econ


                                     area of community, from restoration of Bloomington’s downtown to                                        Thank You For

                                                                                                                                                                          torical Preserva

                                     support for athletics and the arts. In a section focused on a subject
                                     that covers more than 30 years and so much territory, it is impossible                           Lives
                                     to give every contribution its just due; it’s also possible good works of                             Bill&Gayle Cook

                                     significance and certainly good words from people in the community


                                                                                                                                   E                          ·   n·
                                     were left out. The varied stories in the section, though, tell of the Cooks’                           s/Quality of Life
                                     extraordinary commitment to our community. —Bob Zaltsberg, H-T editor


                                                        SUNDAY’S EVENT
President Michael A. McRobbie and                   An Illustrated Lecture                          Sunday, June 20, 2010, 2:30 p.m.                                               Reception and tours of
The Gayle and Bill Cook Recognition Committee       by William A. Cook                              South Lobby of Assembly Hall                                                   Cook Hall immediately
invite you to attend                                Founder of Cook Group Inc.                      Indiana University Bloomington                                                 following the lecture.
F2 | Thursday, June 17, 2010 	                                                                     CHANGING LIVES                                                                                        The heraLd-TIMes

                                                                    JOBS                         ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT


                                                                                     HEALTH                                WELLNESS

                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Thousands of
                                                                                                                                                                                                       jobs have been
                                                                             HISTORIC                                   PRESERVATION                                                                   created through
                                                                                                                                                                                                       the many Cook
                                                                                                                                                                                                       companies, but
                                                                                                                                                                                                       the ripple effect of
                                                                                                                                                                                                       those businesses
                                                                                        QUALITY                                 OF      LIFE                                                           is as far-reaching.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Additional jobs
                                                                                                                                                                                                       and the growth of
                                                                                                                                                                                                       new businesses
                                                                                                                                                                                                       to serve the
                                                                                                                                                                                                       needs of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cook companies
                                                                                                                                                                      dAvid snodGress |	HERALd-TIMES
                                                                                                                                                                                                       have helped to
     The	production	facilities	at	Cook	Pharmica	are	in	sterile	environments,	with	sets	of	windows	to	allow	visitors	and	clients	to	view	the	equipment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       create additional

     Jobs are ‘gifts that keep on giving’
                                                                                                                                                                                                       opportunities for
                                                                                                                                                                                                       so many.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ChrisTy GillenwATer,	
                                                                                                                                                                                                       president	of	the	Greater	
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bloomington	Chamber	of	
     By Bob Zaltsberg                              needs of the Cook companies have                                                                                                                    Commerce
     331-4364 |             helped to create additional opportuni-
                                                   ties for so many.”
        The story of the launch of the Cook           ron Walker, president of the
     group of companies has been told              Bloomington economic development
     often, but that doesn’t make it any           Corp., said based on the economic
     less compelling. Bill and Gayle Cook,         impact model his organization uses,
     with $1,500 in capital, began making          “approximately 2,500 additional jobs
     medical devices in a spare bedroom            are supported in the local economy
     in their apartment on Bloomington’s           through supplier activity and house-
     east side.                                    hold spending in Monroe County.”
        From that start in 1963 to what their      That’s just in Monroe; more than
     group of companies has become today           1,000 ripple-effect jobs are likely in
     led to Bill being named one of the            play in Owen and Orange counties.
     2010 horatio alger award winners, a              Walker estimates the Cook com-
     national honor that recognizes those          panies generate more than $240 mil-
     who have grown from humble begin-             lion in personal income every year in                                                                                                               “Jobs are ‘gifts
     nings to lofty heights in the profes-         Monroe County alone.
     sional world.                                    “Jobs are ‘gifts that keep on giv-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       that keep on
        The Cooks have taken a lot of              ing,’” said steve howard, president                                                                                                                 giving.’ The
     people along on their ride. The jobs          of the Greater Bloomington Chamber
     their companies provide, the ripple                                                                                                                                                               Cooks have been
                                                   of Commerce from 1994-2005. “The
     effect to other businesses in the com-        Cooks have been responsible for cre-                                                                                                                responsible
     munities where they operate, and
     economic development opportunities
                                                   ating thousands of secure and well-                                                                                                                 for creating
                                                   paying jobs. People with good jobs pay
     their presence sparks enhance the             taxes, buy houses, educate children,                                                                                                                thousands of
     prosperity of south-central Indiana.
        numbers begin to tell the story.
                                                   invest in communities, patronize local                                                                                Chris howell |	HERALd-TIMES   secure and
                                                   businesses, pay for health care and in
        Cook employs 3,237 people in Mon-          many other ways contribute to our
                                                                                                  A	worker	sews	strut	and	point	knots	onto	a	RX1G	graft	at	Cook	Inc.	headquarters	in	Bloom-            well-paying
     roe County and another 525 at Cook                                                           ington	in	this	photo	from	Feb.	16,	2007.
     urological Inc. in Owen County. In
                                                   wealth and well-being.”                                                                                                                             jobs. People
                                                      The Cook impact on the economy
     addition, Cook companies have 1,063           has not only been felt through jobs,           also stoked the local economy in a             scientists and others with advanced
                                                                                                                                                                                                       with good jobs
     full-time and 310 part-time employees         howard said.                                   couple of ways.                                degrees.                                              pay taxes, buy
     in Orange County.                                “The Cooks have been the linchpin              First, it located a new start-up
        The economic impact far exceeds            in the process of establishing a new           pharmaceutical-based company in                A magnet for others
                                                                                                                                                                                                       houses, educate
     the more than 5,000 households that           regional economic development seg-             Bloomington that could have been                  The presence of Cook companies                     children, invest
     derive income directly from Cook              ment, life sciences,” he said. “Cook           located anywhere. second, it gave              also has helped attract other life sci-
     jobs.                                                                                                                                                                                             in communities,
                                                   Group led the way in showing us how            new life to the empty rCa/Thomson              ences employers to Monroe County,
        “Thousands of jobs have been cre-          to shift emphasis from 20th-century to         factory — and the neighborhood sur-            said Linda Williamson, president of                   patronize local
     ated through the many Cook com-               21st-century economic development.
     panies, but the ripple effect of those
                                                                                                  rounding it.                                   the BedC from 1993-2006.                              businesses, pay
                                                   This has fundamentally changed the                When the plant is fully operational            “The investments and decisions
     businesses is as far-reaching,” said          basis and culture of our economy.”             on both the research-oriented “cell            the Cooks made along the way have                     for health care
     Christy Gillenwater, president of the
     Greater Bloomington Chamber of
                                                      Besides the leadership brought in           culture” side and the manufacturing            also leveraged the location of new                    and in many other
                                                   this area by Cook Medical Inc., the            “fill/finish” side, about 400 Cook             companies in Bloomington, including
     Commerce. “additional jobs and the            manufacturer of a variety of medical           employees will work there. employ-                                                                   ways contribute
     growth of new businesses to serve the         devices, the launch of Cook Pharmica           ees include hourly workers as well as                              CONTINUEd	ON	PAGE	F3              to our wealth and
     Cook                                                                                                                                                                                              sTeve howArd,	
     companies                                                                                                                                                                                         president	of	the	Greater	
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bloomington	Chamber	of	
     Cook	and	affiliated	com-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Commerce	from	1994	to	
     panies	in	south	central	
     Indiana	are:
     Cook	Group	Inc.
     Cook	Medical	Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                 Read	more	from		
     Cook	Urological	Inc.                                                                                                                                                                              Gillenwater,	Howard		
                                                                                                                                                                                                       and	others	at	Herald	
     Cook	Pharmica	LLC                                                                                                                                                                       
     Cook	Polymer	Technolo-                                                                                                                                                                            cook.
     CFC	Properties
     Cook	Family	Health	Center
     Cook	Aviation	Inc.
     Star	Meetings	and	Events
     Star	Travel	Services
     French	Lick	Resorts
     Grant	Street	Inn

     Monroe	County:	3,237
     Owen	County:	525
     Orange	County:	1,063	
     full-time;	310	part-time
THE HERALD-TIMES 	                                                                              changing lives                                                                               THuRSDAy, JunE 17, 2010 | F3

                                                                JOBS                          ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

                                   Cooks have helped area thrive
     From railroads to retraining, E                                                                          DUCATION

     Continued from page f2                                                                                                                   Orange County: Retraining              We need to recognize, value and
                                                                                                                                                 In Orange County, the Cooks’        learn from their example. We need
     Baxter, which came to Blooming-
                                                                                                                                              commitment to employees went           to encourage others to emulate
     ton after purchasing the former
                                                                                                                                              beyond providing a paycheck. It        them.”
     Cook Imaging Corp., and Guerbet,
     which came to Bloomington after                                              HEALTH                                     WELLNESS         included retaining and retraining         Officials at Ivy Tech Commu-
                                                                                                                                                                                     nity College do value their exam-
     purchasing the rights to manu-                                                                                                           people for the new world about to
                                                                                                                                              hit with renovation of the French      ple, as illustrated by the recent
     facture and market a product that
                                                                                                                                              Lick Resort and the opening of the     announcement that they will open
     Cook had developed, to name only
                                                                                                                                              French Lick Resort Casino and the      the Gayle and Bill Cook Center for
     a couple,” she said. “In addition, a
                                                                                                                                              West Baden Springs Hotel.              Entrepreneurship on the Bloom-
     number of former Cook employees
                                                                                                                                                 John Whikehart, chancellor of       ington campus. The center will
     have started their own companies
     in the area, making investments                                     HISTORIC                                       PRESERVATION          Ivy Tech, Bloomington, marvels
                                                                                                                                              at what was done when the French
                                                                                                                                                                                     help individuals who want to start
                                                                                                                                                                                     a business, further develop or
     and creating jobs. There are count-
                                                                                                                                              Lick Resort hotel closed for reno-     expand a new idea within a current
     less examples of companies and
     jobs that are in our community                                                                                                           vation in 2004.                        business, or pursue coursework to
     because of the Cooks.”                                                                                                                      “In January of the following        better understand entrepreneurial
         Williamson also cited other                                                                                                          year, 300 employees of the hotel       practices.
     ways the Cooks paved the way for                                                                                                         were retained in full pay and             “The Ivy Tech-Bloomington
     economic growth in the commu-
     nity. One way was their support for
                                                                                     QUALITY                                       OF         LIFE
                                                                                                                                              benefit status while participat-
                                                                                                                                              ing in a training program that Ivy
                                                                                                                                                                                     campus is honored that Gayle and
                                                                                                                                                                                     Bill Cook have permitted the cen-
     Monroe County Airport, which,
                                                                                                                Jeremy Hogan |	Herald-Times
                                                                                                                                              Tech designed for them with the        ter to be named for their many
     she said, aided the community’s
                                             For	his	75th	birthday,	Bill	Cook,	left,	is	toasted	by	his	wife,	Gayle,	and	steve	daw-            input of the Cook ownership of         contributions to the community,
     ability to recruit new companies.       son,	chairman	of	the	board	of	Bloomington	economic	development	Corp.,	during	                    the hotel,” he said. “I recall buses   region and State of Indiana as
     Another involved a railroad.            the	BedC’s	annual	meeting	Jan.	11,	2006,	at	the	Bloomington	Convention	Center.                   bringing those 300 employees to        well as to the example they dem-
         “The Cooks provided support                                                                                                          our Bloomington campus to begin        onstrate of the entrepreneurial
                                             of Bloomington to purchase the   mitted to adding 200 jobs to the                                                                       spirit,” the college said in a news
     in 1998 for the formation of the not-                                                                                                    participation in a five-month train-
                                                                              existing 430, said Denise Shaw,
                                             switchyard and rail right of way for                                                                                                    release.
     for-profit Monon Rail Preservation                                                                                                       ing program we designed under a
                                             what is now the B-Line trail.    executive director of the Owen
     Corp. and funds for the purchase                                                                                                         training contract with Cook.
                                                Randy Lloyd, who was econom-  County Chamber of Commerce                                                                             A powerful mark
     of the railroad that CSX intended                                                                                                           “Many of the employees had
                                             ic development director for the  & Economic Development Corp.                                                                               Also thankful for the work on
     to abandon that ran from Vernal                                                                                                          not been out of Orange County
                                             city at the time under Mayor JohnThe company has already added                                                                          economic development issues and
     Pike to just beyond State Road 46                                                                                                        in years, most had never been in
                                             Fernandez, explained further.    almost half of them, with its cur-                                                                     in other areas by the Cooks is
     in Ellettsville,” she said. “While                                                                                                       a college building, and the group
                                                “Most people aren’t aware of  rent employment total of 525.                                                                          Walker, the current BEDC presi-
     the railroad wasn’t being used at                                                                                                        included several generations of
                                             the rather complex negotiations     Shaw is excited about what                                                                          dent.
     the time, the Cooks thought that                                                                                                         the same families who had worked
                                                                              the plant expansion will mean in
                                             that occurred to secure the B-Line
     the rail right of way should be                                                                                                          at the hotel under various own-            “Each passing day I become
                                             and switchyard,” he said. “ When payroll, spin-off jobs and tax pay-
     preserved for future opportuni-                                                                                                          ers. ...                               more aware of and more grateful
                                             we (the Fernandez Administra-    ments, but that’s not all.
     ties. Those opportunities certainly                                                                                                         “not many employers would           for the incredible gifts that the
                                             tion) presented the opportunity to  “When you have a Cook facility
     came and due to their foresight,                                                                                                         have made that commitment to           Cooks have given the people of
                                             the Cook Group, they responded   in your community, it’s not just
     there was an opportunity to extend                                                                                                       training, education, economic          Bloomington and Monroe Coun-
                                                                              about jobs or just about taxes,”
                                             ‘this is a once in a lifetime oppor-
     a rail spur to Rogers Quarry that                                                                                                        development of a depressed area        ty,” he said in an e-mail.
                                             tunity — how can we help?’ The   she said.
     created jobs as well as an opportu-                                                                                                      and improving the lives of peo-            “The impression they’ve made,
                                             rest is history. But for the Cook   “They are very engaged, they
     nity to provide the necessary stor-                                                                                                      ple.”                                  both from continued employ-
                                             Group/CFC support of our vision, are very community minded. They
     age track as replacement for the                                                                                                                                                ment and investment and from
                                             I’m not sure the B-Line would be make us feel like they want Spen-
     storage track at McDoel Switch-                                                                                                          Entrepreneurship                       the generous contributions to our
                                             a reality.”                      cer to be a success, and that’s really
     yard.” It also allowed continued                                                                                                            Howard, the former Greater          community and quality of life, is
     servicing of GE by rail.                                                                                                                                                        unparalleled.
                                             Owen County:                        “They know when a community                                  Bloomington Chamber of Com-
         Providing the storage track
                                             ‘They are very engaged’          is thriving, their business has a                               merce president, said the Cooks’           “They’ve had such a wonderful
     had another benefit, she said. It
                                                When Cook urological in Spen- better chance of thriving. It’s been                            activities and investments “offer a    and powerful mark on our city, I
     allowed CSX to close McDoel,
                                             cer completed an expansion in really great to work with them in                                  fine example of why entrepreneurs      don’t think we could ever thank
     which paved the way for the City
                                             August 2009, the company com- the community.”                                                    are vital to our economic health.      them enough.”
F4 | Thursday, June 17, 2010 	                                                                changing lives                                                                                                 The heraLd-TIMes

                                                                           HEALTH                               WELLNESS

     Promoting healthHis a business — and a passion
                                 P                                       ISTORIC                                 RESERVATION

     By Rebecca Troyer
     331-4243 |
        When Bill Cook entered
     the army after college, he                                               QUALITY                                OF      LIFE
     thought about becoming a
     doctor. Instead, his knack
     for science and mechanics
     drew him toward the design
                                                                                                                                                                                                         “Through their
     and manufacture of medi-                                                                                                                                                                            generosity,
     cal devices, a journey that                                                                                                                                                                         Bloomington
     began when he and his wife
     Gayle began hand-crafting                                                                                                                                                                           Hospital started
     wire guides and catheters in                                                                                                                                                                        our region’s
     their Bart Villa apartment in
     1963. With that first venture,                                                                                                                                                                      first cardiac
     an entrepreneurial enterprise                                                                                                                                                                       rehabilitation
     was born.
        Cook’s business acumen,                                                                                                                                                                          program and heart
     visionary management and                                                                                                                                                                            catheterization
     commitment to improving                                                                                                                                                                             laboratory, in
     the quality of patients’ lives
     eventually led to the global                                                                                                                                                                        addition to other
     presence of the Cook Group                                                                                                                                                                          programs and
     companies, which have been
     responsible for the develop-                                                                                                                                                                        equipment. Lives
     ment of products that have                                                                                                                                                                          have been saved
     changed the course of mod-
     ern medical treatment.                                                                                                                                                                              and enhanced by
                                                                                                                                                                                                         their efforts.”
     Innovative interventions
        Cook Medical’s innova-                                                                                                                                                                           maRk mooRe,	president	
     tions in such fields as aortic                                                                                                                                                                      of	Bloomington	Hospital
     and peripheral intervention,                                                                                                                                     JeRemy Hogan |	Herald-Times
                                                                                                                                                                                                         read	more	from	moore	at	
     endoscopy, bioengineered tis-      a	group	does	deep	water	aerobics	at	the	YmCa	in	Bloomington.	in	the	early	1980s,	Cook	delivered	the	seed	money	and	played	a	major	role	in	the	         
     sue replacement and regen-         establishment	of	the	monroe	County	YmCa.	                                                                                                                        pages/cook.
     eration, urology, obstetrics
     and gynecology and general         ied applications, including         have been at Bloomington            made possible in 1985 when
     surgery reflect the Cook goal      drug-coated coronary stents,        hospital.                           the Cooks made a $500,000
                                                                                                                                                       Cook medical companies
     of being at the forefront of the   biologic tissue repair grafts,         Mark Moore, president of         gift toward its $750,000 cost.         ■■ Cook	Group	inc.                           ■■ K-Tube	Corporation
     medical device industry while      and the Triple-a (abdominal         Bloomington hospital, said,            Cook has always believed
     ensuring the patient gets the      aortic aneurysm) stent.             “Through their generosity,          that even our relatively small         ■■ Cook	inc.                                 ■■ med	institute	inc.
     best technology available.                                             Bloomington hospital started        community should have the                                                           ■■ Cook	endoscopy
                                                                                                                                                       ■■ Cook	Polymer	Technologies
        a cardiac patient himself,      Local impact                        our region’s first cardiac reha-    best health care available so
     the 79-year-old Cook under-           In addition to medical           bilitation program and heart        patients need not travel far           ■■ William	Cook	europe	aps                   ■■ Cook	ireland	ltd.
     stands just how important          innovations at the corporate        catheterization laboratory, in      from home to receive treat-
                                                                                                                                                       ■■ Cook	Urological	inc.                      ■■ Cook	Biotech	inc.
     state-of-the-art medical           level, Bill and Gayle Cook          addition to other programs          ment.
     devices are to quality medi-       have made significant invest-       and equipment. Lives have              That commitment to                  ■■ William	a.	Cook	australia	                ■■ Cook	myosite	inc.
     cal care. The Cook compa-          ments impacting health care         been saved and enhanced by          patient access has driven
                                        in the greater Bloomington          their efforts.”
                                                                                                                                                       Pty.	ltd.                                    ■■ Cook	medical	inc.
     nies have developed a wide
     range of products with var-        community, many of which               The catheterization lab was                  CONTiNUed	ON	PaGe	F5       ■■ Cook	Vascular	inc.                        ■■ Cook	Pharmica	llC
THE HERALD-TIMES 	                                                                                changing lives                                                                           THuRSDAy, JunE 17, 2010 | F5

                                                                               HEALTH                                WELLNESS

   Continued from page f4                                                                                                     “I don’t fear death. I have no control over it other
   many of Cook’s investments                                          HISTORIC                                  PRESERVATION than what I’m doing now, to try to keep myself
   in local health and wellness
                                                                                                                              happy, content, working, not overdoing, not be
                                                                                                                              too worried, do my exercises religiously, eat a
   A YMCA is born                                                                                                             reasonable diet — all these things I’ve tried to do
       For many years, the Cooks
   have been passionate that                                                                                                  because I don’t particularly want to give it all up.
   good medical care begins
   with a healthy lifestyle. In the
                                                                                  QUALITY                          OF LIFE    Now, if I get killed, I’ll sure as hell be mad.”
   early 1980s, Cook delivered                                                                                                                         BILL COOK
   the seed money and played                                                                                                                           Find	more	photos	and	tributes	to	Bill	Cook		
   a major role in the establish-                                                                                                                      at
   ment of the Monroe County
       Executive director Roberta
   Kelzer described how Cook
   believed there was a need
   for a community fitness and
   wellness facility, despite a fea-
   sibility study claming there
   wasn’t enough support for a
   yMCA here.
       “Bill and Gayle saw the                                                                                             Jeremy HOgaN |	Herald-Times
   need for a healthy lifestyle Bill	Cook	does	weight	training	with	the	help	of	personal	trainer	Kris	Gebhardt	during	a	morning	workout	in	
   education and opportunities
                                     this	photo	from	2001.
   more than 30 years ago —
   long before the rest of the                                                                              Cook addresses the national
   nation recognized that the                                                                               problem
   sedentary lifestyle we were                                                                                 Bill Cook has very definite
   leading then would lead to                                                                               ideas about the causes of the
   the high rate of chronic dis-                                                                            health insurance crisis — and
   ease and obesity levels we                                                                               how to solve it.
   see today.”                                                                                                 In his Oct. 19, 2009, Cook
       Cook, who as a teen had                                                                              Medical blog post titled “Solve
   made a presentation to Can-                                                                              Healthcare Access and the
   ton, Ill., officials arguing they                                                                        Healthcare Insurance Prob-
   needed a youth center, want-                                                                             lem is Solved,” Cook notes
   ed to make sure people of                                                                                that lack access to medical
   all economic levels would                                                                                treatment, specifically pri-
   have access to the facility. He                                                                          mary and preventive care,
   vowed to keep fees affordable                                                                            leads to untreated disease,
   for families and to make sure                                                                            more expensive procedures,
   scholarships were available.                                                                             and higher costs.
   “Since day one,” said Kelzer,                                                      TOP:	The	site	of	        Billions will be saved by
   the Cooks have supported the                                                       the	Volunteers	in	 establishing more free and
   Partner with youth scholar-
                                                                                      medicine	Clinic	at	 low-cost primary care clinics
   ship campaign.
                                                                                      811	W.	second	st.	 even in small communities,
       Today, the Monroe County                                                                             where diagnoses can be made,
   yMCA remains a bustling,
                                                                                      in	Bloomington.
                                                                                                            minor surgeries performed
   expanding facility where fam-                                                      LeFT: The	Cook	       and medications prescribed.
   ilies and community mem-                                                           health	clinic	has	       If specialty care is needed,
   bers of all ages can engage                                                        served	employees	 patients would be referred
   in sports and physical activi-                                                     since	1993.           first to area clinics or hos-
   ties that focus on preventive                                                                            pitals and then to regional
   health.                                                                                                  medical centers.
                                     nurses, laboratory services, $600,000 to help launch Mon-                 Costs of more elaborate
   A model medical clinic            diagnostic equipment, and roe County’s Volunteers in procedures would be reim-
       In 1993, at a time when even a pharmacy — all at a Medicine clinic.                                  bursed by Medicare-type pro-
   national talk was getting loud- significant cost savings.             “He told me he’d been grams or “a newly created
   er about the need for univer-         Once again, Cook was looking for someone to start federal insurance.”
   sal health care, the employer- ahead of his time. The com- something like this for 30                       Cook, who has the keen
   owned and operated Cook pany clinic is fast becoming years,” said Haddawi.                               ability to evaluate large-scale
   Clinic quietly opened for a proven model for corporate                Eric Bannec, M.D., the problems that involve many
   business.                         employers throughout the clinic’s first medical direc- stakeholders, also believes
       In “The Bill Cook Story: u.S. to contain out-of-control tor, said even though many that nationwide caps on medi-
   Ready, Fire, Aim!” (Indiana health care costs.                     community members from a cal malpractice and allowing
   university Press, 2008), biog-        In our own community, variety of backgrounds were health insurance companies
   rapher and former H-T sports Indiana university, Monroe important in getting the clinic to be more competitive by
   editor Bob Hammel observed County government and the off the ground, “I can honestly selling across state lines.
   that Cook’s company medical Monroe County Community say without that initial help
   clinic is “Bill Cook’s microcos- School Corp. are all hoping from Bill Cook in the begin- Taking care of himself
   mic offering as Exhibit A that to set up similar clinics for ning, it might not have been                   Much of Bill Cook’s life
   the health problem — which employees.                              successful.”                          and work — inseparably, the
   neither government nor pri-                                           Since opening in 2007, the essence of the Cook mission
   vate medical practice nor any Health care for all                  clinic has already expanded — have been devoted to pro-
   of the profits-through-the-           In 2005 now-retired phy- and moved — into a building moting better health. He’s had
   roof insurance companies has sician Rajih Haddawi, M.D., purchased and remodeled by a similar strategy in address-
   begun to dent — is not insur- approached community lead- Cook companies. Executive ing his own health.
   mountable at all.”                ers about the feasibility of director Elizabeth Sturgeon                  He shared his reflections
       It’s a simple model. nearly opening a new free health said Bill Cook and his son Carl with Hammel in “The Bill
   5,000 employees and depen- clinic staffed by volunteer have visited several times and Cook Story.”
   dents receive all their medi- professionals. Before under- are very supportive of the                       “I don’t fear death. I have
   cal care at the fully staffed taking such a venture, Hadd- clinic’s work.                                no control over it other than
   clinic. The Cook Group, hav- awi wanted to know if the                “I think they are proud what I’m doing now, to try to
   ing already converted to a clinic’s model would work to be a part of VIM. They keep myself happy, content,
   lower-cost self-insured health here in Monroe County.              are proud of the community working, not overdoing, not
   plan in the 1980s, realized that      “People told me to call Bill efforts, too,” said Sturgeon.         be too worried, do my exer-
   keeping employees healthy Cook. He’ll give you an honest              The timing couldn’t have cises religiously, eat a reason-
   and on the job meant focusing answer,” he said.                    been better. A challenging able diet — all these things
   on preventive care and making         Impressed by Haddawi’s economy coupled with rising I’ve tried to do because I don’t
   sure patients had ready access presentation, which included health care costs has meant particularly want to give it all
   to medical professionals. The statistical and demographic even more patients are seek- up. now, if I get killed, I’ll sure
   clinic has its own physicians, information, Cook offered ing VIM’s services.                             as hell be mad.”
                                                               JOBS                      ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
F6 | Thursday, June 17, 2010 	                                                                  changing lives                                                                                  The heraLd-TIMes


                                                                               HEALTH                             WELLNESS

                                                                        HISTORIC                               PRESERVATION
                                                                                                                                                                                              “The impacts
                                                                                                                                                                                              of the Cooks’
                                                                                 QUALITY                               OF    LIFE                                                             to a trained,
                                                                                                                                                                                              educated and
                                                                                                                                                                                              skilled workforce
                                                                                                                                                                                              are far reaching
                                                                                                                                                                                              in both direct and
                                                                                                                                                                                              indirect impact,
                                                                                                                                                                                              and in areas
                                                                                                                                                                                              that go beyond
                                                                                                                                                                                              the obvious
                                                                                                                                                                MonTy hoWell |	Herald-TImeS
                                                                                                                                                                                              connection to life
      The	Indiana	Center	for	the	life	Sciences	at	Ivy	Tech	in	Bloomington.                                                                                                                    sciences activity.
                                                                                                                                                                                              As they have

      Cooks know success starts with education      funds for Iu students across a broad        chaired the international committee        university’s history — families such
                                                                                                                                                                                              directly impacted
                                                                                                                                                                                              our Bloomington
                                                                                                                                                                                              campus, I do
      By Bob Zaltsberg                                                                                                                                                                        not think it an
      331-4364 |             spectrum of schools and disciplines.        which promotes student interchanges        as the Lillys and Krannerts — who
                                                        ■■ They have been instrumental          between countries; international stu-      have left an indelible mark on Iu with             exaggeration to
         The impact the Cooks have had on
      education in Monroe and surrounding
                                                    in leading initiatives for diversity        dent scholarships and faculty study        their great vision and generosity,”                state that we
                                                    through their gifts to programs sup-        and travel.                                Mcrobbie said.
      counties can be felt at the university,
                                                    porting students from under-repre-             “We are deeply grateful to Bill                                                            would not have
      community college, public school and
      private school levels. Their support          sented populations                          and Gayle Cook for their remarkable        Ivy Tech Community College                         one of the six
      has been broad and deep.                          ■■ Iu’s school of education stu-        generosity to Indiana university,”             John Whikehart, chancellor of the              biotechnology
         “We acknowledge the Cook family            dents have benefitted from the Mar-         said Iu President Michael Mcrobbie.        Ivy Tech Community College Bloom-
      and Cook Inc. for a variety of contri-        tha Lee and Bill armstrong Fund for         “Their vision and support over the         ington campus, is as effusive in his               degree programs
      butions to our community,” said sue           Teacher education that supports a           course of nearly a half century have       praise of the contributions of the                 in our system
      Talbot, a member of the Iu Board              faculty member and brings outstand-         enabled researchers at the Iu school       Cooks. The campus he leads is next
                                                    ing K-12 teachers to Iu to mentor           of Medicine to develop better, more        door to the Cook World headquar-                   if not for the
      of Trustees for the last nine years.
      “however, another meaningful but              students.                                   effective products and also expanded       ters in Park 48 on the west side of                presence of Cook
      often unheralded contribution is in               ■■ They have provided support for       opportunities at the Jacobs school         Bloomington.
                                                    athletics and the arts. (see the story      of Music, the school of education,             “The impacts of the Cooks’ com-
                                                                                                                                                                                              Medical Group in
      the field of education.”
         here are some facts she listed that        on page 14.)                                the Wells scholars Program and Iu          mitment to a trained, educated and                 Bloomington.”
      prove the point as it relates to Iu:              ■■ They have given their time to        athletics.”                                skilled workforce are far reaching in
                                                                                                                                                                                              John WhIkehArT,	
         ■■ Five of Iu’s eight campuses have        Iu: Bill is a former member of the             Mcrobbie said the Cooks’ “gener-        both direct and indirect impact, and
                                                                                                                                                                                              chancellor	of	Ivy	Tech	
      received gifts from the Cooks for a           Board of Trustees and was an honor-         osity of spirit” is seen in their insis-   in areas that go beyond the obvious
                                                                                                                                                                                              Community	College	in	
      variety of academic programs and              ary co-chairman of the Myles Brand          tence that the name of every Cook          connection to life sciences activ-
      scholarships, as well as department           Cancer research Committee. Gayle            employee be included on a series of        ity,” he said. “as they have directly
      and facility development.                     has been instrumental in establishing       plaques in the lobby of Cook hall, the     impacted our Bloomington campus,
         ■■ at least 62 disciplines and             the Women’s Colloquium for Women            new basketball development center          I do not think it an exaggeration to               read	more	from		
      departments have benefited from               at Indiana university with former Iu        made possible by the Cooks’ gift of        state that we would not have one of                Whikehart,	Veach	and		
      their gifts to Iu.                            first lady Peg Brand. she has served        $15 million.                               the six biotechnology degree pro-                  others	at	HeraldTimes	
         ■■ They have established or con-           for several years on the Iu Founda-             “With this spirit, they have joined    grams in our system if not for the       
      tributed to more than 30 scholarship          tion Board of directors and has co-         the ranks of only a few families in the                      CONTINUed	ON	PaGe	F7

                            “The entire new
                            Tech family
                            is extremely
                            grateful for the
                            generosity of
                            Mr. and Mrs.
                            Cook. The Cook
                            family was
                            instrumental in
      helping to establish Bloomington new
      Tech high School. They have provided
      strong financial support, which has
      allowed us to create a 21st Century
      high School with strong focus on
      academics and relationships in an
      environment with 1-to-1 computing.”
      AlAn VeACh,	principal	of	New	Tech	High	School	in	                                                                                                                                              JereMy hoGAn |	Herald-TImeS

      Bloomington                                               The	New	Tech	High	School	on	Bloomington’s	west	side.
                                                     JOBS                    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
THE HERALD-TIMES 	                                                                  changing lives                                                                    THuRSDAy, JunE 17, 2010 | F7


    Cooks help boost science education at all levels               HEALTH                             WELLNESS
                            Continued from page f6                “Cook Group was the avant        Schools, cites the “visionary       initiatives were implemented
                                                               garde of a group of new local       leadership” of the Cooks in         in local high schools to estab-
                            presence of Cook Medical           companies that need a much          development of new Tech.            lish innovative approaches
                            Group in Bloomington.”             more sophisticated level of         She noted the Cook organiza-        to educating the learners of
                               Whikehart said the degree       education and training for          tion has helped the foundation      today,” she said. “As an exam-
                            was designed with assistance
                            and input from Cook Medical.
                                                               employees,” said Steve How-         PRESERVATION
                                                                                                   raise almost $350,000 in start-     ple, Bloomington High School
                                                               ard, former president of the        up costs for the community’s        South is now in the second
                               “The biotechnology pro-         Greater Bloomington Cham-           newest high school.                 year of a successful program,
                            gram internship opportunities      ber of Commerce. “That need            “In only two years, the          Advancement Via Individu-
                            created for students, particu-     has driven improvements in          school can now boast that           al Determination, that gives
                            larly at Cook Pharmica, have       our educational institutions,       more students applied to the        struggling students the tools
                            helped make the Bloomington        especially at Ivy Tech. The new     school than they have spots         for success in high school and

    “We are deeply
                            biotechnology program the
                            most successful in our system,”
                                                               Gayle and Bill Cook Center for              OF     LIFE
                                                                                                   available,” she said. “new Tech
                                                                                                   is offering students a project-
                                                                                                                                       the support to pursue an edu-
                            Whikehart said. He added that
                                                               Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech                                            cation beyond grade 12.”            “The generosity
                                                               Bloomington and other life          based approach to education
    grateful to Bill and    the commitment to the Ivy          science-focused programs are        that appeals to the learning                                            of the Cook family
    Gayle Cook for          Tech students didn’t end with      particularly notable examples       styles of our youth and aligns      Help for Harmony                    has impacted
                            the internship opportunities.      of education changes the Cook       with the needs of their future         While Bill and Gayle Cook
    their remarkable        Of the college’s first 10 biotech-                                     employers. none of this would       were not leaders in the reno-       generations of
                                                               pacesetting has stimulated.”
    generosity to           nology graduates, eight were                                           have been possible with the         vation of Harmony School in         MCCSC students.
                            immediately employed at Cook                                           support and leadership of the       Bloomington, their son, Carl,
    indiana University.     Pharmica, he said.                 Secondary education                 Cook family.”                       was. He was co-chairman of          The breadth of
    Their vision and                                           and more                               Peterson said the broader        the Campaign for Harmony            opportunities
                            Two centers, one campus               The Cooks’ interest in edu-      universe of MCCSC students          fund drive in the middle of the
    support over the           Whikehart said the com-         cation also is in evidence at the                                                                           provided for
                                                                                                   also has been assisted by the       2000s, with a goal of upgrad-
    course of nearly        mitment in 2005 to build the       high school level. Cook Medi-       Cooks.                              ing the former Elm Heights          students through
                            Indiana Center for the Life        cal has been a major financial
    a half century                                             donor in the development and
                                                                                                      “The generosity of the Cook      Elementary School where he          their financial
                            Sciences on Ivy Tech’s Bloom-                                          family has impacted genera-         had been a student in the 1970s.
    have enabled            ington campus resulted from        implementation of new Tech          tions of MCCSC students,” she       Harmony, an independent pri-        support is quite
    researchers at          the prediction of new jobs         High School, a public school in     said. “The breadth of oppor-        vate school that serves K-12,       diverse. What
                            emerging in the biomedical         the Monroe County Commu-            tunities provided for students      had been in the building since
    the iU School           field, and the existence of that   nity School Corp. that stresses     through their financial support     1985. The $6.5 million fund
                                                                                                                                                                           has not varied is
    of Medicine to          aforementioned biotechnology       problem solving across dis-         is quite diverse. What has not      drive started in 2004.              their commitment
                            program.                           ciplines in a smaller school        varied is their commitment to
    develop better,            “The influence of the Cook      setting.                            student engagement and to the
                                                                                                                                                                           to student
    more effective          company on the design and             “The entire new Tech fam-        development of 21st Century         A last word                         engagement
                            delivery of the various career     ily is extremely grateful for       learners.                              Whikehart, the Ivy Tech
    products and                                               the generosity of Mr. and Mrs.                                          chancellor, noted that Bill         and to the
                            ladder opportunities associat-                                            “This was first evidenced by
    also expanded           ed with the center was invalu-     Cook,” said Alan Veach, prin-       their support for the creation of   Cook autographed a copy of          development
                                                               cipal of new Tech. “The Cook                                            his recent biography, “The Bill
    opportunities           able,” he said.                                                        an MCCSC Science Coordina-
                                                                                                                                       Cook Story” by Bob Hammel,          of 21st Century
                               So grateful was Whikehart       family was instrumental in          tor and a science resource cen-
    at the Jacobs           of the Cooks’ contributions in     helping to establish Bloom-         ter to provide teachers with the    for him.                            learners.”
    School of Music,        the community on many levels       ington new Tech High School.        tools and resources to imple-          “Mr. Cook inscribed a copy
                                                                                                                                                                           Tina PeTerSon,	
                            that he recently announced         They have provided strong           ment inquiry based science          of his recent book ... for me as
    the School of           plans for the Gayle and Bill       financial support, which has        curriculum in all grades.”          follows: “‘John — We’re neigh-
                                                                                                                                                                           executive	director	of	the	
                                                                                                                                                                           Foundation	of	Monroe	
    education, the          Cook Center on Entrepre-           allowed us to create a 21st Cen-       She said Cook Medical has        bors who are trying to do what
                                                                                                                                                                           County	Community	
                            uneurship at Ivy Tech.             tury High School with strong        been instrumental in rallying       is best for society.’”
    Wells Scholars             The center will focus on        focus on academics and rela-        the community in support of            “It was kind of him to say so,
    Program and iU          helping budding entrepreneurs      tionships in an environment         new programs to engage learn-       but I’m still a work in progress.   Read	more	from	Peterson,	
    athletics.”             start a business or develop or     with 1-to-1 computing.”             ers and prepare them for life       Gayle and Bill Cook’s contribu-     McRobbie	and	others	at	
                            expand a new idea within a            Tina Peterson, executive         after high school.                  tions to our community, region,
    MiChael MCroBBie,	IU	   current business, among other      director of the Foundation of          “Through the creation of a       state and larger society are        pages/cook.
    president               things.                            Monroe County Community             matching gift challenge, new        many.”
                                                                                     HEALTH                              WELLNESS
F8 | Thursday, June 17, 2010 	                                                                           changing lives                                                                                     The heraLd-TIMes

                                                                             HISTORIC                                  PRESERVATION

                                                                                        QUALITY                              OF       LIFE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           H-T	FILe	pHOTO	

       Gayle	Cook	was	a	strong	proponent	of	saving	the	old	Carnegie	library	on	east	Sixth	Street	and	renovating	it	for	a	historical	museum,	said	Glenda	murray,	past	president	of	the	monroe	County	Historical	Society.	
       She	served	as	the	museum	board’s	first	president	and	was	a	board	member	for	more	than	20	years.	She	still	serves	as	a	member	of	the	advisory	board.	“Without	Gayle	Cook,”	murray	said,	“there	probably	would	
       not	be	a	monroe	County	History	Center.”	Read	more	from	Glenda	murray	and	others	at

                                                           RESPECT FOR hiSTORy
                                                           Cooks keep the past
                                                           alive through museums
                                                           and saving structures
                                                           By Bob Zaltsberg
                                                           331-4364 |
                                                              Bloomington and other communities through-
                                                           out Indiana have preserved significant historical
                                                           structures through the work and generosity of
                                                           Gayle and Bill Cook.
                                                              In Monroe County, their commitment to his-
                                                           tory goes much deeper even than that.
                          DaviD SnoDgreSS |	HeRaLd-TImeS      “Without Gayle Cook,” said Glenda Murray,
       a	tower	on	the	West	Baden	Springs	Ho-               past president of the Monroe County historical
       tel	is	framed	by	a	stained	glass	window	            society, “there probably would not be a Monroe
       in	an	old	spring	house.                             County history Center.” and thus there would
                                                           be no headquarters to celebrate those who
                                                           worked in previous centuries to build Monroe
       “When it comes to                                   County into what it has become.
       preservation, the cooks have                           Gayle Cook was a strong proponent of saving
       a big picture in mind: They                         the old Carnegie library on east sixth street and
                                                           renovating it for a historical museum, Murray                                                                                                  Jackie Sheckler |	HOOSIeR	TImeS

       expect their adaptive use                           said. she served as the museum board’s first                The	Col.	William	Jones	House	in	Gentryville	is	one	of	many	properties	throughout	the	state	restored	
       projects to make money,                             president and was a board member for more                   by	Bill	and	Gayle	Cook.	
                                                           than 20 years. she still serves as a member of
       and they do. Where business                         the advisory board.
       was the motivation, their                              Murray said in an e-mail tribute that Gayle
                                                                                                                       State preservation award is named for Cook family
                                                           has been a hard-working board member, helping
       investments in restoration                          with garage sale fundraisers, auction fundraisers           The	most	prestigious	statewide	preservation	award	is	named	for	Bill	and	Gayle	Cook	and	their	son,	
       have proven profitable                              and a year-round program of selling donated
                                                                                                                       Carl,	and	the	three	of	them	were	its	first	recipient	in	2007.
                                                           items to raise funds for the history center. she’s
       over the long haul. and                             created exhibits, presented programs and volun-             The	award	is	presented	by	Indiana	Landmarks	—	which	changed	its	name	in	2010	from	Historic	Land-
       they equally aim for their                          teered when needed.                                         marks	Foundation	of	Indiana.	Randall	T.	Shepard,	chief	justice	of	the	Indiana	Supreme	Court	and	honor-
                                                              “Gayle’s style is to work quietly, often behind          ary	chairman	of	Historic	Landmarks	Foundation	of	Indiana	in	2007,	presented	the	Cook	family	with	the	
       preservation projects to                            the scenes, but with great dedication and deter-            inaugural	Cook	Cup	for	Outstanding	Restoration	at	a	gala	celebrating	the	reopening	of	the	West	Baden	
       improve the local quality of                        mination,” Murray said.                                     Springs	Hotel.
       life.”                                                 “Gayle has been the inspiration to the staff
                                                           and volunteers at the history Center, and we                The	Cook	Cup	recognizes	a	property	owner	who	transforms	a	dilapidated	state	landmark	using	the	
       MarSh DaviS,	president	of	Indiana	                  are in her debt.”                                           highest	standards	of	restoration,	places	the	structure	back	into	service,	and	has	a	positive	impact	on	
       Landmarks                                                                               CONTINUed	ON	paGe	F10   the	immediate	neighborhood	or	community	in	which	the	work	is	done.
                 HEALTH                             WELLNESS
THE HERALD-TIMES 	                                                                          cHANGING LIVES   THuRSDAy, JunE 17, 2010 | F9

          HISTORIC                               PRESERVATION

Why historic preservation?
     Q             L    UALITY                          OF         IFE

Because it helps communities
By William A. Cook                                                           Admittedly, when you’re
                                                                         looking at a tired old build-
This	column	by	Bill	Cook	was	published	
                                                                         ing, the opportunities it pres-
May	2,	2010,	in	The	Herald-Times	fol-
                                                                         ents are not always obvious.
lowing	the	announcement	that	he	and	
his	wife,	Gayle,	would	donate	$7	million	                                For example, when the West
to	help	turn	the	historic	Central	Avenue	                                Baden Springs Hotel was
Methodist	Church	in	Indianapolis	into	                                   collapsing, experts suggested
performance	space	and	the	headquar-                                      that Indiana Landmarks “call
ters	of	Indiana	Landmarks.                                               it a ruin and let people crawl
                                          BILL COOK                      on it.” Fortunately for the
    As I stood on the stage in               Why? Because we love        people of Orange County and
the wonderful old Central                 historic buildings’ charac-    all Hoosiers, Indiana Land-
Avenue Methodist Church in ter, history and beauty, but                  marks didn’t listen to that
Indianapolis’ Old northside               also because we’ve seen the    advice.
historic district last week,              impact preservation projects       Indianapolis has a long
announcing the support my                 can have on people’s daily     history of applying similar
family is giving to assist in             lives. We’ve witnessed it in   vision to the revitalization
restoring and converting it to Bloomington, where revitaliz- of residential and commer-
the Indiana Landmarks Cen-                ing historic buildings around cial historic districts, start-
ter, I was fully prepared for             the courthouse square helped ing with Lockerbie Square
the inevitable question: Why? transform a faded downtown back in the 1970s. now, look
    My wife Gayle and son                 into a popular commercial      around the city — at the
Carl and I have been asked                and retail center. We’ve seen  Wholesale District, Mas-
this question more than a few it in French Lick and West                 sachusetts Avenue, Fountain
times about our historic reno- Baden, once struggling com-               Square and other areas where
vation projects. And while                munities now thriving as       the restoration of historic
our objectives may vary from travel destinations.                        structures led to revitalized
place to place, the big-picture              In these and other places,  commercial districts — and
reason is the same each time: there’s a snowball effect that             the value of historic pres-
Restoring historic structures             follows a restoration project: ervation seems clear. Look
helps communities.                        One restored building leads    at Chatham Arch, Fletcher
    I got involved in restora-            to others, and, pretty soon,   Place, Woodruff Place and the
tion projects more than 30                you have a thriving area       many other highly regarded
years ago when a serious                  where there was once lack of Indianapolis neighborhoods
cardiac illness sidelined me              investment and neglect.        that found new vitality after
from my medical device                       In other words, saving      being listed in the national
business. When it looked as               landmarks that reconnect       Register of Historic Places
though I might never be able us to heritage also spurs                   and, once again, the impact of
to work in an office again,               economic development and       preservation is undeniable.
Gayle and I thought renovat- community revitalization.                       Which leads me back to
ing historic buildings would              That’s why such luminaries of the question I hear so often:
be a good idea. It would allow Indiana business as Eli Lilly,            Why? Simply put, we believe
us to contribute to society               Herman Krannert and James      in the communitywide
and make money.                           Hoover founded Indiana         impact of historic preserva-
    Fortunately, in time my               Landmarks 50 years ago. not tion. It’s not just about old
health improved and I was                 simply because they person-    buildings, and it’s not simply
able to return to my executive ally liked vintage places, but            about preserving the past. It’s
role. But we stuck with pres-             because they saw the eco-      about building for the future
ervation, even as we grew our nomic and community value                  and benefiting entire com-
medical device business.                  in historic buildings.         munities.
                                                                               HEALTH                                       WELLNESS
F10 | Thursday, June 17, 2010 	                                                                   changing lives                                                                                      The heraLd-TIMes

                                                                       HISTORIC                                          PRESERVATION

                                                                                  QUALITY                                        OF     LIFE

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chris howell |	Herald-Times

    The	entrance	to	the	West	Baden	springs	Hotel	just	before	its	grand	reopening	on	may	23,	2007.		

    Cooks help preserve the heritage of southern Indiana
    Continued from page f8                                                                                              floor ballroom that’s seen        had been unable to finance      mance space and the head-
                                                                                                                        hundreds if not thousands of      the restoration in the remod-   quarters of Indiana Land-
       she also has been involved                                                                                       weddings, community meet-         el, and the murals were         marks.
    with the Wylie house Muse-                                                                                          ings, retirement celebrations,    stored and forgotten. Many          Marsh davis, president of
    um for many years. The                                                                                              Christmas parties, bar mitz-      of us had never seen them.      Indiana Landmarks, called
    Cooks made a financial gift                                                                                         vahs and the like since it           “The restoration has         Bill and Gayle Cook “vision-
    to the museum a few years                                                                                           opened.                           added to the beauty of the      aries who do.”
    ago that is helping develop-                                                                                           Other prominent down-          building and enhanced its           “Because of their promi-
    ment of an education center                                                                                         town buildings the Cooks          authenticity.”                  nence, business acumen and
    now under construction.                                                                                             bought, renovated and oper-                                       the ways they have applied
       “The education center                                                                                            ated through CFC Properties       More in Bloomington             their vision, the Cooks have
    will allow the Wylie house                                                                                          are Graham Plaza, the Wicks       — and throughout the state      forever altered the historic
    Museum staff to broaden                                                                                             Building (Gallery north’s            Tina Connor, executive       preservation movement in
    their outreach efforts and                                                                                          location) on the north side       vice president of Indiana       Indiana,” he said.
    to provide a richer experi-                                                                                         of the square, uptown Plaza       Landmarks, also notes the           he noted the Cooks have
    ence for school and com-                                                                                            (Goods Inc.’s location) on the    Cooks were involved in reno-    chosen to restore a total of
    munity groups,” said susan                                                                                          west side of the square, the      vating the James Cochran        57 structures to date, most in
    yoon, executive director of                                                                                         Tallent restaurant Building       house, former rCa ware-         Indiana and a few in Canton,
    development and external                                                                                            (formerly Faris Market), Illi-    houses, First Baptist Church    Ill., Bill’s hometown.
    relations for the Indiana uni-                                                                                      nois Central Freight depot,       and Bethel aMe Church.              “as far as we know, no
    versity libraries.                                                                                                  Grant street Inn, the Curry          They also have been active   other individuals in Indiana
       Perhaps more visible than                                                                                        Building, the Tom Taylor          in saving historic proper-      command such a record,”
    the important work at those                                                                                         Building (which until last        ties throughout the state —     he said.
    museums is the Cooks’ com-                                                                                          year housed the Blooming-         none a bigger project than          “When it comes to pres-
    mitment to historic pres-                                                                                           ton antique Mall) and the         the West Baden springs and      ervation, the Cooks have a
    ervation of buildings. The                                                                                          Masonic Lodge.                    French Lick springs hotels      big picture in mind: They
    evidence is all over Monroe                                                                                            In addition, they were         in Orange County. Connor        expect their adaptive use
    County.                                                                                                             instrumental in the public-       also lists these significant    projects to make money, and
                                                                                                                        private partnerships that         hoosier landmarks: the          they do. Where business was
    Restoring a downtown                                                                              H-T	file	pHoTo	   created the Bloomington/          Col. William Jones house,       the motivation, their invest-
       It starts in the center of
    the city of Bloomington. a
                                       Graham Plaza                                                                     Monroe County Conven-
                                                                                                                        tion Center from an auto
                                                                                                                                                          Gentryville; Cedar Farm,
                                                                                                                                                          Laconia (historic plantation
                                                                                                                                                                                          ments in restoration have
                                                                                                                                                                                          proven profitable over the
    news release issued in March,      “downtown	revitalization	began	with	a	handshake	between	mr.	Cook	                dealership and the showers        with main historic house,       long haul. and they equally
    when the Cooks received            and	former	mayor	frank	mcCloskey	in	a	plan	to	restore	the	Graham	                Complex, which houses City        barns, schoolhouse, cottages    aim for their preservation
    the downtown Blooming-             plaza	and	the	city	to	construct	the	regester	parking	Garage	in	1979,”	           hall, from a former furniture     other outbuildings); Laconia    projects to improve the local
    ton Leadership award from          according	to	a	news	release	issued	when	the	Cooks	received	the	                  factory.                          General store/Lodge hall;       quality of life.”
    downtown Bloomington               downtown	Bloomington	leadership	award	in	march.	The	former	                         They also were key par-        Laconia school, renovated           Marsh said the Cooks
    Inc., set the beginning of the     Graham	Hotel	was	converted	into	retail	space	and	offices,	and	the	city	          ticipants in restoration of the   as apartments and commu-        have set a standard for his-
    work in the heart of the city      built	a	parking	garage	adjacent	to	it.	read more about the Cooks’                Monroe County Courthouse.         nity meeting space; Beck’s      toric preservation as a public
    31 years ago:                      role in downtown renovations on page F12.                                        Former commissioner Joyce         Mill, salem; and the Oxford     good that makes business
       “downtown revitaliza-                                                                                            Poling pointed to one par-        hotel & dixie Garage, West      sense. “Bill and Gayle Cook
    tion began with a handshake           Other buildings on the           ally unsound and in desper-                  ticular feature for which they    Baden.                          have elevated preservation
    between Mr. Cook and for-          Monroe County Courthouse            ate need of care when the                    were responsible.                    This spring, a gift of $7    in a very public way as both
    mer Mayor Frank McClos-            square exemplify the Cooks’         Cooks got involved. It was                      “The Cooks restored the        million from the Cooks was      a social good and a practical
    key in a plan to restore the       commitment to restoration.          transformed into Fountain                    murals on the courthouse          announced, leading the way      economic activity,” he said.
    Graham Plaza and the city to       In the late 1970s and early         square Mall, which has 15                    rotunda, Monroe County’s          for renovation of Central       “all of us in Indiana reap
    construct the regester Park-       1980s, the entire south side        storefronts on the lower lev-                significant historic struc-       avenue Methodist Church         benefits, now and for genera-
    ing Garage in 1979.”               of the square was structur-         els, office space and a third-               ture,” she said. “The county      in Indianapolis into perfor-    tions to come.”
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F12 | Thursday, June 17, 2010 	                                                                  CHANGING LIVES                                                                                          The heraLd-TIMes

                                                                                 QUALITY                                 OF      LIFE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     H-T	file	pHoTo

     A	disused	furniture	factory	became	home	to	small	businesses,	Bloomington’s	City	Hall	and	the	indiana	University	Research	park.

     Cooks helped make downtown a destination
     By Bob Zaltsberg
     331-4364 |
         as executive director of
     the Monroe County Conven-
     tion & Visitors Bureau, Mike
     Mcafee pays keen attention
     to what makes people want to
     come to a community. down-
     town is a major factor.
         The influence of Bill
     and Gayle Cook has turned
     Bloomington’s downtown
     into a destination.                                                                                                                                                                             “our downtown
         “Our downtown would
     not be the most vibrant, fun
                                                                                                                                                                                                     would not be the
     and alive downtown in Indi-                                                                                                                                                                     most vibrant,
     ana and the entire Midwest                                                                                                                                                                      fun and alive
     if not for the Cooks,” Mcafee
     said. “It truly has become one                                                                                                                                                                  downtown in
     of our anchor attractions,                                                                                                                                                                      indiana and the
     and they are responsible for
     a large part of that.”                                                                                                                                                                          entire Midwest
         Indeed. The Monroe Coun-                                                                                                                                                                    if not for the
     ty Courthouse square and                                                                                                                                       DaviD SnoDgreSS |	HeRAld-Times

     several blocks surrounding it       CfC	renovated	the	entire	south	side	of	the	courthouse	square	into	fountain	square	mall	while	the	city	built	an	adjoining	parking	garage.	
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cooks. it truly
     were a totally different place                                                                                                                                                                  has become one
     when the Cooks decided to
     invest in downtown in the
                                         istration to help “save the         investing in downtown hous-                                                                                             of our anchor
                                         downtown.” a lot of that work       ing, CFC built Madison Park
     late 1970s. now, it is a vibrant    was being a willing partner to      Condominiums on the west                                                                                                attractions,
     place that attracts visitors to     projects envisioned and led         edge of downtown and Lin-                                                                                               and they are
     its restaurants, retail estab-      by Cook companies.                  coln Place Condos on east
     lishments and festivals. It has        among the major projects         seventh street. Those con-                                                                                              responsible for a
     remained a center of govern-        she cited were development          dominiums were sold indi-                                                                                               large part of that.”
     ment and commerce when              of the Bloomington/Monroe           vidually so CFC is no longer
     many communities have seen          County Convention Center            the owner.                                                                                                              Mike MCafee,	executive	
     those functions move to the         and the move of City hall              Later came the Kirkwood,                                                                                             director	of	the	monroe	
     suburbs. Condominiums and           to the renovated showers            a high-end apartment build-                                                                                             County	Convention	&	
     apartments have attracted           Furniture Factory. In both          ing on West Fourth street,                                                                                              Visitors	Bureau
     residents to support the busi-      cases, the Cook affiliate CFC       and the Bicycle apartments,
     nesses located there.               Properties was the crucial          which were meant for lower-
         One of the first steps          private developer.                  income people who might
     along a 30-year road was               CFC also renovated the           want to live and work down-
     taken when Bill Cook and            entire south side of the Court-     town without needing a car.
     then-Mayor Frank McClos-            house square into Fountain             another effort to bring
     key shook hands on a pub-           square Mall while the city          people downtown was reno-
     lic-private partnership that        built an adjoining parking          vation of four structures as
     involved Cook renovating the        garage.                             the Grant street Inn, which
     tallest downtown building, an          “What happened result-           Mcafee calls “one of the fin-
     old hotel that’s now Graham         ed from a long, deliberate          est bed and breakfasts you
     Plaza, and the city building a      team effort by countless            will find anywhere.”
     parking garage next to it.          city employees and business            Talisha Coppock, direc-
         It was the beginning of         investors, all motivated by         tor of downtown Bloom-
     decades of restoration, reno-       the vision of a vibrant down-       ington Inc., said CFC now                                                                                               “vacant spaces
     vation and new construction         town as a true source of pride,     has 24 commercial and four
     that as much as anything rep-       renown and sound economic           residential properties in the                                                                                           were revitalized,
     resents Bloomington’s high          development,” allison said.         downtown. The commercial                                                                                                degraded
     quality of life.                                                        properties are among the
                                         Putting people downtown             city’s most iconic: Fountain
                                                                                                                                                                                                     buildings were
     Public and private                     That vision could mostly         square Mall, Graham Plaza,                                                                                              refortified, hope
     partnership                         be tracked back to Cook and         One City Centre, the Chase                                                                                              was restored, and
        Tomi allison, the mayor          his colleagues. They had a          Bank Building, the Wick’s
     who followed McCloskey              plan to make downtown a             Building, uptown Plaza,                                                                                                 a local economy
                                                                                                                                                                   H-T	sTAff	pHoTo
     when he went to Congress,           destination, and to develop         showers Building and the                                                                                                was energized.
     said the renaissance of down-       housing for people who              Faris Building among them. The	atrium	of	fountain	square	on	the	south	side	of	the	monroe	County	
     town was not a fluke. she           would live there.                                                    Courthouse	square,	a	revitalization	project	carried	out	by	Cook	                       and i’d go so far
     points to work by her admin-           When no one else was                        CoNTiNUed	oN	pAGe	f14 through	CfC.                                                                           as to say that a
                                                                                                                                                                                                     good portion of
                                                                                                                                                                                                     history was
                                                                                                                                                                                                     preserved and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     utilized to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     benefit of its
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mark krUZan,	mayor	of	

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Read	more	from	mcAfee,	
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kruzan	and	others	paying	
                                                                                                                                                                                                     tribute	to	Bill	Cook	at	
                                                                                                                                                                    DaviD SnoDgreSS |	HeRAld-Times

     The	north	side	of	the	courthouse	square	along	sixth	street.	The	Wicks	Building	in	the	center	is	one	of	many	saved	and	renovated	by	Cook	through	CfC.
                                                                   HISTORIC                                     PRESERVATION
THE HERALD-TIMES 	                                                                             CHANGING LIVES                                                                                   THuRSDAy, JunE 17, 2010 | F13

                                                                               QUALITY                                  OF        LIFE

     Music, athletics also benefit from Cooks’ support
     By Bob Zaltsberg                  areas of interest on their                                                                                                                                                       many	iU	
     331-4364 | own.                                                                                                                                                                             recordings	
                                          The Jacobs School of                                                                                                                                                          are	on	reel-
        Athletics and music inter- Music at Indiana university                                                                                                                                                          to-reel	tapes	
     sected with one gift given has been one of the recipi-                                                                                                                                                             in	an	archive	
     the community by Bill and ents.                                                                                                                                                                                    at	the	William	
     Gayle Cook. It was $1 million        “Thanks to the generosity                                                                                                                                                     &	Gayle	Cook	
     for lights at Indiana uni-        of William and Gayle Cook,                                                                                                                                                       music	library.
     versity’s Memorial Stadium The William and Gayle Cook
     in the name of the late Sue Music Library is a model
     Floyd, the wife of one-time for world class music librar-                                                                                                                            Jeremy Hogan |	Herald-Times
     Iu athletic director Ralph ies,”
     Floyd.                               Phil Ponella, director
        While the lights allow of the library, wrote in an                                                                                                  put the Cook name on this            “But 25 years ago, we
     the Iu football Hoosiers to e-mail. “With a collection                                                                                                 new facility, where prepara-      noticed a need that had to
     play at night, they also were of nearly 700,000 items, the                                                                                             tion and instruction goes on      be met, and that was to have
     essential for attracting major Cook Music Library, recog-                                                             DaviD SnoDgreSS |	Herald-Times
                                                                                                                                                            more than competition,” Iu        facilities for women who
     Drum Corps International nized as one of the largest                                                                                                   athletic director Fred Glass      wanted to participate in
                                       academic music libraries in       Cook	Hall,	indiana’s	new	basketball	practice	facility.                             said in February, noting the      athletics. Gayle had always
        The Cooks brought drum the world, serves the Jacobs                                                                                                 Cooks interests in academ-        wanted to be a runner.”
     corps to Bloomington when School of Music, the Iu                   that we now have,” said               athletics. The development                   ics, women’s athletics, and          Cook Hall has identical
     they launched the Star of Bloomington campus, and —                 Richards.                             center for Iu’s men’s and                    “jump-starting” the men’s         amenities for the men’s and
     Indiana after their son, Carl, via the Internet — scholars             The Cooks have made                women’s basketball teams                     basketball program.               women’s teams.
     “aged out” of the Colts in around the world.”                       two other notable contribu-           was funded primarily with                       W h e n t h e t r u s te e s      “This amazing family real-
     Dubuque, Iowa. The Star              Jacobs School Dean Gwyn        tions to the school of music,         a gift of $15 million from the               approved putting the Cook         izes how important state-of-
     rose to the top of the drum       Richards said the library         Richards said. In 1997, Cook          Cooks.                                       name on the facility, Bill        the-art facilities are to our
                                                                         Group, Inc., established the             Having their name on the                  Cook was quoted in a pre-         student-athletes. With their
     corps world in its nine-year project brought into one
                                                                         Ray E. Cramer Graduate Fel-           facility was not the Cooks’                  pared statement: “Being           generosity, we are going to
     history and created some location library materials
                                                                         lowship in honor of Professor         idea.                                        a part of this new athletic       continue to grow our wom-
     exciting moments and eco- that had been in three differ-
                                                                         Emeritus Ray Cramer. Each                “We wanted to show our                    complex started when we           en’s basketball program into
     nomic opportunities for its ent locations on campus.
                                          “This brought all of this      year a scholarship is awarded         appreciation for this tre-                   donated the lighting for          one of the very best in the
                                       activity together in the space    from the established endow-           mendous and generous gift,                   Memorial Stadium, an eleva-       nation,” Iu women’s coach
        “Without (the) Cooks’ gift
                                       that graces the corner of         ment to a graduate student            so it seemed like, what bet-                 tor for the soccer stadium        Felisha Legette-Jack said at
     of lights to the football sta-                                      majoring in wind conduct-
                                       Third and Jordan,” he said,                                             ter place to do that than                    and athletic scholarships.        the April dedication.
     dium, the Drum and Bugle                                            ing. The Cooks developed a
                                       noting the location is an
     Corps would have never                                              close relationship with Cra-
                                       entryway to the campus. “It
     been able to perform in                                             mer, who helped the Star of
                                       makes a statement about
     Bloomington,” said Valerie where the scholarly activ-               Indiana prepare for competi-
     Pena, director of the Mon- ity in the School of Music               tions, Richard said.
     roe County Convention and stands. ...”                                 In addition, the Cook
     Visitors Bureau from 1991-           “It emphasized the fact        Band Building Fund has
     2007. “Over 10,000 people that (the school) was a lead-             been established to desig-
     attended that event each er internationally,” he said,              nate funds for the creation
     year and little did any of us adding: “It can’t be over-            of a facility for the March-
     know the eventual impact stated what an important                   ing Hundred. Richards said
     to Broadway such an event development it was for the                the Marching Hundred has
     would inspire.”                   school.”                          been in a temporary home
        The Broadway impact               The library makes Iu a         since 1985; it can’t rehearse
     came from Blast!, a stand- leader in digital music. It              indoors and practices on a
     alone show that evolved also makes it a leader in                   striped-off portion of the
     from the Star of Indiana and archiving material, such as            parking lot south of the ten-
     went on to a run on Broad- recordings going back to                 nis pavilion.
     way — and a Tony Award.           the 1950s of such Iu faculty         “It is impossible to over-
        (The whole story — the luminaries as Josef Gingold,              state what (the Cooks) have
     birth of the Star of Indiana Menahem Pressler and Janos             done for us,” Richards said.
     through the production of Starker. Richards noted that              “They have transformed the
     Blast! — makes for some ability is a great legacy for               library, they have forever
     fascinating reading in The the Cooks, because of their              recognized a pillar of the
     Bill Cook Story, Ready Fire great interest in historic              school in Ray Cramer, and
     Aim!, a biography by former preservation.                           foreward-looking as ever,
     H-T sports editor Bob Ham-           The library occupies           they have put us in a position
     mel).                             55,000 square feet on four        (to create a new home for
                                       floors. It’s the busiest branch   the Marching Hundred).”
     The Jacobs School of Music library in the Iu system,
        While the biggest sup- Richards said, busier than                Cook Hall and IU athletics
     porters of drum corps talk of Iu East, Iu Kokomo and the               The dedication of Cook
     its blending of arts and ath- university library at IuPuI           Hall in April represented
     letics, the Cooks also have combined.                               the crown jewel of he Cooks’
     supported each of those              “It is a priceless resource    longtime support for Iu
               HISTORIC                                  PRESERVATION
F14 | Thursday, June 17, 2010 	                                                                    CHANGING LIVES       The heraLd-TIMes

                          QUALITY                                OF      LIFE

Making downtown shine
Continued from page f12

An up-close look
    One of the people who lived
downtown during a lot of the
redevelopment was current
Mayor Mark Kruzan. he cred-
its the experience with helping
shape his political philosophy.
    “The blossoming of then
CFC, Inc., in the mid-70s had
set the stage for the Cook brand
of quality projects to revive
downtown Bloomington,”
he said. “Vacant spaces were
revitalized, degraded build-
ings were refortified, hope was                                                           Jeremy Hogan |	Herald-Times

restored, and a local economy        The	Canopy	of	lights	is	a	downtown	tradition.
was energized. and I’d go so
far as to say that a good portion    downtown during the Christ-          square for a day would be a
of Bloomington’s history was         mas shopping season — with           good thing for their business is
preserved and utilized to the        CFC Properties leading the           still a feat unto itself today.”
benefit of its future.               way with financial support and          Pena echoed the sentiments
    “even though I lived among       labor that strings each branch       of her successor, Mcafee,
it and witnessed the transfor-       on each tree like a candy cane       in how important the Cook
mation, as I reflect, I’m still      with the white lights. stretched     efforts have been in turning
struck by what a remarkable          end-to-end, the lights would         downtown Bloomington into
body of work it is.                  travel from Bloomington to           a travel destination.
    “Cook ventures are a prod-       the north side of Martinsville          “no doubt the Cooks helped
uct of vision sparked by civic       — more than 25 miles. The            to shape Bloomington into a
pride and ultimately good busi-      commitment has turned down-          true tourism destination” she
ness instinct.”                      town into a festive, twinkling,      said. “... Plantings, brightly col-
    he said it took him a while to   inviting area during a crucial       ored buildings and a love for
realize the connection between       time for downtown retailers. It      the historic helped to change
the Cook work and his political      also has made it a community         the square in particular from a
career.                              gathering spot for an annual         once sleepy, lackluster location
    “Though I didn’t fully appre-    Canopy of Lights celebration.        to a lively, vibrant home where
ciate at the time,” he said, “I         Jim Murphy, president of          all the cool places and people
realize now that the three rea-      CFC Properties, likes to tell the    wanted to be.”
sons upon which I based my           story of Bill Cook’s affinity for       she noted the convention
run for mayor were shaped by         the lights.                          center allowed major events
the Bloomington that was in             “We went out to look at the       to exist downtown — events
part shaped by the Cook influ-       lights one year, and I wanted        such as the home show and
ence: Promoting economic             to tell him how much we were         the Business expo. a gift of
vitality, improving the human        committing to downtown,”             $25,000 in seed money attract-
condition, preserving commu-         Murphy recalled. “When I told        ed an annual quilt show to the
nity character.”                     him how much we were spend-          convention center — and it
                                     ing on the lights, he called me      now attracts more than 4,000
Getting others involved              scrooge. he said, ‘Murphy,’          people each year.
   The Cook strategy always          the people need something                Pena also said renovation of
has been to take the lead and        to smile about this year and I       the Tom Taylor Foods building
then encourage others to join        want to do more.” It was just        into the Bloomington antique
them in finding solutions to         after 9/11, Murphy said. CFC         Mall attracted a different group
problems or reaching a goal.         went on to light the entire Gra-     of visitors to downtown.
Coppock recognizes that as a         ham Plaza that year.                     “The creation and sup-
key to rebuilding downtown.                                               port of the antique Mall gave
   “Mr. and Mrs. Cook have           A race around the square             downtown and Bloomington a
provide vision and leadership           One of the more offbeat for-      chance to play in the arena of
as well as continued invest-         ays by the Cook folks had to         much larger communities as
ment for over 30 years to the        be the Mini Grand Prix. Bill         far as attractions and gave us
Bloomington community,” she          Cook loves a good time, and          enough to create an antique
said. “Most of all they have         he clearly loved this event in       tour when it became the anchor
inspired other individuals to        which go-karts raced around          attraction for unique shop-
take pride in our community.         the courthouse square.               ping surrounded by the three
They have instilled confidence          The racing was held in            smaller antique stores located
in others to show that proj-         conjunction with hoosierfest,        throughout the downtown,”
ects are possible with focused       which was a celebration of all       she said.
efforts.”                            things hoosier. Valerie Pena,
   she added that the Cook           who was with the Monroe              A 30-year impact
corporate culture that supports      County Convention and Visi-             Coppock noted that since
being involved in the commu-         tors Bureau for 20 years and         the Cook companies started
nity has been a big help.            its director from 1991 to 2007,      renovation efforts downtown,
   “It is not only their financial   said hoosierfest would not           “more than 250 buildings have
commitment but personal time         have survived without finan-         been restored, 21 new build-
and time of their employees’         cial support from the Cooks.         ings developed, we have a very
expertise — steve Ferguson,          It was a catalyst for bringing       strong annual event schedule
Jim Murphy, rob santa, Linda         events downtown.                     as well as full buildings on all
stines — supportive, involved           “The addition of the Mini         floors, and a variety of 600
and so professional. They real-      Grand Prix started a flow of         office, service, retail and res-
ly elevate all of us to do our       events that would become the         taurant businesses.
best.”                               very fabric of entertainment            “We have come along way
                                     downtown,” she said.                 since that first handshake to
Attracting visitors                     “Mr. Cook riding around in        renovate the Graham Plaza into
   The Cook touch has attract-       his mini bus to start the grand      office space and build a new
ed people to downtown in oth-        prix will always be a sight,”        parking garage in 1979. Work-
er ways, from the traditional to     Pena said. “and the fact that        ing together has pushed our
the unconventional.                  merchants could be convinced         downtown forward into one of
   about 280,000 lights adorn        that shutting down the entire        the best in the Midwest.”
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