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					                               Guide to the George Green
                                This guide introduces you to the George Green
                                Library of Science and Engineering.

The George Green Library is an integral        34-place training room within the ISCRA is
part of Information Services. It was           bookable via GroupWise.
opened in 1964 and brought together a
number of departmental libraries in science
                                               3. Arrangement
and engineering. Its basic aim is to provide
the full range of library and information      The library collection is organised on a
services appropriate to a University and it    subject divisional basis, with divisions for
is deliberately sited close to the academic    both Engineering and Science (the latter
departments it serves.                         including both Biological and Pure
                                               Sciences). Each division has its own
                                               qualified librarian with support from
1. Hours of opening – library                  professional and non-professional
   facilities                                  colleagues. The aim is to provide within
                                               each subject division a high level of subject
Term                                           support, including enquiries and user
Monday – Friday      08.00 – 21.45             training.
                     08.00 – 9.00 am
                     (Reference only)          4. Stock
Saturday             09.00 – 16.45             The library stock covers all subjects taught
Sunday               09.30 – 16.45             in the Faculties of Science and Engineering.

                                               There are approximately 105,100 books
Vacation                                       and pamphlets and 70,000 periodical
Monday – Friday      09.00 – 20.45             volumes in stock. Over 1,300 periodical
                                               titles are currently taken, with many more
Saturday             09.00 – 16.45
                                               titles available electronically. The Porter
                     (except in August)        Collection of ornithological books is kept in
                                               the Rare Book Room.
Note: After 17.00 on weekdays and 12.30
on Saturdays the library collection is open
for reference use only during vacation.        5. Study places
                                               There is a variety of seating spaces within
The library is CLOSED on Saturdays during      the library, including 2 group study carrels,
August.                                        32 individual study spaces, desk seating
                                               and workstations in the ISCRA.

2. Information Services Computer
   Resource Area (ISCRA)                       6. Users
A 24-hour ISCRA facility is located on the     The immediate population served by the
ground floor of George Green Library. This     George Green Library is ‘the undergraduate
facility provides access to various            and postgraduate students in the Faculties
electronic information sources and             of Science and Engineering, as well as the
programmes. During normal working              academic, academic-related and technical
hours, access can be gained through the        staff.’ However, members of the
library. Outside these hours, access is by     University from other schools are also
University Smart Card via the rear             entitled to use the library.
entrance (where a ramp is located). A

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September 2005
7. Behaviour                                  Inter-Library Loans
Eating, drinking and smoking are not          Sue Bingham                  14571
permitted in the Library. Talking should be   Tracey O’Sullivan
kept to acceptable levels. There is a
‘phone zone’ in the foyer where mobiles
may be used. To avoid disturbance to other    Photocopying
library users, mobiles should be switched     Tracey O’Sullivan            12121
off elsewhere in the Library.

                                              Library Assistants
8. Suggestions
                                                     Christine Alcock
We welcome suggestions for improving our
                                                     Helen Sykes
services. There are two student
representatives on the Library Advisory              Barbara Cooksley*
Board, which also includes representatives           Elizabeth Hunt*(A)
of each Faculty. There are also Faculty
User Groups whose departmental                       Jackie Lindsay (A)
representatives liaise with their Staff-             Lee Houghton
Student Consultative Committees. There is
                                                     Penny Hassall*
a Suggestions Box in the George Green
Library where you may note your                      Ian Johnson*
comments. You may also send your                     Sholeh Sadgehi
comments by email to                    Yuen Yan Cheung
The library staff will be glad to hear any           Anne Webster*
suggestions which might help us to
                                                     Pauline Wheeler
improve our service to you.

                                              Building Supervisor
9. Staff of the George Green
   Library                                           John Miller*          (84)    66226
General Enquiries and                         Porters (all part-time)
opening times                                        Dennis Bywater,
(recorded message)          14570
                                                     Roy Elston,
                                                     Graham Etherington,
Lending Desk Supervisor     14581
(Adam Pickard-Brace)                                 David Jacques,
                                                     Joe Evans
Engineering Division                                 Mike Smith,
Engineering enquiries       14577                    John Woodward         (84)    66537

Engineering Librarian       67463
(Chris Middleton)
                                              *      =      part-time
                                              A      =      Access Assistants (part-time
Science Division                                            – evenings/weekends)
Science enquiries           14576

Science Librarian           14574
(Dinah Northall)

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September 2005
10. Borrowing a book                          In addition to the above entitlements, two
                                              books may be borrowed from the short
Take the book you wish to borrow,
                                              loan collection.
together with your borrower’s card, to the
Self-issue machines, where you may issue      Periodicals may be borrowed by University
the book to yourself and receive a receipt    staff and PhD students only.
with the due date. Books are subject to
recall if requested by another borrower.
                                              13. Self-issue service
If you have problems with this service,
                                              From October 2004 there will be self-issue
please enquire at the lending desk.
                                              machines located on the ground floor of
An electronic detection system is in          the library. These can be used by
operation at the exit. All books not issued   borrowers in good standing with the
at George Green Library should be passed      library. These machines will increase the
to the Porter on duty.                        services available during reference only
                                              hours, and help reduce the queues at the
                                              lending desk. Certain items will still need to
11. Returning a book                          be issued via the lending desk staff.
Returned books should be returned via the
self-check machines. Please wait until the    14. Reference books
loan record has been cancelled. Follow the
instructions as to where to place the         Certain books are for reference use only
returned book. Remember that you are          and these are identified by a coloured
responsible for books issued in your name     band.
if the loan record remains un-cancelled.

The ‘book return’ boxes outside the Library   15. Reservations
may be used to return books when the          Use the library online catalogue (UNLOC)
Library is closed.                            to reserve any items which are out on loan.
                                              Identify the item using the standard search
                                              and then ‘request’.
12. Loan entitlements
                                              You can check your own library record to
These are as follows:
                                              find out when the book becomes available.
Undergraduates               8 books          Please supply us with your University email
                                              address if you wish to be notified
MSc/MA/PGDip students        10 books         immediately.
PhD/MPhil students           15 books
                                              Please note that you need your borrower
Academic staff               30 books         number and pin number to make a
Non-academic staff           8 books          reservation.
External borrowers           6 books
                                              16. Recalls
The period of loan for undergraduates,        If a book is recalled from you, you must
masters’ students and non-academic staff      return it by the date given on the notice.
is up to the end of the semester in which     Failure to bring the book back on time
the book is issued.                           means that another reader is kept waiting
The period of loan for PhD/MPhil students     and you will be fined. Fines will be levied
and for academic staff is up to the end of    for the late return of books at other times
the academic year in which the book is        also.

(These periods apply to ordinary loan items   17. One Week Loan copies
only and not to one week loans.)              When titles are known to be in particular
                                              demand, some copies are designated One
Books may be recalled before the above        Week Loan to provide maximum access for
dates if required by another reader.          readers.

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September 2005
18. Short Loan Collection
The Short Loan Collection is located next to
the Lending Desk and consists of books,
course notes and periodical articles which
are in heavy demand. Items may be issued
using the Self-Issue machine in this area.
To enable maximum use of these items,
they are issued for a 24-hour or weekend
loan period. Some items are restricted to
Library Use Only. High Fines are charged
for late return. Short loan items may be
reserved in advance. For full details read
the information sheet Short Loan Collection
in the George Green Library (guide

19. Inter-Library Loans
The inter-library loan system may be used
to obtain material from other libraries. For
further details please see other relevant
guides. Requests can be made
electronically using UNLOC.

20. Photocopying
There are self-service photocopiers on each
floor of the Library. See the leaflet on
Photocopying in the George Green Library
(guide IS2311) for further details.

21. Carrels
There are two group study carrels in the
Library where groups of up to four students
may work together. There is also an AV
carrel equipped with a tv/vcr and
headphones. These carrels are allocated on
a ‘first come, first-served’ basis. A £5.00
refundable deposit is required on collection
of the key. There are also a few individual
study carrels. Priority is given to students
with special requirements.

This is a general guide to the George
Green Library and its services.

More detailed guides on specific resources
and services are available from
– select Support & Contacts
then Guides & Publications.

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September 2005

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