CVO Vehicle Infrastructure Integration _VII_ by yaoyufang


									Commercial Vehicle Operations
Vehicle Infrastructure Integration
(VII) Program
     Presentation to:
 ITS America CVFM

      Presented by:
     Jeff Secrist
Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Administration

  August 30, 2005

   CVO Opportunities for VII
   FMCSA VII-Related Activities to Date
   Future FMCSA Involvement

CVO Opportunities for VII
   VII Working Group has identified a number
    of “high priority” use cases
   Three of these use cases are directly related to
    commercial vehicle operations:
       e-screening
       e-inspections
       In-vehicle safety advisories)

CVO Opportunities for VII (continued)
   CVO also could participate in other VII
       Cooperative safety systems
       Probe vehicles
       Telematics
       Mobility management

FMCSA VII-Related Activities to Date
    FMCSA currently participates in the
     VII Working Group
    FMCSA’s Office of Research and Analysis’s
     Technology Division has/is actively participating
     in several VII-related projects
        Wireless safety inspections
        Geo-fencing/hazardous material security
        Advanced electronic screening concepts
        In-vehicle safety advisories

FMCSA VII Activities to Date (continued)
    FMCSA also is investigating a series of
     projects that could be integrated with VII:
        SmartPark
        Roadside Testbed

FMCSA’s VII Strategy
   FMCSA is considering the role that it will
    play in the VII program
   FMCSA will pursue one of three strategies:
       Wait and See
       Moderated
       Aggressive

FMCSA’s VII Strategy (continued)
    Factors affecting FMCSA decision will
        Relationship of VII to FMCSA’s core mission of safety
        Relationship of VII to FMCSA’s strategic goals
        Ability of VII projects to leverage existing (e.g.,
         roadside screening sites) and planned (e.g., 5.9 GHz
         DSRC) CVISN program investment
        Consistency of VII with ITS/CVO Guiding Principles,
         including those related to data privacy and

CVO VII Next Steps
    FMCSA’s next steps will include:
        Evaluate the ability of VII capabilities to support
         FMCSA’s safety mission and strategic goals
        Identify linkages between VII capabilities and other
         FMCSA research and technologies projects
        Coordinate commercial vehicle stakeholder input to
         the VII Working Group

CVO VII Next Steps (continued)
    Depending on the strategy selected other
     steps may include:
        Refine VII capabilities based on stakeholder input
        Explore policy issues related to VII deployment;
        Develop business case for VII capabilities to
         encourage industry adoption; and

For more information:
    USDOT Joint Program Office
        Bill Jones, (202) 366-2128
           Click on “major initiatives”

    Jeff Secrist
        (202) 385-2367
    TTY Access: (800) 877-8339


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