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                                                                KEY WEST, FLORIDA • MAY 11, 2007

   City Manager Candidates:                                                                                 PROFILE

   More Questions                                                                                           Jennifer Cornell:
     by Dennis Reeves Cooper           NUMBER ONE CANDIDATE WAS
                                                                                                            Small Chef At
          Last week, the City Man-
   ager Screening Committee
   turned over a short list of
                                       ASKED TO LEAVE HIS LAST JOB.
                                       WOULD THE REAR ADMIRAL SUP-
   candidates to the Mayor and         PORT SPECIAL FAVORS FOR REL-                                            by Rhonda Linseman
   City Commissioners, who will        ATIVES OF HIGH-RANKING MILI-                                               She’s successful, cute,
   interview as many as seven of
   the candidates next week. Com-
                                       TARY OFFICERS?                                                       and has perfect teeth so,
                                                                                                            naturally, I wanted to hate
   missioner Mark Rossi is push-       year after shouting a series of   ing Committee, revealed that he
                                                                                                            her—I really did. But Jenni-
   ing to have a new City Manager      racial slurs at a black parking   had left his last job as County
                                                                                                            fer Cornell has a way of mak-
   in place by mid-June.               enforcement officer at the Palm   Administrator in Hendry Coun-
                                                                                                            ing that impossible. Perhaps
          Police Chief Bill Mauldin,   Beach International Airport.      ty, Florida, because four of the
                                                                                                            the likeability factor con-
   who was a member of the             That story appeared in Key West   five County Commissioners
                                                                                                            tributes to her success with
   Screening Committee, told the       The Newspaper last week.          asked him to resign.
                                                                                                            the White Street Deli-Cafe
   City Commission last week that            Deetjen had been ranked            Coast Guard Rear Admi-
                                                                                                            and her catering business,
   his department had conducted        No, 4 on the short list by the    ral Jeffrey Hathaway, who was
                                                                                                            Small Chef at Large. Both
   criminal background checks          Screening Committee.              ranked No. 9 on the short list     businesses are located at 1019
   on the candidates on the short            At a special Commission     of City Manager candidates,        White Street, between Fausto’s
   list. But apparently, no one had    meeting Tuesday evening,          may have gotten some special       and Truman Avenue.
   bothered to go on the internet      Commissioner Clayton Lopez        consideration by the Monroe              Other contributing factors
   and “Google” the candidates.        asked that Deetjen be excluded    County Sheriff’s Office when       may very well be that she’s in-
          Such a check on one of       from consideration. He could      his 20-year-old daughter was       novative, creative, and has the
   the candidates— Larry Deetjen       not get enough support to make    arrested for driving drunk in      work ethic and brains to see
   who is currently the City           that happen.                      2005. The MCSO reportedly          her ideas through. Regarding
   Manager in Deerfield Beach,               A simple Google check       turned the young woman over        what it takes to be successful,
   revealed that he had been           this week on Lester Baird, who    to the Naval Air Station police,   Jennifer shared, “In this line of
   suspended for six months last       was ranked No. 1 by the Screen-     See CANDIDATES, page 5                       See CHEF, page 4           PHOTO BY CMA-

                                                        page one commentary

           Why Did the Former Teacher Of the Year
             Get Fired At Key West High School?
   WAS ACEVEDO PRESSURED? WAS HIS WIFE                                                                       by Dennis Reeves Cooper
                                                                                                                  How bizarre! Holly Brozi,
                                                                                                                                                reputation of being one of the
                                                                                                                                                    by Rhonda Linseman
                                                                                                                                                outstandingBrozi, the culinary
                                                                                                                                                      Holly culinary teachers
   INVOLVED? WHY WOULD OFFICIALS FIRE ONE OF                                                                the Teacher of the Year in 2005,    in the state.
                                                                                                                                                instructor at Key West High
   THE DISTRICT’S BEST TEACHERS WHILE THEY ARE                                                              has been fired from Key West              During past seven years,
                                                                                                                                                School for the a time when the
   BEGGING FOR TEACHERS TO FILL VACANCIES?                                                                  High School. She has been           was voted Teacher of theexperi-
                                                                                                                                                school district here is Year in
                                                                                                            the culinary instructor there       encing an almost 25 percent
                                                                                                                                                2005. It’s well documented that
                                                                                                            for seven years. She has the                   See HOLLY, page 6
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                                                     gooD neWS

                                             Who Threw Oscar Out Of a
                                             Car On Duval Street?
                                                                        O s c a r, a p u re - b re d
                                                                 schnauzer about seven years
                                                                 old, is recovering at the Florida
                                                                 Keys Society For the Prevention
                                                                 of Cruelty Animals (FKSPCA)
                                                                 shelter, after being thrown from
                                                                 the window of a moving vehicle
                                                                 on Duval Street three weeks
                                                                 ago. Oscar suffered a broken
                                                                 leg and abrasions.
                                                                        Responding to a call
                                                                 from the Key West Police, the
                                                                 FKSPCA staff took Oscar to All
                                                                 Animal clinic on Stock Island
                                                                 where Dr., Jenson set Oscar’s
                                                                 leg, put it in a cast and treated
                                                                 his other injuries.
                                                                        “His coat was full of fleas
                                                                 and his fur was so badly matted
                                                                 that we had to shave him,” said
                                                                 Shelter director Tammy Fox.
                                                                        It will be awhile before he
                                                                 is ready to be offered for adop-
                                                                 tion, Fox said. In the meantime,
                                                                 he gets to sleep in her office.
                                                                        “He is a brave little boy,”
                                                                 she said, “and he’s going to
                                                                 be fine.”
                                                                        If you have any informa-
                                                                 tion about those responsible
                                                                 for Oscar ’s injuries, please
                                                                 call Tammy Fox at 294-4857.
                                                                 The incident occurred on Sat-
                                                                 urday night, April 21, about
                                                                        Oscar is just one of the
                                                                 most recent animals who have
                                                                 arrived at the shelter need-
                                                                 ing special care. The FKSPCA
                                                                 relies on donations to pay for
                                                                 veterinary care and medication.
                                                                 If you can help, you may mail
                                                                 a check to FKSPCA at 1901 S.
                                                                 Roosevelt Blvd., #408N, Key
                                                                 West FL 33040, or visit www.
                                                        Credit card dona-
                                                                 tions can be accepted at 294-
                                                                 4857, where you may also get an
                                                                 update on Oscar’s condition.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page                     

                 neWS BrIeFS
   Reward Waiting For
   Grow House Tipster
         The tipster who notified police that marijuana was being
   cultivated in a home grow house operation in the 2800 block of
   Staples Avenue had a reward waiting for him or her. Because of
   that tip, Jesse Pape Bullock, 21, was arrested and charged with
   cultivating marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school and possession
   of drug paraphernalia after detectives found 27 plants grow-
   ing in his residence. That tipster should call Crime Stoppers at
   1-800-346-TIPS (8477) and give the operator his or her special
   code number and get instructions on how to pick up the reward
   money anonymously.
            Crime Stoppers callers never have to identify themselves
   when calling the toll-free 800 tip line.

   Food Drive Saturday
         The National Asso-
   ciation of Letter Carriers, in
   conjunction with the United
   States Postal Service, will be
   collecting non-perishable
   food items like canned meats
   and fish, canned soup, juice,
   pasta, vegetables, cerial and
   rice on Saturday, May 12, to
   help families in need in Key
         You can help by plac-
   ing your food donation at
   your mailbox tomorrow,
   Saturday, May12, before your
   letter carrier arrives. It will
   be taken to the Post Office
   and then distributed to local
   food banks.
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                                                                        Jennifer’s Chocolate Fountain
                                                                        Is Always a Favorite Stop During
                                                                        Walk-On-White Night
                                                                        CHEF, from page 1                      planning to spend some time                 Jennifer’s fun-loving spir-
                                                                        work, you have to be constantly        doing high end catering in           it and good-humored circle of
                                                                        reinventing yourself and what          Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and           family and friends are evident
                                                                        you’re doing.”                         will gain a new perspective          in her descriptions of her non-
                                                                               Her ingenuity is evident        on catering to add to her rep-       work life.
                                                                        in all she does. The White Street      ertoire.                                    “We recently had a New
                                                                        Deli-Cafe is always a favorite                White water rafting and       Bathroom Party” she said with a
                                                                        stop on Walk on White night.           horseback riding are also on         straight face. “Our favorite gift
                                                                        Last month she brought in              the Jackson Hole agenda. That’s      was a roll of toilet paper and an
                                                                        four artists, including a jeweler,     right; she’s a person outside        old Playboy magazine.”
                                                                        scissor and paper artist, and a        the kitchen, too. Jennifer and              It should also be known
                                                                        water colorist. And of course,         her husband, Brad, enjoy their       that Jennifer’s Toy Fox Ter-
                                                                        her chocolate fountain always          life in Key West, where they         rier, Spike, is looking for a
                                                                        draws a crowd— I wanted to             began dating when Jennifer           girlfriend. Spike is partial to
                                                                        submerge my entire head into           was visiting from Costa Rica six     small pugs and is especially
                                                                        the fountain, but my seven-            years ago. They met at an erotic     into tan muzzles. He’s eager
                                                                        year-old daughter advised              art gallery, each admiring the       to add to the family with little
                                                                        against it.                            penises in their own way.            fugs of his own. If you’re the
                                                                               Jennifer’s “theme” din-                “I was smart and waited       lucky pug, you’ll have it made
                                                                        ners and Sunday cooking                until I was 40 to get married” she   at the Cornell residence. Can
                                                                        classes throughout the season          said, smirking. After meeting        you imagine the table scraps
                                                                        were also smashing successes.          her husband-to-be, she tried to      in that house?
                                                                        This summer she’s offering             move back to Costa Rica, where              If you’re a human seeking
                                                                        an all-you-can-eat lunch on            she had a great little place of      more information on the White
                                                                        Thursdays, each with a different       her own much like the White          Street Deli-Café or Small Chef
                                                                        cuisine theme from around the          Street Deli-Café, but fate had       at Large Catering, or a cute
                                                                        world, for $9.95.                      already taken hold and the rest      little pug interested in being
                                                                               In between projects, she’s      is history.                          the new bitch, contact Jennifer
                                                                                                                                                    at 305-294-1943 or Jennifer@

           OLD	TOWN Wine	&	Spirits
         1029	Truman	Avenue		294-4123	
         Hours	Mon-Sat	9am-10pm	•	Sun	Noon-9pm
           VODKA                                                            RUM
           Stoli	                                   1.75	 29.99             Bacardi	Lite	&	Dark	                      1.75	 20.99
           Absolut	&	Citron	                        1.75	 33.99             Capt.	Morgan																							1.75					21.99
           Smirnoff	&	Citrus	                       1.75	 20.99             Zaya																													.								.750					29.99	
           Svedka	                                  1.75	 21.99             SCOTCH
           Three	Olives	all	flavors	                			Lit	 25.99           Johnny	Walker	Red	                        1.75	 29.99
           Grey	Goose																											.750					30.99              Dewars	White	Label	                       1.75						34.99
           Ketel	1																																			1.75					41.99         WHISKEY
           GIN                                                              Crown	Royal	                              1.75	 39.99
           Gordon	                                  1.75	 17.99             Jim	Beam	                                 	1.75	 23.99
           Tanqueray																												1.75						33.99             Jack	Daniel’s																									1.75					33.99
           CHAMPAGNE & WINE                                                 V.O.																																								1.75					20.99	
           Moet	Chandon	Rosé	                       	           44.99       TEQUILLA
           Moet	White	Star	                         	           32.99       José	Quervo	Gold	                         1.75	 31.99
           Krug	On	Sale!																								.750		135.99                BEER
           LIQUORS                                                          Bahia																6-Pack	4.29				Case		15.99
           Jagermeister	                            			Lit						27.99
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   Last Year, Four of the Five Commissioners in
   Hendry County Asked County Administrator
   Lester Baird To Leave. Now He Wants To Be
   City Manager In Key West
   CANDIDATES, from page 1            high-ranking military officers     strategy.                          doing so good and you fire the
   who gave her a ride home.          differently than the children of         “Maybe they just got tired   team manager, but maybe it’s
         But according to a source    regular citizens?                  of me,” he said.                   not his fault.”
   at the Naval Air Station, Ad-            Lester Baird had also              Hendry County Com-                  Baird’s one supporter,
   miral Hathaway may not have        applied to be City Manager         missioner Darrell Harris told      Commissioner Janet Taylor,
   appreciated the courtesy; he       in Brooksville, Florida, near      Hernando Today that there          told the St. Petersburg Times
   was reportedly abusive to the      St. Petersburg. According to       were “no huge flaws or blun-       that Baird’s 11-year tenure as
   sailors who brought his daugh-     press reports, he made the final   ders” on Baird’s part. “But        County Administrator “is, in
   ter home.                          three but, last week, the City     we’re a growing community          itself, an accomplishment”.
         Admiral Hathaway has         Commission selected another        and we just wanted to go in a             That’s what some Key
   just retired as Director of the    candidate.                         different direction, and part of   West City Commissioners have
   Joint Task Force here. At press          Quoted in the St. Peters-    the decision was a shakeup in      been telling outgoing City Com-
   time, he had not responded to      burg Times on April 29, before     management.” Harris said. “It’s    missioner Julio Avael. He was
   an email sent to the address       the Brooksville Commissioners      like a baseball team. You’re not   hired here in 1996.
   listed on the resume he sub-       had made their final decision,
   mitted to the Screening Com-       Baird said that, late last year,
   mittee. That email asked this      four of the five Hendry county
   question: If you were Key West     Commissioners had come to
   City Manager, would you sup-       him, one at a time, in private,
   port a law enforcement policy      and told him he needed to
   that might treat the children of   help them devise his departure
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page                                   

                                             Culinary Advisory
                                             Committee May Have
                                             Pressured Acevedo
                                             HOLLY, from page 1                           But another source at
                                             turnover annually, and literally       KWHS told us that Welsh may
                                             begging for teachers, even with        have refused to sign the letter
                                             minimal qualificationst, why in        and that it was hand-carried to
                                             the world would officials opt          Brozi unsigned.
                                             not to renew the contract of a               Why would Acevedo
                                             teacher like Holly Brozi? We’ve        make a decision to fire the
                                             been digging all week, trying          Teacher of the Year? One po-
                                             to find out.                           tential answer that emerged
                                                    But school officials won’t      this week is that he may have
                                             talk. They hide behind “policy”.       been pressured by members
                                             They say they never explain            of the culinary program ad-
                                             why they fire an employee or           visory committee— primarily
                                             opt not to renew a contract. So,       Richard Tallmadge, who owns
                                             when we couldn’t get a straight        the Restaurant Store, and Mark
                                             answer from school officials, we       Hooper, the Career Education
                                             started turning over rocks.            Coordinator at KWHS.
                                                    First of all, we learned that         We know that on May 8
                                             School Superintendent Randy            of last year, Tallmadge, who
                                             Acevedo may have made the              is chairman of the advisory
                                             decision not to renew Brozi’s          committee, bypassed Princi-
                                             contract, not Key West High            pal Welsh and wrote a letter
                                             School Principal John Welsh.           directly to Acevedo. The let-
                                             Welsh told the Key West Citizen:       ter asked Acevdo to review
                                             “I sign all the letters, so the one    some of Brozi’s personnel and
                                             saying that her contract was not       classroom records. He also
                                             renewed bears my signature             suggested that Brozi was not
                                             and I have to live with that.”         graduating enough students in
                                                                                    the ProStart program.
                                                                                          Students in the Pro Start
                                                                                    program are required to com-
                                                                                    plete a 400-hour internship
                                                                                             See HOLLY, page 7
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 7                                                              

   Possible Reasons for Firing
   Leaked To KWTN
   HOLLY, from page 6                   be comfortable hiding behind         This coming week, we will try
   program working for local            “policy” to justify not talking,     to check them out.
   restaurants free or cheap. Sup-      that doesn’t stand up in the                But Brozi’s friends and
   porters say that Tallmadge and       court of public opinion. If you      supporters dismiss the allega-
   Hooper had promised their            fire the Teacher of the Year,        tions. “They are just trying to
   friends in the restaurant busi-      you really need to provide and       come up with justification to fire
   ness more student labor.             explanation.                         her after the fact,” one source
         And this may have been                So, as amazing as it may      said. (As you might imagine,
   the source of their unhappi-         seem, just a few hours before        teachers and administrators are
   ness with Brozi. She was not         press time, one of our sources       afraid to comment for publica-
   producing enough cheap or            “back channeled” some in-            tion.)
   free labor.                          formation to us that was rep-               Today, Friday, is “Holly
         Acevedo admits that he         resented as being the reasons        Day” at Key West High School.
   did meet with Tallmadge and          Holly Brozi got fired:               Many students and teachers
   other members of the culinary               • She was reportedly hard     who support Brozi are wear-
   program advisory committee.          to get along with. Two members       ing green.
   But he says that, in that meeting,   of the culinary advisory com-               Stay tuned.
   he was supportive of Brozi.          mittee had resigned, citing dif-            EDITOR’S NOTE: Associ-
         Acevedo says that the          ficulty in working with Brozi.       ate Editor Rhonda Linseman
   recommendation not to renew                 • Her personnel file in-      contributed to this report.
   Bronzi’s contract came from          cludes a three-day suspension
   Welsh. He simply approved            for pushing a student who
   it. But few at Key West High         had forced his way into her
   School think that Welsh made         classroom.
   any such recommendation.                    • She allegedly allows
         During the week, as we         students to drive her car to run
   scratched around for answers,        errands for her.
   we emailed various sources,                 • She has reportedly not
   outlining the story that was         completed classes for a needed
   developing-- including the           certification.
   suggestion by some that maybe               • She is allegedly absent
   Monique Acevedo— Mrs.                a lot.
   Randy Acevedo— had been                     • She reportedly operates
   involved in lobbying her hus-        a catering business out of the
   band to fire Brozi. Hooper and       school.
   Mrs. Acevedo work closely to-               • She received a $6000
   gether in overseeing the Adult,      grant to develop a special lesson
   Vocational and Community             plan; and the work has report-
   Education Department.                edly not been done.
         We also pointed out that,             We are publishing these
   while a career bureaucrat might      allegations to balance this story.
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                        Spa Manicures & Pedicures                                                        FILm
                        CISSY @ HEADLINES
                        Acrylics, Pink & Whites

                                                           What’s On At the Tropic?
                        1075 Duval Street • 305-296-6373

                                                                 Opens Friday!                  Irving claimed the book was        York Times.
                                                                 THE HOAX                       based on in-person interviews            “not only a good deal
                                                                 Before Oprah and TheS-         he conducted with the reclusive    of malicious fun, but it gives
                                                  had ever               billionaire, but they were in      Gere his best role ever.” Miami
                                                           heard of James Frey, there was       fact completely bogus. With        Herald
                                                           Clifford Irving. In 1971, he burst   Richard Gere starring as Irving,         Rated R, Runtime 1hr
                                                           onto the literary scene, claiming    director Lasse Hallström (The      54min
                                                           to have been granted the right       Shipping News, Chocolat) puts            Second Big Week!
                                                           to pen the authorized biogra-        a comic spin on this true story          BLACK BOOK
                                                           phy of the famously reclusive        of one of the most audacious             A gripping, epic thriller
                                                           icon Howard Hughes. Author           scams in publishing history.       about the Dutch underground
                                                                                                The fabulous supporting cast       in the fall of 1944. “It’s hugely
                                                                                                includes Alfred Molina, Mar-       enjoyable from start to finish”
                                                                                                cia Gay Harden, Julie Delpy,       says the Wall St. Journal. Based
                                                                                                Stanley Tucci, Hope Davis and      on true events, Carice van
                                                                                                Eli Wallach. “Comedy and sus-      Houten stars as Rachel Stein,
                                                                                                pense, satire and shame are all    a young, pretty Jewish woman
                                                                                                mashed together--with breezy       who falls for a high-ranking Ge-
                                                                                                confidence,” says Newsweek.        stapo officer (Sebastian Koch)
                                                                                                       “a jumpy, suspenseful       while seeking revenge for her
                                                                                                caper, full of narrow escapes,     family’s murders. From Direc-
                                                                                                improbable reversals and com-      tor/co-writer Paul Verhoeven
                                                                                                plicated intrigue. But it has a    (Hollow Man, Basic Instinct,
                                                                                                sinister, shadowy undertow, an     RoboCop) the film is suffused
                                                                                                intimation of dread that lingers   with the intense paranoia he
                                                                                                after Irving’s game is up” New     evokes so well, where friend
                                                                                                                                   and enemy blur together until
                                                                                                                                   they are indistinguishable.
                                                                                                                                         “audacious, smart, shame-
                                                                                                                                   lessly entertaining” Premiere
                                                                                                                                         “wildly entertaining…
                                                                                                                                   provocative and potently erot-
                                                                                                                                   ic” Rolling Stone
                                                                                                                                         MPAA Rating: R, Run
                                                                                                                                   Time: 2hrs 25mins (in Dutch,
                                                                                                                                   English, German and Hebrew
                                                                                                                                        CONTINUED on page 9
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   What’s On At the
          Opens Friday!                         THE NAMESAKE
          A C A D E M Y AWA R D                 What does it mean to be an
   W I N N I N G A N I M AT E D          American family? In her most
   SHORTS - 2007                         personal film to date, acclaimed
          The Danish Poet- Kasper, a     director Mira Nair (Vanity Fair,
   poet whose creative well has run      Monsoon Wedding) brings
   dry, takes a holiday in Norway        to the screen a poignant and
   to meet the famous writer Sigrid      transporting version of Jhumpa
   Undset. (Norway & Canada,             Lahiri’s best-selling novel. “A
   15 min)                               saga of the immigrant experi-
          Lifted - A young alien         ence that captures the snap,
   student from a distant world          crackle and pop of American
   tests the patience of an increas-     life, along with the pounding
   ingly weary instructor in a           pulse, emotional reticence,
   first-time abduction attempt.         volcanic colors and cherished
   (USA, 5 min)                          rituals of Indian culture,” says
          The Little Matchgirl- A tale   theWall St. Journal
   about a poor young girl who                  “ brims with intelligence,
   finds visions of happiness in         compassion and sensuous de-
   the fiery flames of the matches       light in the textures, sights and
   that she lights to keep warm.         sounds of life -- all the way from
   Based on the Hans Christian           the Taj Mahal to Pearl Jam.”
   Andersen story, it is the last of     Chicago Tribune
   the shorts highlighting interna-             “suffused with radiant
   tional music spawned by FAN-          grace, and manages to be old-
   TASIA/2000. (USA, 7 min)              fashioned yet immediate, epic
          Maestro - Maestro sits in      and intimate.” New York Daily
   front of a dressing room mirror,      News
   and carefully prepares for his
   grand show. (Hungary, 5 min)
          No Time for Nuts – While
   trying to bury a nut during the
   Ice Age, Scrat uncovers a frozen
   time machine. (USA, 7 min)
          Plus five more great shorts
   for a total running time of 77
   minutes. More details at http://
          Fourth Week - Last

                                           Able Body Fitness Center is proudly
                                         registered with the State of Florida as a
                                         Health Studio. Registration No. HS4729
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                                                 opInIon                                                                            haL o'BoyLe

                   Jimmy and Paris and                                                                                       Investment
                      Cara and John                                                                                         Or Speculation
                 by Dennis Reeves Cooper                        okay for the Tukeys to keep the cat. Judge Wayne Miller            EDITOR’S NOTE: Hal was traveling this past
         If you ever wonder about whether or not the            disagreed, found the Tukeys guilty of conversion, and       week; so he sent us this classic column from the
   world is fair, consider this: Last Friday, a federal judge   ordered the return of the cat to his owner.                 archives.
   in Miami sentenced former Monroe County Attorney                   Higgins is now arguing that it was perfectly                              by Hal O’Boyle
   Jim Hendrick to five years probation and and a $50,000       okay for Jones to sign certificates of occupancy for               In November of 1636 you could buy a small
   fine. Last February, a jury found him guilty of witness      two buildings, even though the law says that only a         townhouse in Amsterdam, Holland for about 300
   tampering, obstruction of justice and conspiracy.            licensed building official can do that. Jones is not a      gold florins. That sum represented about a year’s
         Also, last Friday, socialite Paris Hilton was sen-     licensed building official.                                 income for a typical Dutch family. That same year
   tenced to 45 days in jail for violating probation and              But if we can believe what we read in the             single bulbs of the most prized varieties of tulips
   driving her car with a suspended license. It is likely       Keynoter newspaper, Higgins may have dropped a              sold for over 5,000 florins. So valuable were they
   that Miss Hilton would have happily paid $50,000 to          bombshell. In a story published this past Wednesday,        that their weight was expressed in “perits,” a unit
   avoid jail; but she was not given that option.               Higgins is quoted as saying Jones had “permission”          smaller than the English grain, which is one seven
         In other court news, Attorney Cara Higgins is          from City Manager Julio Avael to sign the certificates      thousandth of an ounce.
   defending Assistant City Manager John Jones. Jones           of occupancy. Whammo bammo! At the same time                       Tulip exchanges sprang up alongside stock
   was arrested April 20 and charged with impersonating         investigators charged Jones with illegally signing the      exchanges in every major city in Holland and even-
   a licensed building inspector. This week, she entered        COs, they also charged Avael with coercing Jones to         tually in London and Paris. An elaborate financial
   a plea of not guilty for Jones.                              do it. But so far, Avael has been able to avoid arrest      system serviced a wild speculation in what were es-
         One of Higgins’ claims to fame here is that she        by distancing himself from the alleged crime. And           sentially fancy onions. The tulip craze spawned the
   represented Tom Tukey in the now-famous Bigfoot              Jones has refused to rat on him.                            most sophisticated system of paper finance the world
   case. Tukey and his wife had “adopted” Bigfoot the                 So, has Jones’ lawyer now provided prosecutors        had ever seen. It included a brisk trade in options,
   cat, who belonged to a neighbor. And they wouldn’t           with the smoking gun they need to bust Julio?               futures and other derivative paper tools of finance.
   give him back. Higgins argued that it was perfectly                                                                      For it’s time it was no less impressive, although much
                                                                                                                            smaller, than our modern worldwide trade in paper
   ON THE SONNY SIDE                                                                                                        promises. Much of today’s most prized paper wealth
                                                                                                                            is backed, not by tulips, but by patches of dirt, piles

   Requiem For a Key West Icon                                                                                              of bricks or by politicians who pledge to fleece their
                                                                                                                                                           SeeO'BOYLE, page 24
                by Charles “Sonny” McCoy                        a future and this perception was reinforced when he
          Last week, the Island of Key West bade a tear-        ran against and won the State House Seat occupied

                                                                                                                               Key West
                                                                                                                               Key West
   ful farewell to Hilario Charlie Ramos Jr. Saint Mary’s       by the Dean of the House and acknowledged King
   Church was filled to capacity reflecting every seg-          of the Keys, Bernie Papy.
   ment of the Community to participate in a mass that                Maybe because success came to early or maybe
   eulogized a life that had seen him serve his Island          his heart wasn’t really in it but he appeared to lose            T H E              N E W S P A P E R
   as a City Commissioner, County Commissioner and              interest and started to spend more time in seclusion,
   as a State Representative; but I remember Charlie as         but for whatever the reason Charlie became a recluse
   an unflinching “Teller of the Truth”. If you wanted          and was rarely seen. But Charlie never really lost             Key West The Newspaper is published every
   to know how Charlie felt about you, or what you              interest in what was happening in and on the Island              Friday, all year 'round, 52 weeks a year.
   were doing, or anything else, all you had to do was          of Key West.                                                         Free distribution weekly: 9,500
   ask him. This did not bode well with many people                   When I was Mayor of Key West, he would often            News tips and letters to the editor are welcome.
   and little by little Charlie withdrew into a world of        call me following a commission meeting or some other            Phone: (0) 22-210. Fax: (0) 22-12.
   his own and became known as a Key West recluse;              event and share with me his evaluation. Whenever                    Editorial and advertising office:
   although he made his presence known in his own               Charlie and I would happen to be in a group or maybe                         22 Fleming Street
   oblique ways.                                                just passing each other, he would yell out for everyone           Mail: P.O. Box 7, Key West FL 01
          His farewell mass was followed by a time hon-         to hear: Sonny is the best Mayor Key West has ever                   E-mail:
   ored promenade by the Caribbean Queen Junkanoos              had! Maybe no one else on this Island would agree                   Subscriptions: $ for six months
   that lead the procession from the Church to Charlie’s        with Charlie on this subject, but it was enough for me      Editor/Publisher Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D.
   final resting place in the Key West Cemetery. This was       that Charlie thought so.                                          Associate Editor Rhonda Linseman
   followed by a meeting of his friends at the Ramos’                 Another great legend has left us and it is the hope          Entertainment Valerie Ridenour
   Southernmost Home where a few more anecdotes of              of many that his unselfish contribution and friend-               Photography Richard Watherwax
   fond memories were exchanged.                                ship can somehow be memorialized. And although                       Art Director Art Winstanley
          Charlie was the scion of a reasonably affluent        he had an unselfish heart it could no longer sustain                 Advertising Byron Gronvold
   and politically connected family and I think it was          him in this life.                                              Contributors Michael Barnes, Bob Smith,
   with his fathers urging that Charlie pursued early                 Sonny McCoy is a Monroe County Commis-                Hal O’Boyle, Sonny McCoy, Barbara Bowers,
   politics. Charlie had a sister and a brother, but he         sioner and a former five-term Key West Mayor.                     Meryl Berman, Harry Skevington
   was early on perceived as a gifted young man with
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 11                                                                        


   Motor City Josh, Plus Stray Dogs At Willie T’s
   Billy Bacon At Parrot
                                                                               THE STRAY DOGS
                                                                                  are back at Willie
                                     MOTOR CITY JOSH returns to the            T’s on Duval Street,
                                     Green Parrot tonight and tomorrow                  tonight and
                                     night, Friday and Saturday, May 11-           tomorrow night,
                                     12, starting at 10— with special :0 :             May 11-12,
                                     soundchecks” both days.                             10:0-2:0.

                                                                               Cool Breeze Back At
                                                                               Schooner Wharf

   BILLY BACON & THE FORBIDDEN PIGS will be in the house Sunday and            COOL BREEZE is back at the Schooner Wharf Bar tonight and tomorrow night,
   Monday, May 1-1. One show on Sunday— a special :0 Mother’s Day          Friday and Saturday, May 11-12, 7 ‘til midnight. NOTOR CITY JOSH will be
   “soundcheck”. And on Monday, a regular 10pm show— with a special :0       in the house sunday night, 7-11. And DAVID GOODMAN entertains Tuesday
   “soundcheck”.                                                               evening, 7-11.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 12                                                         

                                                                more entertaInment
                                                                more entertaInment

                                                                Taz Is Back At
                                                               Finnegan’s Wake

                                              TAZ is back at Finnegan’s Wake tonight and tomorrow night, Friday and Saturday, May 11-12.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 1                                                                   

                     more entertaInment                                                            OILY’S AUTO REPAIR
                                                                                                     MIKE YOUNG, CERTIFIED ASE TECHNICIAN
                                                                                                     5669 5th AVE, STOCK ISLAND• 296-6656

                Latin Concert Next

   SEPTIMA NOTA will be the headline act at a Latin concert set for next Saturday night, May 1,
   at Red Fish Blue Fish at 07 Front Street. Also George Lopez and his salsa mix. For VIP table
   reservations, call 0-0-11.

           Chad Bradford Band
           Back At Cowboy Bill’s

   THE CHARD BRADFORD BAND is at Cowboy Bill’s tonight and tomorrow night, Friday and
   Saturday, May 11-12, starting at 10.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 1
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 1
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 1                                                                     

                                                                                   What’S hot

                                              Mojito Joe At Irish Kevin’s
                                                     by Valerie                                                                   when I add up the
                                                     Ridenour                                                                     cost, I miss my mind
                                                      Jared Michael                                                               the most”. This was
                                               Hobgood, also                                                                      followed by “Folsom
                                               known as Mojito Joe,                                                               Prison Blues” and
                                               has been perform-                                                                  more Johnny Cash
                                               ing at Irish Kevins                                                                with “Ring Of Fire”
                                               for nine years. That                                                               segueing back and
                                               alone is enough to tell                                                            forth between them.
                                               you he’s a marvelous                                                               Next came a Jimmy
                                               entertainer. Jared                                                                 Buffett song I was
                                               has a big, beautiful                                                               not familiar with that
                                               voice and plays ex-                                                                said,” Be good and
                                               cellent guitar. He’s                                                               you’ll be lonesome.
                                               played everywhere,                                                                 Be lonesome and you
                                               including a famed                                                                  will be free”. Go see
                                               folk club, the Ark in                                                              Jared this week. He’s
                                               Ann Arbor, Michigan                                                                going to Hawaii for a
                                               while he was at the                                                                four week vacation.
                                               university. The venue                                                                     Jared sang, “I
                                               booked people like                                                                 remember Marvin
                                               Richie Havens and                                                                  Gaye singing “Let’s
                                               Chrissie Hynde.                                                                    Get It On”, followed
                                                      When he got                                                                 by “ I remember Otis
                                               tired of digging out                                                               Redding on the Dock
                                               of the snow he came                                                                of the Bay. I remem-
                                               to Florida , playing                                                               ber” Sam Cooke, El-
                                               bars in Ybor City ,                                                                vis, and others. It’s a
                                               Gainesville , Tampa                                                                great song, definitely
                                               , Jacksonville , Sara-                                                             an ask for it. The best
                                               sota , Ft. Lauderdale                                                              song of the evening
                                               , and Miami . Jared                                                                was by Robert Brad-
                                               took his act to Europe                                                             ley’s Blackwater Blues
                                               . After playing in                                                                 Band titled “I Wish
                                              many cities he returned to the       When I walked in Jared was           the Governor Would Leave
                                              states to attend law school at the   playing “Brown Eyed Girl”,           Me Alone” leave the poor man
                                              University Of Florida .              the most requested song here-        alone”. David Allen Coe’s
                                                     During a break in school      abouts. He flirted with some         wonderful “You’re Starbound”
                                              Jared came to Key West for a va-     visiting girls, then did an origi-   let me warn you it’s a long,
                                              cation, stopping at an Irish Bar     nal, “Welcome To the Islands”,       hard ride”, followed by “Call
                                              that had just opened. The owner      which is excellent, proving him      Me Hank”.
                                              asked him to play a couple of        to be a talented writer.                   Island music, you ask?
                                              numbers and promptly hired                 Next we heard him sing         “Three Little Birds”, “Oh God,
                                              him. That was nine years ago.        “Of all the things I’ve lost,        Oh No, Johnny Was a Good
                                                                                                                        Man”, and “songs Of Freedom”
                                                                                                                        took us south. James Brown’s “I
                                                                                                                        Feel Good”, “Cold Water”, and
                                                                                                                        “Crazy Love” were fine. Then
                                                                                                                        came a big winner, Hootie and
                                                                                                                        the Blowfish’s “Let Her Cry”.
                                                                                                                        Beg for it! “Time” and Round
                                                                                                                        Here” finished the set. You will
                                                                                                                        love Jared Michael Hobgood.
                                                                                                                        Don’t miss him! Stay cool.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 17                                                            

                           rIDenoUr report
         by Valerie Ridenour
         We are losing still another
   musical family. Scott and Jan
   Steinsultz are moving away.
   Scott is a marvelous guitar
   player and Jan is a remarkable
   pianist and classical singer.
   Both will be sorely missed.
           My girlfriend Taz will
   be at Finnegan’s Wake tonight
   and tomorrow. This woman is
   as good a rock and roll singer
   as you’ll ever hear. She’s an
   excellent rhythm guitarist and
   needs no help to knock your
   socks off. It will be back to
   Irish entertainment Thursday
   night when the wonderful Joe                                MILEMARKER 2
   Dougherty returns. Finnegan’s
   is an intriguing place. The         far, but that’s what sells him. I    magic. Check her out!
   music is outstanding and the        hope he’ll surface somewhere.              If you love Howard Liv-
   food is marvelous. Would you        I am bored silly with the re-        ingston’s Mile Marker 24 band
   believe they have great pizza?      placements they keep trying.         as I do, go see them this week.
   They do, and great potato soup,     Anyway, count on Tom Walker          They will be at Boondocks
   and if you love liver and onions,   to tell it like it is and not back   tomorrow night. They will be
   theirs is the best anywhere!        down.                                leaving for their summer tour
         Steven Neill is back with             Dante’s is booking great     next week. They will probably
   us. You can find him at the         acts. Yvan Agbo is a star, and       be opening for acts like Big and
   Hogfish on Stock Island tomor-      they brought George Victory          Rich and Keith Urban again.
   row night. We’ve missed you,        to our attention. They have          They will be just as big, wait and
   buddy.                              Bubba System weekly. They are        see. The oracle has spoken!
         I have to rave about a fel-   the definitive Key West band.
   low journalist. Tom Walker is       Miguel and Dayami are appear-
   as good as they get. I happen       ing often in town, and it was at
   to agree with him about the         Dante’s predecessor, Monte’s
   unfortunate Don Imus affair.        I first heard them. Dayami is
   Yes, Don goofed, but he was
   not edited as he should have
   been. That’s what those thirty
   second delays are for, catching
   whatever is inappropriate.
   Putting him out of the business
   was stupidity. He’s wild and
   irreverent, and yes he went too
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 1                                                                              

                                                                                     noW pLayIng
                                                          PLEASE NOTE: Enter-            noted befoe the names of the            SUN, Gordy Michael & Mike Gil-
                                                    tainment schedules are always        bands in each listing. Please alert     lis * MON, Moose Boles * THURS,
                                                    subject to last-minute changes       Valerie Ridenour to errors and/         Tropical Dreams
                                                    and, sometimes, club schedules       or schedule changes. 72-11.                 BOTTLECAP: FRI, TBA *
                                                                                                                                 SAT, Songwriter’s Festival * WED,
                                                    are not available at prestime. TBA NOTE:
                                                                                                                                 9pm , blues jam with Chief Billy &
                                                    stands for To Be Announced.          Schedules are subject to                Bob Paul
                                                    NAPT stands for Not Available        change without notice. To be                   THE BULL: FRI,10:30 – 1,
                                                    At Presstime. Band times are         sure the band of your choice is         Elvis,1 - 5, Yankee Jack; 8 – 10 Jeanie
                                                                                         playing, you may want to call           Falcone; 10 – 2, Acoustic Thunder
                                                                                         the venue before you go.                * SAT, 1 – 5, Yankee Jack, 8 – 10,
                                                                                                                                 Jeanie Falcone; 10 – 2, Acoustic
                                                                                                 AMERICAN LEGION                 Thunder * SUN, 1 – 5, Yankee Jack;
                                                                                         HALL: FRI, 5 – 8, Terry O’Leary;        6 – 9, Elvis; 9:30 - 1, 40ft. Sharpie
                                                                                         SAT, 5 - 8, Gary Chase                  * MON, 1 – 5, Yankee Jack; 8 – 12,
                                                                                               AQUA: 9pm , TUES – SUN,           Baby T * TUES, 10:30 – 1, Elvis; 1 - 5,
                                                                                         the Aquanettes                          Yankee Jack; 8 - 12, Dawn Wilder
                                                                                               BEAR BOTTOM BEACH                 * WED, 1 – 5, Jeannie Falcone; 8
                                                                                         CLUB: FRI & SAT, 6 – 10, Randy          – 12, Dawn Wilder * THURS, 1 – 5,
                                                                                         Mac; 10 – 2, Matt Avery * MON &         Yankee Jack; 6 10, Dawn Wilder; 12
                                                                                         TUES, 5 – 9, Acoustic Johnson; 9 – 1,   – 2, Jeanie Falcone
                                                                                         * WED, 5 – 9, Taz ; 9 – 1, Matt Avery          BUON APPETITO: FRI &
                                                                                         * THURS, TBA                            SAT, TBA * SUN – THURS, Richard
                                                                                               BLUE HEAVEN: FRI & SAT,           Fleming
                                                                                         TBA * SUN, Mary Spear * Mon, Din               CAPT. TONY’S: FRI, noon,
                                                                                         Allen * TUES, TBA                       Ben Taddiken; 4:30, Gary Hempsey;
                                                                                               B.O.’s FISHWAGON; FRI,            9 – 2, Carl Peachy Band * SAT,
            ATTENTION LOCALS!                                                            6pm , Barry Cuda & the Sharks           noon, Ben Taddiken; 4:30 Gary
         THE KEY WEST SCRUB CLUB                                                               BOONDOCKS: FRI, 3 – 6,            Hempsey; 9 – 2, Carl Peachy Band *
                                                                                         Larry Baeder Group; 7pm , Mile          SUN, noon Ben Taddiken; 4:30, Tim
           HAS CLEANED HOUSE!                                                            Marker 24 * SAT, Larry Baeder           Bender; 8:30 – 12:30, Gary Hempsey
            Under NEW OWNERSHIP AND                                                      Group * SUN, Gillis & Gordy *           * MON, noon, Liz O’Connor; 4:30,
                                                                                                                                 Rob Sweet; 8:30 – 12:30, Carl Peachy
      MANAGEMENT. The Club has gotten rid                                                                                        Band * TUES, noon, Rob Sweet;
        of over a dozen girls! All the girls that                                                                                4:30, Gary Hempsey; 8:30 – 12:30,
       have been mistreating locals for far too                                                                                  Carl Peachy Band * WED, noon,
         long. To make it up to you. the Club                                                                                    Ben Taddiken; 4:30 Tim Bender;
         would like to offer you the following:                                                                                  8:30 - 12:30, Carl Peachy Band *
                                                                                                                                 THURS, noon Liz O’Connor; 4:30
       • A Full 45 minute Nude Session for                                                                                       Gary Hempsey; 8:30 – 12:20 Carl
      only $200. TIPPING IS NOT ALLOWED                                                                                          Peachy Band
      NOR REQUIRED. Normally, there would                                                                                               CHEESEBURGER: FRI,
      be $150 cover, plus tips to the girls, who                                                                                 Nick Norman* SAT, Hershel Lester
      have fees as well. Instead, it is just $200                                                                                CONTINUED on next page
      and the Club gets no money whatsoever.
       • Escorts for $100. Normally, Escorts
       are $200. plus a $25 driver fee and the
        Club would get $100 of that. Instead, it
      is just $100. The girl keeps all the money
       and the club gets no money whatsoever.
         THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK. It is simply
         an incentive for you to experience the
      changes we have made. Locals only. Must
             have valid Monroe County ID.
         1221 Duval Street • 305-294-3824
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 1                                                                         

                                       noW pLayIng
   FROM previous page                       SAT, 10 – 2, Motor City Josh, sound      Norman, 3 – 7, John Solinski; 7
   * SUN Alphonse * THURS, Rob              check 5:30 * SUN, Billy Bacon &          – 11, Jared Hobgood; 11 – close,
   &Tom                                     the Forbidden Pigs, sound check          Lee Roy
          CONCH REPUBLIC SEA-               only * MON, 10 – 2, Billy Bacon                 ISLAND DOG: FRI & SAT,
   FOOD RESTAURANT: FRI, 2 – 6,             & the Forbidden Pigs, 5:30 sound         Brad & Sean * SUN, George Victory
   Joel Nelson; 7 - 11, Black * Skabud-     check * WED & THURS, 10 – 2,             * MON & TUES, Nick Norman *
   dah * SAT, 2 – 6, Joel Nelson; 7 - 11,   Mark Hummell* THURS, 10 – 2,             WED & THURS, Brad & Sean
   Black & Skabuddah * SUN, 1 – 5,          the Holmes Brothers                             LA TE DA: CABARET: FRI,
   Melvin Newton; 6 – 10 * MON, Zack                HOGFISH: FRI, Terry Cassi-       9pm , Chris Peterson’s “Eyecons”
   Seemiller * TUES, Melvin Newton          dy * SAT, Steve Neill * SUN, Moose       * SAT, 8:30pm , Broadway Three
   * WED, Din Allen * THURS, Black          & the Bulletproof Blues Band             Ways; 10pm , Christopher Peter-
   & Skabuddah                                      IRISH KEVIN’S: FRI, 11           son’s Eyecons * SUN & WED, 9pm
          COWBOY BILL’S: FRI &              – 3, George Victory; 3 - 7, John         Christopher Peterson’s “Eyecons”
   SAT, the Chad Bradford Band *            Solinski; 7 – 11, Jared Hobgood;         * PIANO BAR: FRI-SUN, Debra
   WED & THURS, Skarekrow                   10 – close, Paul Mandell * SAT, 11       & Patrick * MON, Bobby Nesbitt *
          DANTE’S: FRI, 4 – 8, Yvon         – 3, George Victory; 3 – 7. Lee Roy;     TUES – WED, Black & Skabuddah
   Agbo & Friends * SAT, 1:30 – 5:30        7 – 11, Paul Mandell; 11 – close,        * THURS, Debra & Patrick
   , BubbaSystem * SUN, 1:30 – 5:30         Jared Hobgood * SUN, 3:30 – 7,                  MANGOES: TUES – SAT,
   , George Victory                         John Solinski; 7 – 10:30, Lee Roy        Franko Richmond
          DURTY HARRY’S: FRI -              * MON, 2 – 6 ;30, George Victory;               MARGARITAVILLE: FRI
   SUN, 8:30pm , Durty Rita * MON           6:30 – 10:30, Nick Norman; 10:30         – SUN, John Frattasio * MON, Gary
   & TUES, Duo. * WED & THURS,              – close, John Solinski * 10:30 - 2:30,   Hempsey * TUES - THURS, Zack
   Durty Rita                               George Victory; 2:30 – 6:30, Nick        Seemiller
          FINNEGAN’S WAKE: FRI              Norman; 6:30 - 10:30, John Solinski;            MANGROVE MAMA’S:
   & SAT, Taz * THURS, Joe Dough-           10:30 – close, Paul Mandell * TUES,      FRI, 4 – 7, Mike & Possum
   erty                                     10:30 – 2:30, George Victory; 2:30              REDFISH/BLUEFISH: FRI
          GARDEN OF EDEN: FRI               - 6:30, Nick Norman; 10:30 – close,      & SAT, 6 – 9, Brian Paul SUN, 7:30
   – THURS, Twice as Nice (reggae);         Paul Mandell * WED, 2:30 – 6:30,         – 10:30 , Tony Roberts * TUES, 7 – 10,
   8 – 3:30, Jenny/Nicole                   Nick Norman; 10:30 – close, Jared        Dave Aaron * THURS, 7 - 10Dave
          GREEN PARROT: FRI &               Hobgood - THURS, 11 – 3, Nick            CONTINUED on next page
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 20                                                                        

                                              Behind Bars                                              RICHARD WATHERWAX

                                                                                                                           OF THE WEEK
                                                                                                                           JEFF is a bartender at Jack’s
                                                                                                                           Seafood Shack, the new res-
                                                                                                                           taurant at the La Concha. His
                                                                                                                           specialty drink is a Mango
                                                                                                                           Rum Runner.
                                                                                                                           Tell us who your favorite
                                                                                                                           drink server is. PO Box 7,
                                                                                                                           KW 01. Fax 22-210.
                                                                                                                           Email: kwtnblue@bellsouth.

                                                                                 noW pLayIng
                                              FROM page 19                           Heydon * THURS, 4pm, Chris Case;      WED, noon – 5, TBA; 7 – 11, David
                                              Aaron                                  8 – 12, Larry Baeder Combo            Goodnan & Friends; 9 – 1, Magic
                                                      RUM BARREL: FRI, 4pm,                 SCHOONER WHARF: FRI            of Frank Everhart * THURS, noon
                                              Zack Seemiller; 8 – 12, Queen &        & SAT, 12 – 5, Mike McCloud; 7        –5, Mike McCloud & Friends; 7
                                              Yvan * SAT, 4pm, George Victory;       – 12, Cool Breeze; 9 – 1, SUN, Mike   - 11, Unpaid Bartabs; 9 – 1,Magic
                                              8 - 12, Corey Heydon * SUN, 4pm,       McCloud & friends; Calypso Latin      of Frank Everhart
                                              Vinnie Mustache; 8 – 12, Corey         Party; 9-1, Magic of Frank Everhart          SLOPPY JOE’S: FRI, 12 – 4,
                                              Heydon * MON, 4pm, Vinnie Mus-         * MON, noon – 5, Mike McCloud &       Black & Skabuddah; 5:30 - 9:30,
                                              tache; 8 – 12, Ron (the Cocktones) *   Friends; 7 – 11, Caffeine & Pepper    Pete & Wayne; 12, Echo Burn *
                                              TUES, 4 – 8, Yvon Agbo; 8 -12, Zack    * TUES, 12 - 5, Raven & Bubba; 7      SAT, 12 – 4:45, Zack Seemiller; 5:30
                                              Seemiller & Caffeine Carl * WED,       - 11, David Goodman & Friends;        – 9:30, Pete & Wayne;10 – 2, Echo
                                              4pm, Vinnie Mustache; 8 - 12, Corey    9 – 1, Magic of Frank Everhart *      Burn * SUN, 12 – 4:45, Barry Cuda;
                                                                                                                           5:30 – 9:30, Bubba System; 10 – 2,
                                                                                                                           Eleven Eleven * MON, 12 – 4:45,
                                                                                                                           Gary Hempsey; 5:30 – 9:30, Injade;
                                                                                                                           10 – 2, Eleven Eleven * TUES,12
                                                                                                                           – 4:45, Barry Cuda; 5:30 – 9:30,
                                                                                                                           Gordy Michael & Mike Gillis; 10
                                                                                                                           – 2, Eleven Eleven * WED, 12 – 4:45,
                                                                                                                           Terry Cassidy; 5:30 – 9:30, Pete &
                                                                                                                           Wayne; 10 – 2, Eleven Eleven *
                                                                                                                           THURS, 12 – 4:45, Terry Cassidy;
                                                                                                                           5:30 – 9:30, Pete & Wayne; 10 – 2,
                                                                                                                           Eleven Eleven
                                                                                                                                  WALTER’S: FRI, 7 – 10, Din
                                                                                                                           Allen * SAT, THURS, 8:30 , Oak
                                                                                                                           & Stone
                                                                                                                                  WILLIE T’s: FRI & SAT,
                                                                                                                           10:30 – 2:30 , Stray Dogs
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 21                                                           

                     more entertaInment                                                                 Local Favorites
             10 Years Of Magic At
               Schooner Wharf

   FRANK EVERHART’S MAGIC BAR at the Schooner Wharf Bar will celebrate it 10th anniver-
   sary this Tuesday night, May1, starting at 7. There will a stage show at , featuring some of the
   island’s top magicians.
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 22                                                                        

                                                            meryL Berman

                                                         All the Rage
                                                     Dear Dennis,                   matter(s) between the young
                                                     My candidate for an            and old(er) on the bing(e) and
                                              American idol is Mark Twain:          rope-a-dope hope road to the
                                              “I can live for two months on a       beck(ett) and call endgame:            clarity to diamond and wine
                                              good compliment.” And yes, I          Key West-Inn as a destination          merchants of venice, moot
                                              call that notion a starvation diet    resort.                                court jesters and investigative
                                              (in my personal is political uni-            I read badge of courage         reporters; however, I d(h)o of-
                                              verse of choice and commen-           for a Jim Young, and crystal           fer trailer trashed translations
                                              tary). I appreciate the emails,       ball a sold sign of the times          at full moon parties. Voters on
                                              queries and raised voices of          for our town’s comprehensive           the Bill Verge of understand-
                                              those who thought my doctored         plan by a transient licensed           ing may be as language lonely
                                              strangelove lyrical exposition        leadership. My sound bights            as I am in these days of whine
                                              was blue herstory.                    are watermarked with refer-            and rosebuds (and midnight
                                                     I will explain myself (this    ences to literature, music and art     commission meetings with
                                              once). I am a camp(y) follower        deco(ration) to fill the interstices   cinderfella endings). And yes,
                                              of the commission; my month           of daily news for the mind(fuel        Christmas came early for one
                                              long hiatus mirrored their own.       hybrid) in my space. I cover the       Wisteria Island developer even
                                              These columns are political           kerouac waterfront market for          if his surname does not start
                                              performance art to-me; one            kindred spirits cay clubbed by         with an S.
                                              acoustic stage of guerilla street     cerebral cortex in situ (t)issues;           The citizen kaned are my
                                              theater spangled with paint po-       and yes, sometimes, girls just         constituents in a touch of evil
                                              ems to truth and beauty (c)odes       wanna have fun and speak in            town where urban(e) planning
                                              for a transient town spinning         tongue(s)-in-chic puns.                is buy osmosis. The incineration
                                              out-of-control with policy tilt-             Liberate Paris (is burning)     of 8 million dollars and common
                                              a-whirls.                             asides: Are you smarter than a         sense on the polluted altar of a
                                                     I am a taste of Key West for   fifth grader may be a fox-y one-       waste transfer station was no
                                              some diversity of readers who         liner or represent a fear factor       April fool daze social engineer-
                                              like to play connect the drought      to the power of an American            ing vote. Should we follow the
                                              dots with local development           dream machine-- hometown               yellow brick roe rage trend of
                                              regulations or demand a more          elections. And yes, real(i)ty          renaming stem cell problems
                                              competent level of corruption         show themes echo through               away and call the commish
                                              or straddle the wide divide           out(ed) past and present city          waste management meetings?
                                              of assonance over a phantom           halls of injustice for level play-     And yes, incest is best construc-
                                              density of moratoriums. I sing        ing fields of due process in           tion paper contracts for May be
                                              off key a survivor’s song of          deal or no deal sleight of hand        a schooled lesson in the (k)new
                                              seven pence and grey (panther)        votes. I leave perk and ride                  See MERYL, next page
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 2                                                                            

   All the Rage
   FROM previous page                  Halloran handout of a petition       Med are great and looking for
   math of a bye out as a sell         for a constitutional amendment       work because the restaurant is
   out. I click my heels together,     requiring a referendum for the       closing this month. I mourn the
   and say I believe in the tree       adoption of local government         passing of my father’s sister;
   commission and the botanical        comprehensive land use plans.        Dotty was a gutsy lady, grand
   gardens and inventories for the     New Smyrna me into that vote.        mother, and substitute teacher.
   soul of our town. And yes, the      And no, my run on sentencing         I remember finding playboy
   relativity of public housing is     can’t compare to the judicial        magazines in her home when I
   another scandal wait-listed to      discretion of a Highsmith and        was fifteen; I loved the cartoons
   happen in a roosevelt garden        the transcendental power of          and articles but recognized
   of pluck-ed patronage. Is it true   letters or statutory jape appeals.   early that air brushed women
   the ripley’s city management        And yes, my own mid-march            did not run with wolves or
   team has asked the police to        column quid pro quo(te) about        in my family. And yes, I have
   be agents for code enforcement      the forensics of justice and         been slip sliding into my past
   stings? Is it false that Julio’s    community service: HARC to           to rediscover a lost continent of    We Also Offer
   secretary dialed for dollars        Habitat, I spy Hendrick was an       passion in my life stylus. “Past     WASHING
   to be withheld from the CRB         educated guess. I love to double     Tense” is my novel about failed      SERVICES
   investigator? How did the man       entendre and banter with roost-      child welfare systems and the
   find the time to handle the         ers and expect to meet on the        power of friendship, redemp-
   sinking of the galleon case? I      playing field but ankle bracelet     tion and courage. A decade ago,
   may not dance with the stars        hubris will get you necklaced        a knife sliced and diced my
   but I know a constellation of       South African style. I wonder if     ontology and left me wounded
   corruption when I see one.          there is a narrow construction       in ways I did not recognize.
          In the shear genius cat-     to the definition of “lobbying”      Wilma ripped the keloids from
   egory: Transient rental transfer    for a simple life.                   my psyche; to laugh out laud
   votes highlight the importance             “Pray for the dead and        and love again is priceless. And
   of workshops to ensure our          fight like hell for the living!” A   no, this refrain is not about you.
   leaders understand the issues       mother jones and day mantra          And yes, to an-other unsinkable
   without tweaking sunshine           from here to eternity: Christian     Molly: I want to be right AND
   law and order lawsuits. I am        Twyman is a local deployed to        happy.
   re:minded six ways and votes        Iraq for his fifth tour. His HOB            This particular column
   to a sunday school primer           family of friends have collected     is transitionally housed in
   about our town’s affordable         toothpaste and brushes, beef         nature and nurture; it reflects
   housing and TRUST crisis.           jerky and tuna, sunflower seeds      my tank islanded mood ring
   This parable is for a paradise      and magazines, soap and cook-        of engagement with an up and
   lost: A child kills both of his     ies for his troop. What is wrong     coming birth date. Dr. Sandy
   parents; and later, he asks the     with this picture? There is a        Pape is my dentist and friend
   court for mercy because he is       call to “gas out” on May 15th;       in a town where having all
   an orphan. Your commissioned        let’s try to put a 3 billion dol-    your teeth means you are a sex
   votes create the need; and          lar dent in the Middle East oil      object at any age. She makes
   yes, it feels (land) abusive. Yo,   cartel for at least one day. And     me smile. And yes, friendships
   boys, you waived your afford-       yes, the Breast Cancer Patient       with women continue to tickle
   able rights and southernmost        Protection Act will require          my funny bone and iliad the
   permits for trust, once a-gain.     insurance companies to cover         id to my odyssey. “Be who
   And yes, Last Stand will win        a minimum 48 hour hospital           you are and say what you feel,
   its lawsuit but there should        stay for patients undergoing         because those who mind don’t
   not have been the need for          a mastectomy; Lifetime TV            matter and those who matter
   one. Oh, congratulations: No        has put this bill on their web       don’t mind.” Peace out from
   foil of mine is required by the     page with a petition drive to        Dr. Suess.
   BOA decision to build fencing       show your support. I miss you,             Meryl           Berman
   rules with logic.                   Pamela.                              (merylb@) is a
          The Key West transient              Blue notes from the vin-      freelance writer and realtor. All
   reality show is a tale of two       tage edge: Language overheard        the Rage will appear in print
   cities. If I were a conspiracy      in the high school would make        every other week-- until (l)it
   theorist, I might venture out       Imus blush. The servers at Café      does not.
   on a limb(o) and say that
   parked australian pines will
   be moved up the keys to en-
   sure taller tree canopies for
   arrested development types
   with inferiority complexes
   masquerading as workforce
   housing. And yes, I love the
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 2                                                                                

                        Spa Manicures & Pedicures          O’Boyle On Tulips and
                        CISSY @ HEADLINES
                        Acrylics, Pink & Whites
                        1075 Duval Street • 305-296-6373
                                                           Real Estate
                           FROM page 10                         like many home buyers, doesn’t      eventually fades away. A house
                                                                  The craze for tulips spread   understand the difference be-       produces nothing but shelter
                                                           from those wealthy enough to         tween investment and specu-         for its occupant. Shelter costs
                                                           afford silly self-indulgence         lation. In the short run she is     money. It doesn’t earn money.
                                                           down through society to the          measurably poorer for having              The “wealth” created by
                                                           sailors, merchants, mechanics,       made her investment. She is         housing is an illusion produced
                                                           chimney sweeps and servants          counting on salvation in the        by credit expansion. Paper “eq-
                                                           who clearly could not afford to      long run and a continuation         uity” borrowed out of homes
                                                           gamble their life’s savings on a     of last year ’s historic 40%        doesn’t build any factories,
                                                           single exotic onion.                 increase in condo prices to         grow any food or pay off any
                                                                  A recent front page news      make her investment pay. Will       more debt than it creates. Mr.
                                                           story reminded me of the 17th        it pay? The future is unknow-       Greenspan recklessly added
                                                           century tulip bubble. The story      able. That’s part of the fun.       seats to a national game of
                                                           was of a waitress who had just       One thing is certain however,       musical chairs by lowering
                                                           cut her living space by half and     what the woman believes is an       interest rates to less than in-
                                                           more than doubled her monthly        investment is in fact a highly      flation rates. Who could resist
                                                           housing expense to buy a 400         leveraged speculation.              joining a game of musical chairs
                                                           square foot studio apartment.              In a healthy economy,         where there’s always a place to
                                                           She took on an adjustable rate       speculators are a tiny percent-     sit? But lately the world’s most
                                                           mortgage that, according to a        age of the market. They are         famous bureaucrat has been
                                                           local loan officer, will consume     expert risk takers who lubricate    steadily raising rates, remov-
                                                           half her income. The banker          markets at the margins, like the    ing chairs from the game. He’s
                                                           seemed as unconcerned about          bacteria in a healthy gut. The      even warned us that he plans to
                                                           getting the bank’s money back        health of an economy fades          stop the music, declaring that
                                                           as the woman was about rising        as the number of speculators        anyone who has not by now
                                                           interest rates.                      increases, just as our health       hedged his position against ris-
                                                                  The waitress said she         would fade if our bodies were       ing interest rates clearly wants
                                                           considered her cripplingly           overwhelmed by an explosion         to lose money.
                                                           expensive living arrangement         in the number of normally                 By the end of 1637 the
                                                           “an investment.” “If worse           benign bugs dwelling in our         music had stopped in Holland.
                                                           comes to worst,” she said, “I        digestive tracts.                   The normally sensible Dutch
                                                           can always sell it.” Of course             The real estate market        had regained their senses. In
                                                           she can. The only question is        today, like the tulip market        a few months prices for tulip
                                                           will she be able to sell it for at   of 1636 consists entirely of        bulbs plunged to less than 10%
                                                           least what she paid for it plus      speculators. Investors analyze      of what they had been. The
                                                           her transaction costs plus the       their investment purchases to       Dutch courts refused to enforce
                                                           extra spent on rent, taxes and       determine value, expecting a        contracts made for “gambling
                                                           insurance while living there? If     return on productive enter-         debts.” Today you can buy six
                                                           not, her “investment” will be a      prise. Speculators are simply       sprouted tulip bulbs in a pot
                                                           ruinous hardship.                    gamblers who bet on the rise        complete with dirt for less than
                                                                  Sadly, this home buyer,       and fall of prices.                 $30. At least an apartment will
                                                                                                      By every practical mea-       never be worth less than the
                                                                                                sure, a home is not a productive    shelter it provides.
                                                                                                investment. On the contrary,              Hal O’Boyle writes from
                                                                                                housing is a consumer good. A       the suburbs of San Jose, Costa
                                                                                                house is a pile of termite food     Rica. His articles are archived
                                                                                                held together by nails that rust,   at . He
                                                                                                kept dry by roofing that wears      answers email at hxoboyle@
                                                                                                out, coated with paint that
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 2                                                                                                

                                                                  BarneS LaW: Q&a

                              Judges & Court Administration
         Part I of III parts: Part I    over the Sixteenth Judicial Cir-                                                Additionally, the Court     tices law in Key west, Florida.
   Judges and Court Administra-         cuit. The majority of the circuit                                        Administrator prepares and         His comments are provided
   tion. Part 1 of  parts.             and county court judges elect                                            administers the judicial budget.   as a pro bono community
         by Michael Barnes              the Chief Judge for a term of                                            Staff of the Court Administra-     service and are not offered as
         Our Court System in            two years.                                                               tion office in Key West includes   legal advice for a particular set
   Monroe County is known as the               The Chief Judge assigns                                           the Trial Court Administrator,     of circumstances. If you are
   Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.          the caseloads to the judges,                                             an Administrative Assistant, a     concerned that you may need
         It is one of twenty judicial   overseas the budget, master                                              court Interpreter and a Special    a lawyer, you are encouraged
   circuits in the Florida State        calendar and physical facili-                                            Projects Coordinator.              to contact one and follow his or
   Court System. The Sixteenth          ties for the judiciary, acts as a                                               Next week Part II - Pre-    her advice for your individual
   Circuit encompasses all of           spokesperson for the judges,                                             trial Services                     situation.
   Monroe County.                       and is empowered to do all                                                      Michael R. Barnes prac-
         The Chief Justice of the       that is necessary to promote the
   Supreme Court, in conjunction        prompt and efficient adminis-
   with the State Courts Adminis-       tration of justice in the courts
   trator, administers the Florida      and court programs over which
   State Court System. Local ad-        he presides. All employees of                MICK BARNES
   ministration is the responsibil-     the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit
   ity of the Chief Judge with the      are employees at will and serve      against domestic violence and
   assistance of the Trial Court        at the pleasure of the Chief         applications for search war-
   Administrator.                       Judge.                               rants as well as to conduct first
         The Sixteenth Judicial                The judges of Monroe          appearances in criminal cases
   Circuit has three court loca-        county are divided into county       on holidays and weekends.
   tions. The Monroe County             and circuit judges. The regis-       The Trial Court Administrator
   Courthouse Annex located             tered voters of Monroe County        maintains the master calendar
   at 500 Whitehead Street, Key         elect all judges for a term of six   for this special duty assignment
   West, houses the main offices        years. There are four circuit        for the judges.
   of Court Administration, the         judges and four county court                The Trial Court Admin-
   official Court Reporters, and        judges in the Sixteenth Judicial     istrator is appointed by a
   the courtrooms and offices of        Circuit, and each judge has a        majority vote of the circuit
   Circuit Judge David Audlin,          personal staff of one or more        and county court judges. The
   Circuit Judges Mark H. Jones         judicial assistants.                 Court Administrators Office
   and Sandra Taylor; County                   Circuit Court judges pre-     is responsible for personnel
   Judges, Wayne M. Miller and          side over criminal felony cases,     management, master calendar
   Peary Fowler.                        juvenile dependency and de-          preparation, the Law Library,
         The Marathon Branch            linquency cases, guardianship,       and circuit mediation, process-
   Courthouse is located at 3117        mental commitment, probate           ing bills for payment, manag-
   Overseas Highway, Marathon           cases, cases involving injunc-       ing the physical facilities in
   and County Judge Ruth Becker         tions, actions involving title       three courthouse locations and
   is assigned there on a full-time     and boundaries of real prop-         preparing statistical reports for
   basis. Circuit Judges travel to      erty, dissolution of marriage        the judges.
   Marathon, on a rotating basis,       cases, appeals from county
   to preside over Circuit Court        court cases, and other civil cases
   matters.                             involving damage claims in
         The Upper Keys Govern-         excess of Small Claims Court
   ment Center at 88820 Overseas        jurisdiction.
   Highway, Tavernier, (often                  County Court Judges
   referred to as ““PK””) is the        preside over criminal mis-
   location of the Upper Keys of-       demeanor cases, civil traffic,
   fices and courtrooms of Circuit      municipal and country infrac-
   Judge Luis Garcia and County         tion cases, evictions, and Small
   Judge W. Reagan Ptomey.              Claims Court cases At all times
              The Chief Judge is the    other than normal working
   presiding judge of the circuit       hours during the week, a
   court. The job of Chief Judge        ““Duty Judge”” is assigned to
   rotates and that judge exercises     hear emergency matters such
   administrative supervision           as petitions for protection
Key West THE NEWSPAPER May 11, 2007 Page 2                                                            

                                                                                        the commUnIty

                               OILY’S AUTO REPAIR                              If your club or organization has something
                                                                               special happening, let us know:
                                      MIKE YOUNG, CERTIFIED ASE TECHNICIAN
                                      5669 5th AVE, STOCK ISLAND• 296-6656     •
                                                                               • PO box 567, Key West FL 33041
                                                                               • Fax 305-292-1882
                                                                               To help us help you, try to get the
                                                                               information to us by noon on Tuesday before
                                                                               Friday publication.

                                                                                   FKCC ANNUAL STU-                   HABITAT FOR HU-
                                                                             DENT ART EXHIBIT—”Over             MANITY FUNDRAISERS
                                                                             the Top.” Show runs through              • Blue Moon Swoon at
                                                                             Fri. May 11. Info: Gavin 305-      Blue Heaven, May 31, 6pm-
                                                                             809-3542 or mckeirna_g@firn.       10pm. Dinner and music, $15
                                                                             edu                                per person. Info: 305-872-
                                                                                   ANNUAL MARGARI-              4456
                                                                             TAVILLE ONE PARTICULAR                   • Car Wash, May 19, 9am-
                                                                             HARBOR FUND RAISER—To              5pm at KW Chevron (corner of
                                                                             benefit Boys and Girls Club.       Truman & White). Donations
                                                                             Sun., May 13. 5pm-8pm at           accepted. Hotdogs and Pepsi
                                                                             Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville     will also be for sale. Info: 305-
                                                                             Café. Mile Marker 24 Band,         872-4456
                                                                             silent auction and more. Tickets         ALL-PRO DAD Monthly
                                                                             & info: 305-296-2258.              Breakfast Meetings--All dads,
                                                                                                                grandpas etc… and their kids
                                                                                                                welcome! Info: Bobby 305-923-
                                                                                 MILITARIA WANTED               1430.
                                                                               Civil War, Spanish American,     poinciana.asp or bobbykwf@
                                                                               WW1 & 2, swords, medals,
                                                                               helmets, daggers, uniforms,            KEY WEST POPS
                                                                               old guns, any country. Silver    NEEDS VOLUNTEERS FOR
                                                                               dollars, too. Cash, Collector.   9TH SEASON—all differ-
                                                                               Contact John 296-9899.
                                                                                                                ent skills can be utilized. To
                                                                                                                volunteer or for more info:
                                                                                                                305-296-6059 KWPopsInfo@
                                                                              Help Wanted For         
                                                                               Busy Kitchen                           VOLUNTEERS NEED-
                                                                               Line Experience with             ED AT TROPIC CINEMA—
                                                                                Knowledge of Grill              All areas of operation. Flexible
                                                                                     & Sautee.                  schedules, free passes, pop-
                                                                             Apply at Finnegan’s Wake           corn, and t-shirts. Info: Lori
                                                                                 320 Grinnell St.               Reid, 305-433-4183 or volun-
                                                                                                                      CITIZENSHIP CLASS-
                                                                                                                ES--Literacy Volunteers offers
                                                                                                                free Citizenship classes for
                                                                                                                intermediate English as a Sec-
                                                                                                                ond Language students. Info:
                                                                                                                      VOLUNTEERS NEED-
                                                                                                                ED AT WILDLIFE CENTER-
                                                                                                                -Key West Wildlife Center has
                                                                                                                re-opened to accept injured
                                                                                                                animals. Volunteers and dona-
                                                                                                                tions are needed. Questions and
                                                                                                                info: 305- 292-1008.
                                                                                                                 CONTINUED on next page
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                               the commUnIty
   FROM previous page                  Key West Library, 700 Fleming        stress reduction. Free, 5:30 to
         WANT TO BE A LIT-             Street . Info: Liz 294-4463 or Eva   7 p.m. every Wednesday; for
   ERACY VOLUNTEER? More               295-8597.                            location and information, call
   than 100 students waiting to                -The local unit of the       WomanKind, 305-294-4004.
   be tutored. You do not have         American Cancer Society seeks              SURVEY SEEKING
   to speak another language to        volunteer drivers to provide         HEALTH CARE ANSWERS—
   be a tutor. Info: Mary at 305-      transportation for cancer pa-        WomanKind is seeking volun-
   294-4352.                           tients to treatments and licensed    teer to log on to www.woman-
         GRANTS AVAILABLE              cosmetologists, or hairdressers, to complete
   TO WRITERS, MUSICIANS,              to help cancer patients feel good    a brief survey that will help
   ACTORS, ARTISTS--Contact            about their appearance while         determine ways to design diag-
   the Florida Keys Council of the     undergoing cancer treatment.         nostic and wellness programs to
   Arts, 305-295-4369.                 Info: 292-2333 x 112.                benefit employees of businesses
         BOATING COURSES--                     GIVE THE GIFT OF             and individuals without health
   The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary      LIFE--To find out when the           insurance. Survey takers’ iden-
   and the U.S. Power Squad-           bloodmobile will be at a location    tity will remain confidential.
   ron conducts boating courses        near you, call your Community              LOCALS SONGWRIT-
   throughout the year. Info:          Blood Center at 305-294-7668.        ERS NIGHT—every Wednes-
   Vince 305-296-1126 or 1-888-                OVEREATERS ANONY-            day 7pm, upstairs lounge at
   470-5566                            MOUS--on Tuesdays at 6pm             Hard Rock Café. Open to all
         FREE SPAY/NEUTER              ‘til 7 and Saturdays 10-11am, at     ages. Free admission. Info: 305-
   CLINICS--The Florida Keys           United Methodist Church (Old         360-2398.
   SPCA free spay/neuter clinics       Stone), 600 Eaton Street. Info:
   are held at the FKSPCA Animal       Mary at 305-294-6931.
   Shelter, 5230 College Road ,                WOMEN’S SUPPORT
   Stock Island. Microchips for $5     GROUP--Facilitated by coun-
   and free rabies vaccinations are
   available for all pets. Cats and
                                       selors in confidential, safe en-
                                       vironment. Relax with a cup of
                                                                                                               HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY
   dogs in heat or pregnant and        tea while helping yourself and
   puppies and kittens as young        others with problem solving
   as eight weeks can be spayed
   or neutered. Appointments
   are required for rabies and for
   spay/neuter. Call 292-4600 to
   register. The clinic is sponsored
   by Key West Kritter Patrol and
   the Florida Keys SPCA.
   ED--AIDS HELP, INC. needs
   volunteers to help with trans-
   portation, office work, special
   events, etc. Call 296-6196.
         THE YMCA of Key West
   offers a variety of programs for
   children, adults and families,
   including skating, bocce, com-
   puter classes and more: The
   YMCA Center is located at
   1011 Virginia Street . Call for
   info: 305-295-YMCA.
   Free monthly meeting for
   pregnant and breastfeeding
   moms; mother to mother sup-
   port with accredited volunteers
   who give current information
   and encouragement in the art
   of breastfeeding. Non-denomi-
   national, non-profit. Held 5 - 6
   p.m. the second Tuesday of the
   month in the auditorium at the
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