Capital Markets Derivatives and Treasury Training by liaoqinmei


									Capital Markets, Derivatives
  and Treasury Training

    Understanding, Applying and
    Managing Financial Products

Overview of our Capital Markets,
                                                                        “It was a very informative
Derivatives and Treasury Training                                       and well presented course”
                                                                        Treasury Dealer, International bank

Product Fundamentals
■ Cash market products
■ Short and medium term
  rates derivatives                                              “Very good course -
■ Equity derivatives                                             very well explained”
■ Credit derivatives                                             Account Manager

                                 Risk Management
Valuation Techniques             ■ Identifying risk
■ Financial mathematics          ■ Quantifying market
■ Vanilla derivative                and credit risk in              Originating Financial
   valuation theory                 traded products                 Products
■ Valuing structured             ■ Risk management                  ■ Designing structured
   products                         techniques                         products
■ Valuation models                                                  ■ Creating payoffs using
                                                                       derivative components
                                 Selling Financial Products
                                                                    ■ Valuation and hedging
                                 ■ Identifying the clients’
                                   financial product needs
“Excellent presentation          ■ Call and meeting                 Trading Financial Products
skills and clear explanations”     preparation
Dealer, Corporate treasury                                          ■  Relative Value
                                 ■ Overcoming client
                                                                    ■ Arbitrage
                                 ■ Presenting client solutions

“Excellent tutor”
Risk Manager, Commercial bank                                       “The Trainer is an excellent
                                                                    teacher, very experienced,
                                                                    friendly and encouraging”
                                                                    Derivatives trader, Global bank

Who We Are
DC Gardner Training is the leading global provider
of tailored training services to the banking, financial
and corporate sectors. Established in 1983, we
have pioneered the delivery of high quality,
customised financial training to hundreds of
leading international clients.
                                                          This has led us to the creation of a Financial
                                                          Products Core Competency Programme,
                                                          comprising the three key product competencies:
                                                          Product Fundamentals, Product Valuation and
                                                          Product Risk Management.
Specialisation in Capital Markets and
Treasury Training
Our expert training staff have been teaching Front
Office, Risk Management and Support staff in
all aspects of the Financial Markets for over
15 years, from introductory and graduate training
to advanced levels.
                                                          Equipped with these key competencies, market
The training faculty come from the financial              participants will want to take on board various
markets and have extensive international                  Specialist Skills that relate to specific areas of
exposure. We are part of the prestigious                  activity. Examples include:
Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC Group and
                                                          ■ Origination: Structured Products Sales
are able to draw on the expertise of the
company’s many publications.                              ■ Sales: Selling Financial Products to Clients
                                                          ■ Trading: Relative value and arbitrage strategies

                                                          This list is by no means exhaustive and, as befits a
                                                          constantly evolving marketplace, these titles are
                                                          constantly updated to reflect current requirements.

                                                          Clients may wish their staff to focus their training
                                                          effort on achieving a particular qualification.
                                                          The third area of our activity is the Exam
DC Gardner Training’s clients include investment          Based Training stream. DC Gardner Training's
and commercial banking professionals,                     understanding of the ACI Forex syllabus puts
corporates and regulatory bodies.                         us in an ideal position to offer training in the
                                                          Dealing Certificate and Diploma Qualifications.
Capital Markets and Treasury Learning Route
We recognise that client training in the Financial
Products field needs to be business and market
focussed. As established markets converge and
new asset classes appear, the key to success for
any player is a solid understanding of the core
principles that underpin all markets.
Financial Core Competency and Specialist Skills Programme

1: Product Fundamentals                     2: Product Valuation

    Cash Products                            Time Value of Money
    Money Markets                            Short Term Cashflow Maths
    Foreign Exchange                         PV/FV
    Fixed Income                             Fixed Income

    Rates Derivatives                            Rates Valuation
    Short Term Interest Rate Products            Yield Curve maths
    Interest Rate Swaps                          Option Valuation
    Options                                      (Binomial etc, Analytical,
                                                 Monte Carlo Simulation)
    Credits Derivatives
    Credit Default Swaps                              Credit Valuation
    Total Rate of Return Swaps
    Baskets                                           Credit Curves
                                                      Default Probability

Originating Financial Products            Selling Financial Products
      Structured products               Applying products to client needs
     Exotic building blocks                   How to win the client
 Valuing and hedging exotics            Client Relationship Management
    Financial Core Competency and Specialist Skills Programme

   3: Product Risk

 Markets Risk
 Risk Factors
 Risk Sensitivities
 Value at Risk

      Credit Risk
      Credit Risk in Financial Products            Syllabus
      Exposure modelling                           Training

                                              Dealing Certificate


Trading Financial Products
      Relative Value
                                                                    “(The trainer) is a particularly
                                                                    excellent presenter”
Capital Markets, Derivatives                                        Finance Executive, Global commodities company

and Treasury Training

Effective training relates to the actual products and
business processes used by each particular client.
As such, all DC Gardner Training courses are tailored
to the specific needs of the client audience, with each
stage of the design and delivery process being
co-ordinated with the client sponsor.
                                                          Our Expertise
                                                          Our Training experts all come from the banking
                                                          industry and have extensive experience in Front
                                                          Office, Risk Management and Analytics roles.
                                                          Our Consultants use their robust practical
                                                          backgrounds to deliver top quality training
                                                          solutions that relate to the markets of the moment.

Hands-On Approach
All our courses focus on the practical application of
the tools and techniques employed in the Capital
Markets and Treasury business. This can only be
achieved once participants are totally comfortable
with the fundamental theoretical concepts of the
topics at hand. To achieve this, each learning point
is consolidated by case studies, both in groups           Cost Effective Solution
and on individual assignment.                             Our in-house training programmes are a cost
                                                          effective solution for you. They allow you to
                                                          determine the exact content, structure, length and
“Great seminar”                                           location of your training, with the end result of
Capital Markets Sales Manager, International bank         enhancing the performance of your people. Our
                                                          trainers come to you, thus saving time and costs,
                                                          and enabling your people to benefit from a
                                                          confidential and convenient environment.

                                                                    “I really appreciated the
                                                                    mathematics part - bringing
                                                                    inflation maths to reality”
                                                                    Fixed Income Trader, European bank
         “Very good and practical”
         Corporate Sales, Scandinavian bank

Overview of our Training
As well as Capital Markets and Treasury Training, DC Gardner Training
are the market leaders in designing and delivering training in the
following areas:

Credit Analysis
■ Accounting concepts
  and developments              Corporate Finance
                                ■ Company valuation              Project and Trade Finance
■ Corporate credit analysis
                                ■ Mergers and acquisitions       ■ Project finance modelling
■ Credit portfolio risk
  management                    ■ Venture capital and MBOs       ■ PPP and PFI
■ Bank and country              ■ Syndicated loans               ■ Use of derivatives
  risk analysis                 ■ Corporate restructuring          in project finance
■ Analysis of non-bank          ■ IPOs                           ■ Sector-specific project
  financials                                                       financing
                                ■ Valuing banks and
■ Identifying creative            financial institutions         ■ Managing problems
  accounting                                                       in project finance
■ Financial modelling           Selling and Management           ■ Basic and advanced trade
  and forecasting               Training                           finance products
■ Credit skills for             ■ Sales management and           ■ Forfaiting and factoring
  capital markets                  strategy                      ■ Latest developments
■ Financial solutions           ■ Capital market sales skills      in export finance
  for SMEs                      ■ M&A negotiation skills         ■ Developments in trade
■ Structuring leveraged         ■ Selling to sophisticated         finance in emerging
  debt finance                     clients                         markets
■ Retail banking                ■ Senior management              ■ Commodity finance
                                   development programme
Asset Management                                                 Asset and Structured
                                ■ Managing people for
and Private Banking                                              Finance Training
                                   the first time
■ Wealth management                                              ■ Small, medium and
                                ■ Presenting and influencing
  solutions                                                         big-ticket leasing
                                   at the highest level
■ Asset allocation                                               ■ Securitisation, CDOs
                                ■ Team-building
■ Portfolio risk measurement
                                                                    and credit derivatives
                                ■ Time management
  and management                                                 ■ Airfinance
                                ■ Interviewing skills and
■ Fund selection                                                 ■ Shipping finance
                                   performance appraisal
■ Exchange traded funds
                                                                    and rail finance
                                ■ Report-writing
                                                                 ■ Commercial real
■ Hedge funds and               ■ Letter-writing
  alternative investments                                           estate finance
                                ■ Executive coaching             ■ Securitisation modelling
■ Technical analysis
                                                                 ■ Insurance
                                                                 ■ Tax
                                                                 ■ Islamic finance

Sample clients
DC Gardner Training has over 20 years’ experience in delivering
training solutions designed to meet the requirements of Banks,
Financial institutions and Corporates worldwide.

Some of our clients:
■   ABSA                                 ■   Privredna Banka
■   Alpha Bank                           ■   Rabobank
■   Axa Investment Managers              ■   Rand Merchant Bank (SA)
■   Bank BPH SA                          ■   Rating Agency Malaysia
■   Bank of America                      ■   Raiffeisen International and RZB
■   Bank of China                        ■   Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
■   Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East   ■   Shell
■   Bank Pekao SA                        ■   Société Générale
■   Bank Zachodni WBK SA                 ■   Standard Chartered Group
■   BBVA Group                           ■   State Bank of Pakistan
■   BNP Paribas                          ■   The Royal Bank of Scotland
■   Calyon                               ■   The World Bank
■   Central Bank of Kuwait               ■   Wells Fargo
■   Caixa Geral de Depositos             ■   Westpac
■   Citigroup
■   Commercial International Bank
■   Commonwealth Bank of Australia
■   Credit Suisse Group                  LONDON OFFICE
■   Czech National Bank                  Nestor House
                                         Playhouse Yard
■   Danske Bank                          London
■   Erste Bank                           EC4V 5EX
                                         Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7779 8620
■   Euroclear                            Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7779 8786
■   Financial Services Authority UK      Email:
■   Finansbank                           NEW YORK OFFICE
■   Global Investment House              225 Park Avenue South
■   Hansabank                            New York
                                         NY 10003
■   HypoVereinsbank                      Tel: +1 212 224 3888
■   ICBC                                 Fax: +1 212 361 3499
■   ING Group
■   Islamic Development Bank             HONG KONG OFFICE
                                         17th Floor Printing House
■   Komercni Banka                       6 Duddell Street
■   Macquarie                            Central
                                         Hong Kong
■   National Bank of Kuwait
                                         Tel: +852 2520 1481
■   Nordea                               Fax: +852 2866 7340
■   OCBC Bank                            E-mail:


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