1. Write the name of the book The name of the book is The Partner by wulinqing


									1. Write the name of the book
    The name of the book is: The Partner.

2. Write the name of the author
    The name of the author is: John Grisham.

3. Who is the main character in the story?
    The main character in the story is Patrick Lanigan.
     A. Is he an adult or a child?
        Patrick is an adult.
     B. Does he have a problem? Write about it
          Patrick has a serious problem. 4 years ago, Patrick stole money
          from his law firm and hide in Brazil. He change his name
          and his appearance. His problem is that now someone find
          him. He know that now he have to compete with his life before the

4. Write about the main characters. Is the important
 for the story? Did you like them? Explain your
    In this story we have a few main characters:
       Eva: Eva is Patrick's girlfriend and his lawyer. She helps him escape
             from the FBI and from the investigator that search for him. She
             removes the stolen money from one bank to other because they
             don't want that the investigators will find the money.
       Sandy: sandy is a lawyer and a friend of Patrick. When the
                investigators capture Patrick he was the lawyer that help him
                To get a plea. He connected with Eva when Patrick was
       Jack Stephano: Jack Stephano is the investigator that hired to
                           capture Patrick. He hirs by Benni Arkia. Benni was
                           lawyer and Patrick stole his money.

I like Eva because she is a strong woman. She gets in a trouble because
Patrick, she loves him but she can't take it anymore, all her family were in
trouble because of him. When she realized that she can't live with Patrick
because his always in troubles, she runs away from him with his money. Now
Patrick is the hunter, not a hunted.
5. Write a short summery of the story
   Patrick Lanigan, a lawyer, dies in a car crash. 4 years later, the partners
   In his law firm discover that Patrick is not really dead. He living in Brazil
   and he has 90 million dollars of his partner money. Now he capture by
   criminal group that hired by Benni Arkia. One of his partners in his law
   When Eva, Patrick's girlfriend and lawyer, discovered the Patrick
   Captured, she informed the FBI, they find Patrick injured and they take
   him to hospital.
   From now, Patrick make everything to be free from the remand. He hired
   a lawyer and finely they get a plea from the Grand Jury.

6. Is there any lesson in the story? What is it? What
   can we learn from it?
    The lesson in the story is: you can't always run away from your
    problems. Everyone wants to do it sometimes, but the real life always
    be there. I learn from this story that I have to compete with my troubles,
    and I can't hide from that forever,

7. Will you recommend the book to your friends?
   I'll do that because I like this book. I think that John Grisham is a great
   author and I read his book before. The book was very interesting and
   thrilling and I think that the readers enjoyed from this book.

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