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Southern Utah Alzheimer’s
Staff Meets High Demand                                                                         Early Detection Matters:
                                                                                                Reducing Utah’s High Dementia Risk
For Services
Working with eldercare leaders, engaging
                                                                                                      tah’s risk for Alzheimer’s disease is
people with Alzheimer’s, supporting their                                                              extremely high with double digit
caregivers and providing consumer                                                               growth in prevalence by 2010. The greatest
education; the Southern Utah staff and                                                          risk factor for Alzheimer’s is increasing age
competent volunteers, led by LuAnn                                                              and we live longer in Utah.
Lundquist, Regional Manager, are meet-                                                          The collective impact on individuals,
ing the community’s demand for serv-                                                            families, Medicare, Medicaid and businesses
ices. Continued rapid growth of the aging                                                       will continue to be even greater: however,
community in Southern Utah is linked to                                                         there is hope. There are new medications
a need for Alzheimer’s awareness and           Alzheimer's programs in Southern                 in advanced clinical trials which show great
programs. The Southern Utah Regional           Utah provide activities for persons              promise to slow or stop the progression of
Office is a vital resource in meeting the                                                       the disease. This combined with advance-
                                               with early memory loss                           ments in diagnostic tools has the potential
Alzheimer’s Association Utah Chapter’s
statewide goals.                              training on best practices for supporting         to change the landscape of Alzheimer’s as
                                              their targeted families and individuals           we know it.
Early Stage Classes
                                              coping with Alzheimer’s disease and               With great progress being made, early
Early Stage memory Loss Education and         related dementias.                                detection matters a great deal. It provides
Support classes are starting up again.                                                          time to plan for the future. There are
                                              Participants learn that Alzheimer’s is the
This 10-week education series will                                                              multiple benefits:
                                              most common form of dementia, a group
feature professional speakers from the
                                              of conditions that gradually destroy brain        • Early detection translates into a better
southern Utah community including a
                                              cells and lead to progressive decline               quality of life for a longer period of time.
neurologist, an attorney, social workers, a
                                              in mental function. Vascular dementia,            • In the early stages of Alzheimer's disease,
Medicaid consultant, nursing professionals                                                        individuals still have an ability to under-
                                              another common form, results from
and more. The class size is limited to 20                                                         stand their symptoms and make decisions
                                              reduced blood flow to the brain’s nerve
people, including care persons with                                                               regarding treatment, care and planning.
                                              cells. In some cases, Alzheimer’s disease
memory loss and their primary care part-                                                        • Those who are diagnosed correctly have
                                              and vascular dementia can occur together
ners. To participate in the class, contact                                                        more time to participate in clinical trials
                                              in a condition called “mixed dementia.”
LuAnn Lundquist at (435) 628-8656.                                                                that lead to new treatments.
                                              Other causes of dementia include
Community of Care                             frontotemporal dementia, dementia with            Can early detection lead to activity and
In rural southern Utah, communities care      Lewy bodies, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease            treatment that can reduce Utah’s high
for one another. That is the mantra that      and Parkinson’s disease.                          dementia prevalence? Yes! Even before
the Community of Care program is based                                                          diagnosis, treatment and medications;
                                              Caring for a loved one with dementia
on. Community of Care services provide                                                          exercise and healthy lifestyle changes can
                                              has been called the most difficult job in         reduce one’s risk for Alzheimer’s. Contact
training to family members, friends and       America. Yes, the job of being President          the Utah Chapter at 801-265-1944 to learn
associates of the family or person dealing    of the United States has become more              how and join our Cognasium movement
with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.         difficult in trying times, but in our             (gymnasium for the brain) to prevent
Interested and committed persons or           difficult economy, so has the job of being        Alzheimer’s. Early detection matters!
congregations are organized and receive                                 continued on page 11

 Inside this issue:
Still Alice             Cognasium                                     New Early Stage Program    10 million baby boomers   Gala

                                               & Tributes
Message from the                                                                                          BOARD OF
Executive Director                                                                                        DIRECTORS
Dear Friends of the Alzheimer’s                          In 2008, 1,510 families statewide were          ALZHEIMER’S
Association Utah Chapter,                             supported by the Chapter through Care
                                                      Consultation. Care consultants work with
   It seems like I just started with the
Utah Chapter, but already five months
                                                      families in a collegial fashion to help iden-     UTAH CHAPTER
                                                      tify personal strengths, as well as resources
have flown by since I assumed my new
                                                      within the family system, health plan, and           2008-2009
responsibilities. It has been an exhilarating
                                                      community. Statewide, we expanded to 43
journey so far and continues to become                                                                            PRESIDENT
                                                      successfully functioning support groups and
more fulfilling with each passing week.                                                                            Janet Wood
                                                      our goal is 50 support groups by June 30.
My first challenge was to learn the
                                                      Volunteer hours contributed toward programs               VICE PRESIDENT
Alzheimer’s jargon, including acronyms                and services, i.e., support group facilitators,             Paul Fairholm
such as SCI, MCI, PWD, PCG, ADDGS,                    care consultants, respite volunteers and work-
CC, DAAS, AAA (and here I thought up                                                                             TREASURER
                                                      shop presenters, totaled 10,805 hours in 2008,            Aaron Abendroth
‘till now AAA referred to an organization             an increase of 32% over the previous year.
in the automotive world). Suffice it to say                                                                      SECRETARY
my cognitive acquisition skills have been                Even though substantial progress has                    David Peterson
put to the test and my learning curve                 been made in providing services to more                    DIRECTORS
continues to move upward.                             people across the state than ever before,                    James Alder
                                                      we have only scratched the surface, with                   Dr. Joseph Diaz
  I feel honored to work with one of the              the realization that a vast majority of the                   Jose Fojas
most professional and dedicated staffs it             40,000 people in Utah with Alzheimer’s                     Bob Giacovelli
has been my pleasure to be associated                 or other dementia disorders have not                     Rev. Nurjahn Govan
with in my long career. We are small in               used the services we and our care partners                  Donna Kelsey
numbers, but big in our commitment to                 provide. In 2009, look for us to do a                       Lance Hassell
provide the services and programs so                  better job in “getting the word out” so                  Hooper Knowlton III
greatly needed by persons and families                that we can serve even more individuals                  Dr. Michael Madsen
affected by this insidious disease.                   and families in more counties across the                      Erik Stern
                                                                                                                   Steven Tracy
  We recognize that much of the credit                state. Also look for more special events,
                                                                                                                Ellie van de Velde
for the progress we have made in providing            including five Memory Walks in Logan,
                                                      Provo, St. George, Ogden and Salt Lake                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
program services to more people than ever                                                                         Jack Jenks
                                                      City and two Gala celebrations, including
before goes to the hundreds of volunteers
                                                      a brand new Gala in St. George.                        PROGRAM DIRECTOR
enthusiastically supporting the Alzheimer’s
                                                                                                                 Nick Zullo
Association mission. These volunteers                   Stop by our offices in Murray or St.
                                                      George, or our Resource Center which is           FINANCE DIRECTOR/OFFICE MANAGER
as well as our wonderful Primary Care
                                                      capably managed by the Bear River Area                        Melissa Lee
Givers are our unsung heroes, many
of whom, I have had the pleasure of                   Agency on Aging in Logan - and we’ll              SOUTHERN UTAH REGION MANAGER
meeting. To a person, they are upbeat                 share some ways you can help too.                        LuAnn Lundquist
and firmly engaged in the cause.                                                                             SOUTHERN UTAH
                                                                                    Jack Jenks
                                                                                                           COMMUNITY OUTREACH
                                                                                                               Mitzi Sullivan
                         NOW, you may choose to receive the Chapter Newsletter                                   David Larsen
                         by email! This will make our services more cost effective.                         EVENTS COORDINATOR
                         Please send your email address to                                 Tamisa Burns
                         Otherwise, you will continue to receive the Newsletter by                        HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS
                         mail. Also, please let us know if you ever wish to discontinue                     Princess Yasmin Aga Khan
                         the Newsletter. We do not provide email or mailing addresses                             Lonnie Wollin
                         outside the Chapter office.
                         Thank you for your help in this effort.

2    Salt Lake Gala on February 21 / St. George Gala on May 1 / Join us!
 Support Groups:                                                      SUPPORT & EDUCATION GROUPS
                                                                      THE ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION – UTAH CHAPTER
                                                                                                                                                 Still Alice
 Support and education groups are forums for caregivers, family members, and friends to express feelings
 and concerns, share practical techniques, gain education and network with others about Alzheimer’s disease                                      Tells Younger Onset Story
 and dementia. Groups are free and open to the public. Check our website for updates:

AMERICAN FORK                                   LOGAN                                           SANDY
American Fork Senior Center                     Sunshine Terrace                                Alta Ridge Assisted Living
94 East Main                                    345 North 200 West                              1360 East 9400 South
Meet: 2nd Wednesday at noon                     Meet: 3rd Tuesday at 5 P.M.                     Meet: 2nd Saturday at 10A.M.
Contact: Stephanie Puffer (801) 836-4357        (Please RSVP, dinner served)                    Contact: Lindsay Fredrickson 571-1010
Geri Lenhardt (801) 229-3814                    Free on-site respite available
                                                Contact: Denise Ames at (435) 752-9321          Sunrise at Sandy
BOUNTIFUL                                                                                       “Family Gathering”
Orchard Cove Assisted Living                    MIDVALE                                         2130 E. 9400 S.
485 East 500 South                              Canyon Creek                                    Meet: 4th Thursday at 6:30 P.M.
Meet: Every Thursday at 3 P.M.                  7235 South Union Park                           Contact: Debbie Highsmith at (801) 453-9600
Contact: Claire Roberts at (801) 299-4800       Meet: 2nd Thursday at 5:30 P.M.
or Jean Weinberger at 299-7878                  Contact: Brandon Peterson at                    Frontotemporal Dementia Support Group
                                                (801) 568-9909                                  Sandy Senior Center
                                                                                                                                                     till Alice is a novel about the descent
Brigham City Senior Center
24 North 300 West
Meet: 2nd Thursday at 6 P.M.
                                                Milford Senior Center
                                                410 North 100 West
                                                                                                9310 South 1300 East
                                                                                                Meet: 2nd Wednesday at 10:00 AM
                                                                                                Contact: Bonnie Shepherd at (801) 231-3442
                                                                                                                                                 S   of a 50-year-old university professor
                                                                                                                                                 diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s
(Please RSVP, light dinner is served)           P.O. Box 206 Milford, UT 84751                  SOUTH JORDAN
                                                                                                South Jordan Senior Center
General Group                                   Meet: 2nd Tuesday at 10 A.M.
                                                                                                South Jordan Senior Center on Redwood Rd.
                                                                                                                                                 disease, and has just been re-released
Meet: 2nd Wednesday from 10 AM – 2 P.M.         Contact: Betty Jiminez at (435) 387-2698
Free on-site respite is provided. AD Group      MURRAY
                                                                                                Meet: Every 3rd Tuesday at 10AM                  nationwide and in 14 other countries.
Contact: Vickie Wright at (435) 723-3303                                                        Contact: Kathi Yap (801) 598-4768
                                                ABC’s of Memory Loss
CEDAR CITY                                      855 E. 4800 S. Ste. 100                         ST. GEORGE
                                                                                                Cliff View Senior Living
                                                                                                                                                     The Alzheimer’s Association assisted
Emerald Pointe Assisted Living                  Alzheimer’s Assoc. Conference Room
995 Regency Road, Second Floor                  Meet: Call for more information                 134 West 2025 South Circle                       author Lisa Genova with her research,
Meet: 2nd Friday at 2 P.M.                      Contact: Kathy Moran at 1-800-272-3900          Meet: 2nd Thursday at 2 P.M.
Free on-site respite avail. w/ 1 week notice                                                    Contact: LuAnn Lundquist at (435) 628-8656       which included interviews with several
                                                Hispanic Dementia Caregiver Support Group
Contact: Josh Edwards at (435) 867-0055         855 E. 4800 S. Ste. 100                         Kolob Care & Rehab                               members of past Early Stage Advisory
COTTONWOOD HTS                                  Alzheimer’s Assoc. Conference Room              178 S. 1200 E.
The Coventry                                    Meet: TBA                                       Meet: 3rd Thursday @ Noon                        Groups. The Alzheimer’s Association is
                                                Contact: David Larsen at 1-801-529-8238         FREE LUNCH SERVED
6898 South 2300 East
                                                                                                Contact: LuAnn Lundquist at (435) 628-8656       also featured prominently in the book’s plot.
Meet: 2nd Tuesday at 1:30 P.M.                  Dementia Care Professionals Support Group
Contact: Barbara Hallstrom (801) 282-5903       Alzheimer’s Association Conference Room         Red Cliffs Care & Rehab
                                                855 East 4800 South, Ste 100                    1745 E. 280 N.                                        In addition, the Association
Neighborhood House @
Cottonwood Presbyterian                         Meet: Last Friday of the month at 2PM           Meet: Last Wednesday of month @ 2:00 PM          worked with Genova, who also blogs
1580 Vine St. (1600 South)                      Contact: Debbie Highsmith at 453-9600           Contact: LuAnn Lundquist at (435) 628-8656
Meet: 1st & 3rd Thursday at 10 A.M.             “Maintain Your Brain” Classes                   TAYLORSVILLE                                     at, to create the Still Alice
Contact: Dini Droguett at 942-1453              Alzheimer’s Association Conference Room         Legacy House of Taylorsville
                                                Meet: 4th Wednesday at 5PM.                     6305 South Gold Medal Dr.
                                                                                                                                                 discussion guide, specifically for people
Millard County Care Center                      OGDEN
                                                                                                Meet: 1st Thursday at 6:00 PM                    living with Alzheimer’s. The guide, the first
150 South White Sage Avenue                                                                     Contact: Michelle at (801) 327-8400
Meet: 1st Wednesday at 4 P.M.
                                                Emeritus Estates (North end of Ogden)
                                                1340 North Washington Blvd                      TOOELE
                                                                                                                                                 of its kind, is intended to help people with
Contact: Sandra Wood at (435) 864-2944          Meet: 2nd Tuesday at 6 P.M.                     Cottage Glen Assisted Living                     the disease use Alice’s story to connect
                                                Free on-site respite available                  1892 Aaron Drive, Activities Center
Wentworth at Draper
                                                Contact: Lillian LaMarr at (801) 737-1230       Meet: 3rd Tuesday at 2:30 PM                     with their experience and explain it to
                                                                                                Contact: Frank Reed at (435) 882-2870
1163 South 700 East                             Mountain Ridge Assisted Living
                                                                                                Ext. 130                                         others. The guide is available on our
Meet: 3rd Tuesday at 1 P.M.                     1885 E. Skyline Drive
Free on-site respite available.                 South Ogden, Utah 84403                         WEST JORDAN                                      website, or by contacting any
Contact: Monica Herricks at (801) 523-9393      Meet: 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 P.M.                West Jordan Senior Center
                                                Free onsite respite available                   Meet: Every 4th Monday at 10AM                   Chapter office, in Logan, Salt Lake City, or
HEBER CITY                                      Contact: Monica Swander at (801) 475-5111
Wasatch Senior Center                                                                           Contact: Kathi Yap at (801) 598-4768             St. George.
“Caregivers Night Out”                          PRICE                                           WEST HAVEN
465 East 1200 South                             Active Re-Entry                                 Peachtree Place Assisted Living
Meet: 2nd Thursday each month at 4 p.m.         10 South Fairgrounds Road                       4607 South Midland Drive
                                                                                                                                                     The new edition of Still Alice is available
Contacts: Linda Morrison 435-783-5708           (Alzheimer’s and general caregiver group)       West Haven, UT 84401                             at,,
and David Larsen at 800-272-3900                Meet: 4th Wednesday of the month at 3:30 P.M.   Meet: 4th Wednesday at 7:00 P.M.
                                                Contact: Lisa Perla or Richard Jewkes           Contact: Jenny Francis at (801) 686-3678         through major retailers and the Green-Field
Mount Olympus Senior Center                     at (435) 637-4950
1635 East Murray - Holladay Rd.                 PROVO
                                                                                                WEST VALLEY CITY                                 Library, of which the Utah Chapter is a
Meet: 3rd Tuesday at 10 A.M.                                                                    Pioneer Valley
Contact: Christine Kramer at (801) 747-2100
                                                Courtyard at Jamestown                          Hospital- ask desk help                          branch. It is also available locally at Sam
                                                Assisted Living                                 3460 S. Pioneer Pkwy
Silverado Senior Living                         3352 North 100 East                             Meet: 2nd Thursday at 6 P.M.                     Weller’s Zion Bookstore in Salt Lake and
1430 E. 4500 S.                                 Meet: 3rd Wednesday at 6:30 P.M.                Contact: Diana Cook at (435) 849-2440
Meet: 1st Thursday at 6:00 P.M.                 Contact: Mindy Hill at (801) 377-3730                                                            at all Barnes and Noble locations in Utah.
Contact: Kema Hobbs at (801) 272-8000
HURRICANE                                       Richfield Care Center                                                                                 The Utah Chapter encourages
Hurricane Rehabilitation Center                 83 East 1100 North
416 North State Street                          Meet: 2nd Wednesday at 10 A.M.                                                                   Alzheimer’s caregivers and younger onset
                                                Contact: Caren Liebelt at (435) 896-8211
Meet: 1st Thursday at 11:00 A.M.
Contact: LaTonya Heaton at
                                                                                                                                                 dementia caregivers, in particular, to use the
                                                SALT LAKE CITY
(435) 635-9833                                  Brunch Bunch                                                                                     Still Alice re-release and discussion guide in
KANAB                                           Meet: 2nd Tuesday at 10:30 A.M.                                                                  support groups and in book club gatherings.
The Kanab Senior Center has offered to          At various Salt Lake restaurants
bus participants to St. George to attend a      Contact: Nick Zullo at (801) 265-1944
support group the last Wednesday of the         Brighton Gardens “Dementia Care                                                                      The Utah Chapter will be holding
month at Red Cliffs Care & Rehab.               Education Group”. 76 S. 500 E.
                                                Meet: 4th Wednesday at 6:30 P.M.
                                                                                                                                                 public discussions on the book. Contact
                                                Contact: Alicia Hadley at (801) 359-0050                                                         the Chapter for dates and locations.   ■
                                               Salt Lake Gala on February 21 / St. George Gala on May 1 / Join us!                           3
The Cognasium Movement:
Is There Such a Thing As a Gymnasium for the Brain?                                               More Than Half
                                               Our proposal suggests the following six           of Long-Term Care
                                               ways of acting to improve brain health:        Residents Have Dementia
                                               1. Awareness (learn, attend a workshop)
                                               2. Nutrition                                   Producing a Demand for
                                               3. Exercise
                                               4. Social engagement
                                                                                               Training by Dementia
                                               5. Cognitive activity                               Care Providers
                                                    (“Maintain Your Brain” program)
                                               6. Relaxation or respite
                                                    (especially stress reduction)                Caring for individuals with
   A Cognasium is a gymnasium for the brain                                                   dementia requires specialized skills
  because we now know exercise improves health Cognasium is any place or activity in
     from the neck up as well as the neck down which these 6 actions occur by intent.         and exceptional sensitivity. The Utah
                                               It is therefore, first and foremost, a state   Chapter provides a national training
It’s called a Cognasium, a gymnasium           of mind. It may engender a cultural            program that gives care professionals
for the brain. Cog- or cognition is from t     awakening.                                     hands-on practices based on the latest
he Latin root meaning “to know” or “to                                                        research and expert evidence in the
                                               Cognasium is for everyone in Utah. We
recognize.” We would imagine a Cognasium                                                      dementia care field. This program is
                                               invite all Utahn’s to adopt the Cognasium
is to the brain what the traditional fitness
                                               concept in their lives. To avert what has      supported by leading health and senior
center is to the body. We would substitute
                                               been called an impending Alzheimer’s           care organizations. It is known as
lack of cognition and recognition for lack
                                               epidemic, we would do well to reinforce        Foundations of Dementia Care.
of coordination and stamina.
                                               and motivate each other through a grass-
Cognasium is about prevention of memory roots movement toward brain health.                       Studies show that staff trained
loss and improving brain health as gymnasium How does such a movement get started?            specifically in dementia care are able
is about prevention of muscle loss and         Astronaut William Anders, aboard the           to provide a better quality of life for
improving physical health. Ironically, what first manned space flight to the moon,            residents and have increased confidence,
we do for the body from the neck down is       took a photograph of the entire earth
what is needed from the neck up. Good
                                                                                              productivity and job satisfaction.
                                               beyond the horizon of the moon. It is said
heart health results in good brain health.     to be the most influential environmental          The Utah Chapter has been
Once we know that and care about that,         photograph ever taken because it inspired      committed to improving care for
convinced that we can prevent memory           the Earth Day movement. A certain              people with dementia for more than
loss and reduce the risk for, delay the onset critical mass is necessary to develop a con-    25 years. Providers trust our staff with
of, and minimize the impact of possible        cept, even a new word such as Cognasium.       unmatched training and care practices
Alzheimer’s disease someday, our com-                                                         that will improve the residential
munity- or home-gymnasium becomes,
for us, a Cognasium. This should be new
                                                      This then is a call to arms.            environment for everyone. Families
                                                                                              choosing quality residential care for
motivation to stay in shape for life.                    Won’t you join us?                   their loved one with dementia will in
By inventing our new term, are we really
returning to the old meaning? To truly            The first action is, awareness.             turn trust organizations who have
envision a world without Alzheimer’s                                                          received the Foundations of Dementia
do we need to envision a Cognasium for                  Find out what a                       Care training.
our modern world? At the Alzheimer’s
Association Utah Chapter, we say “yes.”               Cognasium is for you.                       The following organizations have
                                                                                              completed training or are receiving
The Utah Chapter recently posed the
question, in effect, to the United States                                                     training at this time in Utah:
                                                View our website at
Administration on Aging. It turns out, the     and go to the Cognasium link.                  • Caregiver Support Network
AoA agreed. Thanks to the collaboration        Participate soon in a “Maintain Your           • First Choice Home Health and Hospice
of the Utah Division of Aging and Adult        Brain” workshop. Email the Utah                • Garden Terrace Alzheimer’s Center
Services, the Utah Chapter received an         Chapter at Tell us what
innovation grant for nearly $300,000 to                                                         of Excellence
                                               you are doing to maintain your brain.          • Legacy House Bountiful
develop the concept of Cognasium in Utah We will share your ideas along with
over the next 18 months, a word we                                                            • Legacy House Logan
                                               others’ ideas on the Cognasium link.
invented in the grant proposal to mean                                                        • Legacy House Ogden
“acting to improve one’s brain health.”        We look forward to hearing from you!      ■    • Legacy House Taylorsville

4   Salt Lake Gala on February 21 / St. George Gala on May 1 / Join us!
What Does the Alzheimer’s Association Do?
Core Services to Families
Coping with Dementia
Utah’s Alzheimer’s population is expected
to reach 32,000 by 2010 – a 45% increase
in the first decade of the new millennium.
According to a past issue of Neurology, in
15 additional years, the Utah Alzheimer’s
population will have grown to 50,000. A
127% increase by the year 2025, the highest
in the nation. Recognizing that Alzheimer’s
disease is about 70% of all dementias, there
could be 70,000 Utahn’s requiring dementia
care by then, including vascular dementia,
frontotemporal dementia, Lewy body
dementia and other mixed forms of
                                                                    services are accessible
                                                       24/7 Chapterthe Chapter website. Callthrough Helpline
                                                            and on                           or connect today!
dementia. Utah Chapter programs and
                                                   forms. Education and support are the            notification statewide area conferences for
services are designed to help persons with
                                                   purpose for such groups. There are support      the medical community, eldercare providers,
Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
                                                   groups throughout the state and no              families and early stage individuals.
confront Utah’s growing prevalence. Since
                                                   individual, caregiver or family should          Safety Services
caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s
                                                   attempt this journey alone.
disease is perhaps one of the biggest                                                              Recently, a couple attended a home game
commitments a person can face, Chapter             Information and Referrals                       of the Utah Jazz. One of them went for a
staff and volunteers are ready to help             The Utah Chapter works in a collegial           refreshment, became disoriented, and was
each day. Prevention and preparation are           manner with eldercare and Alzheimer’s           lost until found by her equally frantic
also key Chapter priorities.                       providers throughout the state. Each year       husband. In the early stages, 6 in 10 wander
Helpline                                           thousands of referrals simplify the difficult   with Alzheimer’s. Our MedicAlert+Safe
                                                   challenge for families of discovering what      Return program is an identification program
Caregiving is filled with emotional stress
                                                   resources are available in the community.       with bracelet or other insignia and toll-free
and hard work, but it can also be meaningful
                                                   When memory loss is the primary issue, or       access to the service 24 hours a day, 7 days
and rewarding. Sometimes families can feel
                                                   collateral concern with other illnesses,        a week. Our Jazz fans came to the Utah
isolated and may not know where to turn
                                                   contact the Chapter for information and         Chapter, enrolled in Safe Return and not
for help. The Helpline is a statewide, toll-free
                                                   referrals. Physician referrals, diagnostic      only have the identification program in
number, 800-272-3900. Anyone can call
                                                   referrals, home-based and community-            place, but also, receive Chapter support,
24-hours a day and speak to a consultant,
                                                   based care options, behavioral care, and        educational materials and the national Safe
and access our website at
                                                   day respite are included. The Chapter does      and Sound newsletter as well.
Care Consultation                                  not endorse any service or product, but         Research and Advocacy
The purpose of the Alzheimer’s Association         is a resource for decision-making.
                                                                                                   Although there is no cure for Alzheimer’s,
is to help families cope with all aspects of       Consumer Education                              there are strategies, therapies, and treat-
the disease through information, education,
                                                   This newsletter, the Chapter website, books     ments that can help manage the disease.
support, and advocacy. The gateway to
                                                   and media library, Caregiver Guidebook,         The Alzheimer’s Association can be a
these services is Care Consultation. By
                                                   Caregiver Well-Being Kit, and other free        guide and a support to persons with
telephone, in person visit at the Alzheimer’s
                                                   publications provide a solid dementia care      Alzheimer’s disease and their families as
office or in one’s home, by email or in
                                                   education and answers to key questions:         they learn about options and begin to plan
community-based settings, extensive planning
                                                   What is Alzheimer’s? What is the impact         for the future. Combined with our sister
and decisional support are provided.
                                                   on families? What progress has been made        Chapters and the national Association, we
Support Groups                                     in scientific research? What do experts         are the largest private source of funding for
Caregiver support groups, support groups           believe about being able to prevent the         Alzheimer’s research, and we provide
for individuals in the early symptomatic           disease? How do we maintain brain health?       national and local advocacy to improve
period of dementia, those concerned about          How do we partner with our doctor? What         outcomes for individuals with Alzheimer’s
other dementias, and those coping with             about diagnosis? Can we join a clinical         disease and related dementias and their
younger onset dementia are the various             trial? See, also, our website and look for      families. ■
                                                                               Salt Lake Gala on February 21 / St. George Gala on May 1 / Join us!   5
    Circle of Donors
    Donations from June 1 through December 31, 2008
                                                                   We express sincere appreciation for these generous donations. With people like
                                                                   you, there is hope for the world without Alzheimer’s disease, but until then, there
                                                                   is hope and support for those coping with this devastating disease.

       Alfred & Francis Ross Foundation                         Equitable Life & Casualty                        Legacy House Taylorsville
                Alpine of Ogden                                      Garden Terrace                               Roy & Ramona Lawson
                  Apple Village                             Haynie & Company/ Dave Peterson                     Sorenson Legacy Foundation
                Barbara Swenson                                 Janice & Robert Hinckley                           TeamSage Productions
             Brown Shoe Company                                   Joan & Donald Basco                                 United Way Dixie
             Cache Valley Electric                                     Joyce Harris                               United Way Iron County
        Canyonlands Lutheran Church                               Keith & Patricia Bailey                        Utah Families Foundation
               Castle Foundation                                   Kindred Healthcare                                Walmart St. George
             Cliffview Senior Living                        Kindred/ St. George Care & Rehab                        Walmart Store #1439
         Community Health Charities                                Kolob Care & Rehab                               Wasatch Care Center
              Coral Desert Rehab                                      Laura Watkins                                Wasatch Valley Rehab
           Danville Support Services                            Legacy House of Bountiful                  Western States Retirement Communities
             David & Hanne Duke                                  Legacy House of Ogden                              Wheeler Foundation

           Alta Ridge Assisted Living                               Hurricane Rehab                                 Senior Care Advisors
            At Home Personal Care                                     Jeanne Oki                                Senior Management Concepts
                    Avalon                                Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough                         Silverado Senior Living
              Beehive Home Care                                   Ken & Luann Nelson                              Superior Care Pharmacy
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    I Can’t Remember Names
    – Do I Have Alzheimer’s?
 A New Chapter Program May Help

    With the medical community’s increasing understanding
of the brain, it is now believed to be normal for aging to be
accompanied by: mild memory loss concerning recent events,
mild difficulty recalling names, misplacing objects, and slowed
thinking (taking longer to find the answers to questions).
    When memory loss progresses over time, and interferes with
normal life, it goes beyond what would be expected as a part of
normal aging. At this point, it may be evidence of a progressive
memory loss disorder, or a “dementia.” There are different
                                                                           The Alzheimer's Disease Supportive
types of dementias, with different causes. Alzheimer’s disease
is one type of dementia accounting for as much as 70% of                   Services Program is based on mounting
all dementias.                                                             research that says we can reduce our
    Because of the lack of known cures for dementias, people               risk for Alzheimer's disease
often think that there is nothing to be done about memory
loss. That can be dangerous thinking. Having memory loss that
                                                                              In answer to the question, “I Can’t Remember Names –
is beyond normal aging doesn’t mean that a person is suffering
                                                                          Do I Have Alzheimer’s?” the Utah Chapter recommends that
from a dementia. There are many other conditions that can
                                                                          you answer this way: “Not necessarily – and I’m going to see
cause memory loss, including thyroid disease, Parkinson’s, and
                                                                          my family doctor right away to check it out.”
even vitamin deficiencies. When memory loss develops rapidly
                                                                              You can also answer by saying, “I will call the Utah Chapter
(commonly called “Delirium”), it is usually caused by medication
                                                                          of the Alzheimer’s Association.” The Utah Chapter can help
effect, or an infection or other medical condition. In many
                                                                          with early memory loss concerns because it is the recipient of a
cases, if such a condition is caught early and treated, the
                                                                          federal grant from the Administration on Aging and the Utah
memory loss can be reversed or at least halted.
                                                                          Division of Aging and Adult Services that allows the Chapter
    How can you tell the difference between a dementia and a
                                                                          to provide Alzheimer’s Disease Supportive Services to Utahn’s
different cause of memory loss? It’s often very difficult. Don’t
                                                                          concerned about memory loss in early stage. If you or someone
try to diagnose this yourself. When you see memory loss that
                                                                          you know is experiencing challenges with memory, however
interferes with normal life, involve the family doctor and don’t
                                                                          slight, contact the Chapter to find out if you qualify for this
delay. Waiting may reduce the chances of effective treatment
                                                                          program. All participants and their caregivers will receive services
for a non-dementia condition. The doctor should obtain some
                                                                          at no cost including screenings, care consultation, education and
tests to search for possible medical causes of forgetfulness
                                                                          a guide to develop one’s own Cognasium.
(such as vitamin B12 deficiency, hypothyroidism or other
                                                                              As part of Cognasium, which is your individualized brain fitness
cause). The doctor will then treat any abnormal findings.
                                                                          program, you may be able to receive a product called MindFit.
Medications can cause forgetfulness and that can be reversed
                                                                          Backed by years of neurocognitive research, MindFit provides
or stopped.
                                                                          custom tailored brain exercises, particularly for senior adults;
    If there is any evidence of depression or other psychiatric
                                                                          and has been shown to significantly improve attention, memory,
symptoms, a psychiatric evaluation should be pursued.
                                                                          driving skills and other cognitive abilities. In a comparative study
Depression and other psychiatric disorders can often lead to
                                                                          by the Wall Street Journal, MindFit was found to be the best
decreased concentration, and can appear like a dementia, but
                                                                          computer-based program in its class for brain fitness.
often can be reversed with treatment.
                                                                               Since physical exercise is so important for brain health
    Continue to have follow-up evaluations with the family
                                                                          and it’s hard to get out during winter months, contact the Utah
doctor to monitor for any change (improvement or worsening)
                                                                          Chapter for a 30-40% discount on Utah’s ICON Fitness products
in the forgetfulness with time and treatment of any underlying
                                                                          including Proform, treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals.
medical problems. The Utah Chapter can assist with strategies
                                                                          A portion of the proceeds will support the Utah Chapter.
for partnering with the doctor, obtaining a referral for a diagnosis
                                                                          Contact the Chapter for more information on early detection
or becoming involved with early stage clinical trials.
                                                                          and response to memory loss.    ■
8   Salt Lake Gala on February 21 / St. George Gala on May 1 / Join us!
10 Million Baby Boomers Face Alzheimer’s:
How Will We Care for Them in the Future?
A recent report to Congress predicts 10 million American baby
boomers will develop Alzheimer’s disease in their lifetime. This
translates to 1 out of every 8 boomers. This number is particularly
significant because these include people who are now just
approaching the age of highest risk for Alzheimer’s, age 65. Some of
these people are already developing the disease.
Anita Steins recently celebrated her 62nd birthday and is nearing the
milestone of retirement. She is a Utah Chapter volunteer and posed
questions to caregivers and care professionals that will be asked at
area conferences in Utah in 2009, “Have I prepared for my own care
someday? Have I made the right investment decisions? Will my                     For many, long-term care insurance is
assets be protected? Can I live well as I live longer? What is the             key to a quality lifestyle in the golden years
best way to protect my future? Is there something I haven’t done?”
Chapter care consultants almost daily assist families find long term     Typically, long-term care is not covered by “regular” insurance, and
care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. Choices              most people don’t have long-term care insurance. That should change
regarding care settings today are limited by financial choices made      if the Chapter’s educational efforts are effective. More Utahn’s
yesterday. Now is the time for 10 million baby boomers to ask            through education will prepare for the future through acquisition of
Anita’s questions for their own well-being.                              long-term care insurance. Awareness of the potential devastation
The growing Alzheimer’s epidemic will have a huge impact on              of this disease should lead to prevention and preparation efforts.
boomer’s lives, their families, and the nation’s health-care system. Anita’s Questions should become a priority. Anita has been a nurse
Most people with Alzheimer’s are eligible                                                    and administrator of long term care facilities for
for Medicare, so the burgeoning                                                              nearly 40 years. She has dedicated her career to
number of Alzheimer’s patients will put
a major strain on the federal health
                                                   “  The growing Alzheimer’s                caring for seniors. “I assisted them in under-
                                               epidemic will have a huge impact on standing their healthcare options and to
insurance program. Medicare spends                                                           prepare for the life changes that aging and illness
three times as much money on a person           boomer’s lives, their families, and
                                                                                             can bring. Sadly I watched as chronic illness
with Alzheimer’s and other dementias
than for the average Medicare recipient.
                                                the nation’s health-care system.     ”       and disease robbed so many seniors of their
                                                                                             hard earned assets and severely limited their
The higher costs occur because                                                               choices for care. Ultimately, many only had
Alzheimer’s complicates the treatment of other medical conditions Medicaid to rely on for future care and services,” she said. Prevention
such as diabetes and heart disease. People with Alzheimer’s live an and preparation are two battle fronts until we find a cure.
average of 8 years, but they can live more than 20 years, placing an
additional strain on the health-care system.                            Anita now works as a professional geriatric care manager for Equitable
                                                                        Life and Casualty Insurance Company, a 75-year old Utah-based com-
In this newsletter, the themes of awareness, early detection pany that supports the Chapter’s efforts to educate caregivers and
and prevention have been prominent. Much has been written boomers and persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.
about living a healthier, more active, and better educated lifestyle to Equitable recently became a major sponsor of this year’s annual Chapter
delay the development of the disease until the end of the natural Gala. Anita counsels seniors who have purchased long-term care
lifespan. Research supports this effort. We call this the Cognasium insurance in planning for and maximizing their quality of life while
concept. In the meantime, research is promising medications that receiving care in their environment of choice. Contact the Chapter for
will alter the course of the illness. So until we cure Alzheimer’s in a copy of the report to Congress, the “2008 Facts and Figures
the long term, we want to delay the disability in the near term.        on Alzheimer’s Disease” and to learn of upcoming area conferences on
Coupled with the theme of prevention, however, is the need for prevention and preparation. See the Chapter website at for
preparation – preparing for the financial impacts of acquiring the caregiver resources, the CareFinder website at
best possible care – if the disease strikes and until it can be to assess needs and coordinate care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s
eliminated. While most families care for their Alzheimer’s loved disease, and for information on long-term care
ones at home, ultimately people with Alzheimer’s disease end up insurance and over a dozen sources of related information. Contact
in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Utah’s Alzheimer’s care a Chapter care consultant for additional assistance. The Chapter
 facilities are growing in numbers. How does one afford them? The provides information and referrals but does not endorse any specific
current economic downturn punctuates the need for preparation. product or service.           ■
                                                                              Salt Lake Gala on February 21 / St. George Gala on May 1 / Join us!   9
           Become a                                                         Clinical Trials at the University Of Utah
                                                                             Center for Alzheimer’s Care, Imaging
         Brain Builder                                                       And Research Can Make a Difference
      Participate in a Research                                                      Now and in the Future
       Study at LDS Hospital                                                    If you saw the final episodes of Boston Legal, a popular
                                                                           prime time television drama, you know that William
                                ack has Alzheimer’s

                                                                           Shatner’s character, Denny Crane, had been diagnosed
                                 and up until recently                     with Alzheimer’s, was in early stage, was aware of his
                               he could still drive.                       memory loss, mood changes and unusual behaviors, and
                          Right about the time that                        wanted to do something about it. He sought a promising
                          driving became problematic,                      trial medication to stabilize his behaviors and bring a
                          he became qualified to                           return to a sense of normalcy. Like the TV series, his
                          participate in the LDS                           approach was unorthodox, but his objective was exactly
                                                                           as anyone with Alzheimer’s would be – obtain the best
                          Hospital’s Brain Builders
                                                                           possible treatment, now!
 program of the Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Clinic.
 Losing his driving privilege left a huge void in his                           A recent Mayo clinic study found nearly a million
                                                                           Americans annually fall into the category of mild cognitive
 life and added to his wife’s burden as she now
                                                                           impairment, of which nearly 40 percent may go on to
 provides transportation for his wanderlust. She
                                                                           develop more serious memory impairment. Researchers
 noted, however, that it is all worth it to see his                        at the Center for Alzheimer’s Care Imaging and Research
  involvement with the Brain Builders program.                             at the University of Utah are exploring new ways for the
 Why? Because she believes exercise to be one                              early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, to help doctors
 of those treatments that can help keep those with                         determine which medications would be most appropriate
 Alzheimer’s as sharp as they are now for as long                          for individuals in the early stages.
 as possible.                                                                   If you or someone you know is experiencing challenges
 Dr. Joseph Diaz is a senior researcher and                                with your memory, however slight, or reduced mental
 methodologist for the Brain Builders Alzheimer’s                          energy, contact the Chapter or view the Chapter website
 Research Program. His research is on the forefront                        at to find out how to qualify for one of a half
 of determining whether exercise is beneficial in the                      dozen Clinical trials at the Center for Alzheimer’s Care,
                                                                           Imaging and Research. The Center sets itself apart from
 treatment of memory loss. Jack has qualified for
                                                                           other Alzheimer’s programs nationwide by implementing
 the program and is enthusiastic about it. It has given
                                                                           its research successes in the clinic. “We have an opportunity
 him a purpose. He is deemed a volunteer for the                           to develop innovative approaches to dementia care,” Dr.
 program. His efforts along with others, under Diaz’                       Norman Foster, Center Director, says. “I am convinced
 direction, will help build the science behind the                         that now is the time to do this.”
 theories of exercise and memory loss.
                                                                                Participants can make a difference in their own lives
 Jack is no doubt enthused about the program                               through the clinical benefits of participating in research
 because he meets others, cheers them on and gets                          trials, and have the satisfaction of knowing they are
 encouragement from them as he works toward                                contributing to Alzheimer’s and dementia research
 building his brain and improving well-being. Once                         that could change lives in the future.
 he completes the program, he will graduates and                                A major goal of the Center for Alzheimer’s Care,
 schedule a one-on-one session with Diaz’ staff to                         Imaging and Research is conducting research to better
 hear about how his memory and thinking ability                            understand the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Using
 have changed since the beginning of his program                           advanced imaging techniques and Utah’s unique genetics
 over a period of several months.                                          resources, Dr. Foster and his colleagues are working to
                                                                           illuminate how specific changes in the brain correlate with
 To learn more, contact Dr. Diaz at LDS Hospital                           differences in patient behavior. Ultimately, this knowledge
 at 408-5459, or contact the Utah chapter for more                         will aid in the design of specialized treatments to combat
 information.    ■                                                         each form of the dementia.  ■
10   Salt Lake Gala on February 21 / St. George Gala on May 1 / Join us!
J    oin Annual Gala for Fun, Fundraising, and to Honor This Year’s Lifetime Achievement
     Honoree: Dr. Gerald Rothstein
     The Alzheimer’s Association Utah
Chapter has announced the recipient
                                             Association of Physicians, the Director
                                             of the International Congress of Geriatric
                                                                                               happy to learn that the Alzheimer’s
                                                                                               Association would be honoring Dr.
of the prestigious ALEXA Award – an          Oncology and was an invited panel                 Rothstein with this award,” says
award given to an individual who most        member of the American Society                    Theurer. “He is extremely deserving
exemplifies a lifetime of achievement        of Hematology, Workshop on                        of it.” Comments from other patients,
in the field of Alzheimer’s disease.         Anemia in the Elderly.                            family caregivers and professionals
This year’s award recipient is Doctor                                                          have echoed these same sentiments
Gerald Rothstein.                                 Says Gayle Theurer of Salt Lake
                                             City, who was thrust into the role of             of the Theurer’s.
    A popular lecturer, author and           Alzheimer’s caregiver for her husband,                 Doctor Rothstein will be honored
professor in geriatric care, Dr. Rothstein   Dr. David Theurer, “He’s exceptionally            at the 2009 Alzheimer’s Association
was the former Medical Director of           brilliant. We just bonded with him. He            Gala, which will be held on Saturday,
Garden Terrace Alzheimer’s Center            practices the way my husband did –                February 21, 2009, at 5:30 p.m., at the
of Excellence, an advisor to the Utah        emphasizing personal relationships.               Marriott Hotel. The keynote speaker is
Division of Aging and Adult Services         He’s kind and calm and very intuitive.”           LaVell Edwards. With the Alzheimer’s
and a former member of the Utah State
                                                  Theurer’s husband is in the early            Association Utah Chapter celebrating
Veterans Nursing, Planning Commit-
                                             stages of Alzheimer’s and is a patient            their 25th anniversary as a chapter here
tee. He also served as a member of the
American Geriatrics Society, Research        of Dr. Rothstein who, as with so many             in Utah, the theme for this year’s
Advisory Committee, along with nu-           Utahn’s through the years, has been               event is, “The Jazzy 20’s: An Evening
merous other associations and commit-        instrumental not only in his diagnosis            to Remember”. The public is invited
tees. Most recently, Dr. Rothstein           and treatment, but as a trusted guide             to participate. Tickets are available by
served as President of the Western           in a difficult journey. “We were very             calling 801-265-1944.     ■
Southern Utah Alzheimer’s Staff Meets High Demand for Services                              continued from page 1

a family Alzheimer’s caregiver. Com-            provide training and consultations in         Services. Stimulating activities and enter-
munity of Care has had great success in         the Iron County Area. The LDS                 tainment are provided for participants with
helping provide a feeling of inclusion          Church has approved the utilization of        dementia. Please contact the Chapter
and friendship in families that have            more couples in the St. George area           Southern Utah for information about
become isolated. This service is free
of charge and supported by professionals
                                                and the community awaits announce-            availability and qualifications. ■
                                                ment of these couples to join the cause.
and trained volunteers.

Dedicated Staff and Volunteers
                                             Support Groups
                                             Support Groups and caregiver training
                                                                                                 S PECIAL A NNOUNCEMENT
                                             are vital resources. Currently there are
Southern Utah caregivers are grateful to
the following staff and volunteers in
                                             Five Alzheimer’s Support Groups and
                                             two caregiver trainings scheduled in
                                                                                                  SOUTHERN UTAH IS HAVING
Utah’s southern Regional Office:
                                             Southwestern Utah. These are wonderful               ITS FIRST EVER GALA EVENT!
STAFF – LuAnn Lundquist is the full-         opportunities to learn how to improve
   time Regional Manager. Mitzi Sullivan                                                          It will be a wonderful evening with
                                             your caregiving environment and deal
   is the Community Outreach Coordi-         with challenging behaviors. Check the                delicious food and special treatment
   nator and Sharleen Rodgers manages        Support Group link for time and place on the         at American Idols in Concert.
   the United Way Dixie funded Respite       Utah Chapter website,
   program in St. George.
                                             Reminiscence Respite
                                                                                                  YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS
VOLUNTEERS – Sharyl Morgado is our                                                                THIS ONE SO SAVE THE DATE
   dedicated volunteer serving with the      Reminiscence Respite is an activity-based
   Easter Seals program.                     respite program that is free of charge to            – MAY 1, 2009.
                                             qualified participants in the St. George
                                             and Cedar City areas. It is supported by             Funds raised will support Southern
COMMUNITY OUTREACH                                                                                Utah programs and services.
VOLUNTEERS – Richard and Maralyn             a United Way Dixie and United Way of
  Dotson are Church Service Mission-         Iron County grant as well as the
                                             Alzheimer’s Disease Supportive Services              Contact the Southern Utah Office
  aries (CSM’s) from the Church of Jesus                                                          for details and to reserve seating.
                                             grant from the Administration on Aging
  Christ of Latter-day Saints. They          and the Utah Division of Aging and Adult

                                                                        Salt Lake Gala on February 21 / St. George Gala on May 1 / Join us!   11
                                                              The Utah Chapter is grateful to the
                                                               following corporate sponsors for
                                                                supporting outreach efforts and
                                                                our capacity to offer state-wide
                                                                    programs and services:


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(800) 272-3900

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