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Harmonic Trading Indicator – MetaTrader 4 Indicator


Latest news and information on ECN trading. We teach you how to choose your ECN broker, find information on MT4 bridge solutions to transparent trading, so you can access direct forex market easily.

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									All the indicators from Harmonic section forum

1. harmony indicators: here and here.

2. candelsticks reversal patterns indicator is here.

3. Price Patterns:
- Price Patterns (Gartley,Butterfly,Bat,...) explanation is here.
- Price Patterns by Suri Duddella: good public thread.

4. 5 pattern indicators posted here.

5. 1-2-3 Pattern indicator is here.

6. everything about candles, inside candles and custom candles: indicators.

7. color patterns (indicator helping to identify the patterns): here.

8. WolfWave_nen indicator is here,

9. Elliot Wave Indicators is here,

10. ZUP indicators:
- Zup v46 indicator with the instruction about how to use in English and Russian language,
- ZUP 58 with Gartley Patterns.
- ZUP 60.
Thanks nen.
- ZUP 62. Thanks nen and Poruchik (first lieutenant).
- ZUP_v63.
- ZUP_v64.
- ZUP_v65 with backtesting possibility. Fixing.
- ZUP_v66 Spiral.
- ZUP 67.
- ZUP 69.
- ZUP 73 + template 71 (8 ZUP 71).
- ZUP 75.
- ZUP 76.
- ZUP 76 mod from serr (onix).
- ZUP 76mod4
- ZUP_v77.
- ZUP_v78.
- ZUP_v78 updated 4.14.08 with template (thanks mlen77 and nen).
- ZUP_v78 updated 4.30.08 with template (thanks mlen77 and nen).
- all ZUP indicators in one post #76 (onix forum) incl ZUP RSI: linked post and original
onix forum page; the other ZUP on RSI download from this post.

11. WRR_ZUP_INFOv02 - ZUP Gartley Pattern Alerts and Screen Shots: good
indicator with documentation about how to use it. Created by WRR. Indicator is on this post.

12. Gartley Reversal Auto indicator is here.

13. DML&EWA system: read starting from this page and this post.
14. Search_patterns_v6 indicator is on this post.

15. QTA indicators (quick time analyzer) by nen:
- QTA_v2 is on this post.
- QTA_v3 is on this post.

16. Search_patterns indicator is on this post.

17. Indicator and templates on trading based on a heatmap: starting from this page.

18. Adaptive trend lines: good indicator from nen and onix forum is on this post.

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