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									      IATEFL 2010

Understanding the role of
 culture in international
             Adrian Pilbeam
       LTS training and consulting
                 Bath, UK

                              LTS Training & Consulting
1. What are the positive aspects of
   working across cultures?
2. What are the challenges of working
   across cultures?
3. Think of some situations and contexts
   in which people need to work across

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              Positive aspects
   Learning/reflecting on own culture, norms, values
   Learning about yourself – likes / dislikes
   Accept difference, enjoy it
   Gives different points of view / perspectives
   Strengthens own identity
   Learn where to bend but setting your own limits
   Challenges your views
   Different understanding of the same tasks
   Practical benefits – languages, customs

                                        LTS Training & Consulting
 Language and communication problems
 Different mind sets, customs, ways of working
 Different sets of rules
 Different understanding of the same tasks
 Working at a distance / in different time zones

                                  LTS Training & Consulting
  Contexts for working across
 Working internationally
 Doing business in specific countries
 International mergers
 Living and working abroad
 Working in international teams
 Education and training

                                 LTS Training & Consulting
Surface and deep culture
 - the iceberg of culture

Visible    Material things

                             Norms           Invisible


                                       LTS Training & Consulting
Work in pairs or threes with people from
different countries
Describe to each other a typical kind of
behaviour in your culture and why it is
important, and what the reaction would be if a
foreigner does this differently, e.g. ways of
greeting (shake hands, kiss, hug, etc.)

                                 LTS Training & Consulting
LTS Training & Consulting
LTS Training & Consulting
LTS Training & Consulting
Working across cultures
 Before you read
 Reading
  - Understanding the main points
  - Understanding details
 Vocabulary
  - understanding expressions
  - definitions, word search
  - word partnerships, synonyms, opposites
  - verbs and prepositions
  - vocabulary development
 Over to you
 Vocabulary check tests; Glossary
                              LTS Training & Consulting
 Market Leader Intermediate
        Course Book
          Working across cultures
1.   Socialising
2.   International meetings
3.   Doing business internationally
4.   Communication styles

                              LTS Training & Consulting
Case of the ‘killer elevator’
In 2006, in an apartment block in Tokyo, an elevator
made by the Swiss company Schindler
malfunctioned and caused the death of a teenager.

Schindler decided not co-operate with local
investigators, or even offer apologies, until it had
identified the cause of the malfunction.

To the Japanese, the Schindler response was
considered cold and repugnant. Schindler has not
sold a single elevator in Japan since 2006.

                                     LTS Training & Consulting
      European stereotypes
    Cooks, engineers, lovers, organisers, police

Heaven is a place where the _____ are British, the
____ French, the ____ are German, the _____ are
Swiss and the _____ are Italian.

And Hell is where the ____ are British, the ____ are
French, the _____ are German, the ____ are Swiss
and the _____ are Italian.

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Market Leader Specialist Titles
Accounting and Finance
Business law
Human Resources
Logistics management
Working Across Cultures

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