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									                          Danville 2nd Ward Newsletter
                                        “Establish a House of God”
                                               D&C 88:119
                                                       May 2011

                         In that Holy Place
                               by Sally DeFord                                         Bishopric:

     Holy temple, hallowed walls, filled with heaven’s light,                          Bishop
      Where the Spirit teaches truth and testifies of Christ.                          Steve Farrell       743-0330
    There within that holy place our hearts are made as one,                           1st Counselor
         United by the pow’r of God in pure eternal love.                              Benjamin Smith      215-0676
  House of learning, house of faith, house of peace and prayer.
                                                                                       2nd Counselor
   House of glory, house of God—I’ll feel His presence there.                          Taylor Jackson      552-9375
I will stand with heart and hands kept clean and pure each day,
                                                                                       Exec. Secretary
         worthy of the blessings found in that holy place.                             Barry Zundel        406-4506

       Holy temple where we learn creation’s grand design,                             Other Leadership
   Where our souls will be endowed with power from on high.
There we kneel, our hearts prepared, to cov’nant with our Lord,
    And there His Spirit binds our lives in love forever more.                         High Priest Group
                                                                                       Jeff Wright         766-5503
  House of learning, house of faith, house of peace and prayer.
   House of glory, house of God—I’ll feel His presence there.                          Elders Quorum
I will stand with heart and hands kept clean and pure each day,                        Maury Ballif        314-3032
         worthy of the blessings found in that holy place.                             Relief Society
                                                                                       Mary Christensen    838-5999
     Holy temple where we bless our loved ones gone before,                            Young Men
   Where eternal ties are sealed by sacred priesthood pow’r.                           Jeff Reed           208-1021
  There we turn our hearts to those who gave us life and birth.
                                                                                       Young Women
  How beautiful that holy place where heaven dwells on earth.                          Taressa Earl        362-4557
  House of learning, house of faith, house of peace and prayer.
   House of glory, house of God—I’ll feel His presence there.                          Jennifer Garff      362-0780
I will stand with heart and hands kept clean and pure each day,
         worthy of the blessings found in that holy place.                             Sunday School
                                                                                       Michael Webb        831-3027

  We’re reaching out to young single adults ages 18-30 years old.
If you have a child or a friend in that category, send an e-mail to Shelley Kukuk at         Send news to to make sure we have him/her on our list.         
    Mark Your Calendar...
                      MAY                             •   Humanitarian Project for
                                                          YW Camp. We are collecting
•   May 1 - CES Fireside at 7PM. High School              hygiene kits, blankets, and yarn
    Seniors and Young Single Adults between ages          octopus to benefit Children and
    of 18-30 are invited to Bishop Darrington’s           Family Services. See YW Section for details on
    home (134 El Portal, Danville). President Rose-       what is needed. Items can be brought to the
    mary M. Wixom will speak. Refreshments will           church to put in collection boxes through May
    be served afterwards, so please come!                 15th.

•   May 2 at 7:30PM - Stake Singles Family            •   May 18th at 7PM - Relief Society Meeting:
    Home Evening will be hosted by Brent &                Relief Society 101…Food and fun! The evening
    Wendy Hyder, 1001 Horizon Ct,                         will partly be to honor the girls who are graduat-
    Danville. Contact Phil Kagel or Lau-
    rie Henderson if you need a ride.
•   May 6 - Trek Mini-Conference 5-9:30PM.                ing high school and are officially entering Relief
•   May 7 from 9AM to 1PM: Mormon Helping
    Hands. The project will be at SRVHS and will      •   May 20 - Father and Sons’ Campout. Hetch
    involve painting, landscaping, bench repair and       Hetchy group campsite in Del Valle Regional
    other maintenance and cleaning. Bring the fam-        Park. Details coming soon!
    ily. Lunch included.
                                                      •   May 22 - Special YM/YW Sacrament Meeting
•   May 7 at 7PM - Tapestry, Weaving the
    Community of Dance on Temple Hill. Cele-                                 JUNE
    brates the local professional and non-
    professional dance companies. Free admission      •   June 4 - Junior/Senior Night from 6-11PM at
    and parking.                     the Institute (near DVC).

•   May 12 at 7PM: Stake Camp Leadership meet-        •   June 20-24 - Teacher’s High Adventure
    ing at the Stake Center.
                                                      •   June 20-24 - Cub Scout Day Camp 9 to 3:30P
•   May 14 - Senior Temple Trip. All graduat-
    ing Laurels and Priests and their parents and     •   June 23-25 - Priest/Venture Summer High
    leaders are invited!                                  Adventure “Part I.”

       8:30 Baptisms in the Temple                    •   June 26 - Pre-TREK Fireside.
       9:45 Brunch at Inter Stake Center
                                                      •   June 27-30 - TREK
       10:30-11:15- Testimony meeting

•   May 14 - Scout Fundraiser from 10AM to                                    JULY
    2PM. Please join us at the church for a car
    wash, BBQ, silent auction, and kettle corn        •   July 5 - LDS NIGHT at the SF Giants
    to help earn money for summer adven-
    tures. Invite your neighbors! See sign-ups for    •   July 18-23 - YW Camp
    silent auction and car wash. Questions? Contact
    Brent Spencer

•   May 14 - Multi-Stake Dance Danville with          •   August 15-19 - BYU Campus Education Week
    D1 pre-party plus Trek choir practice.       or 801-422-8925.

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Book Club:                           "Why I Believe" Firesides on Temple Hill
Want to join a book club, sew in a • 2nd Sundays (English) 6:30pm - Oakland
circle, or meet a bunch of lovely     Interstake Center Chapel
ladies for breakfast? Contact      • 4th Sundays (Spanish) 6:30pm - Oakland
Jackie Miller to find out what’s      Interstake Center Chapel
in the works.                      An inspiring and heart warming evening of testimonies. This is a
                                     wonderful event for those investigating the Church as well as for
                                     new members.
Family History:
Call Jan Unter to learn more
about the Family History center
or go to
                                                              Choir Practice on Sundays
Scripture Study:                                                  from 12:15 to 1:15
Maureen Wright and Wendi Gan-                                   Please join us in the Young
schow will be leading scripture                                      Women’s Room.
study. New schedule coming
                                                                  Everyone is welcome!

Boy Scout Fundraiser

                         Scout Fundraiser!
                   Car Wash, BBQ, Silent Auction
                    Saturday, May 14th, 10AM to 2PM
                                        At the church
                       Invite your friends and neighbors!

 We are holding a car wash, BBQ, kettle corn and silent auction to help the boys
 raise money for their summer high adventures. See sign-ups for silent auction
 and car wash. Questions? Contact Brent Spencer at

                            Thanks for your support!
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                                                               Young Men and Women
                                  Danville II Ward annual Senior Temple Trip!
                            All graduating Laurels and Priests and their parents and leaders invited!
                                                      Saturday, May 14

                                                8:30 Baptisms in the Temple
                                                9:45 Brunch at Inter Stake Center
                                                10:30-11:15- Testimony meeting

                            A Big Hand For...

•     Jodi Reed for making Pom as a Junior!
•     Anne Peterson, Annie Lowe, Sabrina McGinnis, and Sarah
      Christensen all made Dance 3!
•     Momi Quereto for umping SRVHS Improv Show!
•     Becca Brown for performing in “All Shook Up!”
•     Sarah Christensen and Alison Spencer, running for SRVHS
      Track team!
•     McKenna Jackson, Breeana Earl and Sabrina Wright all sang with the ward choir for
      the first time!

                  Humanitarian Service Project for
                      Young Women Camp
    We are collecting hygiene kits, blankets, and yarn octopus to benefit Children and Family
    Services. Items can be put in collection boxes at the church through May 15th.
                           We need:
                               Skeins of yarn
                               Fleece to make blankets (prefer 2 yard pieces)
               gie             Shampoo
          Hy        can
              je cts ize       Conditioner
         pro any s full)       Bars of Soap
           be el or            Toothbrush
          (t r                 Toothpaste
                               Shaving kits

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                                                            Human Foosball
The Deacons Quorum did an amazing job putting on Human Foosball night. The gym was
packed, the balls were flying, and the kids had a great time.

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                              A New Addition to the Ward

                    Eliza Belle Smith
The Smiths are happy to announce the safe arrival of Eliza Belle Smith.
                  8 lbs 13 ounces and 21 inches long.
                          April 18th, 2011
                      Walnut Creek, California

         Mom and baby are doing well. Dad is still recovering.


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                                      Getting to know the Diamonds

Linda and Bill Diamond met briefly in July
2008 at the Danville Singles’ Conference. As luck,
or divine intervention would have it, Linda and
Bill ran into each other again in February 2009 at
a pre-dance potluck. When Linda approached to
say “Hello,” she realized that he had no recollec-
tion of ever meeting her. When she asked him if he
was going to the dance, he replied, “No, I don’t
dance.” She then said, “Oh, come on, you can
dance.” Again he replied, “No, I don’t dance.” Obvi-
ously, she wasn’t making much of an impression
on him that time either. So, after persisting that
he should go to the dance for a little while, he relinquished just to get appease her.
At the dance, he proved that he really did NOT dance. However, he was a good conversationalist.
So instead of dancing, they talked and talked and talked. Before leaving, he asked for her telephone
number then wondered, “What was I thinking! She lives an hour and a half away….and I have a
leased car. No one is worth going over the mileage limit!” Well, obviously, Linda was worth it, be-
cause they were married on December 5, 2009.
Prior to marriage, the behavior that cinched the deal was when Bill suggested they pray and read
scriptures via the telephone. So, each night, they would put their phones on speaker and read to-
gether, and then they would kneel by their separate beds and take turns saying prayers. This is a
practice they continue today (however, not via telephone unless they are apart) because they know
the importance of establishing a house of God in their home. This practice was missing from their
previous marriage and they can see the huge difference it makes in drawing them closer to God and
to each other.
Bill has been in the ward for 30 years and has had his optometric practice in Dublin for 32 years.
Linda has only been in the ward “officially” for six months. They were living apart for the first ten
months of marriage, seeing each other only 3-4 times a week. Previously, Linda lived in Citrus
Heights ( 32 years) and worked at the League of California Cities, and interestingly, at the Califor-
nia Optometric Association. Transitioning into their newly married lives has been an easy and
wonderful blessing. Their blended family consists of his five children and ten grandchildren and
her three children and four grandchildren.
A little known fact is that both Bill and Linda auditioned for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir…just
kidding. They both claim to be tone deaf but they do sing a lovely song in their hearts. Since most
people know Bill, here are a few random facts about Linda. Her previous home was featured in a
decorating magazine; out of 5,000 entries for “Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul, she was
among the 200 finalists; she was a contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal” and got to go for the Big deal;
and, she returned to college and graduated cum laude at age 51, receiving a bachelor’s degree in
communication studies. And, one more thing, until she met Bill, Linda had been living on frozen
meals. He’s the awesome cook in the family.

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Primary R.E.D. (Read Every Day!)

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Young Single Adult Activities

  The Tri-Valley Young Single Adult ward hosts an endless array of activities                    YSA Services
  in addition to holding Sunday Services at the Dublin chapel. You can find                      Dublin Building
  out more on their Facebook Page: Tri-Valley Ward (YSA).                                        8203 Village Pkwy
  Weekly Activities Include:
  •    Monday: FHE at 7PM                                                                        1:00 - Sacrament
  •    Wednesday: Institute with Brother Chatterton at 7PM                                       2:20 - Sunday School
  •    Thursday: 2nd and 4th Thursday is Ward Temple Night at 7PM                                3:10 - RS/Priesthood

 Other singles wards in the area include:                       San Francisco 1st (YSA)
                                                                1601 22ND AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122
                                                                415-759-5537 (Office)
 Walnut Creek III
                                                                First meeting start time - 12:30 p.m.
 Activities: Alex Leal                                          Sacrament start time - 2:20 p.m.
                                                                Relief Society/Elder's Quorum meets from 12:30pm to 1:20 pm!/group.php
                                                                Sunday School meets from 1:30 to 2:10pm
 2930 Treat Blvd, CONCORD, CA 94518
 (925) 827-3975 (Office)                                        Serra Park/Monta Vista YSA (Stanford Ward & Los Al-
 (925) 827-3975 (bishop/clerk office)                           tos/Saratoga Stakes)
 First meeting start time - 10:00 a.m.                          925 CERA DRIVE, SAN JOSE, CA 95129
 Sacrament start time - 10:00 a.m.                              408-777-9300 (Office)
 Sunday School - 11:20 a.m.                                     408-257-8883 (Foyer)
 Priesthood/Relief Society - 12:10 p.m.
                                                                Standford 1st Student Ward
                                                                First meeting start time - 1:00 p.m.
 Antioch 5th                                                    Sacrament start time - 1:00 p.m.
 Activities -925.754.8344 Elvin Hill!/group.php   Stanford 2nd Student Ward (ages 26-35 YSA)
                                                                The Stanford 2nd Ward is for young single adults between the
 2350 Jeffery Way, BRENTWOOD, CA 94513                          ages of 26-35 living within the ward boundaries which are San
 925-634-7533 (Office)                                          Carlos to the north, Palo Alto to the south, the San Francisco
                                                                Bay to the east, and Skyline Blvd. to the west. For housing
 First meeting start time - 1:00 p.m.
                                                                opportunities within the ward, contact Rix Nelson ats2hous-
 Sacrament start time - 1:00 p.m.
                                                       for mens housing and Lisa Farr
                                                                at for female housing.
 Oakland/Berkeley Student Single Ward                           To update your address or phone, email Daniel Smith.!/berkeleyw   865 Stanford Ave
 ard?ref=ts                                                     PALO ALTO, CA 94306

 2368 Le Conte Ave, BERKELEY, CA 94709                          (650) 856-1415 (Office)
 510-848-0945 (Office)                                          First meeting start time - 9:00 a.m.
 510-848-7571 (Foyer)                                           Sacrament start time - 9:00 a.m.
 Sacrament start time - 9:30 a.m.
 Berkeley Institute

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