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									Actuarial Internships
       Diane Sullivan
   Second Vice-President
 Travelers Property Casualty
 Actuarial Internship Elements
 Recruiting
 Benefits of Internship Program
                      Work       Development
                    Experience    Curriculum

                   Networking     Mentoring

Actuarial Internship Elements
    12-Week Summer Program
    Coordinated as part of Company-wide Leadership
    Development Internship Program

Actuarial Internship Elements
  Real actuarial projects - not just copying/filing/data input
          Study of Homeowners Brush Fire exposure in
                  Southern California
          Study of Personal Auto Deductible Credit Factors
          Construction Market ELPF review
          Small Market Construction Defect analysis
          Personal and Commercial Rate Filings

Work Experience
  Weekly presentations by senior members of actuarial and
  finance communities:
          Introduction to Travelers
          Understanding Insurance Products
          Claim Department
          Personal Lines
          Commercial Lines

Development Curriculum
    Senior Management Exposure
    Individual meetings set up by intern coordinator
    Development Curriculum
    Social Events

    “Actuaries don’t work in a vacuum” - desire to integrate with
    other disciplines as early as possible

    Welcome Reception (with Sr. Mgmt)
    Welcome Pizza Luncheon              Habitat for Humanity
    Intern Picnic                       Riverboat Cruise
    City-wide Scavenger Hunt            Volleyball
    Six Flags                           Whirlyball

Social Events
   Each participant is assigned a mentor
   Mentors are typically actuarial students
   Mentors are called upon for all types of questions
            Career Advice
            Exam Preparation
            Where’s the closest mall?

  How do students hear about Travelers?
  Career Fairs
  Information Sessions
  High School Event

Recruiting for Interns
    Travelers Target ALDP Schools
            Bryant College         Cornell University
            Hamilton College       Lafayette College
            Notre Dame             Penn State
            SUNY Stony Brook SUNY Geneseo
            Univ. of Connecticut

Recruiting for Interns
             On Campus during full-time recruitment
             On-site for local candidates
             Phone interviews

Recruiting for Interns
   Build a Foundation
           Introduction to:
                   Corporate Culture
                   Actuarial Profession

What does an intern gain from the experience?
 Build a Foundation
         12-Week Interview               Business Experience
         Actuarial Experience            Exam Support
                 Presentation Skills
                 Intro. to Corporate Culture
                 Resume Writing
                 Interviewing Techniques
What does an intern gain from the experience?
   Investment in the Future
   12-Week Interview
           Assess Analytical Skills
           Ability to work with others
           Communication Skills
   Real Actuarial Work Completed
   Management Training for Actuarial Students
   Committed Future Employees

What does the company gain from the experience?
   Commitment to Program
           Expect Ups and Downs
           Don’t Expect to Hire Every Intern
   Make Interns a Part of the Community

Final Thoughts

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