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Benefits of Coloured Contact Lenses


									Benefits of Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contacts are a fun way to change the natural eye colour. They are used to change the colour of the iris.
Such lenses can be used to match a dress, occasion or make up. Enhancement tints and opaque colours are the
common variations of these lenses. Colour enhancement lenses are used to augment the natural eye colour. This
can be done in two ways. The entire iris can be covered with a chosen tint. The other method is to enhance just the
corner of the iris and leave the center untouched. In the case of opaque coloured contacts, the entire iris excluding
the pupil can be covered with a desired colour.

Nowadays, prescribed vision correction lenses are also available as colour contacts. They are available in solid and
patterned colours. Solid colours are usually dark colours while light ones come in patterns. The quality of these
lenses is determined by appearance. Those that lend a natural look are usually more expensive.

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Light filtering tints are a new type of lenses. They are commonly used by athletes. They enhance the vision of
similar coloured objects. Tennis players can use yellow light filtering lenses to better sight the yellow tennis ball.
Another popular type of coloured lenses is circle lenses. They are soft lenses with a unique circle on the outer ring.
This enables the eyes to appear attractive and large. They are a rage among women as they impart a Barbie doll
like appearance. However, they have to be used with care as they can harm the eyes.

Any lenses require a current prescription in order to purchase them. This is because improper use of lenses can
cause various eye problems including blindness. An optometrist has to be consulted to obtain a prescription.
Lenses that offer no type of vision correction are known as Plano lenses. Obtaining lenses without a valid
prescription is both illegal and unsafe. It is very easy to obtain a prescription. Most quality suppliers do not sell
lenses without verifying the prescription. Another reason to obtain a prescription is that they are a suggestion of
the shape and size of the eyes. Hence the supplier can provide the best suited lenses after seeing the instruction
form. Circle lenses are an ideal way to make a fashion statement. They are sensible, practical and suited for daily
use. However, one should make sure that the lenses are obtained the correct way.

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