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									ANNEXURE- I
                     ACADEMICS:- STUDETNS
  1. Achieve hundred percent quality as well as quantity result ( i.e. 100 %
     First Class % as fixed by NVS)
  2. Get the learners be well versed in three languages i.e. Hindi, Eng &
  3. To impart basic knowledge of all subjects with spl. Emphasis on English
     and Maths.
  4. Over all / All round development of learners.
  5. To impart lessons of National Integration and value based education.
  6. Disaster Management to apprise.

   1. Action Plan:- Board Exam

         a. Completion of syllabus :- 15th Nov, 2007 ( regular and additional
            classes )
         b. Revision and remedial :- before 1st Pre Board
         c. 1st Pre Board Exam:- Question analysis and identification of weak
            areas of students
         d. Diagnostics teaching:- Group division of students and remedial
         e. Content Enrichment :- Bright learners to be acquainted and spl.
            Classes for improvement be initiated.
         f. 2nd Pre-Board
         g. Improvement Test to be organized
         h. Conduct of 3rd Pre- Board Exam as Model CBSE Exam.
         i. Self Study under the guidance of concerned subject teachers.

   2. Home Exam
        a. Completion of syllabus:- 15th Feb, 2007.
        b. Revision and Remedial :- up to 15th March 2007
        c. Conduct of Exam:- 3rd Week of March’07
        d. Medium of Instruction :- English and Hindi
        e. Quality improvement :- (i) Basic Knowledge of all subjects
                                   (ii)Ensure attainment of basics by each
        and every

   3. Time Table
        a. Formulation of Time Table ( Regular and Extra )
      b. Time Table for supervised , remedial and enrichment classes.

4. Evaluation / Examination
     a. Unit Tests
     b. Home Assignment
     c. Oral/ Quiz Test
     d. Term Test
     e. Pre Board & CBSE
     f. Preparation of C.C.E record
     g. Declaration of Result – CCE based.

5. Mode of Conduct of Unit Test

      a. Subject wise note book made available to the students
      b. Question Paper should be typed by the subject teachers on
         computer and the stencils.
      c. Collection of Ans. Book class wise and subject wise
      d. Evaluated Ans. Book to be kept in exam dept in the shape of
      e. Home Assignment – marks 25.
      f. 1 marks slip to be submitted with Exam I/C through Principal
      g. At least 4 Home Assignment excluding festival and autumn
      h. Q. to be framed as per teachers choice
      i. 2 Quiz and 2 oral test to be conducted.
      j. One project and prescribed practical to be conducted term wise.

6. Moral Teaching

a. General moral teachers in Morning Assembly by Principal and teachers.
b. Moral teaching value based stories by the students
c. Moral teaching through different activities and celebrations.
d. High moral stand in mess and houses.
e. To impart human values.

7. Teacher Action Plan

a. Academic interaction among teachers through staff meeting, sub club
   meeting , sub lab, inter discipline committee.
b. Exposure to use computer as teacher aids.
c. Encouragement for higher education.
d. Sponsor teacher for expertise training- turn wise.
e. Monthly supervision , feed back and follow up action
f. PT and develop support among P.T and students.
g. Enrichment of Library and Reference materials.
h. Proper Time Management training for self study.

                        1. DISCIPLINE AND DUTY

CLASS LEVEL               HOUSE LEVEL                             SCHOOL LEVEL

  AIM :- (i) To provide effective, Responsive and democratic Adm.
          (ii) Administration for optimum utilization of Human Resources.
          (iii) Adm. to achieve the target end i.e. provide quality education to
  talented and
               deprived child.
           (iv) Adm. to achieve free- flow of growth of children and maintain an
              of work culture and self inspired working attitude.
  (1) Class Level :-
             (i)    Class attendance
             (ii) House representation list in the class to report sick/ leave and
             (iii) Class diary for class work.
  (2) House Level:-
                      (i)    Leave card to be issued to all students
                      (ii) Library card to be issued to all students
                      (iii) Complain Performa to be available with housemaster
                      (iv) House meeting , duty roster for cleanliness mess
                             assembly etc.
                      (v) Inter House championship competitions.
  (3) Gen. Vidyalaya level:-
                    (i) A general complain book to register complain open to all.
                    (ii) Vidyalaya level discipline committee.
                    (iii)      VMC meeting.
                    (iv)       Term were revision and review of discipline and
          implement suitable
                       course of actions.
  (4) Safety and security
                    (i) To affix parking place for vehicle of outside.
             (ii) Vehicles prohibited to house area.
             (iii) Gal. Pass and entry system at the main gate
             (iv) Proper wiring and rectification electric supply time to time
                (v) Wells to be properly covered
                (vi)       No admission areas to be ascertained.
(5) Staff Meeting
                (i) Monthly meeting
                (ii) Subject meeting
                (iii)      Staff meeting
(6) Supervision
             (i) Monthly supervision of class/ office / mess and other works.
             (ii) Supervisory committee for different work time to time.
(7) Managerial relation
                  (i) Gathering informal meeting and tea time talks.
                  (ii) Committee and group responsibilities
(8) Mock demonstration
                  (i) Group teaching
                  (ii) Micro and macro teaching in practice.

(9) Club/ Labs
                 (i)     Literary corner
                 (ii)    Eng corner
                 (iii)   Wall magazine
                 (iv)    Maths lab
                 (v)     Language labs
                 (vi)    Computer Club
(10) Computers
               (i) Stress to computers as an effective means of teaching.
               (ii) To procure max. available software in different subjects
               (iii) Art and music education to be oriented through computers.
               (iv) Easy access to computer for staff.
               (v) Internet based education for the competitive students and
                  subject studies.
               (vi) Purchase more system.
(11) Holiday and celebrations:-
               (i) School calendar to be framed.
               (ii) CCA committee in framed.
(12) Pace setting activities
           (i)      Interaction with like institutions.
           (ii) Quiz, Game and other competitions to be organized.
           (iii)   Broadcast and survey public opinion.
           (iv)    Develop sense of fraternity, integrity and sense of firm
           (v)     Comm. Service, awareness programme , health fare.
(13) Library
           (i)   Give number to the books available.
           (ii) Display title of the books for max. use.
           (iii) Enrich library and across to it.
           (iv) Library cards to students and staff.
           (v) Display of paper and magazine on paper stand.
(14) House system
         (i)     Eight house for boys i.e. 4 junior and 4 seniors.
         (ii)    Eight House for girls i.e. 4 juniors and 4 seniors.
         (iii)   Name- ANSU
         (iv)    House attendance , meeting roster etc.

(15) School calendar
        (i)    To be formulated

         (i)     To maintain financial discipline in the Vidyalaya.
         (ii)    To maintain all the financial record within prescribed rule.
         (iii)   To obtain sufficient fund on need of the Vidyalyaa and its
                 proper utilization within the rule and regulation.
         (iv)    Timely and properly settlement of the personal claims of the
                 staff as per their admissibility.
         (v)     Timely submission of financial data/ statement / return to NVS,
                 RO, Patna / NVS, HQ.
         (vi)    To utilize maximum human resources within the limited
                 financial resources.


 (A) Procurements of Articles for smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya.
        (i)   Annual physical verification of all the consumable and non –
              consumable store of the Vidyalaya to find out the actual
        (ii) Considering the actual position of the store on the basis of
              annual physical verification prepare the list of all the required
              consumable and non consumable store for whole of the year
        (iii) Publish the notice inviting tender.
        (iv) Financial the tender and approve the lowest and reasonable rate
              by purchase advisory committee within the prescribed
              purchase procedure of NVS.
        (v) As per need place the supply order month by month for
              procurement of office and make the payment after completion
              of all the formalities as per financial norms and budgetary

(B)   Maintenance of records and store
        (i)   Writing of cash book, petty cash book , ledger , stock register
              on day to day basis.
        (ii) Get it authenticated by the Principal on same day.
        (iii) Issue the articles through issued vouchers duly supported by
              requisition approved by the Principal.
        (iv) Preparation of bank reconciliation statement of monthly basis.
         (v)    Updating the service records of the employee on monthly

(C ) Submission of return/ Statement etc.
   (i)   To prepare Annual accounts for the year 2005-06 and submit to RO
         on due date.
   (ii) To prepare monthly expenditures statement up to 5th day of every
         month and dispatch to RO on same day.
   (iii) To prepare quarterly return of expenditure up to 5th July , the Oct, 5th
         and Jan and 5th April for 1st , 2nd and 3rd and 4th quarter and send to
         RO, Patna.
   (iv) To prepare and send the monthly enrolment of students by 5th of
         every month.
   (v) To prepare and send the statement of T.C. issued by 5th of every
   (vi) To prepare and send the quarterly return of court case by the 5th of the
         next months of quarter.

(D) Remittance of CPF and GSLIS on 3rd day of every month.

(E) Settlement of Personal claims of the staff in 3rd Week of every month.

(F) Budget and Budgetary control
   (i)   To prepare budget estimate 2006-07 and revised estimate 2005-06 in
         the 1st week of Oct’06 and submit to NVS, RO, Patna on due time.
   (ii) To maintain budgetary control register to watch over expenditure
         made and budgetary support.
   (iii) Arrangement for utilization of fund for recurring items up to 30.09.06

(G) Compliance of the Letter of NVS, HQ/RO, Patna / JNVs.
   (i)   1st of all priority is to be fixed and considering the importance of the
         letter , reply is to be prepared and send to concerned authority.
   (ii) In no case pending should be more than 2 days.
(H) Maintenance and Repair and utilization of fund
   (i)   To conduct a meeting of M & R committee and find out the details of
         work and their scope to be done under M & R both day and Annual
         repair works.
   (ii) To publish the notice inviting tender for annual repair work and
         approve the lowest and reasonable rate.
   (iii) Arrangement for execute the work within budgetary provision up to
Annexure- 5


 (i)      Max. participation of students.
 (ii)     Develop good support culture.
 (iii)    See good health and hygiene.
 (iv)     Develop sense of group leadership.
 (v)      Harness quick decisive mind.
 (vi)     Catalyze attitude to work in adverse situation.
 (vii)    Develop sense of national integration i.e. cooperation and group work.
 (viii)   Over all development.


  (i)      Identification of students for different games as per their choice.
  (ii)     Group division and give nomenclatures to each group.
  (iii)    Regular / Daily practice of games.
  (iv)     Annual school, sports meet.

  Annuxure- 6
  (i)      Smooth functionaries of the vidyalaya.
  (ii)     Observe congenial atmoshphere for the achievemt of goals.

Action Plan

  (i)      All committees.
Annuxure- 7
  (i)     Develop creativity.
  (ii)    Develop aesthetic source.
  (iii)   All round development

  Action Plan
  (i)   School Calendar
  (ii) Debate, Dramatics, symposium, poem recitation, paper reading,
        Essay writing contest etc.
  (iii) Art Exhibitions.
  (iv) Yoga
  (v) Celebrations
  (vi) Annual sports and Annual Day of the school
Annexure- 8
                                  Pace Setting

(i)     Set Vidyalaya as model for other institutions.
(ii)    Recognition of institution at local and national level.

Action Plan

(i)     Peer group work at school level.
(ii)    Health fare.
(iii)   Literary campaign
(iv)    Inter School games sports debates etc.
(v)     Community work
(vi)    Invitation to dignities in the field of education.
(vii)   Collection of paper cutting and obtain opinion of distinguished
  Annexure- 9

  (i)     Provide good nutritious food as per growing need of students.
  (ii)    Develop good eating culture and ethics.
  (iii)   Train the students the table manners.
  (iv)    Develop sense of honours to labours and know the value of daily
          waged labours.

Action Plan

  (i)     Roster for distributions
  (ii)    Roster wise work to cleanliness.
  (iii)   Sense of dedication to labor before starting to eat vide Bhojan
  (iv)    Display of menu.
  (v)     Display of slogans and chart of calories contained indifferent
  (vi)    Habits to collect waste and dispose them at scheduled place and wash
          the plates properly.

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