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Alternative Energy Companies


									                                        COMPANY INFORMATION

                                     Alternative Energy Companies

E21 LLC provides Mid-Atlantic businesses with on-site power generation services, allowing companies to take
advantage of renewable energy’s predictable cost. E21 provides a turn-key solution, with the customer able to
acquire an on-site system with no capital costs.

EcoEmergence creates the most highly effective and scientifically proven natural bioremediation products,
certification management/compliance software and the associated processes that support Green Technology.

The Khepra Energy Group (KEG) has national experience in energy cost reduction and provides a complete
range of energy efficiency, energy management, energy procurement, and renewable energy consulting
services. KEG offers a range of integrated energy consulting services and energy project development services.
The company also performs Energy Management Supplemental Services.

MDR is renowned for its work with both government agencies, academic institutions as well as private and
nonprofit clients. We bring the best of scientific thought and engineering know-how to find solutions that are
practical, efficient and effective. You will find MDR at work in many fields, including alternative and renewable
energy solutions, research, security, construction, inspections, engineering, and education.

Soleil Solar LLC offers an efficient platform for sourcing and developing alternative energy projects for its
clients. We secure financing through established funding sources, and install projects covering the Mid-Atlantic
region. In partnership with Hawkeye Construction, Soleil Solar has over eleven years of experience in the
construction business with the ability to turnkey large commercial & utility scale solar projects down to small
residential installs.

WindCurrent LLC provides organizations with the option to support clean, renewable electricity generated from
wind power - without installing anything. This helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint, and encourages
the creation of new sources of alternative energy. WindCurrent’s customers include the US Department of
Homeland Security, the National Wildlife Federation, the US Air Force, Struever Brothers, Yale University’s
School of Law, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

                                 Engineering & Product Development

Allegiance NanoSolutions LLC (ANS) is a nanotechnology based start-up dedicated to provide solutions to
today’s ever increasing demand for high quality analytical testing, consulting and contract manufacturing
services. The ANS serve nanotech- industries as well as private and academic organizations focused towards
research and development of nanotechnology based products. ANS, with its testing capability & subject
expertise, supports companies in analyzing the chemical, material or biological properties for nano-based
products and finding technical solutions towards increasing productivity.

Applied Sensor Research & Development Corporation (ASR&D) is a pioneering developer of passive
wireless sensors and sensor systems based on innovative acoustic wave technology. Their mission is to utilize
their expertise in acoustic wave technology to produce creative solutions that address the specific needs of their
customers. ASR&D is currently developing several proprietary acoustic wave based sensor technologies, for
which patents are pending. ASR&D’s technology has applications in a wide variety of fields, ranging from
homeland defense and national security to industrial process control and civil engineering.

GreenSpacers mission is to enable people everywhere to breathe clean, fresh, healthy air. We are a green
technology startup that uses common houseplants grown in hydroculture to grow fresh air! Contact us today to
learn how you can reserve your air space.
                                       COMPANY INFORMATION
Ionescu Technologies LLC is working to develop and bring to market an innovative series of advertising
kiosks. Through Ionescu Technologies’ Landmark™ City Guide kiosks and website, the company aims to
improve the quality of stay for visitors and the quality of service offered by all Baltimore’s businesses.
Landmark™ City Guides are currently located in the Maryland Science Center and in downtown hotels like the
Tremont Plaza, the Sheraton Inner Harbor, and the Courtyard by Marriott.

KHAFRA Engineering provides comprehensive engineering consulting services for municipal, industrial,
federal, corporate and commercial clients. provides mobile computing solutions and expertise to companies that seek to develop and deploy
mobile technologies. With the largest online car computing forums and marketplace in the world,
is at the forefront of mobile computing technology. Thousands of car computing hobbyists and technologists
visit the forums daily to read, exchange information, troubleshoot and engage in product

NV3 Technologies manufactures digital information displays (DID) and the “Cell Phone Charging Kiosk”. The
“Charging Kiosk” is a new type of product, designed for the mobile phone service market. It capitalizes on the
consumer's need to re-charge their cellular phones conveniently, while on the move. The Kiosk requires the
customer to wait while the device is charging. As they wait, the LCD screen can give a captive audience news,
weather, sports info and in-house promotions/advertising, all on one screen.

PIQUE, Inc. is working to develop, contract to manufacture, license, wholesale, and market footwear and
footwear technologies specially suited to women’s fashion shoes. Roughly 60% of American women are
dissatisfied with today’s selection of high heels. Women prefer high heels for their style, but the heels cause
more discomfort and pain than other shoes. Pique’s point of difference is a patented, breakthrough technology
that provides ball of foot comfort without compromising style.

Proactive Comfort Company LLC is working to develop and bring to market an innovative modern manual
wheelchair that combines technologies to promote optimal comfort, posture, safety, and health for the
wheelchair user. The Proactive Comfort Chair will improve the quality of life for this population by enabling
better function in a unique and stylish manual wheelchair without the traditional institutional appearance.

                                         Information Technology

CargoTel Inc. is a transportation and inventory management company providing ASP and custom wireless and
internet solutions for transporters and storage companies. Their products include transportation and inventory
management, broker exchange, voice response and driver/inventory wireless tracking.

cmdLabs operates at the intersection of digital forensics and information security, with experience in both
protecting sensitive data and investigating security breaches. cmdLabs strives to make incident response an
integral part of our customers' operations, enabling them to mitigate the increasing costs and penalties
associated with security breaches, data theft, labor disputes and civil discovery.

Exicom Mobility Solutions Exicom Mobility Solutions is a Baltimore-based, small business (awaiting HUBZone
Certification), the focuses on providing mobility computing and telecommunications solutions for the federal
government as well as state and local governments nationwide.

geographIT offers an expanded range of geospatial services, software development and customizable IT
services that deliver innovative solutions using proven and emerging technologies.
                                        COMPANY INFORMATION
Groove Commerce is a full-service web agency, specializing in eCommerce and lead generation web sites.
Groove focuses on maximizing their clients’ web sites and online marketing to achieve a robust ROI. Through
close partnership, they educate their clients on how to grow their online business by supporting usability,
evaluating metrics and evolving as new technologies emerge. Groove’s full services include eCommerce and
lead generation web site design and development, pay per click (PPC) management, search engine
optimization (SEO), web analytics and conversion consulting, and social media marketing.

Ignition72 LLC was founded by three advertising industry veterans who recognize the endless growth potential
of the internet. Their focus is on web based tools and applications; and entertainment properties that reinforce
branding. At the end of the day, Ignition 72 would like to help demystify the web to the common person,
empowering them to control their web assets and increasing their marketing efficiency and therefore, return on

Litecast-Balticore is a "dark" fiber metropolitan infrastructure provider dedicated to providing fiber connectivity
to all segments of Baltimore's business community at an affordable and fixed cost. With the strategic placement
of over 1300 redundant fiber miles within the City, customers are instantly able to connect to Baltimore's most
important points of communications presence. provides a licensable platform that offers event and venue listings combined with social
calendaring tools. The platform serves as a complete solution for partners looking to promote and monetize
local content. Universities can take advantage of Localist to provide an interactive calendar of events, and
enable students to share their plans with each other, fostering a greater sense of community.

Management CV provides detailed analysis and rankings of the CEOs and other senior executives that run
major public companies. The company’s research analysis focuses on the executives’ prior track records,
current performances that provide their clients with a superb caliber of management diligence.

The Mobile Tennis Training Technology (MTTT) collaborates with universities and other partners to
manufacture innovative tennis racket components as well as interactive tennis training video games. We help
adult and junior tennis players improve their performance while accurately measuring how quickly their skills are
improving on and off the court.

MyCity4Her, Inc. is a nationally standardized and regionally focused resource that provides women in business
the ability to efficiently locate great information, tools & resources to grow their business and/or increase their
network as well as find ways to make a positive impact in the community. By combining the power of the web,
print & special events addresses the unique needs of an increasingly relevant sector of the
business community by placing everything of particular interest and relevance at their fingertips in one
accessible place.

Political Boost provides cutting-edge software products coupled with a robust suite of services to political

RC Matrice, LLC is an early-stage technology and biotechnology company, focuses on improving the
efficiencies of government agencies & private industry. RC Matrices' core competencies include: staff
augmentation, research & development, program management, process re-design, systems engineering &
technology design, training. The company also provides curriculum development to include accreditation, full
service video and audio production services, translation services, construction management and implement
processes in the areas of: science, business process management, research, and IT.

R2 Integrated is a highly specialized marketing communications firm focused on developing creative impact
and strategic results.
                                       COMPANY INFORMATION
 Simplified Innovations Inc. is a comprehensive network hosting and IT Outsourcing solution provider
specifically geared to servicing the public accounting industry. With their leadership including a CPA and over 15
years of combined experience supporting accounting firms, Simplified Innovations bridge the gap between
CPA's and Technology.

About 6th Street Inc. ( )
6th Street Commerce, a division of 6th Street Inc., provides end-to-end E-Commerce solutions to retailers
looking to capture a larger share of the exploding online retail market. By bringing their clients new revenue
opportunities along with superior products at a competitive price, 6thStreet Commerce ensures their clients
dramatically increase sales, reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies in all areas of their online

Smartogic Solutions LLC is a software development and consulting firm specializing in creating data-driven
web-based applications. SmartLogic’s solutions are tailored to the needs of individual clients, and their
developers often work on-site to create a product that is right for them. The company is involved in the full
product lifecycle and adepts at analyzing business requirements.

Straighterline offers a new way to complete your required college courses online for less money, less time, and
less hassle - with convenient and affordable online college courses you can take on your own schedule.

Superior Technology Solutions Corporation (STSC), incorporated in 2003, delivers quality IT support
services to government agencies including the U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Immigration and
Naturalization Services and the State of Maryland Department of Budget and Management as well as a number
of commercial customers including CBCC, Custom Direct, Seabridge International and Seaside Restaurant.

Trusted Technologies LLC is an information technology sales, integration, consulting and software
development company focused on business and infrastructure solution delivery. Its focus is enterprise
deployment and migration of solutions from IBM/Lotus, Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Citrix and others.

The Intune is a startup company that has developed a web based application called:
Bandhappy offers THE best place online for LIVE music lessons. They provide musicians with the tools they
need to teach and learn any musical instrument ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. The Intune provides music students
with an unlimited selection of teachers and teachers with a larger pool of students than they could otherwise
reach.The Intune offers master classes and group workshops, simultaneously saving students’ money and
providing a new revenue stream for teachers.

VisibleThread helps corporate IT departments create superior project documentation that leads to successful
projects. Our document structure and quality analysis tools, combined with the ability to create tailor-made best
practices documents, provide customers with the insight and metrics they need to make better decisions
throughout the IT project lifecycle. VisibleThread ensures a uniform approach to IT documentation resulting in
consistency across documents, higher quality outputs and lowered cost.

                                                Life Sciences

Arcion Therapeutics Inc. is a drug company developing pain management therapies. The company is lead by
James Campbell, M.D., professor of Neurosurgery and Director of the Blaustein Pain Treatment Center at the
School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and Executive in Residence.
                                        COMPANY INFORMATION
Ark Sciences LLC is dedicated to the mission of improving the well being and welfare of animals. Their world-
class pharmaceutical products are specifically engineered to provide the least invasive, non-surgical sterilization
processes possible. Rather than castrating dogs, which can be painful and lead to possibly harmful side-effects,
with Ark Sciences' patent protected products, veterinarians and animal welfare specialists have a safe, reliable
and cost-effective sterilization treatment.

BriJen Biotech LLC is an emerging biotechnology company focused on the research and development of new
products and technologies in the areas of Bioenergy-environment and Diagnostic-vaccine-therapy.

Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals is a privately held clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery
and development of new classes of safe and effective therapeutic agents for the treatment of cardiovascular
disease. Cardioxyl has developed industry-leading expertise in the chemistry, biology and clinical applications
of nitroxyl (HNO) technology. The company's core HNO platform has generated several pre-clinical and clinical
candidates, including the company's lead compound, CXL-1020, currently in clinical development for acutely
decompensated heart failure.

Cognapse, LLC is a Baltimore based dietary supplement company operating in the brain health sector and
focused on beginning commercial sales of its first product, Remviva. Cognapse believes that it is unrivalled in
its focus on products supporting cognitive health and function given the pedigree of its founder, the robust
nature of his research on the ingredients utilized in Remviva, as well as the cumulative data that support our
positioning of Remviva as a dietary supplement for long-term brain health. Cognapse will begin selling
Remviva as well as Dr. Fotuhi’s two books and DVD in the Spring of 2011. Dr. Fotuhi is writing a third book
expected to be finished in late 2011.

CervoCheck LLC is a development stage medical device company dedicated to improving obstetric monitoring.

CSA Medical, Inc. is a medical device company focused on commercializing a patented, low cost, low pressure
spray cryo-ablation technology platform. Initial development efforts are focused on a catheter and delivery
system for the treatment of Barrett’s Esophagus (“Barrett’s”), a common and irreversible ailment often cited as
the precursor to adenocarcinoma (esophageal cancer).

Encore Path, Inc. will sell proprietary neural regenerative stroke rehabilitation devices. The Company’s first
product is a patented arm training device which has been shown to unmask neural pathways in the brain,
leading to restoration of arm movement in patients who have moderate arm paralysis. Encore Path will develop
a suite of evidence-based stroke rehabilitation devices based on the latest neurological research to improve the
quality of life for over 5.5 million stroke survivors.

Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc., founded in 2005, specializes in advancing the clinical development of
vaccines based on “LAMP” Technology. The company management is composed of highly qualified and
experienced individuals with first hand knowledge of the biotech entrepreneurial world.

Infinite Biomedical Technologies, LLC is a translational research company which takes technology from bench
to bedside. It has launched spinoffs in the areas of telemedicine and endoscopic imaging and is currently
working to form new entities in the fields of neurodiagnostics and dexterous prosthetics.

Pieran LLC is a creative software development company that specializes in architecting elegant software
solutions to complex legacy applications in the healthcare domain.

SAJE Consulting LLC provides drug development consulting services to pharmaceutical and bio-technology
companies. SAJE Consulting specializes in strategic drug development, management, and analysis of programs
in support of all phases of non-clinical and clinical research.
                                       COMPANY INFORMATION
SAJE Pharma LLC is an emerging biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new therapeutic agents
for unmet medical needs that provide significant benefits over currently available therapies.

Surgi-Vision, Inc. is a leader in the development of sighting and visualization systems that allow a magnified
stereoscopic vision of the surgical field and visualization of other intra-operative digital data during minimally
invasive procedures. Surgi-Vision manufacturers specialized MRI coils that are used to take images from inside
the body. Surgi-Vision received 510K clearance from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical use of a
new coil to image the esophagus and aorta.

Therataxis LLC models brain transport processes and designs delivery methods for therapies. The simulation
and prediction of transport mechanisms, and their proprietary direct delivery devices, provide the necessary link
in developing successful therapies of the brain by ensuring proper delivery. Their currently marketed products
are surgical simulation software and simulation-based device designs.

Traxion Therapeutics Inc. is a biotech company focused on the development of novel drugs for the treatment
of intractable pain, specifically neuropathic pain. Traxion has assembled a diversified portfolio of novel,
proprietary small molecule products to address this market opportunity. These products use more selective,
mechanism-based approaches which exploit recent scientific discoveries in order to develop more effective,
better tolerated treatments for neuropathic pain.

Vigilant Medical is a medical technology company founded to enhance how physicians collaborate and deliver
patient care. Our innovative web applications offer physician specialists a convenient way to interact with other
physicians and overcome challenges of sharing information to make informed decisions. ImageShare, our first
product, allows doctors to upload and review images by accessing Vigilant’s secure website.

                                             Strategic Partners

Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance (CSBA) is an alliance that educates the public on the importance
of supporting the local economy, and encourages businesses and consumers to be environmentally sustainable
and socially responsible. They envision a sustainable global economy as a network of Local Living Economies,
building long-term economic empowerment and prosperity in communities through local business ownership,
economic justice, cultural diversity and a healthy natural environment.

Greater Baltimore Technology Council (GBTC) is transforming the Greater Baltimore area into a vibrant tech
community, acting as a dedicated business advocate for high tech companies, generating energy and building a
competitive technology community through sponsorships and partners.

Security Technology Institute Inc. (STI) has been established as a not for profit by volunteer partnership of
Individuals and Companies committed to the national security mission. They are engaged in the development
and launch of programs that will bring the world’s greatest new security technology products, companies, and
entrepreneurs to Maryland.

Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) is where an entrepreneur will find a wealth of information about
many subjects that affect a small business, from planning and financing to marketing and insurance. The Center
has a large business library, plus PC-based Internet access to magazines and newspapers nationwide, for
research on a variety of business topics.

                                             Technology Services
                                         COMPANY INFORMATION
Baltimore Media Group (BMG) develops, executes and tracks successful advertising and marketing
campaigns for businesses. BMG helps businesses with overall marketing strategy, web design, media planning
and buying, internet marketing and tracking. Working with BMG allows companies to track all of the leads
generated by their advertising campaign, and make sure they are getting the best results from their media

Beehive Baltimore is a coworking community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other creative professionals
sharing a common workspace in Baltimore, Maryland. The purpose of the community is to have a social work
environment that provides the great amenities of an office space while still allowing all the members the freedom
and creativity to work on what they want, when they want. One of the great byproducts of the community is the
potential each member has to easily collaborate with one another.

Blue Globe Solutions brings Quality energy saving and efficiency improvement products that are
developed by highly innovative and experienced team with sincere effort, intelligent direction and
skillful execution.

EntreQuest, Inc. changes the way people think so they can change the way they behave...not the other way
around. Awarded "Small Business of the Year" in 2004 by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, EntreQuest
focuses on sales training from a mindset-first approach.

Home Track (HMG) specializes in custom state-of-the-art marketing tools for real estate agents. The company
is committed to excellence and uses the latest advancements technology has to offer, in order to create a
competitive advantage for the client.

HIGHFLEETprovides semantic technology-based software giving deductive reasoning capabilities that exceed
human capacity in speed and scope, giving knowledge discovery and a tremendous force multiplier for analysis
and decision making, without expensive and brittle stacks of applications. Our deductive database products and
our semantic federation of legacy databases solution or SemFed solve the problem of “drowning in data”.

Oomph Marketing believes that the only difference between a great global brand and a great local one is the
number of people who know it. Oomph creates elite marketing solutions for regional businesses who demand
the same excellence as the big guys. We do this by defining and communicating a brand's competitive edge and
by identifying new and compelling ways to deliver marketing messages.

Storyfarm New Media creates customized video marketing solutions for business. Storyfarm's creative team
shares a background in broadcast television, where it's founders were honored with the highest national awards
in the industry including the Peabody Award, the duPont-Columbia Award, and more than 16 Emmy Awards.
Storyfarm believes every website is essentially it's own TV station, and the market for high quality content is

Strategic Results formulates medical and scientific meetings, conferences and exhibits to achieve client's
goals. Strategic Results’ meeting strategies are targeted, results-oriented, evidence-based, and measurable,
with particular expertise in diverse and hard-to-reach scientific populations. Their clients rate their services as

SustainaMetrix is a “Guide Service” for communities and organizations who seek to create a desirable future!
The company builds capacity needed for a more sustainable path through skills, knowledge and attitudes
necessary to understand the complex terrain of adaptive ecosystem-based management and chart a course that
is rooted in a deep understanding of the place.
                                       COMPANY INFORMATION
The Hammond Group, Inc. is a premier multi-service company in healthcare, community corrections,
behavioral and mental health treatment services. THG is a private corporation dedicated to providing high
quality community based therapeutic services for at risk children and families.

WayneWright Strategy offers a wide range of technical consulting services focused in the fields of computer
network security, telecommunications and critical infrastructure, and software and content delivery platforms.
WayneWright Strategy provides capital acquisition, strategic business planning, requirements and feasibility
analysis, product management, product marketing and positioning, competitive analysis, commercialization
strategy, and acquisition strategy services for early to mid-stage software product companies.

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