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									                                                                                                           ASD BI Express™

Simplified Data Movement For SQL Server Users                                                                                                  >

 Data Logistics – SQL Edition                                                             Microsoft BI For SQL Users
                                                                                          ASD is a Microsoft Gold Certified business partner
 ASD’s Data Logistics – SQL Edition is a tool that allows businesses to easily access
                                                                                          that has been delivering advanced BI solutions to
 their SQL Server data using Microsoft’s integrated business intelligence tools and
                                                                                          large and small enterprises for many years. Most
 ASD’s BI Express system. The Data Logistics - SQL Edition is a complimentary tool
                                                                                          SQL customers are very happy with their Microsoft
 of the ASD BI Express suite of tools that helps customers gain better access to their
                                                                                          Servers or their SQL based business applications.
 SQL Server data using Microsoft business intelligence. BI Express is a complete BI
                                                                                          But oftentimes, users cannot easily get access to the
 architecture for deploying and managing BI SQL Server BI solutions and it is designed
                                                                                          SQL business data via reports, dashboards or simple
 to help developers build Microsoft BI applications faster and easier. Together, BI
                                                                                          Excel extractions. Most companies have many SQL
 Express and Data Logistics - SQL Edition provides SQL Server users with an enterprise
                                                                                          Servers distributed throughout their organization
 architecture unlike any other BI solution in the marketplace.
                                                                                          and applications are often disbursed across multiple
 The Data Logistics - SQL Edition automates the capture and movement of the data from     servers making it difficult to create reports for end
 the source SQL 2000, 2005 or 2008 database to a business intelligence data repository    users. There is an easy solution to eliminate this
 located in SQL Server 2005 or 2008. Users do not have to develop any code on either      user frustration; use Microsoft’s integrated business
 SQL platform to accomplish the data movement task. All of the necessary coding           intelligence tools and ASD’s BI Express solution to
 on both servers along with any table construction is handled automatically using an      make data accessible to end users.
 automated process created by BI Express. Now developers can focus on delivering
 reports, dashboards and timely access to SQL business application data to users using    To unlock your SQL data ASD implements Microsoft’s
 an integrated SQL BI data repository.                                                    business intelligence tools that are included in
                                                                                          every standard or enterprise version of SQL Server
 A Revolutionary BI Data Movement Solution                                                2005 and 2008 database software. Microsoft is
                                                                                          the industry leader in database and desktop Office
 The Data Logistics – SQL Edition provides the following capabilities for SQL users and   tools and they have an enterprise class business
 eliminates the need to develop any Microsoft data movement code to move data from        intelligence solution built into SQL Server. Using
 source SQL servers to the BI solution:                                                   Microsoft business intelligence tools and ASD’s BI
                                                                                          Express solution provides the following advantages
                                                                                          for SQL Server users.
    > Executes analysis of all SQL tables to prepare for data loading

    > Allows single or mass data loading of SQL tables                                    > Exploits internal SQL Server skills
                                                                                          > Simplifies movement and consolidation of data
    > Supports full copy in SQL 2005 and net change using SQL 2008                        > Builds & manages enterprise class BI solution
                                                                                          > Consolidates SQL data into one data repository
    > Easy management and data synchronization between SQL servers                        > Makes data easily accessible to all users
                                                                                          > Simplifies user access via Office desktop tools
    > Flexible job scheduling and no dependency on system availability                    > Provides lowest cost BI solution in the market
    > Data recovery at multiple points of potential failure                               > Scales from smallest to largest enterprise
                                                                                          > Easy to use system with tight integration to SQL
    > No coding required on SQL for data movement                                         > Offloads SQL workload for queries & reporting

    > Loading statistics to ensure that data is processed accurately                                      ASD BI Express Components

    > Automatic creation of production, development or test repositories

    > Ability to capture SQL source table image in BI repository
                                                                                                                               ASD BI Express

Simple Web Administration & Management                                              BI Express builds all necessary programs and tables to load the staged data
                                                                                    repository. SSIS packages are created, as shown below, and can be reused
Establishing the BI repository and pulling data from any SQL Server is a            for custom built code if needed for other BI applications.
simple three step process.
Step 1: Create BI Environment on a SQL Server

Step 2: Identify the Source SQL Server for data extraction                          Source From Multiple SQL Servers
                                                                                    BI Express has been designed to allow developers to pull data from
                                                                                    multiple iSeries servers into one consolidated BI repository. Data Logistics
                                                                                    SQL Edition can be installed on all distributed SQL servers and data from
                                                                                    each server can be collected and loaded automatically into one central
                                                                                    reporting repository. Financial or business data can now be consolidated
                                                                                    from multiple distinct companies, division, or application to create one
                                                                                    corporate data repository for reporting or analysis. Source data can be
                                                                                    automatically pulled from iSeries or SQL using the Data Logistic Editions or
                                                                                    from any other data source. BI Express allows developers to enroll tables
                                                                                    from source systems without using the Data Logistics modules and SSIS
                                                                                    can be developed one time to pull data from Excel, Access or any database
                                                                                    server. Once the data is identified to BI Express all other advanced BI
                                                                                    programming tools can be used to manage the collection of all data sources
Step 3: Enroll a single SQL table from a database, or for a mass load.
                                                                                    for the BI Repository.

                                                                                    Deploy BI Repository To Multiple SQL Servers
                                                                                    BI Express creates a primary BI environment which is the SQL Server
                                                                                    where the BI Repository is stored. Duplicate BI repositories can also be
                                                                                    created automatically by BI Express for use as a separate development,
Dynamic Creation of Native SSIS Packages                                            test, training or distributed reporting server. All servers are automatically
                                                                                    updated without any user intervention.
BI Express dynamically builds all the native Microsoft SQL Server coding
that is required to build and implement the BI solution for each step
summarized below based on the tables enrolled.

   > Staging tables created on SQL source and BI Server
   > SSIS packages created for all data movement
   > Communications linkages established between servers
   > Packages established to schedule data collection
   > SQL Server agent jobs created
   > Data loaded from staging area to BI repository
   > Audit jobs created to monitor successful data loading

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