Story Story Jim has a by yaoyufang


Jim has a cat.
It is a big cat.
She said, “My cat can jump.
It likes to run and jump.
It likes to play.
It likes to play ball.
I will play with it.”
•   1. What kind of pet does Jim have?
•   2. Is Jim’s pet little or big?
•   3. What can Jim’s cat do?
•   4. What does play mean?
•   5. What will Jim play with?
Chan was up in a tree.
“Chan, jump down,” said Kai.
Chan said, “I can’t.
I am too little.
I will always be in this tree.”
“No,” said Kai.
“I will help you down.”
• 6. Where was Chan?
• 7. What did Kai want Chan to do?
• 8. Why does Chan think that he can’t jump
• 9. What does the word always mean in this
• 10. What will Kai do?
Tran’s dog wanted to walk fast.
Tran said, “Don’t walk so fast.
My right foot hurts.”
Tran stopped and took his right shoe off.
He looked in the shoe.
He saw a little rock.
•   11. What did Tran’s dog want to do?
•   12. What did Tran tell his dog?
•   13. Why did Tran stop?
•   14. What does right mean in this story?
•   15. Why did Tran’s right foot hurt?
Vic wanted to get Beth a dog for her birthday.
  Tomorrow Beth would be seven years old.
  Mom said, “Vic, we cannot get a dog for Beth.
  We cannot have pets until we move to a larger
Vic went to the store. There he saw a barking
  toy dog. He said, “That’s the best I can do for
  now. Later I’ll get Beth a real dog.”
• 16. At first, what did Vic want to get for Beth?
  – A. a toy
  – B. a dog
  – C. a dollhouse

• 17. Why did Mom say they couldn’t get a dog?
  – A. The pet would eat too much.
  – B. Vic’s dad didn’t like pets.
  – C. Their home was too small.
• 18. Why did Vic want to get a dog for Beth?
  – A. Beth was sad.
  – B. Tomorrow would be her birthday.
  – C. Beth asked Vic to get her a surprise.

• 19. Another word for pet is
  – A. animal
  – B. house
  – C. birthday
• 20. A good title for this story would be
  – A. Moving to a New House
  – B. Vic’s Birthday Party
  – C. A Surprise for Beth
Kim and Uncle Cal liked to walk in the woods.
  One day they came across an old stone wall. It
  was falling down in many places.
Uncle Cal told Kim not to climb on the wall. He
  said she could get hurt if the wall fell down
  while she was climbing on it. Kim knew he was
  right. She promised Uncle Cal she would be
  very careful.
• 21. Cal was Kim’s
  – A. best friend
  – B. uncle
  – C. pet
• 22. What did Uncle Cal tell Kim not to climb
  – A. the wood
  – B. the stone wall
  – C. the ladder
• 23. What happened first?
  – A. The old stone wall was falling down in many
  – B. Kim and Uncle Cal came across an old stone.
  – C. Kim made a promise to Uncle Cal.
• 24. Why did Uncle Cal tell Kim not to climb on
  the old stone wall?
  – A. He wanted to go for a walk in the woods.
  – B. She could get hurt if the wall fell down while
    she was climbing on it.
  – C. He knew she would not keep her promise.
• 25. A good title for this story would be
  – A. I Will Not Climb on It
  – B. A Walk in the Woods
  – C. An Old Stone Wall
Carlos had wanted to ride in a rodeo for seven
  years. Now he was twelve. This would be his
  first year to ride.
As Carlos sat waiting his turn, his heart began to
  pound. What was causing his heart to pound
Was he afraid to ride?
The gate opened and his horse began to buck.
  Carlos held on tightly. Maybe he would be the
• 26. Carlos was
  – A. the winner
  – B. twelve years old
  – C. afraid to ride in a rodeo
• 27. What happened first?
  – A. His heart pounded rapidly.
  – B. The gate opened.
  – C. Carlos was five years old.
• 28. Carlos wanted to be a winner,
  – A. but his heart was pounding too rapidly.
  – B. so he held on tightly.
  – C. so he had to wait seven years.
• 29. In this story, pound means to
  – A. make a thumping sound.
  – B. hit.
  – C. hold on tightly.
• 30. A good title for this story would be
  – A. Carlos’s First Rodeo Ride
  – B. Carlos’s Heart Pounded Rapidly
  – C. A Wild Horse

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