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2010 Collegiate Taekwondo National Sponsorships by jlhd32


Taekwondo is a Korean fighting technique, with its vacant, spin kick method is known. The name comes from the Korean Taekwondo "Tae" (referring to kicking play), "boxing" (referring to the fight with boxing), "Road" (referring to the art of fighting and a principle).

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									        2010 Collegiate Taekwondo National Sponsorships

                                       All sponsors receive
           Permanent Link on the official tournament website (thousands of pageviews)
              Mention in all press releases, tournament flyers, and other publicity.

Bronze Sponsorship                                  Bronze:
           $100                                    ¼ page add in tournament Packet
                                                    1 free tournament ticket
                                                    Honorary Bronze Medal

Silver Sponsorship
            $200                                   Silver:
                                                    1/2 page add in Tourney Packet
                                                    2 free entry tickets
                                                    Honorary Silver Medal

Gold Sponsorship (Ring Sponsorship)
          $400                                     Gold:
                                                    Full page add in Tourney Packet
                                                    Sponsorship of one competition
                                                    ring. (Banner may be displayed)
                                                    5 free entry tickets
                                                    Table at tournament (can sell items)
                                                    Honorary Gold Medal

Platinum Sponsorship (Presenting Sponsorship) Platinum:
           $2000 + competitive pricing       Table at Tourney
                                              Sponsorship of black belt
                                              championship ring.
                                              Full Page Add +
                                              Back Cover Program Add
                                              Right to supply medals for
                                              Exclusive right to sell Official
                                              Tournament T-shirts and

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