Term 3 Week 9 by yaoyufang


									                                                 SHOAL BAY PUBLIC SCHOOL
                         61 Rigney Street, Shoal Bay 2315. Phone: 4981 1007 Fax: 4984 1637
                                       Email: shoalbay-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

                               Term 3 Week 9                                                                               Monday, 12th September 2011

                                                                                   Payments Due (on or before)
Term 3 Calendar
Aug-Sept                                                                           Resource Pack …. If you haven’t paid please do so ASAP             $$
                                                           From Jill’s             Kyka Ali Peformance                                  19 Sep        $3.50

Week 9                                                     Desk ...
12 Sep    Walkathon Prizes drawn
15        K Excursion to Reptile Park
                                           NAPLAN Reports to Parents                                  Kindergarten Transition
Week 10                                    NAPLAN Year 3 and Year 5 reports are now                   Preschool students will come on their first visit to the
21-22 Sep Preschoolers First Visit         available for parents to collect from the office. If       school Wednesday 21st September and Thursday 22nd
       Disco K-2 5pm-6.30pm             you have any questions regarding the report                September between 10am and 11am.
          Disco 3-6 7pm-8.30pm             please see your child’s teacher. A full summary            P & C Disco
       Green Day (Garden Club)          of school results will be available after the holi-        The P & C will be holding a disco for students on Thurs-
          Last day of term                 days.                                                      day 22 September. K – 2 students 5.00pm – 6.30pm
                                                                                                      and year 3 – 6 students 7.00pm to 8.30pm. Entry is
Term 4                                     Walkathon                                                  $3.00 per student.
Week 1                                     This morning the walkathon prizes were drawn.
10 Oct    School Resumes                   Congratulations to the winners:                            Building self esteem
       P&C Meeting @ 6.30pm             Kindergarten: Chaeli C: Portable Video Game Player
                                           Year 1: Stella R: Challenger Laptop                        It’s never too early to help build self-esteem and resil-
Week 2                                     Year 2: Brodie W: Knowledge Notebook                       ience in a child. Self-esteem builds a solid foundation for
19 Oct    Preschoolers 2nd Visit 10-11am   Year 3: Kai D: Portable DVD Player                         people to deal with life and the many challenges it can
       Preschoolers 2nd Visit 10-11am   Year 4: Dayna-Maree A: Ipod Docking Station                pose. The Department of Family and Community Ser-
                                           Year 5: Dannielle C: Mini Ipod                             vices has a good publication on this subject, as well as
Week 3                                     Year 6: Kye B: Mini Ipod                                   more for grandparents who are caring for young chil-
24-26 Oct S3 Excursion to Sydney           Money will now be counted and the amount                   dren, step families, single parents and coping with grief.
                                           raised will be in the next newsletter. Thank you           Go to: www.community.nsw.gov.au/
                                           everyone for your participation.                           parents_carers_and_families/parenting/
                                           Last week year 3 and 4 spent a very enjoyable                                  Green Day
                                           day in Sydney. Thank you to the teachers and
                                           parent helpers, and a special thank you to Mrs
                                           Neilands for organising the excursion.                                         The garden club is holding a green
                                           Kindergarten’s Reptile Park was postponed on                                   day on the last day of the term.
                                           Friday due to the weather. It will be on this                                  Children are asked to wear some-
                                           Thursday instead. Parents are reminded that                                    thing green and bring a gold coin to
                                           they need to bring students to the COLA on the                                 donate to the garden club.
                                           morning of the excursion.

                                           NAIDOC Performance
                                           As we know NAIDOC week was held in the last
                                           holidays. To help us to celebrate we have an               Spring holidays
                                           exciting show coming on September 21st at 12               The last day of Term 3 is Friday 23 September. With
                                           noon. The performance is called RYKA ALI.                  warmer weather hopefully upon us, here are some ideas
Soccer Gala Day                            Ryka Ali is a very proud ambassador for Austra-            for enjoying the holidays with your family:
                                           lia’s Indigenous youth. He has been performing
Good job Shoal Bay. See page 2 of          with his family since the age of 7. The show                www.nsw.gov.au/school-holidays
Snippets for a report on the Gala Day      includes both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Is-             http://goplay.nsw.gov.au/
from Nic & Leah. Great job Mrs Hol-        lands’ cultures – songs and dances focusing on             www.kidspot.com.au
loway & Mr Hamshaw for organising          Australia’s unique animals. Please send money in           http://ourkidz.com.au/content/view/196/156/lang,en/
                                           an envelope to the office.
everything before and on the day. A        Cost: $3.50/student                                        www.visitnsw.com
special thanks to Mrs Harrison who         Paid by: Monday 19th September
provided much needed toilet paper to
the grounds!
                                    3 Week 10
                               Term 2 Week 9                                                                           Monday, September 2011
                                                                                                                    Monday, 12th27th June 2011

Soccer Gala Day
On the 1st October, the four Shoal Bay soccer teams went to repre-
sent our school at the Soccer Gala Day. All of the teams did very well,     KQ        Taleah D, Oscar
making it to either the quarter finals or the semi finals. The girls A
                                                                            KG        Jacob M, Jacob P
team did an extremely good job and made it to the finals. They played
hard but unfortunately lost by two goals. The girls B team won their        1B        Matthew H, Ashlee H
division and the shield is now in the office. The boys B team lost their
                                                                            1F        Beth M, Ruby Mc
opening 2 matches, but got into the semi-finals. They then lost that and
didn’t get into the grand final. The boys A team won their first and        1/2N      Aimee D, Jack N
second games. In the semi-finals the boys unfortunately lost on a cor-
                                                                            2L        Caitlin S, Mateesha W
ner count back. A big thank you to our coach Mr Hamshaw and Mrs
Holloway who looked after us on the day.                                    3B        Chloe S, Kai D
By Nic G & Leah D
                                                                            3N        Mitchell A, Mikayla G, Jack B

Nelson Bay Touch Association: Junior Registration                           4B        Jayden Z, Jasmin P, Laticia B
2011/2012 Competition                                                       4/5H       Dayna A, Michael B, Tayla C
Boys/Girls : 7/8’s, 9/10’s, 11/12’s, 13/14’s, 15/16’s.
Tomaree Sports Complex Club Room on Wednesday 7th, 14th and                 5W        Chloe M, Zachary M, Samantha B-S
21st September from 4.30-6.30pm. October 8th at 10am-12 noon.               5/6H      Bailey C, Chlodie G, Connor Mc
Individual only. Cost $50 per player. Comp commences on Wednes-
day, 12th October. www.nelsonbay.touch.asn.au
                                                                            6B        Lauren M, Nathan P, Natalie T

Nippers Registration Day
Sunday 9th October: 9am to 12 noon at Birubi Point Surf Club, James
                                                                            KQ      Emma F                  KG         Jordan W
Paterson St, Anna Bay. Information regarding the pool swim will be
given on registration day. Nippers commencement date is 23rd Octo-          1B       Kai V                  1F         Connor B
ber 2011. Payment must be made on registration day. New members
                                                                            1/2N Lewis A                    2L           Brodie W
please bring proof of age for Nippers (birth certificate) and proof of ID
for parent (driver’s licence/passport, etc.). Nipper Rego fees: $40.        3B      Bryson D                3N         Monique L-G
Nipper parent $20 (only one parent needs to join).
                                                                            4B      Jacob S                 4/5H       Caitlin F
Shoal Bay Summer Bash                                                       5W      Taylah S                5/6H       Emma G
Mrs Neilands would like to gratefully acknowledge somre more busi-
                                                                            6B      Darcey F
nesses for their contribution and support of our Summer Bash. Thanks
                                                                            NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service
   Bunnings
                                                                            Once again their are discovery walks, talks and tours on in the holidays.
   Oakvale Farm                                                           The brochure will be on the school website under Parent Information/
   Bilo                                                                   Notes for Parents. You can also call 4946 4112.
   Murray’s Brewery
   Kari Accessories
                                                                                 Shoal Bay Public School DISCO
SP__CH TH_R_PY .... Filling in the blanks                                        The fantastic school disco is on again!!!
Do you want to know more about Speech Pathology for children? Get                Thursday 22nd September.
Ahead Speech Therapy welcome Port Stepehens parents to a special                 Only $3 per person (SBPS children ONLY ... No siblings please).
event on how speech pathology can support and enhance your child’s               There will be food, lollies, drinks and glow products on sale on the
development.                                                                     night.
When: 21st September from 5pm to 6pm                                             Please fill out the attached permission note and hand in to the of-
Where: Nelson Bay Bowling Club (Stockton St, Nelson Bay)                         fice with money prior to the night. All funds raised go towards
Tickets: $10 (which includes a take home information kit)                        resources for our children. This will be a great way to end a very
                                                                                 busy term. If you are interested in helping on the night, please see
Tea & Coffee provided. Parents & Professionals welcome.
                                                                                 Meiko McKeown.
There will be visual communication supports on display. Registration is
                                                                                 I give permission for my son/daughter
essential because places are limited. Call 1300 657 220 or email: of-
fice@getaheadspeechtherapy.com.au. The brochure will be on the
school website under Parent Information/Notes for Parents.                       Of class _________ to attend the school disco on 22nd Sept.
                                                                                 Name ____________________________________________
Uniform Shop
Just a reminder that there is only 2 weeks left for the Uniform Shop to
be open and then it’s going to Bunyip.

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