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                      Semiconductors                                                                  Company Report

                                                                           Micron Technology, Inc.
                                                                                                                      (NNM: MU)
MU: LITIGATION HEADLINES, AUGUST KITCHEN SINK BUT                                                              RATING: BUY
EXPECT GOOD GUIDANCE, 2012 MUCH BETTER; LOWERING                        Vijay Rakesh
ESTIMATES                                                               (312) 525-8431

   We believe significant DRAM cuts in the September quarter
   position MU well. But the August quarter will be a “kitchen sink”                      Fiscal Year Ends Aug
   and we are conservatively lowering our estimates further, as
   Taiwanese DRAM OEMs are indicating August was especially             Rating:                                                   Buy
   brutal. There is also MU-RMBS litigation going on with the trial     Price: Close                                            $6.88
   going to jury this week. MU will reports its AugQ after the          Price Target:                                          $14.00
   close of market on September 29. We believe MU presents              52-wk Range:                                    $5.18-$11.95
   attractive L-T valuations, as continued industry consolidation,      Market Capitalization (M):                             $7,058
   mix change to NAND and lower Memory Capex position it well.          Shares Outstanding (M):                                1,041.7
   DRAM Supply Cuts. While Korean OEMs have not cut output,             Avg. Daily Vol. (000):                                 43,544
   we believe almost every Taiwanese-Japanese DRAM OEM                  Dividend Yield:                                            NA
   has cut DRAM output. We believe 1) Nanya has cut output              Debt/Total cap:                                          20%
   20-30% into SepQ, 2) Powerchip cut output 30% in PC-DRAM             EPS Growth Rate:                                        10.0%
   and Rexchip, we believe running at a loss in August with DRAM        L-T Organic Revenue Growth:                             15.0%
   pricing, 3) Elpida we believe is unwilling to supply DRAM at         Short Interest:                                          6.5%
   these prices and we believe is reducing supply to the market by      Tangible Book Value:                                    $7.83
   20-30%+. We believe cash costs for Taiwanese-Japanese
   DRAM OEMs are $0.90-$1.10, which makes it unsustainable
   to supply DRAM at $0.60-0.70/Gb for DDR3 currently. We
   believe Inotera is also seeing some cuts with pricing.
   Nonetheless, given broadbased cuts, DRAM pricing has                                     Earnings Summary
   stabilized with DDR2 1Gb ~$1.00 and DDR3 1Gb ~$0.65.                FYE Aug      2011E             2012E            2013E
   RMBS Litigation Update: We believe Monday (Sep19) saw
   closing arguments/rebuttals in the MU-RMBS case. The case                                EPS & P/E Summary
   goes to jury on Wednesday and we could have some sort of a                               2011              2012              2013
                                                                       EPS:         2011E Prior 2012E         Prior    2013E    Prior
   wrap-up or headline summation from the case this week. There
                                                                       Q1           $0.17A $0.17A $0.00       $0.10    $0.22    $0.22
   has been a range of settlement estimates from $300M up to
                                                                       Q2           $0.09A $0.09A $0.04       $0.13    $0.20    $0.21
   $2-3B thrown around in the press.
                                                                       Q3           $0.09A $0.09A $0.17       $0.18    $0.26    $0.27
   August Kitchen Sink But now DRAM Supply Cuts for NovQ:              Q4           ($0.05) $0.07 $0.22       $0.23    $0.29    $0.30
   We are therefore conservatively lowering our AugQ from prior        Full Year     $0.31 $0.42 $0.45        $0.64    $0.96    $1.00
   $2.17B/$0.07 to $2.11B/($0.05) and FCF negative as it was a         P/E Ratio:      --     --    --          --       --       --
   peak Capex quarter. We are conservatively modeling a 20% drop
   in DRAM pricing in AugQ versus prior down 10%, and modeling
   0% GM for combined MU+Inotera in DRAM for AugQ. So far
   for the NovQ, DRAM pricing has been up 7%. Lowering F12E
   from $9.63B/$0.64 to $9.31B/$0.45. We believe F13E will see a
   significantly consolidated, low Capex memory environment
   and tweaking F13 to $11B/$0.96 from $11.4B/$1.00. We remain
   positive on MU not only because valuations have been depressed,
   DRAM pricing is unsustainable and competitors are cutting
   production, but also because of the longer-term story of
   diversification to NAND Flash. Our price-target of $14 is the
   equivalent of 1.4x 12-month TBV of ~$10.

                                                                       Source: Factset

   Important Disclosures regarding Price Target Risks, Valuation Methodology, Regulation Analyst Certification,
Investment Banking, Ratings Definitions, and potential conflicts of interest begin on Page I of the Appendix Section.
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MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC. (NNM: MU)   September 20, 2011

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MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC. (NNM: MU)                    September 20, 2011

Micron Technology, Inc. Quarterly Income Statement

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MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC. (NNM: MU)                           September 20, 2011

Micron Technology, Inc. Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Summary

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MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC. (NNM: MU)                                                                                     September 20, 2011

                                                       APPENDIX SECTION
Company Description: Micron manufactures and markets semiconductor devices worldwide primarily for the memory markets
today. Its DRAM products provide data storage and retrieval, including primarily DDR2 and DDR3. Micron is the fourth largest
player in the DRAM market, with approximately an 11% share, and the fourth largest player in the NAND flash market, with about a
7% share. In 2009, the DRAM market was $23 billion compared with the NAND flash market at $21 billion; by our estimates. Micron
currently supplies to DRAM, NAND, CMOS Sensor markets and is expected to enter the solar and LED markets in 2011-12.

Price Target Risks & Related Risk Factors:
Investment Thesis and Price Target Risks
Micron competes in a cyclical, technologically intensive business. The company's ability to meet our financial expectations and
achieve future growth is subject to a number of risk factors, including, but not limited to, the following:

Market Risks
- Micron's continued success in its research and development efforts and timely introduction and execution of its new products;

- Slower demand growth in the NAND market may leave a substantial supply overhang, further depressing pricing;

- Competition from peer Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese OEMs in the 300mm DRAM market; and

- Unexpected changes in legal and regulatory requirements, tariffs and exchange rates, political and economic stability, staffing and
management issues, and potentially adverse tax consequences for its international operations.

Technology Risks
- Slower-than-expected DRAM transition from 40nm

- Slower-than-expected transition to 300mm wafer size in both DRAM and NAND.

Valuation Methodology:
Our $14 PT for MU is based on a 1.4x 12-month tangible book of closer to $10. We believe DRAM pricing will bottom in the
November quarter, and multiple new DRAM drivers with PCs, tablets, smartphones and new OS launches should stabilize pricing and
margins for MU. Also, NAND and NOR markets are strong and improving, which combined with strong cash flow should continue to
improve the book on MU. We also raised our gross margins and earnings expectations on MU, as fundamentals and pricing start to
stabilize and improve. We believe investors will start to focus more on the improving fundamentals and pricing and the potential $10
TBV could become a support level.

Regulation Analyst Certification:
I, Vijay Rakesh, (312) 525-8431, hereby certify the views expressed in this research report accurately reflect my personal views about
the subject security(ies) or issuer(s). I further certify that no part of my compensation was, is, or will be, directly or indirectly, related
to the specific recommendations or views expressed by me in this report.

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                                                                                                             Appendix Section, Page I
MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC. (NNM: MU)                                                                                 September 20, 2011

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company in the next three months. Sterne, Agee & Leach, Inc.’s research analysts receive compensation that is based upon various
factors, including Sterne, Agee & Leach, Inc.’s total revenues, a portion of which is generated by investment banking activities.

Definition of Investment Ratings:
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NEUTRAL:                   We expect this stock to perform in line with the industry over the next 12 months.
UNDERPERFORM:              We expect this stock to underperform the industry over the next 12 months.
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