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Flashing Pedals Winter 2009


									Winter 2009                                                                                       Volume 8, Issue 2

FLASHING                                                             PEDALS

                  The newsletter of Cycling Geelong
"       Well, winter is here and the coming weeks will bring the challenge       Cycling Geelong Inc.
                                                                                    P.O. Box 2175
every cyclist must meet at this chilly time of year- how to function            Geelong, Victoria, 3220
(reasonably) normally each day when you are massively sleep deprived
thanks to Cadel and his mates riding the Tour de France. By the time
the peloton finishes their last lap of the Champs-Elysées on July 26 it
is almost certain that we will have ridden every kilometre, every hill,
through every village and down every treacherous descent with them. If
you are truly inspired by the spectacle of “Le Tour” why not join in on
some extra club rides or perhaps organise your own mini tour!                   Cycling safe        Cycling Smart
"       For this edition we have gone a little retro to celebrate some of        Cycling fit     Cycling friendly
Geelong’s glorious cycling history. Rod Charles, our own chronicler of                     Our Mission
all things sepia tinged reminds us that one of Australia’s finest ever         To promote cycling in the Geelong re-
                                                                             gion, celebrating its unparalleled poten-
cyclists was our own Russell Mockridge. Rod will be leading this             tial to contribute to the physical, social,
Sunday’s (21 June) ride to commemorate Russell’s first race from Gee-         environmental and economic well being
                                                                                        of our community.
long to Drysdale. The ride retraces the original route and is an easy 45
km. It is a great chance to hear Rod share the great story of one of our     • To increase participation of the com-
true sporting heroes. You may also be able to hear about Rod’s newest                   munity in cycling
                                                                              • To improve public acceptance of cy-
toy - an 1869 velocipede. Totally restored, repainted by a master coach         cling as a legitimate and desirable
painter and, according to Rod, “Magnificent!” Twist his arm a little                     means of transport

and Rod may even give you a peek!                                             • To advocate the development and
                                                                             maintenance of a safe cycling network
Keep those pedals flashing... Jan & Ian                                       and other appropriate cycling facilities
                                                                                         and programs
                                                                              • To increase public awareness of the
                                                                             physical, social, environmental and eco-
                                                                                    nomic benefits of cycling
                                                                             • To facilitate a range of cycling activi-
                                                                             • To act as a focal point for information
                                                                                on cycling issues, activities and re-
                                                                                  sources in the Geelong region

    Cycling Geelong Inc. # 004246B                    P.O. Box 2175, Geelong, Victoria, 3220              Page # 1
Winter 2009                                                                                           Volume 8, Issue 2

                         F L A S H ING P ED ALS                                                         !

     FROM YOUR COMMITTEE                                                               Nominations need to be signed by
 Notice of Annual General meeting                                                      the nominee and in the hands of the
   The Annual General Meeting of                                                       Secretary at least 7 days prior to the
Cycling Geelong will be held at 8                                                      meeting (i.e. by Tuesday, July 21st).
p.m., Tuesday, July 28th at The                                                        Nomination forms can be requested
Max, Gheringhap Street, Geelong                                                        from Helen Lyth
following dinner at 6:30 p.m.                                                          (
                Agenda                   siastic committee. While many of the
   1. Confirmation of the minutes         current hard-working members are                      Invisible members
of the 2008 Annual General Meeting.      prepared to serve again, there is al-           Is this you? Cycling Geelong is a
   2. Reports from the committee         ways a need for new ideas and new           club for all interested cyclists in the
for 2008-2009                            people. Please consider nominating          region. However, if you don’t attend
         a. President’s report           for the committee or nominate some-         club rides and meetings, we need to
         b. Treasurer’s report           one else you consider would be an           know how we can be of help to you.
         c. Membership report            asset to Cycling Geelong’s decision-           So if you are one of those invisi-
         d. Ride Coordinator’s report    making processes.                           ble members we never see, please let
                                                                                         us know what you get from Cy-
    3. Election of office
                                                                                         cling Geelong. Perhaps there is
bearers.                                         Meeting Dates
                                                                                         some speaker you would like to
                                                    • Tuesday 23rd June
   Other Business: In accor-                                                             hear, or a ride you would be pre-
                                               Geelong Cycling Club Rooms
dance with the Rules, members             Geelong West Oval (enter via Church            pared to attend. If you’re happy
who wish to include other busi-                            Street)                       just to keep in touch via the news-
ness for the meeting must inform                 6:30 Committee meeting                  letter, that’s OK too.
the secretary of the subject by                  7:30 Members Gathering
                                        Helen & John will talk about their trip to         Ride Calendar! June-September
July 14th for inclusion on the
                                        the Annual Bike Friday Club get together         The new ride Calender for the
                                                       at Hall’s Gap.
                                                                                         winter months is included with
         Positions Vacant                If you can, please bring some supper to
                                                                                         this newsletter. Thanks to every-
   The Committee consists of                                                             one who has planned to lead a
                                             • Tuesday, 28th July @ The Max.
President, Vice-President, Treas-                                                        ride. Weekly updates are emailed
                                                       Dinner at 6:30
urer and Secretary plus up to 10             Annual General Meeting at 8:00              to members with details of the
general members.                                                                         Saturday and Sunday rides as well
                                                 • Tuesday 25th August
    All positions become vacant          6:30 Committee meeting (venue to be             as contact details for ride leaders.
at the AGM.                                             decided)                         Please let the ride leader know as
   The Committee meets every             7:30 No members gathering due to the
                                                                                         early as possible that you will be
two months (at 6.30 p.m. on the         cold weather, and the lack of comfort at
                                                                                         joining a ride, especially in winter
                                             the Geelong West Club Rooms.
evening of the Geelong West                                                              when weather related changes
members’ gathering – 4th Tues-            • Tuesday 22 September @ The Max
                                                                                         and cancellations are possible.
                                                     Dinner at 6:30
day). Meetings are kept to one                                                           Good Riding
                                           Gerard from Parks Victoria will be
hour in duration.                                                                        David Jones
                                                    speaking at 8:00
   Your club relies on an enthu-                                                         Ride Co-ordinator

    Cycling Geelong Inc. # 004246B                    P.O. Box 2175, Geelong, Victoria, 3220                   Page # 2
Winter 2009                                                                                                    Volume 8, Issue 2

                            F L A S H ING P ED ALS
      Recognition for Ted Wilson
  At the Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards, held in Can-
  berra in May, Ted Wilson was a joint winner of the Cycling
  Promotion Award of the Year, Honorary Category.
  Cycling Geelong members would be well aware of the work Ted
  has done to ensure that we and future generations of riders enjoy
  safe and intelligently planned infrastructure. Congratulations Ted
  from everyone at Cycling Geelong.

                                                                       Member Talk
                  This is the first in what we hope will be a continuing series in “Flashing Pedals.” Each edition will feature one of
                  our members. Thanks to Max Wilkinson for the great idea! This edition’s Member Talk features Stella Groves.

How did you start cycling?                                                                   What is your favourite holiday des-
                                                 What was! the toughest ride?
At the age of 3 I was"lifted" into the"child's   A very hot day with the Cycling Geelong"    tination?
seat"on my Mothers bike! At 5 I had my           group"away for the weekend in Wanga-        Extramadura in Spain.
own bike to travel to the village school !       ratta 2006!                                 "
                                                 "I remember it well (And so do others)!     What was the first record you
What type of riding! do you enjoy
most?                                            Your dream! riding location?
                                                                                             "The Beatles: Penny Lane
A" clear sky, beautiful countryside"a warm       In a place called Rufford"Lancashire"U.K.
sun, slight breeze, flat road"and dare I say      On the farm roads surrounded by" mi-        Who is someone you admire?
it... riding solo!                               grating geese and birds.                    Aung San Suu Kyi.
!What is your favourite ride?
                                                 How important is travel to you in
Geelong of course, riding by the river and                                                                Cycling Geelong
                                                 your cycling?
the sea!                                                                                                      Web Site
                                                 Not very. Anywhere on"a bike is enough!
                                                                                                The Cycling Geelong web page can be
    Welcome new members!                         What other activity do you enjoy
                                                 as much than cycling?
                                                                                              found by Googling ‘Cycling Geelong’ or at
Cycling Geelong is pleased to welcome
                                                 Growing vegetables at the community
    the following new members...                                                                        web/ index.html
            David Salamy                                                                       Once on the main page members can ac-
                                                 What is your favourite book?
            Linda Salamy                         "Many!!"" How about, “The Wind in the        cess the ‘members only’ section, by clicking
            Daniel Salamy                        Willows” by K. Graham, or"“Poem for             on the My Community (MC2) link.
            Anna Salamy                          the Day” by Wendy Cope.                        If you haven’t used this part of the site
            Liam Salamy                          Which celebrity would you like to            before, you will need to register (easy) and
          Peter Mansfield                         meet?                                        you will be sent confirmation from Linda,
        Marianne Mansfield                        The Dalai Lama.
                                                                                               our webmaster. The site contains photos,
           Brett Turley                          What is your Favourite food/                   reports, newsletters, magpie alerts, ride
         Rosemary Nugent                         music/film/Food?                              calendars etc. You can add items and pho-
                                                 Enjoy all food! Music: Mahler's 5th
           David Hart                                                                                      tos of your own.
                                                 symphony. Film: Out of Africa.

     Cycling Geelong Inc. # 004246B                            P.O. Box 2175, Geelong, Victoria, 3220                   Page # 3
Winter 2009                                                                                              Volume 8, Issue 2

                         F L A S H ING P ED ALS

         BALLARAT BAD RIDE                           Around The Bay                         Parkiteers at Geelong stations
"""" What a great ride, a perfect          Cycling Geelong Volunteers needed                Don’t forget that Geelong and
Autumn day, wonderful undulating             Cycling Geelong is again provid-           South Geelong railway stations now
countryside, and lots of friendly peo-   ing marshals for the 250 km route of           have secure bicycle parking. Informa-
ple out to enjoy the ride.               Around the Bay in a Day on Sunday,             tion on “Parkiteers” is available at:
About 10 from Cycling Geelong rode       18th October. A few of our members   

one of the routes (100 km and 56 km)     have already registered. If you can
from Ballarat to Dunnstown.              help, log on to the Bicycle Victoria
"""" What a great weekend for riding,    ATB volunteer web page
Frank and I riding part of the way

along the Skipton Rail trail on the      Then let me know
Saturday, passing two Kangaroos
watching us on the trail." "Keep those
                                                 The bicycle, the bicycle surely,
pedals moving" Joy Barnett
                                            should always be the vehicle of novelists      Ride for Reconciliation & Family Day
         Warm Showers                          and poets.# ~Christopher Morley             Just letting you know what a great day
#     On a recent ride tandem ride                                              we had as a family cycling with our chil-
around Tasmania (now there is a ride                                            dren and grandchildren on Sunday 31st.
we would love to hear more about!) (phone            We all cycled from East Geelong over
Fiona & Ben Kersten discovered the      5278 6058) so I will know who has       to the Eastern Gardens to join in.
                                                                                     We had 6 adults and 8 grandchildren
joys of “Warm Showers”, essentially a volunteered. This year, Bicycle Victo-
                                                                                (aged 2 to 8) who learnt about the
hospitality site for touring cyclists.  ria is keen for volunteers to register
                                                                                Wathaurong culture as well as learning to
People who are willing to host cyclists via computer. If you don’t have com- cycle with a group.
sign up, provide their contact infor-   puter access, phone Bicycle Victoria         The children were treated to face
mation and may occasionally have        (1800 639 634) and they will take your painting, boomerang painting and abo-
                                                                                riginal art colouring or painting along
someone stay with them to share great application by phone.
                                                                                with a jumping castle.
stories and a drink. A great idea! For       Last year’s volunteers had a great
                                                                                     We also enjoyed a BBQ lunch with
more information see the web site at    time – this is your chance to join      drinks and lollies for the young and old.                     them, have fun, and support thou-            A fantastic day had by all at no cost
                                         sands of other cyclists.               to us."" Congratulations to the organisers!
                                                                                     Many Thanks!
                                                                                     Brenda & Peter Webb and family

    Cycling Geelong Inc. # 004246B                     P.O. Box 2175, Geelong, Victoria, 3220                    Page # 4
Winter 2009                                                                                             Volume 8, Issue 2

        F L A S H ING P ED ALS !
  R U S S E L L     M O C K R I D G E
                                                                                                A gentle men, reserved and
    On 22 June 1946 a new
                                                                                                hard working, scholarly look-
lad appeared to take part in
                                                                                                ing with his glasses, he set a
the "Geelong Amateur Cy-
                                                                                                fine model of sportsmanship
cling Club race to Drysdale.
                                                                                                for all athletes of his time. In
His name was Russell
                                                                                                a match race with the Italian
Mockridge. He was 18 years
                                                                                                world title holder, Enzo Sac-
old and he rode off the limit
                                                                                                chi at the Olympic velodrome
mark of the race, i.e. he was
                                                                                                in Melbourne during the
one of the first to go off. Oth-
                                                                                                1957-58 track season the
ers, who already had raced
                                                                                                judges gave Russell a narrow
and proven their capacity,
                                                                                                winning verdict. With the
had him before them to
                                                                                                crowd still acclaiming, Russell
                                                                                                dismounted, and, rushing
    This, his first ride, has
                                                                                                over to the judges implored
passed into legend, described
                                                                                                them to reverse the decision
in his autobiography, “My
                                           Russell Mockridge, K. Matthews and J. Allen          for, in his opinion, Sacchi had
World on Wheels.” He rode
                                     (Photo courtesy Karen Matthews whose father Jack Allen   won by a bare inch. Sacchi left
off, in the words of the chap he                      raced in the first race)
                                                                                              Australia under the firm convic-
rode with on the day, 'like a
                                                                                              tion that Mockridge was the
bird'. He was so fast he went            won, amongst a string of wins, fastest
                                                                                        finest sportsman he had ever raced
there and back before the officials       times in the Warrnambool classic and
                                                                                        against in any part of the world. Rus-
could get back to see him over the       the Sun Tour in 1957. He took part in
                                                                                        sell Mockridge remains this model, a
finishing line.                           the Tour de France in 1955.
                                                                                        great champion displaying humility.
    Russell went on to win the Austra-
lian Road Champion-
                                                                                                            Mockridge was
ship in 1947. Over the
                                                                                                             killed in an acci-
next 11 years he was
                                                                                                             dent while taking
one of the country's
                                                                                                             part in a cycle
champion racing men.
                                                                                                             race in 1958.
He won two gold med-
                                                                                                             #     In the ride
als at the Helsinki
                                                                                                             "of 21 June 2009
Olympic Games in
                                                                                                             we will be riding
1952. In that same year
                                                                                                             in his wake to
he won the prestigious
                                                                                                             remember him.
Open Grand Prix of
Paris against all comers
                                                                                                                 Rod Charles
in the world.
     After he turned
professional in 1955 he

    Cycling Geelong Inc. # 004246B                     P.O. Box 2175, Geelong, Victoria, 3220                    Page # 5
Winter 2009                                                                                                                   Volume 8, Issue 2

                                F L A S H ING P ED ALS
Safety and The Need for Vigilance
       Stopping at traffic                                                I don’t wish to rhapsodise about
lights often provides an                                                 how good I was feeling, having
opportunity for cyclists                                                 had coffee and cake at Lara, let’s
to make eye contact                                                      just say I was ”stoked”.
with drivers and indi-                                                   Suddenly, a large truck thun-
cate their intentions.                                                   dered rapidly up the road from
However this is difficult,                                                behind me and without warning
if not impossible, with                                                  swung left around the corner in
                                                                                                               Some Very Strange Hints
large vehicles towering                                                  front
                                                                                                                from Heather Howard*
above you on your right,                                                 of me. I braked firmly and
as you are probably in                                                   stopped before the road crossing,     Cleaning Your Cycle Chain
the driver’s blind spot.                                                 a few metres from the truck. But         Place your chain in an old
       This particular                                                   the incident was a harsh re-
                                                                                                                 iron pan and boil it for a
issue was raised in the                                                  minder of the need to always be
March/April 09 issue of                                                  vigilant.                             while in soda. Let it boil furi-
“Australian Cyclist” in                                                  #          Another example oc-        ously; this will loosen all the
an article: “Seeing Red”                                                 curred on Alan’s ride 22 March
                                                                                                                             thick mud.
on page 48: “… a recent study by Transport              on the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail. The surface
for London’s road safety unit suggests they             of the trail is very good but it crosses a number          When taking it out, brush
may be on to something. It seems that women of roads some of which are unsealed. One in                        well with a good stiff brush.
cyclists are far more likely to be killed by trucks particular had ridges of gravel produced by
                                                                                                                  DO NOT USE A NEW OR
because, unlike men, they tend to obey red              the traffic. This sort of thing would normally
lights and thus find themselves                                       give me no trouble, but on this occa-     REGULARLY USED PAN as
at intersections in the                        “When I                      sion I was not concentrating.        it will subsequently burn!
driver’s blind spot, just         was a kid I used to pray every night         Next thing I lost control
in front of the vehi-          for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the       and landed with my leg
cle. In more than            Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and       hitting the road and my
half the fatal crashes,                asked Him to forgive me.”#                hip in the ridge of gravel,
the truck turned left,                      Emo Philips                         which cushioned the fall.
straight over the                                                           Gravel rash was the only in-
cyclist.” If you see                                                  jury and Heather kindly assisted
a large vehicle indicating a left turn, it is safer     with First Aid. Fortunately, I fell on my right
to remain behind the vehicle until its turn has         side, as artificial hips do not respond favoura-
been completed. Reflecting on turns of the               bly to falls.
sinistral variety reminded me of a salutary                                Max Wilkinson.
while riding                                                                                                                  Liniment
back one                                                                                                                      1 cup vinegar
day from                                                                                                                  1/2 cup turpentine
Lara                                                                                                                                1 egg,
through the                                                                                                              SHAKE WELL!
North Gee-
                                                                                                                   SPLENDID FOR SPRAINS,
long indus-
                                                                                                                         CUTS, BRUISES.
trial area.
                                                                                                                          (Shake before use)
The shared
path runs                                                                                                              From, “Lady Hackett’s
parallel to                                                                                                    Household Guide” (1940 edition)
                                                                                                                   *The contributor takes no responsibility for
the road that
                                                                                                                 ANYTHING that happens if you try these!
was on my
right. While

      Cycling Geelong Inc. # 004246B                                   P.O. Box 2175, Geelong, Victoria, 3220                             Page # 6
Winter 2009                                                                                                  Volume 8, Issue 2

                          F L A S H ING P ED ALS
  Ride the Ring Road while you can!*
                                                                  Fuel For Your Ride: A Winter Warmer from Max
     A cold Sunday, up too late to go on the club ride, and the
paper says the Ring Road is now sealed and will open within       Professor Peter Singer’s Dal Recipe from Peter Thompson’s “Talk-
weeks. What better recipe for a great morning’s cycling!          ing Heads” program on ABC 1 goes down well at this time of
     With the Ring Road still only partially opened, traffic is    year.
minimal on Sunday mornings. Enter the (open) section of the       1-tablespoon olive oil
road at Ballarat Road and headed south towards Fyansford.         2 cloves garlic (crushed/chopped)
The downhill is exhilarating – one of several for the day! The
                                                                  1 medium onion (diced)
Moorabool Bridge has quite narrow shoulders (at most 1 me-
tre wide), which include drainage gratings, so care is needed     1-2 tablespoons curry powder (to taste)*
here. At the exit, wait for any traffic before crossing the off-   salt (to taste)
ramp and onto the new section of road. (There is room to          1-cup small red lentils
cycle around the traffic tape barrier.) From here there is no      3-cups water
traffic (apart from a few dog walkers and fellow cyclists).
                                                                  2-3 bay leaves
     The first new highlight is the crossing of the Hamilton
Highway, followed soon after by the beautiful crossing of the     1-cinnamon stick
Barwon – another narrow shoulder. Today, with no traffic,          1-can chopped tomatoes
there’s time to stop and admire this new view of the river.       (400g)
(Perhaps readers will remember to bring their cameras.) From      $ -cup coconut milk
here, with the road ascending the Barrabool Hills, there’s        2-tablespoons lemon juice
plenty of time to enjoy the multiple greens of the farmland,
                                                                  In a large saucepan sauté garlic. Add onions and cook until they
the glimpses of Highton devouring rural bliss, and the new
sculptural forms on sides of cuttings and the Barrabool Road      begin to soften. Add curry powder and salt and cook over medium
underpass. Just before Barrabool Road, an electricity pylon is    heat until mixture begins to brown. Add lentils and stir a minute
marooned on its own purpose-made rock outcrop jutting out         or so before adding water, bay leaves and cinnamon stick. Bring to
beside the north-bound lanes.                                     boil, turn heat to low and simmer 20 minutes uncovered, stirring
     From Barrabool Road, the ascent to Waurn Ponds is
                                                                  occasionally. Add chopped tomatoes and simmer a further 10 min-
stunning – with more new views of Geelong – this time Wan-
dana Heights and Highton.                                         utes until thick. The lentils should be soft and the consistency just
     Once at Waurn Ponds, the choice is either to enter the       liquid enough to pour. Add coconut milk and lemon juice. Stir
Princess Highway or to cross via the roadwork vehicle access      through and remove from heat. Serve over rice with lime pickle and
track and return on the Ring Road.                                mango chutney.
     The return journey is equally exhilarating. Rather than      * We find 1 tablespoon suits us..
exiting on the Hamilton Highway, a good choice is to continue
on the Ring Road – taking care when crossing on and off
ramps. Exits are available at Ballarat Road, Anakie Road and
Bacchus Marsh Road where all cyclists need to exit. From here
the Ring Road has no exits till it joins the Princess Freeway
merging from the right.
     The return to Ballarat Road can be made either on the
Ring Road or on the Ring Road Bicycle path.
     Courtesy of The Lazy Cyclist

    * Stop Press! The Bypass is now officially open to traffic so
take care when you are enjoying this exhilarating ride.

     Cycling Geelong Inc. # 004246B                       P.O. Box 2175, Geelong, Victoria, 3220                       Page # 7
Winter 2009                                                                                           Volume 8, Issue 2

                               F L A S H IN G PEDALS
  We all love our bikes and these snippets                    I often wonder if cyclists realise how amazingly efficient the
    show that we really are on the right                      bicycle is as a machine. In fact, a cyclist on a bicycle has the
  track when we get those wheels rolling!                     highest efficiency rating among all moving animals and ma-
                                                                chines. In terms of the energy consumed per unit of body
                                                             weight per kilometre moved, it is far more efficient than a per-
               Cycling vs. Walking
                                                             son walking and it outperforms jet planes, horses and even the
    Walking is good for you. But cycling can be better.
A Finnish study measured exertion. The self selected          sleek salmon. To put it in perspective: if the energy a cyclist
exertion rate for walkers fell below that considered          requires from food is compared to a car’s use of petrol, a cy-
adequate for a training response. The level for cyclists        clist’s utilisation of energy is equivalent to approximately
on the other hand was in the optimal range.                          540 kilometres per litre (1525 miles per gallon).
    (Vuori, Oja et al. 1994)                                                           Max Wilkinson.
    Another survey found that the level of exertion of
cyclists was ideal to reduce maturity-onset diabetes, but                       Calories burned                Minutes to do
for walkers it was sub-optimal.                                                   in 60 min.                   10,000 steps
    (Chisholm, Ashwell et al. 1993)
                                                             Aerobics (Low-
                                                                                     540          19,636            31

                                                             Cycling (10 kph)        240          8,727             69

                                                             Cycling (20 kph)        410          14,909            40

                                                             Dancing                 390          14,182            42

                                                             Weeding a garden        320          11,636            52

                                                                       From the Barwon 10,000 steps booklet

    Cycling Geelong Inc. # 004246B                     P.O. Box 2175, Geelong, Victoria, 3220                  Page # 8

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