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									CITIZENS’ CHARTER                                                                                        CONTENTS
                                                                               From the Desk of Chairperson           1
                                                                               About NDMC                             2
                               Vision                                          Redressal of Grievances                5
   NDMC resolves to intensify its efforts in providing better civic services
                                                                               Billing & Meters                       9
to the citizens and a multitude of visiting patrons from all over the
                                                                               Building Maintenance                 12
country and overseas. Other objectives before NDMC are to improve
                                                                               Building Plans                       15
quality of life provide social and community welfare amenities with public,
private participation- with special emphasis on promotion of art & culture,    Education                            17
environmental improvement, cleaning & greening campaigns to serve as a         Electricity                          25
show window of “A Model Well-Planned Metropolitan City”.                       Enforcement                          33
                                                                               Estate                               41
                                                                               Health Services                      45
                              Mission                                          Medical Services                     57
   NDMC is committed to provide efficient, qualitative, responsive and
                                                                               Horticulture                         65
accountable services to all the citinzes and visitors of its area with
                                                                               Property Tax                         69
instant access to information to bring transparency.
                                                                               Public Libraries                     72
                                                                               Road Maintenance                     73
                                                                               Stadia                               79
                                                                               Swimming Pools                       82
                                                                               Water Supply                         84
                                                                               Sewage & Drainage                    87
         NEW DELHI MUNICIPAL COUNCIL                                           Welfare                              92
       PALIKA KENDRA, SANSAD MARG, NEW DELHI                                   General                              99
                                                                               NDMC Members                         101
                                                                               NDMC Officers                        102
              (Corrected upto 15th February, 2005)
          FROM THE DESK OF CHAIRPERSON                                                                   ABOUT NDMC
   The New Delhi Municipal Council brought out first edition of                     In 1911 the British Government decided to shift the capital of India
Citizens’ Charter in August, 1997 alongwith an Informative Brochure             from Calcutta to Delhi. On 12th December 1911, it was announced that
giving details of the citizens’ entitlement to the municipal services.          Delhi would be the place of residence of the Viceroy and the new
                                                                                administrative centre. A Committee was constituted to select the site for
Thereafter, it introduced a Citizens’ Charter alongwith Citizens’
                                                                                the new capital. A number of sites were examined and finally Raisina
Responsibilities, which proved worth useful to citizens. It gained              Hill was selected for building the new capital of India. The English town
recognition and appreciation.                                                   planners led by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker and others created the
   The Citizens’ Charter before you is the latest in the series. It is a        present New Delhi with avenues dominated by the palace of the Viceroy
simplified Charter giving all details of citizens’ entitlement to municipal     (now Rashtrapati Bhawan), Circular Pillar Palace, known as Parliament
services, quality of services, access to information, stages in decision        Secretariat building, green spaces, parks and gardens.
making, time bound schedule of services, sanctions and approvals. It is             The construction of the new capital was a task of great magnitude. It
                                                                                was considered necessary that instead of leaving the control of
hoped that the revised edition of this charter will fulfil the aspirations to
                                                                                construction and management to the local authority, a central authority
a greater extent by providing efficient, timely and transparent services. It    may be entrusted with this work. This resulted in the formation of the
will make the people more aware about their entitlement to services.            constitution of the Imperial Delhi Committee on 25th March, 1913. This
   For the convenience of the citizens NDMC has set-up an Information           was the beginning of the New Delhi Municipal Committee.
and Facilitation Centre on the ground floor of Palika Kendra and opened             In February 1916 the Chief Commissioner, Delhi, created the Raisina
two Palika Suvidha Kendras one each at Palika Bhawan, Sector-XIII, R.K.         Municipal Committee. It was upgraded to a 2nd class Municipality under
                                                                                the Punjab Municipal Act on 7th April 1925. This Committee consisted of
Puram and Babar Road near Bengali Market, where citizens can pay their
                                                                                ten members appointed by the Local Government either by name or by
electricity/water dues, property tax, Estate & Enforcement license fee.
                                                                                office. In the first Committee so constituted five members were
Citizens can avail the services of booking of Barat Ghars, issuance of          appointed ex-officio and five by name. For the first time public men
Birth/Death Certificates and can register their grievances pertaining to        were included to participate in the deliberation of local affairs/problems.
civic services. Our staff deputed at these places would feel happy to           On 9th September 1925, this Committee was allowed to impose tax on
answer any query and provide information/clarification.                         buildings and thereby the first source of revenue was created. The Chief
   NDMC seeks the co-operation of the citizens in this endeavour.               Commissioner also transferred many administrative functions to the
                                                                                civic body whose income and expenditure grew noticeably.
Nothing that is promise can be achieved, without the people’s active and
                                                                                    On 22nd February 1927, the Committee passed a resolution to the
constructive participation.
                                                                                effect that the name “New Delhi” be adopted and this Committee was
   This document is not justifiable.                                            designated as “New Delhi Municipal Committee” which was approved
                                                                                by Chief Commissioner on 16th March, 1927.
                                                                                    On 15th February, 1931, the new capital was officially opened.
                                                                                In the year 1932, the New Delhi Municipal Committee became a 1 st class
                                            (SINDHUSHREE KHULLAR)
municipality. It was entrusted with supervisory powers to look after all                       REDRESSAL OF GRIEVANCES
the services and activities it was called upon to undertake.                                            In case of any problem pertaining to:-
         In the year 1916, this municipality was discharging the                 ELECTRICITY SUPPLY       WATER SUPPLY                            WATER LOGGING
                                                                                 SEWER BLOCKAGE           SANITATION                              ROAD DAMAGE
responsibility to cater only to the sanitation requirements of the workers       FALLING OF TREES         MISSING MANHOLE COVER                   WAER BORNE DISEASES
engaged in the construction of the new capital. From 1925 onwards, the           UNAUTHORISED CONSTRUCTION/ENCROACHMENT                            DEAD ANIMALS ETC.
functions of the municipality increased manifold. In 1931 functions in                                            Please Contact:-
connection with buildings, roads, sewers, medical and public health                                                                               Telephone Nos.
                                                                              Central Control Room, Palika Kendra                           23348300 & 23348301
arrangements were transferred to the Committee. Further in 1932 works         (For all complaints)                                               (Round the clock)
of Electricity distribution and Water supply were also transferred to this    Information & Facilitation Centre                                           23363753
civic body.                                                                   IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)                                    52525252
         During the last ninety years of its existence, this Civic Body has   Website                                                  
                                                                               In addition to above, for specific complaint/s, residents may contact the following;
grown into an organization with the responsibility of beautifying the city
and providing civic services. This civic body has always laid stress on
quality of service. During this period the Municipality provided an           Sh.D.N.Gupta, C.E. (Elect-I)                             23742992(O), 26871929(R)
                                                                              Sh.B.M.Sukhija,C.E.(Elect.-II)                           23745715(O), 23315128(R)
underground sewer system in the whole of its area. There were a               Sh.Arun Kumar, SE (Elect.) for South of Rajpath          23362429(O), 24674861(R)
number of open Nallas, which had become breeding grounds for                  Sh.R. K. Saini, SE (Elect.) for North of Rajpath         51500778(O), 24104358(R)
malaria. All big open nallas have been covered and reclaimed land has         Sh.S. B. Gupta, SE (Elect.) for Road Lighting          23363875(O), 22753425 (R)
been utilized for construction of public utility services as well as                                          Complaint Centres
                                                                              Gole Market         23364230              Connaught Place               23414258
greenery.                                                                     Dalhousie Road      23010832              Lok Nayak Bhawan              24699168
         The New Delhi Municipal Committee (NDMC) was superseded              Clive Square        23743735              H. C. Mathur Lane             23329789
in February 1980. Thereafter an Administrator headed it till the              Vidyut Bhawan       23013524              Sardar Patel Marg             26111927
introduction of new Act in May 1994.                                          Bharti Nagar        24611383              Moti Bagh                     24672444
                                                                              Kidwai Nagar (W) 24106892                 Chanderlok Building           23711458
         In May 1994, the NDMC Act 1994 replaced the Punjab Municipal         Aurobindo Marg      24611197              I-Block, Sarojini Ngr         24671777
Act 1911 and the Committee was renamed as the New Delhi Municipal             Aurengzeb Lane      23012446              Raja Bazar                    23363680
Council. The Act has been passed by the Parliament. The Central
                                                                                                 WATER SUPPLY, WATER LOGGING,
Government appointed a Special Officer under Section 418 of NDMC Act
                                                                                                 SEWAGE, DRAINAGE, ROAD MAINT.
1994 till the nomination of the Members. The 1 st meeting of the Council
                                                                              Er.Y. K. Malhotra C.E.(Civil-I)                             23364273 (O), 23016642 (R)
took place on 23rd Dec. 1995.
                                                                              Er. V. P. Goel, CE (Headquarters)                           23365018 (O), 24611467 (R)
         In accordance with NDMC Act, 1994, an eleven-member council          Er. K. K. Verma, SE (Roads-I)                               23367665 (O), 25701100 (R)
headed by a Chairperson governs the NDMC. Out of 10 members 5 are             Er. Ramesh Raina, SE (Roads-II)                             23744790 (O), 23542892 (R)
officials and 5 non-officials. Among non-officials, 3 members are             Er. S. S. Dagar, EE (R-I)                                   23388822 (O), 24602577 (R)
members of the legislative assembly representing constituencies in the        Er. S. K. Jain, EE (R-II)                                   23073515 (O), 22711320 (R)
                                                                              Er. M. R. Kataria, EE (R-III)                               23368005 (O), 24109092 (R)
NDMC area, another 2 are drawn from amongst eminent personalities.            Er. S. C. Gupta, EE (R-IV)                                  23344188 (O), 24623648 (R)
The MP of New Delhi Parliamentary Constituency is a special invitee of        Er. A. K. Mahajan, EE (R-V)                                 23368225 (O), 26211758 (R)
the Council.                                                                  Er. C. M. Narang, EE (Water Supply)                         23745439 (O), 23350605 (R)
                                                                              Er. R. K. Batra (Sewage)                                    23347352 (O), 27050678 (R)
                      Complaint Centres- Water Supply
Kalibari Marg      23743642          Gole Market                23362949     Sh. I. C. Tyagi, Dir. (Hort.)                    23744283 (O), 22437079 (R)
(Round the clock) 23360683           Mandir Marg                23363519     Sh. N. S. Pradhan, Addl. Dir. (Hort.)          515053-60/3304(O), 23795577 (R)
Jor Bagh           24626827          Vinay Marg                 26111295     Sh. Sahastra Pal, Addl. Dir. (Hort.)           515053-60/3306 (O), 23011883 (R)
Bharti Nagar       24690264          Netaji Nagar               24104688                                    Service Centres
                  Complaint Centres- Building Maintenance                    Khushak Nallah         23013246       Lodhi Garden                  24640079
Palika Kendra      51501353-60/2099| Malcha Marg                23794825     Man Singh Road         23073014       Nehru Park                    26879328
Kaka Nagar            24357196       Sarojini Nagar             24107123     Sanjay Jheel           26879329       Talkatora Garden              23092033
Palika Bhawan         24107089       Chanderlok Bldg.           23311169     Connaught Place        23323294       Mandi House                   23323339
Aditya Sadan          23311082       Shivaji Stadium            23364125     Madrasa Nursery        23013618
Moti Bagh             26110995       Sangli Mess                23073755
Rohini                27933728       Talkatora Stadium          23093088                                 HEALTH SERVICES
Bapu Dham             26110988       Aliganj                    24658716                Complaints pertaining to Garbage Removal, Insanitation,
Golf Links            24627108       Lodhi Colony               24643370                        Water Borne Diseases & Dead Animals etc.
Yashwant Place        26882981       Hanuman Lane               23340709      Lt. Col. S. K. Garg, MOH                          23742752 (O), 23715535 (R)
Edward Square         23748261       Jaffery Square             23365123      Dr.P.K. Sharma, Epidemiologist                    23745323 (O), 23358261 (R)
Tees January Lane     23013767       Laxmibai Nagar             26110867      Dr. R. Pal,CMO(North)                             23366648 (O), 23359239 (R)
Palika Bazar          23358119       Mandir Marg                23360888      Dr. R. K. Battoo, CMO (HQ)                        23747274 (O), 27118064 (R)
Talkatora Swim. Pool 23092635                                                 Dr. R. N. Singh, CMO (S & Mal.)                   23361675 (O), 26875522 (R)
                   Complaint Centres- Road Maintenance                        Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Registrar (Birth & Death)       23362284 (O), 23014488 (R)
Malcha Marg          23015745        Janpath Lane               23722146      Stray Dogs Nuisance                                                 24672161
Laxmibai Nagar       24675490        Nehru Park                 24105035      Removal of Dead Animal                                   23348300, 23348301
Traffic Trng.Park    23344259        Lake Square                23369248      Anti Malaria Operations                                             23361675
Man Singh Road       23070592        Church Lane                23326494                                    Sanitary Circles
Safdarjung Flyover 24649238          Dalhousie Road             23013341     1. Connaught Place         23363604      2.   Mandir Marg           23347879
C-II, Tilak Lane     23382961        Netaji Nagar               26870235
                                                                             3. Gole Market             23343968      4.   Pt. Pant Marg         23710572
Tughlaq Lane         23792974        Golf Links                 24648121
                                                                             5. Chanderlok Bldg.        23325572      6.   A-5, Pandara Road     23070915
Moti Bagh            26871825        Dr. R. P. Road             23070591
                                                                             7. Sunehari B. Lane        23013893      8.   Lodhi Colony          24603359
Hanuman Road         23368442        Sangli Mess                23070144
                        Complaint Centres- Drainage                          9. Jor Bagh                24653790      10. Chanakya Puri          24105121
Mandir Marg          23346108        Netaji Nagar               24104630     11. Sarojini Nagar         26872543      12. Moti Bagh              26872544
Malcha Marg          23794371        Khan Market                24651429     13. Laxmibai Nagar         24654123      14. Man Singh Road         23073062
                        Complaint Centres- Sewage                                                         MEDICAL SERVICES
Sarojini Nagar       26870249        Malcha Marg                23011168
Khan Market          24647295        Todarmal Lane              23326840     Dr.A.K.Aggarwal, Dir(Medical) & MS, CPH           26870934(O), 26872625(R)
Mandir Marg          23345839        Connaught Place            23351009     Round the clock emergency                     26117879, 24671901, 24671109,
                                                                                                                                      24679711, 24679713
                  UNAUTHORISED CONSTRUCTIONS                                 Dr. Mrs. Alka Saxena, MS, Palika Maternity          24610279, 24611633 (O),
Sh. Sanjib Sengupta, CA                        23742984(O), 237115255 (R)    Hospital                                                       24651118 (R)
Sh. Karam Chand, Dy. C.A.                  23748419(O), 95120-2796834 (R)    Dr. Ravinder Verma, Incharge, Chest Clinic       23363746 (O), 23351515 (R)
Sh. S. V. Kaushal, Dy. C.A.                     23363163 (O), 25592079 (R)

                              Dispensaries                                      A. Billing:
Palika Kendra         51501353-60/  Vidyut Bhawan              23010111/ 226    1.     Meter reading of Electricity &       Once every month on                  a
                      2255                                                             Water                                scheduled date
Baird Lane            23363746      Golf Links                     24652762
Lodhi Road            24652278      Mandir Marg                    23342957
                                                                                2.     Issue of Electricity/Water bills     Monthly/bi-monthly
Sarojini Nagar        24678905      Babar Road                     23739285     3.     Issue of duplicate bills             On request, the same day.
Netaji Nagar          24673479      Kidwai Nagar                   24646094     4.     Complaints made on personal          Within one week.
H.C.Mathur Lane       23717670                                                         visit regarding billing will be
                              ENFORCEMENT                                              sorted out
               Encroachments on Public Lands and Pavements                      6.     Final reply to the consumer          Within 15 days
           Overcharging by Parking Contractors, Cattle nuisance                 B. Defective Meters:
Sh. S. S. Rao ,Dir. (Enf.)                     23347080 (O), 24642426 (R)       1.     Testing of defective meter           Within 7 days after deposit of fee
Sh. D. S. Rathi, Asstt. Secy.                                23360249 (O)       2.     Communication of testing             Within 7 days after testing
Sh. R. K. Beri, Asstt. Secy.                   23360249 (O), 22277609 (R)              result to consumer
                          PALIKA SUVIDHA KENDRAS                                3.     Replacement of defective             Within 15 days of receipt of
 For payment of electricity, water, property tax, enforcement & estate bills,          electric meter                       request from consumer or before
       issuance of Birth/Death Certificates, booking of barat ghars and                                                     the next reading rounds
                          registration of public grievances                     C. Complaints:
Palika Bhawan, Sec.-XIII, R. K. Puram                               24675648
                                                                                1.    Redressal      of    Grievance       Every day between 3.00 p.m. &
48, Babar Road
                                                                                      relating to billing & bills          4.30 p.m.
                              JANTA MILAN                                             corrections by Sr. AO (Billing)
   Heads of the Departments of NDMC are available between 3.00 p.m. &           2.    Complaints/Enquiries will be         Every day between 2.00 p.m. &
      4.30 p.m. to here the grievances in person on all working days.                 attended personally by ACOs          5.00 p.m.
                                                                                      and Asstt. Secy. (Rates)
                                                                                3.    Attending to complaints by           Between 3.00 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.
                             FAX NUMBERS                                              EE(Commercial)/                      on all working days.
           F.A.            23368654 C.E. (C-I)      23364559
           DIR (Gen.Admn.) 23744927 C.E. (C-II)     23363784
           DIR (PR)        23363753 C.E. (E-I)      23346239                    4.    Redressal of grievances of           Between 3.00 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.
           DIR (ENF)       51501099 M.O.H.          23342357                          consumers       by     Director      on all working days.
                                                                                D. Miscellaneous:
                                                                                1.    Disconnection of electricity/        Within three working days of
                                                                                      water meter on request of the        receipt of application
                                                                                2.    Issue of prefinal current bill       Within 2 days of disconnection of
                                                                                3.    Issue of disconnection slip         On the day, the current payment is
                        BILLING & METERS                                                                                  made
4.    Issue of “No Demand            After 2 days of issue of                  Redressal of grievances:
      Certificate”                   disconnection slip and deposit of         Complaints are attended by following:
                                     final bill from Sr. AO (billing).         1.   Discrepancies in consumption        Asstt. Commercial Officer
5.    Refund of security.            Within 10 days of issue of „No Dues‟                                               Mezzanine and 1st Floor, Palika Kendra
                                     Certificate by Sr. AO (Commercial)                                                 51501354-60/2224
6.    Restoration of Electricity/    Within 3 days after clearing of
                                                                               2.   Defective meters                    AE (M/North) & AE(M/South)
      Water supply                   outstanding dues and payment of
                                     restoration charges.                                                               Room No 10, Ground Floor, Palika
7.    Payments                       Consumers are advised to clear                                                     Kendra 51501354-60/2250, 2260
                                     their bills by due date to avoid levy     3.   CT/PT operated defective meteres.   AEE (Meters), H.C. Mathur Lane, N.D.
                                     of surcharge.                                                                      23329789
General:                                                                       4.   Discrepancies in rates/amount       Sr. A.O.(Billing)
          The Commercial Department deals with revenue realisation on                                                   2nd Floor, Room No. 2003, Palika
account of electricity/water supplied to consumers.       Consumption of                                                Kendra, 51501354-60/2221
electricity/water is metered. Readings are taken and recorded by Meter         5.   Delay in delivery/receipt of bills. Sr. A.O. (Billing)
Readers/Meter Inspectors every month and thereafter it is computerised                                                  2nd Floor, Room No. 2003, Palika
and bills are sent to consumers accordingly.
          Consumers may pay the bills at any of the following Collection                                                Kendra 51501354-60/2221
Counters:-                                                                     6.   Excessive billing                   A.O. Billing, 2nd Floor, Palika Kendra,
Sr.    Counters/Address              Days                         Timings                                               New Delhi 51501354-60/2221)
No.                                                                            7.   Cases relating to connections/ Asstt. Engr.(C&D)/ Supdt. (C&D)
1.     Palika Kendra, Sansad Marg    Monday to Saturday       10.00 a.m. to         disconnections in Govt. Flats and Room No.10, Ground Floor,
                                                                 2.00 p.m.          issuance of N.O.Cs.                 Palika Kendra, 51501354-60/2222
2.     Kaka Nagar                    Monday, Wednesday,       10.00 a.m. to    8.   Cases relating to misuse/theft of Asstt. Executive Engr. (Commerical)
       (Civil Service Centre)        Saturday                    1.00 p.m.          electricity/water                   Mezzanine Floor, Palika Kendra
3.     Kidwai Nagar (West)           Wednesday & Saturday     10.00 a.m. to                                             51501354-60/2212
       (Near Electric Sub-Station)                               1.00 p.m.
4.     Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place    Monday to Saturday       10.00 a.m. to    9.   Refund of Security                  Sr. A.O. (Commercial)
       (Shop No. 10)                                             2.00 p.m.                                              Room No.1904, Palika Kendra
5.     Babar Road                    Tuesday & Friday         10.00 a.m. to                                             51501354-60/3904
       (Cancer Detection Centre)                                 1.00 p.m.
6.     Palika Bhawan, R. K. Puram    Monday to Saturday       10.00 a.m. to
       (Near Civil Service Centre)   (Except Wednesday)          1.00 p.m.
7.     Nirman Bhawan                 Monday to Friday         10.00 a.m. to
       (Electric Sub-Station)                                    1.00 p.m.                                           -10-
8.     Palika Suvidha Kendra         Monday to Friday         10.00 a.m. to
       Palika Bhawan, Secto-XIII, R.                             1.00 p.m.
       K. Puram                                                                                     BUILDING MAINTENANCE
                                    -9-                                        Over all incharge - Chief Engineer (Civil-I)                       23733243
For the convenience of Ministers, Members of Parliament, NDMC has set          Supdt. Engineer (BM)                                        51501353-60/3515
up an office at Parliament Annexe. An officer is available in this office to
look into day-to-day problems of Ministers and Members of Parliament,             Regisgration of complaint on             Immediately
here they can also deposit their electricity and water bills.                      phone or on personal visit to
   service centre                                                           Laxmibai Nagar        26110867             Yashwant Place         26882981
 Minor works                                                               Palika Bhawan         24107089             Malcha Marg            23794825
a) No water, water leakage, sewer        Within 1 to 24 hours.              Bapu Dham             26110988
   blockage                                                                 3. Building Maintenance Division No. 3
b) Repair of Cement, plaster,            Within 1 to 7 days.                Executive Engineer (BM-III)                              23722176
   flooring, wood work, renewing of                                         Palika Parking, Connaught Place, New Delhi.
   glass panes                                                              Jurisdiction:-Area bounded by Panchkuian Road, Basant Lane, Railway
 Repairs such as replacement of         Within 3 to 4 months.              Line, Mathura Road, Lodhi Road, Safdarjung Road, Teen Murti Marg,
   doors/windows,           shutters,                                       South Avenue, Dalhousie Road, Rafi marg, Sansad Marg, Connaught
   renewing of large size glass                                             Place, Panchkuian Road.
   panes, seepage from roof, major                                          Service Centres
   repairs to flooring etc.                                                 Kaka Nagar        24357196        Tees January Lane       23013767
 Special repairs                       Time schedule for completion to     Vidyut Bhawan 23010111/260        Palika Bazar            23358119
                                        be given within one month.          Sangli Mess       23073755        Golf Links              24627108
   Complaints regarding day-to-day maintenance of municipal buildings      Aditya Sadan      23311082        Chanderlok Bldg.        23311169
    are handled by following divisions:                                     4. Central Building Maintenance Complaint Cell/Monitoring Cell
1. Building Maintenance Division No. 1                                      In case of non reddressal of SE (BM), Room No. 1516,
Executive Engineer (BM-I)                                   23365769        grievances in any service centre or 15   Floor, Palika Kendra (Ph.
Room No. 87, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place, Gole Mkt. N.D.                     commercial complexes, one can 23360723)          on    all  working
Jurisdiction/Area:- Area bounded by Panchkuian Road, Upper Ridge            contact                             between 9.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.
Road, Sardar Patel Marg, Willingdon Crescent, South Avenue, Dalhousie
Road, Rafi Marg, Sansad Marg, Connaught Place, Panchkuian Road.
Service Centres
Palika Kendra 51501353-60/2099 Shivaji Stadium               23364125
Jaffery Square      23365123        Talkatora Swim. Pool     23092635
Talkatora Stadium 23093088          Hanuman Lane             23340709
Edward Square       23748261        Mandir Marg              23360888
Rohini              27933728
2. Building Maintenance Division No. 2
 Executive Engineer (BM-II)                                      23369904
 Room No. 95, Shaheed Singh Place, Gole Market                                                                  -12-
                                  -11-                                                                BUILDING PLANS
 Jurisdiction/Area:-Area bounded by Lodhi Road, Safdarjung Road,                     Any person who intends to construct, re-construct, make
 Teen Murti Marg, Mother Teresa Crescent, Sardar Patel Marg, Ring           alteration or additions in their buildings should apply to the Building Plan
 Road, Nauroji Nagar, Safdarjung Hospital, AIIMS, Kidwai Nagar,             Section of Department of Architecture & Environs, 11-12 floor, Palika
 Aurobindo Marg, Lodhi Colony, Lodhi Road.                                  Kendra, on prescribed application form which can be obtained on
Service Centres                                                             payment of Rs. 25/- from 12 floor, Palika Kendra on all working days
Sarojini Nagar       24107123         Moti Bagh          26110995           between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.
Lodhi Colony         24643370         Aliganj            24658716
          Computer generated receipt in respect of completed applications               Any complaint regarding unauthorized construction and misuse
are being given to the applicant, wherein period of inspection etc. are       of spaces other than such unauthorized construction/misuse on Right of
also given. Incomplete applications i.e. which are not as per checklist       way of road, public land/spaces within the campus of any NDMC
available in the computer are returned to the applicant alongwith a           premises and the buildings owned by NDMC, can be registered/lodged in
computer generated statement.                                                 unauthorized construction and Misuse Section of Department of
All    inquiries   including    advice    on On all working days              Architecture & Environs, 11-12 floor, Palika Kendra, Such complaint
deficiencies in applications/ documents will between 12.00 noon and           could be registered through letter, telephone or in person to the following
be attended across the table by Dy. Chief 1.00 p.m.                           officers and for the Complaint one has to furnish his/her identify by
Architect (Building Plan/Chief Architect.                                     furnishing full name, correct contact address, telephone number etc.
Forms will be supplied at facilitation On all working days                    Name of Officer           Tel. No.       Visiting hours
counter and by building clerk on         12
                                               between 10.00 a.m. and         The Asstt. Engineer       51501353-60/   12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. on all working
Floor, Palika Kendra, on payment.              1.00 p.m.                      (Unauthorized             3207           days.
Duly filled applications are being accepted on       all   working    days    Construction & Misuse
through computer at Facilitation Counter, between 10.00 a.m. and              Section)
12 Floor, Palika Kendra                        1.00 p.m.                      The Architect,            51501353-60/   12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. on all working
Challans for fees/other charges will be Between 10.00 a.m. and                (Unauthorized             3115           days.
issued by Building clerk, Architect 1.00 p.m. on all working                  Construction & Misuse
                                               days at 11 floor Palika        Section)
                                               Kendra                         The Chief Architect       23742984       With prior appointment, Monday
Payment of fees/other charges through At Cash Counter Palika                                                           Wednesday and Friday from 12.00 p.m.
challans will be received                      Kendra between 9.00 a.m.                                                to 1.00 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday from
                                               and 2.00 p.m. on all                                                    3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.
                                               working days.                            Immediate inspection for the complaints are being done by the
Decision on application for sanction of Within 60 days                        staff of unauthorized construction & Misuse Sections and the actions
Building Plans will be communicated                                           against genuine complaint regarding unauthorized construction/misuse in
Decision on revalidation of Plans will be Within 30 days.                     NDMC area are taken under the provisions of NDMC Act for stoppage,
communicated                                                                  demolition and sealing of the unauthorized construction and prosecution
Decision on Completion Certificate/ Plans Within 30 days                      in respect of misuse noticed during inspection.
will be communicated                                                                    Any interface required in respect of above said unauthorized
Any interface required in respect of sanctioning of building plans could be   construction/misuse could be done at the level of Chief Architect and
done at the level of Chief Architect and Dy. Chief Architect-II (Building     Architect (Unauthorized Construction & Misuse Section) on all working
Plan) on all working days during visiting hours. The telephone numbers        days during their visiting hours as given above.
and visiting hours for Chief Architect and Dy. Chief Architect (Building
Plan) are as under:-                                                                                               -14-
Chief Arechitect with prior appointment                         23742984
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m.                               NDMC assures primary education to all children living in NDMC
and Tuesday and Thursday from 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.                          area, besides imparting Middle, Secondary, Senior Secondary education
Dy. Chief Architect (Building Plan)                         51501353-60/      to a limited extent.
On all working days between 12.00 and 1.00 p.m.                    3107       1.     Application for admission Head of school from 1 April onwards
                                                                                     will be received by        throughout the year.
Unauthorized Construction & Misuse                                            2.     Confirmation/rejection of On the spot, same day on First Come
     admission                   First Served Basis.                        8.   Cultural Activities           In all Navyug Schools.
3.   Facilities                  Free textbooks, exercise books and         Women Technical Institute (Netaji Nagar)
                                 uniforms to students of Class I to VIII,   1. Advertisement relating to new Last week of June
                                 Scholarship to students selected in           admissions
                                 Talent Search Exams, Mid-day Meal,         2. Training facility available for Fee is Rs. 20/- p.m. for each
                                 Assistance to SC/ST children.                 Cutting & Tailoring,            course      except music and dance
4.   Computer Education          Introduced in 23 schools. Proposal to         Embroidery & Needle Work,       classes. Duration of each course is
                                 introduce it in all other schools in the      Stenography (English/Hindi),    one year.
                                 next 5 years.                                 Dress Designing, Music
5.   Vocational Education        Stenography/Typing, Shorthand, Office         &Dance, Textile Designing,
                                 Management and Secretarial Practice in        Beautician & Hair-Dressing,
                                 English and Hindi in three Sr. Sec.           Computer (COPA)
                                 Schools i.e. Gole Market, Mandir Marg      3. Eligibility for admission       Minimum       10    under    10+2.
                                 and Ansari Nagar.                                                             18 to 25 years as on 1 August.
6.   Cultural Activities         In all schools of the NDMC.                4. Availability of admission forms 9.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. at the
Navyug Schools                                                                                                 institute
1.   Who can apply               Children residing in New Delhi             5. Admissions                      Communicated in the last week of
                                 Parliamentary Constituency. Age: 5½                                           July. Admission is based on
                                 to 6½ years for Class-I and 10 to 12                                          percentage of marks taking year
                                 years for Class-VI. Income of parents                                         reservations norms as specified by
                                 should not exceed Rs. 75,000/- per                                            DTTE, Gov. of NCT. Only 17
                                 annum.                                                                        students admitted in one class.
                                                                                                                 st    nd
2.   When to apply               In response to admission schedule          6. Music and dance classes         1 & 2 year Rs. 60/- per month
                                                                                                                 rd    th
                                 published in newspapers every year in         A.Music (Vocal) Strength-16     3 & 4 year Rs. 75/- per month.
                                                                                                                 th    th
                                 the month of February.                                                        5 & 6 year Rs. 100/- per month.
3.   How to apply                In prescribed registration forms                                              Admission Fee Rs. 30/-
                                                                                                                 st     rd
                                 available from schools, enclosing birth       B.Dance Strength-14             1 to 3 year Rs. 75/- per month
                                                                                                                 th     th
                                 certificate, proof of residence in New                                        4 to 6 year Rs. 100/- per month.
                                 Delhi Parliamentary Constituency &                                            Admission Fee Rs. 30/-
                                 income certificate.                                                         -16-
                                 -15-                                       Social Education/Adult Education Job Oriented Courses:
4.   Where to apply                  In the nearby Navyug School.           1.   Admissions                 Throughout the year between 10.30 a.m.
5.   Procedure for admission         Children       fulfilling  required                                    and 4.30 p.m. Forms available with the
                                     qualifications will be called for                                      Centres Incharges. No test required.
                                     interview.                                                             Enrolment is done immediately on
                                                                                                            submission of complete particulars. In
6.   Confirmation/rejection of the   Results of selected students will be
                                                                                                            case capacity of one centre is full,
     admission                       displayed on the Notice Board of                                       candidates are referred to another
                                     School in March.                                                       neighboring Centre.
7.   Computer Education              In all Sr. Navyug Schools.
2.   Facilities                Each centre is provided with necessary          Deputy Education Officer (A) for Secondary and Sr. Sec. Classes
                               equipments like sewing machines,                 ( Room No 8016, Palika Kendra, New Delhi.
                               knitting machines and other necessary            Timings: 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on all working Days.
                               items giving functional education and       NAVYUG SCHOOLS:
                               some vocational skills.                      Director (NSES), HQ, Hanuman Lane.
3.   Charges                                                                    Timings: 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on all working Days.
     Cutting/Tailoring         Tuition Fee        Admission Fee            In case of non-redressal individuals can also approach Director
     General                   Rs. 25/- p.m.      Rs. 10/-                 (Edn.) for all such problems in Room No 5016 .
     SC/ST                     Rs. 15/- p.m.      Rs. 10/-                 Timings: 12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. and from 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. on
                                                                           all working Days.
     Summer Vacation           Rs. 60/-           Rs. 20/-
     special classes                                                       Senior Secondary Schools
     Knitting                  Rs. 30/- p.m.      Rs. 25/-                 Sr.   Locations                                             Ph.Nos.
     Art & Craft               Rs. 20/- p.m.      Rs. 10/-                 No.
                                                               th          1.    N.P. Boys Sr. Sec. School No. 1, Mandir Marg        23363629
1. 4For     other   details,ASEO, Room No. 1214, 12 Floor,                 2.    N.P. Boys Sr. Sec. School No. 2, Mandir Marg        23363629
   . Contact person         Palika Kendra, New Delhi.          Ph:-        3.    N.P. Girls Sr. Sec. School, Gole Market             23743701
                                                                 th        4.    N.P. Bengali Girls Sr. Sec. School, Gole Market,    23744090
                            Director (Welfare), Room No. 8007, 8
                                                                           5.    N.P. Sr. Sec. School, Ansari Nagar                  26190616
                            Floor, Palika Kendra, New Delhi. Ph:-
                            23346503,            51501353-77/2807,         6.    N.P. Co.Ed. Sec. School, Moti Bagh                  26881737
                            Fax.23748163                                   Secondary Schools
Day-Time School for Drop Out Girls/Women                                   1.    N.P. Co.Ed. Sec. School, Tilak Marg                 23382635
1. Women /girls upto 35 On prescribed Performa available at                2.    N.P. Co.Ed. Sec. School, Laxmi Bai Nagar            26881247
   years of age can apply school between 10.00 a.m. and 3.00               3.    N.P. Co.Ed. Sec. School, Aurangzeb Lane             23018329
   throughout the year.    p.m.                                            4.    N.P. Girls Sec. School, Bapu Dham                   23014866
2. Facilities              Free education upto 10 standard, no             5.    N.P. Boys Sec. School, Bapu Dham                    23014866
                           tuition fee, textbooks provided free of         6.    N.P. Girls Sec. School, Balmiki Basti               23367030
                           cost. Vocational training imparted in           7.    N.P. Boys Sec. School, Balmiki Basti (Evening)      23367030
                           computers,     cutting,   tailoring and         8.    N.P. Girls Sec. School, Havlock Square              23366714
                           beutician course.
                                  -17-                                     9.    N.P. Co.Ed. Sec. School, Lodi Estate (I to X)       24604731
Complaint/ Grievance Cell for admission in NDMC Schools / Navyug
                                                                           Middle Schools:
Schools:                                                                   1.    N.P. Boys Middle School, Lodi Road                  24635524
       The individuals may like to see the following officers in case of   2.    N.P. Co.Ed. Middle School, Babar Road               23358337
any problem regarding admission and other cases related to Education       3.    N.P. Co.Ed. Middle School, Kidwai Nagar             24621146
Department.                                                                4.    N.P. Co.Ed. Middle School, Kitchner Road             24101037
NDMC SCHOOLS:                                                              5.    N.P. Co.Ed. Middle School, Nauroji Nagar            26711169
 Deputy Education Officer (G) for Primary and Middle Classes (Room        6.    N.P. Co.Ed. Middle School, Netaji Nagar             24122072
   No. 8019) Palika Kendra, New Delhi.                                     7.    N.P. Co.Ed. Middle School, Sangli Mess              23383403
                                                                           8.    N.P. Girls Middle School, Gole Market               23367568
                                                                           9.    N.P. Girls Middle School, Lodi Road                 24635259
10.   N.P. Girls Middle School, Netaji Nagar                       24122073    17.   R.K. Ashram Marg              18.   Community Hall, Panchkuian
N.P. Primary Schools:                                                                                                    Road -              23363571
1.    No. 2 Babar Road                                            23358337     Recognised Aided Schools:
2.    Pataudi House                                               23074389     1.     R.M. Arya Girls School No.1, Doctor's Lane, Gole Market
3.    Pandara Road                                                23073754
4.    No.1 Shershah Mess                                          23383969     2.     R.M. Arya Girls School No.2, Doctor's Lane, Gole Market
5.    Model No. 1 Kidwai Nagar                                                 3.     Khalsa Boys Primary School, Bangla Sahib
6.    Lodi Road (Boys)                                            24635524     4.     Nirmal Primary School, Shahjahan Road
7.    No. 2 B Avenue Sarojini Nagar (Eve.)                        24122087     Recognised un-aided Schools:
8.    No. 4 Sarojini Nagar                                        24122086     1.     Progress Public School, Lodi Road
9.    DG Block, Sarojini Nagar                                    24122085     2.     Mukherjee Public School, Sarojini Nagar
10.   No. 4, Moti Bagh                                            24122078     3.     R.S. Junior Modern School, Humayun Road
11.   Sanjay Gandhi Camp
12.   Duplex Lane                                                 23016852
                                                                               Navyug Schools
13.   Tughlak Crescent                                            23793292     1.   Navyug Sr. School, Sarojini Nagar                       26870393
14.   Jor Bagh                                                    24619854     2.   Navyug Sr. School, Laxmi Bai Nagar                      24109545
15.   No. 3 Babar Road                                            23358336     3.   Navyug Sr. School, Peshwa Road                          23363820
16.   Tilak Marg                                                  23382635     4.   Navyug Sr. School, North West Moti Bagh                 24102029
17.   Kaka Nagar                                                  24354565     5.   Navyug Sr. School, Lodi Road                            24626165
18.   No.2 Shershah Mess                                          23383969     6.   Navyug Primary School, Pataudi House                    23389863
19.   Model No.2, East Kidwai Nagar                               24621172     7.   Navyug Primary School, Tilak Marg                       23389915
20.   No. 3 Kidwai Nagar                                          24621146     8.   Navyug Primary School, Mandir Marg                      23366022
21.   Lodi Road (Girls)                                           24635259
22.   No. 1 B, Avenue Sarojini Nagar                              24122087     9.   Navyug Sr. Sec. School, Vinay Marg                      26872120
23.   No. 3 Sarojini Nagar                                        24122084     Creches
24.   No. 2 Nauroji Nagar                                         26711169     1.    Laxmi Bai Nagar, Community Hall near Market
25.   Moti Bagh                                                   24122071     2.    B.C. Park, Sarojini Nagar
26.   Netaji Nagar                                                24122069
27.   Ashoka Hotel                                                             3.    Netaji Nagar, Community Hall near post office.
28.   No. 1, Aliganj                                              24619853     4.    Moti Bagh-I, Barat Ghar
29.   No. 1, Hanuman Lane                                         23360179     5.    R.K. Puram, Sector 10, Barat Ghar in NDMC Flats.
30.   No. 2, Havlock Square                                       23366714
31.   No. 2, R. K. Ashram Marg                                    23360246                                      -20-
Nursery Schools:                                                               6.      Narouji Nagar, in NDMC School.
1.    Babar Road                         2.    No. 1, Lodi Road
3.    Kidwai Nagar                       4.    Model No.2, East Kidwai Nagar   7.      Lodi Road no.23, in main market
5.    B Avenue, Sarojini Nagar           6.    Ansari Nagar                    8.      19, Mahadev Road, in Greh Kalyan Kendra
7.    Bapu Dham                          8.    Aliganj                         9.      Flat No. 51, Aditya Sadan
9.    Havlock Square                     10.   Pandara Road                    10.     Havlock Square, in NDMC School No.1
11.   Model No. 1 East Kidwai Nagar      12.   Lodi Estate                     11.     DIZ area, R.K. Ashram Marg, near community hall.
13.   Babu Market, Sarojini Nagar        14.   Nauroji Nagar                   12.     Babar Road, community hall.
15.   Netaji Nagar                       16.   Duplex Lane                     13.     Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra, Panckuian Road,
14.    Community Centre Bapu Dham.                                             1.   Prescribed application form       Information & Facilitation Centre at
15.    Barat Ghar, Aliganj                                                          will be available                 Palika Kendra and at the Office of
16.    Sector-XI, Rohini                                                                                              Executive Engineer (Distribution)
17.    New Barat Ghar, East Kidwai Nagar                                                                              on all working days between
18.    Khan Market                                                                                                    10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.
                                                                                    These     forms  can   be          For North of Rajpath – Room
1.     Availability of forms through      Between 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.           downloaded from NDMC‟s                No.1813, Palika Kendra
       out the year.                      at every creche                           website:-         For South of Rajpath – Kidwai
2.     Acceptance of filled up            Everyday at respective creche                                                   Nagar (West)
       forms                              between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00
                                          p.m.                                 2.   Applications for electric         In the Office of the Executive
                                                                                    connection will be received       Engineer     (Distribution)  Palika
3.     Admission/rejection                Within 7 days
                                                                                                                      Kendra for North of Rajpath and at
4.     Eligibility for admission          Girls-3 months to 12 years of age.
                                                                                                                      Kidwai Nagar (West) for South of
                                          Boys-3 months to 10 years of age
5.    Timings
      Summer                          7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.                   3.   Acknowledgement            of     Within 3 days
      Winter                          7.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.                        receipt of application form
                                                                                    with required documents
6.     Fee per month according to parents income (subject to change)
                                                                                    will be issued
      Category            Upto Rs.6500/-    6501-10000 Above Rs. 10000/-
      General             Rs. 135/-         Rs.190/-      Rs. 240/-            4.   Scrutiny of Application form      Within 15 days of application
      SC/ST               Rs. 45/-          Rs.145/-      Rs. 170/-            5.   Information            about      Within 20 days of application
      NDMC employees                    Rs. 275/- (Flat Rate)                       deficiencies in application
      Admission Fee                       Rs. 50/-per child                         form
Balwaries                                                                      6.   Sanction     of   load     by     Within 30 days of submission of
1.    Admission       for pre school education, drop out children .                 NDMC/competent authority          form complete in all respects
2.    Age             3 yrs. to 6 yrs.                                                                                fulfilling all the formalities
3.    Fee             Admission Fee:- Rs. 2/-, Tution Fee:- Rs.4/-
                                   -21-                                                                             -22-

                                                                               7.   Estimate     for   providing      15 days after sanction of load
          The electricity department is responsible for uninterrupted power         service cable and meter
supply to consumers and for sanctioning of connections to various                   board and its sanction
categories of consumers and for maintaining good standard of road
lighting. It constructs and maintains sub-stations. It also bears the          8.   Execution of work of              Within 45 days of the deposit of
responsibility of transmission, distribution and service cables to                  providing meter board and         amount
consumers. Electrical and mechanical services are installed and                     service   cable     in   the
maintained at all NDMC buildings.                                                   premises of the consumers
A.       Parmanent/Temporary Electricity Connection                            9.   Release of connection             Within 15 days of submission of
         (New/Additional Load/Transfer of Connections)                                                                agreement form, deposit of security
                                    amount and completion of all                                                   security
                                    formalities.                            D.     Complaints
B.     Electric Connection: Technical Feasibility for Major Loads            1. Attend to „No Current‟ Immediately
1.   Acknowledgement             of Within 7 days                                complaints by respective
     application                                                                 complaint centres
2.   Scrutiny of application         15 days                                 2. Complaints of leakage of Immediately
3.   Information to applicant 15 days from date of application                   Electricity
     about deficiencies                                                      3. Complaints       of     defective Within 2 to 7 days
4.   Issue of NOC if sub-station 21 days after completion of                     wiring/switches/     fans      &
     is not required                 formalities                                 fittings in NDMC buildings
5.   Approval of space for Within 30 days of submission of                   4. Replacement of defective 15 days from date of receipt of
     substation on submission of drawings and technical details                  meters                            request/testing charges
     deposit of approval fees.                                              E.     Complaints pertaining to NDMC buildings
6.   Estimate for establishing  Within one month for deposit               1. No Power, Sparking, Leakage Immediately
     Electric Substation                  work                                  of      Current,    Bell    fault,
                                      Within 3 months if there is              Socket/Switch fault, Fan not
                                          Municipal contribution                working, Regulator fault, MCB
                                                                                not working, Main switch fault,
7.   Deposit      of     estimated Within 30 days after issue of
                                                                                wireman required, lift fault.
     amount by applicant             sanctioned estimate
8.   Execution of work               Within 6 to 9 months after deposit
                                     and availability of build up space
                                     for substation in working condition.
9.   Sanction of load                Within 30 days after receiving
                                     completion      report    from    EE
                                     (Construction)                                                          -24-
                                 -23-                                       Public Grievances Redressal:
                                                                            All matters regarding sanction and transfer of Electric connections
C.    Temporary Electricity Connection for Marriages/                       except billing.
      Public Functions in Shamiana:                                             1. EE (Distribtuion - North) for area of North of Rajpath, Room No.
1.   Application form will be At the Office of Asstt. Electric                      1814, Palika Kendra, Sansad Marg, between 3.00 p.m. and
     available.                  Engineer (Meter) on all days from                  4.30 p.m.-All working days.
     These forms can also be 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. at Palika                  2. EE (Distribtuion - South) for area of South of Rajpath, NDMC
     downloaded from NDMC‟s Kendra.                                                 Elect. Sub-Station Kidwai Nagar, between 3.00 p.m. and
     website:-                                                     4.30 p.m.-All working days.
2.   Sanction will be issued     Within 2 days
3.   Connection will be released Within one day of deposit of
   3. SE (Elect-VI) for North of Rajpath,Room No. 1704, Palika                         NO CURRENT COMPLAINT CENTERS
       Kendra, between 3.00 p.m. & 4.30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday &                                   (Round –the-Clock)
       Friday.                                                        Complaint Centre &
                                                                                                                        Area served
                                                                      Tel. Nos.
   4. SE (Elect-V) for South of Rajpath area, Room No. 1610, Palika   Gole Market              Gole Mkt, Mandir Marg, Panchkuin Road, Bhai
       Kendra, between 3.00 p.m. & 4.30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday &      23364476,23364230        Veer Singh Marg, Kali Bari Marg, Peshwa Road
       Friday.                                                        Clive Square             MP flats North Avenue & B.K.Singh Marg,,
   5. Chief Eng. (Elect-II), Room No. 1705, Palika Kendra, between    23743735                 Talkatora road, Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Rd,
       3.00 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday.                                             Ashoka Road upto Jantar Mantar Road
Break Down & No Current complaints of electricity (pending for        Connaught Place          Connaught Place, Barakhamba Road, K.G.Marg,
                                                                      23413882/23315258        Bengali Market
long duration)
                                                                      H.C. Mathur Lane         Ashoka Road, K.G.Marg, Tolstoy Marg, Rafi
   1. EE (E) D/N for area of North of Rajpath -                       23323412/23329789        Marg, Dr.R.P. Road, Janpath, Tilak Marg
       51501353-60/ 3814, 23340634                                    Dalhousie Road           Rajaji Marg, Krishna Menon Marg, Mother Teresa
   2. EE (E) D/S for area of South of Rajpath - 24105953              23012281                 Crescent, Teen Murti Marg, Tyagraja Marg,
   3. SE (E)-VI – 51500778                                                                     Khushak Road, M.P.flats, South Avenue,
                                                                                               Safdarjang Road, Air Force station, Race Course,
   4. SE (E)-V – 23362429                                                                      Tuglak Road, Bungalow No.30 to 37, Aurangzeb
   5. Chief Engineer (E-II) - 23745715                                                         Road, Sunheri Bagh Road & Lane
                                                                      Vidyut Bhawan            Amrita Shergill Marg, Prithviraj Road, Aurangzeb
                                                                      23013511/ 23013524       Road, Tees January Marg, Janpath, Akbar Road,
                                                                                               Moti Lal Nehru Marg, Maulana Azad Road, Man
                                                                                               Singh Road
                                                                      Lok Nayak Bhawan         Khan Market, Kaka Nagar, Bapa Nagar, Pandara
                                                                      24619297                 Road, Pandara Park, Shahjahan Road,
                                                                                               Humayun Road, Rabindra Nagar, Delhi High
                                                                      Sardar Patel Marg        Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave,
                                                                      26111927                 Chanakyapuri, Willingdon Camp, Bapu Dham
                               -25-                                   Bharti Nagar             Bharti Nagar, Golf Link, Sujan Singh Park, Lodi
                                                                      24616324/24611383        Estate
                                                                      Aurbindo Marg            Lodhi Colony, Jor Bagh, B.K.Dutt Colony, Ali
                                                                      24611197                 Ganj, Safdarjung Airport
                                                                      Moti Bagh                Moti Bagh, Yashwant Place & adjoining State
                                                                      24672444                 Guest Houses, Vinay Marg, Satya Marg
                                                                      I-Block, Sarojini Ngr.   Sarojini Nagar, Netaji Nagar, R.K.Puram Sector-
                                                                      24671777                 13, Nauroji Nagar, Pillanji Village
                                                                      Kidwai Nagar (W)         Kidwai Nagar, Ansari Nagar, Laxmibai Nagar,
                                                                      24106892                 Factory Road

Road Lighting                                                         Aurobindo Marg        Golf Links, Sujaan Singh Park, Bharti Nagar, Lodi
Complaints :-                                                         24611197              Estate, Lodi Garden, Prithvi Raj Road, Tees
1.  Non-functioning of Road light fittings.      Within 24 hours                            January Marg, Moti Lal Nehru Marg, Aurengzeb
2.  Leakage of current                           Immediately                                Road, Amrita Shergill Marg, Tuglak Road, Meena
                                                                                            Bagh, Janpath, Mansingh Road, Maulana Azad
3    Breakage of Road lighting poles/fittings.   Immediately                                Road, Southend Lane, Moti Lal Nehru Place, Akbar
                                                                                            Road, Ali Ganj, Zor Bagh, Safdarjung Airport,
Complaint centers for Road Light complaints (Round the clock)                               Khanna Mkt, Palika Niwas, & Lodi Road.
Complaint Centre   Area/Locality covered                              Moti Bagh             Sardar Patel Marg, Malcha Marg, Pnchsheel Marg,
Dalhousie Road     South Avenue, Teen Murti Marg, Rajaji Marg,        24672444              Bardloi Marg, Cicular Road, Kautilaya Marg, Saint
23012281           Kamal Attaturck Marg, Safdar-Jung Road,            24673677              Martin Marg, Shanti Path, Chandragupta Marg,
23010832           Dalhousie Road, Race Course Road, Sunehri Bagh                           Nyaya Marg, Moti Bagh (North & West), C-II Moti
                   Road, Tuglak Road, Aurengzeb Road, MLN Marg,                             Bagh, D-I-II Vinay Marg, Chankya Puri, Nehru Park,
                   K.M. Marg, Maulana Azad Road, Rafi Marg, K.                              Sec. 13, R.K. Puram, J & K Block, Yashwant Place,
                   Kamraj Marg, Willingdon Crescent, T.M. Lane,                             Satya Sadan, Shanti Path.
                   Kushak Road.                                       Kidwai Nagar          Kidwai Nagar, (East & West) Laxmi Bai Nagar,
Pandara Road       Khan Mkt., Ravinder Nagar, Lodi Garden Kaka        24106692              Ansari Nagar (East & West), Factory Road, Yusuf
23383276           Nagar, Bapa Nagar, Pandara Park, Pandara Road,     24104748              Sarai Mkt., Palika Gram, AIIMS, Sarojini Nagar,
                   Shahjahan Road, Humanyu Road, Subramanium                                Palika Gram, Pillanji Village, Sarojini Vihar, Netaji
                   Bharti Road, Dr. Zakir Hussain Road, Jam Nagar                           Nagar, R.K. Puram, Sec. 13, Aradhana Complex,
                   House, Jaselmer House, Kota House, Bikaner                               Nauroji Nagar, Palika Avas.
                   House, National Stadium, India Gate.
Harish Chander     Janpath, Ashok Road, Canning Lane, Ferozshah       Public Grievances Redressal
Mathur Lane        Road, Sansad Marg, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Raj     S.No. Nature of Grievance           Whom to contact           Where
23323412           Path, K.G. Marg, Tolstoy Marg, Rafi Marg, Dr.      1.     All complaints relating to   Chief Engineer (Elect.)   Room No. 1701,
23329789           Rajender Pd. Marg.                                        Road lighting in NDMC        23361285(Off.)            Sansad Marg, New
Scindia Road       Gole Mkt., DIZ Area, R.K. Ashram Marg, Bhagat             area.                        23742992 (Off.)           Delhi. All working days
23347873           Singh Mkt., M.P. Flats, North Avenue, B.K. Singh                                       26871929 (R)              between 3 PM & 4 PM.
                   Marg, Talkatora Road, GRG Road.
Tilak Marg         Connaught Place, Bengali Mkt., B.K. Road, Babar    2.                                  Suptdg. Engineer(E)       Room No. 1714
23386253           Road, Babar Lane, Todarmal Lane/Road, Tansen                                           23363875 (Off.)           Sansad Marg, New
23389355           Marg, School Lane, Fire Brigade Road, C.Haxagon,                                       22753425 (R)              Delhi. All working days,
                   India Gate, Tilak Marg, Purana Qila Road,                                                                        between 3 PM & 4 PM.
                   Bhagwan Dass Road, Sikandra Road, Coper Nicus      3.                                  Executive                 Mohan Singh Place,
                   Marg, Chalms ford Road, Panchkuiyan Road,                                              Engineer(R/L)             Baba Kharak Singh
                   Shrimant Mhadev Road Scindia Marg.                                                     23365 748 (O)             Marg, New Delhi.
                                                                                                          25726810 (R)              All working days
                                                                                                                                    between 3PM & 4PM.

General                                                                                                    ENFORCEMENT
   1.        No person shall indulge in damaging breaking road light
                                                                                          The Enforcement Department deals with removal of
                                                                                unauthorised encroachments on the NDMC/Govt. land in its area. In
    2.       No person shall take any electric connection from road light
                                                                                addition to this, hoardings, banners, cycle-rickshaws, stray cattles,
             installations as it will be treated theft of Elect. under Indian
                                                                                monkeys and unauthorisdly parked vehicles on municipal land are also
             Elect. Act. 2003.
Measures to conserve electricity and reduce the bill;
    Switch over to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) for general/task                      The allotments made as a rehabilitation measure on
     lighting in place of ordinary incandescent lamps & Fluorescent             tehbazari/license fee basis are regulated as per policy of the Council.
     tubes. A 20W CFL provides more lighting than a 100W                        The allotments/renewal/transfer in respect of stalls, telephone booths,
     incandescent lamp, has 5 times more useful life and saves 21 units         taxi booths and tehbazaries etc. are regulated in terms of NDMC‟s
     per month for 8 hours use/day.                                             approved policies.
    High consumption equipments, which are to be used simultaneously
     including stand, by equipments be provided with standard/ISI                         Parking lots identified and categorised are allotted for two years
     marked change-over switches to avoid their misuse and                      by call of tenders through newspapers.
     computation in the total connected load.                                             Now identified and uncategorized and cancelled parking lots are
    Ensure purchasing standard/ISI marked CFL wiring materials and             allotted for 3 months/short term by call of short notice quotations till these
     Eco-friendly energy efficient appliances like refrigerators, air-          are allotted for two years on tender basis.
     conditioners etc.
    Air Conditioner of 1.5 ton if used 8 hours a day has energy                1.     Approval for banners, posters Not allowed in NDMC area
     consumption charges of a minimum of Rs. 2,000/- per month.                        etc. for temporary functions
     Similarly, Geysers/Electric Ovens of 1.5 to 2 KW if used for an            2.     a) Allotment of parking lot for Within 30 day of the date of
     average of 2 hours a day would result in an Energy Bill of about                  one year                            opening of tender.
     Rs. 400/- to Rs. 500/- per month. Thus use such appliances only                   b) Allotment of parking lot for 3 Within 7 days of opening of
     when required.
    Clean all appliances, filters of air-conditioners and check loose                 months/short-term                   quotations.
     connections in wiring and appliances etc. regularly.                       3.     Removal of encroachments             Encroachment by
Vital Statistics                                                                                                               unauthorised squatters
              Electrical Substations (11 KV-P)              375                                                                removed immediately.
              33KV (500 MVA)                                 17                                                             Other encroachments of
              66KV (280 MVA)                                   3                                                               pucca nature within 72
              Electric Connections                     1,10,000                                                                hours and in case police
              Street Light Points                        20,459                                                                assistance is qrequired,
              No Current Complaint Centres                   13                                                                then immediately on getting
              No Road Light Complaint Centres                  8                                                               police assistance.
              E/w bills Collection Centres                     8                4.     Release of seized items/goods/
              High Mast Lights                              102                        vehicles
                                                                                       a) Belonging to unauthorised After 10 days.

                                    -29-                                                                             -30-
     b) Scooter/Car                       Immediately       after    paying   No licensable/eatable trade is persmissible by open tehbazari permission
                                          removal charges.                    holders as per orders of Hon‟ble Supreme Court of India.
     c) Cycle Rikshaw                     Release not permitted.              Hoardings; Putting up of hoardings has been banned under the orders
5.   Catching of stray cattle             Immediately on detection.           of Hon‟ble Supreme Court of India.
6.   Catching of monkeys                  Action initiated immediately on     Advertisement Boards;Only one board is permissible to be displayed at
                                          receipt of complaint/information.   the site of any establishment. For putting any additional board, prior
7.   Change of trade in rehabilitation    Change of trade from non-           written permission be obtained from the Chairman, NDMC as provided
     unit.                                licensable     items    to   non-   under section 89 of the NDMC Act.
                                          licensable items is allowed in      Stray Cattle;Stray cattle are strictly banned in NDMC area. General
                                          open tehbazari only .               public may bring it to the notice of Director (Enforcement) or Secretary
8.    Request       for    transfer   of  60 days.                            and action would be taken as per provisions in the NDMC Act.
      rehabilitation units on legal heir                                      Cycle Rickshaws;Plying of cycle rickshaws in the NDMC area is
      basis                                                                   banned. On noticing any person-using rickshaw the same would be
         Advertisement Tax is assessed and amount recovered under             removed and shall be crushed.
provisions of NDMC Act.                                                       Animal Driven Vehicles;Animal driven vehicles are banned in the entire
Taxi Stands; In all there are 98 Taxi Booths, both wooden and masonry.
                                                                              NDMC area.
Further allotment of taxi booths has been banned by the NDMC as a
policy decision.                                                              Monkey Menace;For handling of monkey menace in th eNDMC area, a
Stalls;In all there are 50 stalls allotted to Thareja verified squatters in   monkey trapping squad has been deployed. Complaints pertaining to
NDMC area.                                                                    monkey menace may be brought to the notice in writing or telephonically
Telephone Booths;Till 1998 there were 6 telephone booths allotted to          giving full details of the locality.
physically handicapped persons as rehabilitation measure at nominal           Ban of use of any premises; Under Section 327 (1) of NDMC Act,
fee. In the year 1999, 17 more booths were constructed and allotted and       1994, no person is allowed to use their premises in the areas of Sarojini
to physically disabled persons by draw of lots from the applications          Nagar, Pilanji Village, Brig. Hoshiar Singh Marg, Chanakya Puri for the
names responded against Public Notice.                                        purposes, which is dangerous to life, health or property or likely to creat a
Open Tehbazari Persmission;Barring apart the allotments made by VC            nuisance. Keeping horses, cattle or other quardruped animals or birds for
Chaturvedi Committee to 761 verified squatters, there are 189 tehbazari       transportation, sale or hire or for the sale of the produce thereof.
permission holders to run non-licensable trades at the approved rates         Violating this, the belongings found abandoned and roaming on any
and approved sites.                                                           street or public place in the NDMC area are liable to be seized and
Unauthorised Squatting/Encroachments;Any unauthorised squatter                impounded. The cost of the seizure of such animals and their
brought to the notice of Director (Enforcement), Secretary and                impounding/removal/feeding will be recoverable from owners.
Chairperson through written/verbal complaints is removed from the site.       Parking;The parking charges have been categorized for the different
Any encroachment made by the allottees/occupants of tehbazari, tharas,        parking lots operational in the area according to its usage. The same
shops, kiosks, stalls etc. whether belonging to the NDMC or otherwise         have been made effective from 1 September, 2004 as follows;
are also removed.


Group A Parking Lots                                                          Car             Rs.10/-           for first 4 hours
(including surface parking at Mayur Bhawan & two-tier parking at                              Rs.5/-            for every subsequent hour or part thereof
B.K.S. Marg (G.F.) Connaught Place Area and its adjoining areas, Dilli                        Rs.500/-          per month
Haat, INA Market, Yashwant Place etc. shall come into this category.          Scooter         Rs.5/-            Upto first 4 hours
Type of      Rate of          Duration                                                        Rs.15/-           for 4-8 hours
Vehicle      surface parking                                                                  Rs.25/-           beyond 8 hours
Car          Rs.10/-          For first 2 hrs.                                ( After 10.00 p.m. Rs. 5 shall be charged for every subsequent hours )
             Rs.10/-          For every subsequent hour & part thereof                        Rs.300/-          per month
             Rs.1000/-        per month
Scooter      Rs.5/-           For first 2 hrs.                                                    List of parking lots alongwith area
             Rs.5/-           For every subsequent hour & part thereof        S.No.     Name of Parking Lot                                           Area (In Sqm.)
             Rs.400/-         per month.                                      1.        A-Block, inner circle Connaught Place                                   2250
N.B. Above graduated parking tariff shall be charged in peak period for       2.        B-Block, inner circle Connaught Place                                   2195
Group A parking lots i.e. 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. only and parking tariff     3.        C-Block, inner circle Connaught Place                                    890
for the lean period (8:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.) of Group A parking lots shall   4.        D-Block, inner circle Connaught Place                                   1250
be applicable as per parking tariff of Group 'B' Parking lots                 5.        E-Block, inner circle Connaught Place                                   2361
Group B Parking Lots; Sarojini Nagar Mkt. Palika Bhawan, Malcha               6.        F-Block, inner circle Connaught Place                                   2496
Marg Market, Pandara Rd. Mkt., Behind Hotel Janpath etc. shall come           7.        A-Block, Middle Circle, Radial Road, No.2,                               381
into the category of Group B parking Lot                                                Connaught Place
Car          Rs.10/-          for first 4 hours
                                                                              8.        Malcha Marg Market                                                     2412
             Rs.30/-          for 4-8 hours
             Rs.50/-          beyond 8 hours                                  9.        M-Block, Outer Circle, Radial Road                                     1485
             Rs.600/-         per month                                       10.       D-Block, Radial Road No.6, B.K.Road                                     240
Scooter      Rs.5/-           for first 4 hours                               11.       F-Block Radial Road, Connaught Place                                   *210
             Rs.10/-          for 4-8 hours                                   12.       F-Block Radial Road, Janpath                                            243
             Rs.25/-          beyond 8 hours                                  13.       F-Block Radial Road, Connaught Place                                    564
             Rs.350/-         per month                                       14.       F-Block, B.K.Road, New Delhi                                          **150
Group C Parking lots; Govt. Offices, Courts and hospital such as              15.       G-Block, B.K.S Marg                                                     255
Thapar House, Eastern Court, Radial Road, „C‟ Hexagon, Supreme                16.       G-Block In front of Madras Hotel                                        950
Court, High Court, Patiala House Court, Kamani Auditorium, Rail               17.       G-Block In front of P.K.Road                                          *1500
Museum FICCI auditorium etc. shall come into this category.                   18.       H-Block Chemsford Road                                                  983
Car        Rs. 10/-        for first 4 hours                                  19.       H-Block, Connaught Place                                                906
           Rs. 30/-        beyond 4 hours                                     20.       L-Block Rd. Rd No.6, C.Place                                            407
           Rs. 500/-       per month
Scooter    Rs. 5/-         for first 4 hours                                  21.       A-Blk Middle Circle, C/Place                                          *1108
           Rs. 10/-        Beyond 4 hours                                     22.       B-Blk Middle Circle, C/Place                                            867
           Rs. 300/-       per month                                          23.       C-Blk Middle Circle, C/Place                                            450
                                   -33-                                       24.       D-Blk Middle Circle, C/Place                                            446
Under Ground Palika Parking and under ground two-tier parking lot
at B.K.S. Marg:                                                               25.       E-Blk Middle Circle, C/Place                                           1284
26.   F-Blk Middle Circle, C/Place                 1044     60.   Antriksh Bhawan                                          252
27.   H-Block Middle Circle, C/Place               *540     61.   In front of Eastern Court                               1623
28.   K-Block Radial Road No.5, Near Masjid Wali    540     62.   I.O.B Janpath                                            693
      Parking Connaught Place                               63.   Between A & B Estate Emporium, B.K.S. Marg               232
29.   K-Block Connaught Place                       1194    64.   Out side of Bank of Baroda                               617
30.   L-Block, Outer Circle Connaught Place         1550    65.   Bengali Market                                           344
31.   M-Block, Radial Road, Connaught Place           504   66.   R.R. India Gate, Zakir Hussain Marg                     4994
32.   M-Block, Radial No-7, Connaught Place        **235    67.   R.R.India Gate Children Park                            4862
33.   Radial Road No.5, Odean Cinema                  473   68.   Doordarshan UCO Bank                                    1341
34.   N-Block, Opposite Statesman                  *1100    69.   Tolstoy House                                            318
35.   N-Block, Petrol Pump, Middle circle near       **70   70.   Purana Quila Road near NSCI Club                        2214
      Turkmehistan Air Lines                                71.   Jeevan Bharti Bldg.                                      496
36.   B-Block Opposite Scindia house                850     72.   In front of Allahabad Bldg.                              267
37.   P-Block in front of Madras Hotel             1008     73.   Nerendra Place DLF                                       659
38.   In front of 8 Jantar Mantar Road              910     74.   In front of Talkatora Circket Ground                    1789
39.   Super Bazar                                  1093     75.   New Developed Area S.Nagar Ground                       3008
40.   Shanker Market                                995     76.   Bhagwan Dass Road Opp.Supreme Court                     3731
41.   Scindia House in front of Federal Motors      790     77.   In front of Babu Market, S.Nagar                         278
42.   Mayour Bhawan (Specified parking)            2176     78.   Between Geraage & Park of office complex                 442
43.   Two tier parking B.K.S Marg                                 yashwatn place
44.   B.K.S Marg Adj. Police Station                6225    79.   Pandara Road Market                                      635
45.   In front of Himalaya House                     248    80.   Behind S.Nagar Vegetable Market                          738
46.   Behind Hindustan Times                       *5990    81.   Yashwant Place                                          1547
47.   Anasal Bhawan, K.G.Marg                        208    82.   Newly develiped Around the boundary wall of              828
48.   In front of Sona Rupa                          599          Babu Market to the corner of DPS School G-
49.   Janpath Guest House                           1250          Avenue, Sarojini Nagar
50.   Indian Coffee House Janpath, New Delhi        2750    83.   Around Delhi High Court                            172 for car
51.   Keenling Lane                                 2724                                                        560 for scooter
52.   In front of Mercantile Bldg.                   542    84.   Akash Deep Bldg. to World Trade Tower                    2803
53.   Surya Kiran Building                           547    85.   Jeevan Vihar to Jeevan Deep                              1183
54.   In front of Hindustan Bldg.                    420    86.   At Baird Raod                                             180
55.   Scindia House in front of Tribhuvan Dass       504    87.   Patiala House Boundary wall                              1340
      Jewellery, Janpath                                    88.   Claridges Hotel                                          1155
56.   Thapar House Janpath Lane                     520     89.   Akash Deep Building                                      180*
57.   Behind Mohan Dev Bldg.                       6770     90.   Delhi Haat                                               2264
                              -35-                                                             -36-
58.   Kailash Building                             *1017
59.   Amba Deep Bldg.                                238    91.   „D‟ Avenue, Sarojini Nagar                              2176
92.     1st crossing road „G‟ Avenue, Sarojini Nagar                 1705                The Estate Department deals with allotment of stalls, shops,
93.     Palika Place                                                 2132     office space and commercial premises like hotels, restaurants. It is
94.     Kamani Auditorium                                              336    managing around 3603 commercial units.
95.     Palika Bhawan                                                2691                The allotments are made as per the following stipulations;
96.     Outside Connaught Place                                        244    1. Allotments of shops/office On open tenders. Notice inviting
97.     Outside INA Market                                           2997           spaces/other          commercial tenders will be published in
98.     Rail Museum                                                  1544           properties on license fee            newspapers
99.     Sangeet Bharti                                                 159    2. Issue of tender documents/ As specified in tender notice
100.    Behind Hotel Janpath                                           862          opening of tenders
101.    N-Block Rd. Rd. No.8 Opposite Wimpy Restt.                     536
                                                                              3. Decision on allotment and Within 60 days of opening of tender.
102.    Opp H-Block Between Punchkuian Road &                         *622          subsequent           issue        of
        Basant Lane Connaught Place                                                 allotment letter
        Any complaint on account of overcharging or any violation be
made to the Director (Enforcement) in writing or telephonically               4. Issue of offer letter.                  Within 07 days after approval of the
(23347080, 23360249), 4 Floor, Pragati Bhawan, Jai Singh Road, New                                                       minutes of the Allotment Sub-
Delhi-110001. And if the complaint/violation is found true, then penalty of                                              Committee       by    the     competent
Rs. 5,000/- is imposed on the contractor for the first complaint/violation.                                              authority.
For second complaint of overcharging/violation the penalty would be           5. Completion of formalities               Within 10 days from the date of issue
doubled i.e. Rs. 10,000/-. Even if the complaint of overcharging/violation                                               of     offer   letter    (licence   fee
keep on coming, the parking lot shall be cancelled.                                                                      commencing 11 day of the issue of
                                                                                                                         offer letter)
                                                                              6. Refund of earnest money to Within 7 days of opening of tenders,
                                                                                                                                    st     nd
                                                                                    unsuccessful parties                 except 1 & 2 highest bidders/
                                                                              7. Transfer of allotment:
                                                                                       Acknowledgement of               Within 15 days
                                                                                          application/ letter pointing
                                                                                          out deficiencies
                                                                                       Final communication on Within 3 months on completion of
                                                                                          application for transfer.      formalities by the Sublettee.
                                                                                       Cancellation of allotment        As per terms & conditions of licence
                                                                                       Eviction of the unit             As per law.
                                                                              8. Renewal of license                      Within 45 days on completion of
                                   -37-                                             (if permitted under policy)          formalities.
                                ESTATE                                                                              -38-
                                                                              9.   Miscellaneous:
     i) Clubbing of shops.           Within 30 days after receiving the        Transfer is allowed in following cases on merits :
                                     technical feasibility from Engineering/   1. Partnership :
                                     Architect Department.                         Partnership/subletting is allowed after enhancement of license fee at
     ii) Change of trade             Within 30 days of completion of               rates fixed by Council from time to time.
                                     required formalities.                     2. Transfer/Mutation in favour of legal heir :
                                                                                   A unit may be transferred to legal heir after the death of an allottee
     iii) Redressal of grievances    Between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. by
                                                                                   or on his request subject to documentary evidence.
                                     Director (Estate) every working day.
                                                                               3. Change of trades :
Policy of Allottment                                                               Shops and other units are allotted for specific set of trade. However
        Units are allotted after inviting sealed tender. Advertisements are        an allottee can apply for change of trade any time. This change
published in local and national dailies of English, Hindi and Urdu                 would be allowed as per rules.
languages. Applications are invited from general public as well as from        4. Renewal of license of shops/commercial units :
the reserved categories on a prescribed form containing all details and            The application for renewal must reach within the time stipulated as
other related information regarding terms and conditions. These tenders            per terms and conditions i.e. 60 days before the date of expiry of
are opened on a date and time at an appointed place by the competent               present license. An affidavit in the prescribed proforma indicating
Authority in presence of tenderers. Tenderers are required to enclose              that no violation exists etc. is required. There should not be any
prescribed earnest money in the form of bank draft. These tender                   dues pending.
documents are made available to general public for Rs. 100/- (Non                  Renewal of license in case of shops, stalls, kiosks, tharas, office
refundable).                                                                       space/units and restaurants may be allowed for a period of ten years
The reservation quota for shops is:                                                on year to year basis subject to enhancement in license fee @ 10%
 1. 22.5% for SC/ST                                                                per annum and as may be fixed by the council from time to time.
                                                                                   Non-renewal of licence in time will attract damage charged @ 30%
 2. 3% for physically handicapped
                                                                                   of the licence fee.
        Allotment Sub-Committee evaluates and examines the tendered            5. Renewal of license for office spaces :
documents and considers the allotment. Allotment is normally done to               Renewal of licence in case of office spaces may be allowed for a
highest bidder if he fulfils required criteria. The tenderer is required to        period of 10 years on year to year basis subject to enhancement of
deposit 2 months license fee in advance and deposit 8 months license               licence fee @ 10% per annum.
fee as security deposit. After allottee completes these formalities, he is     6. Clubbing of shops :
handed over possession of unit/premises. Thereafter he is required to              Clubbing of shops in market complexes may be permitted subject to
complete following formalities:                                                    enhancement in license fee by 30% in respect of each unit involved
    1. Proof of residence                                                          in the clubbing. There may not be any limit to the number of units
    2. Income Tax clearance certificate                                            that can be clubbed subject to technical feasibility and structural
    3. Statement of account in case of a firm/undertaking/company                  safety.
    4. Three sets of license deed.
    5. An affidavit on a ten rupees stamp paper declaring he/she/they ,
        do/does not own any shop in NDMC area
    6. Current / saving bank account number etc.                                                                  -40-
                                    -39-                                       7.   Payment of lincence fee:
Transfer of Allotment                                                               Licence fee can be paid in cash upto Rs. 500/- and above Rs. 500/-
Transfer of allotment is made as per policies/resolutions of NDMC.                  through account payee Cheque/DD/PO drawn in favour of
     Secretary, NDMC, by 10th of every month at cash collection counter             and public streets              p.m. in respect of all areas.
     against demand bill at Palika Kendra, New Delhi. Late payment of                                               Night cleaning:
     licence fee will attract interest and other penal action.                                                      between 10.00 p.m. to 4.00 a.m. in
8.   Redressal of Grievances :                                                                                      Connaught Place & India Gate Area.
     Director (Estate) hears grievances between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.                                             between 4.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m. in
     in his office.                                                                                                 Khan Market & Sarojini Nagar.
                                                                               2.   Collection and removal of       Everyday between 7.00 a.m. and
Cancellation & Eviction                                                             garbage from municipal          2.00 p.m. market areas, highly
          If any allottee violates the terms and conditions of agreement, or        rubbish bins/dhlaos             sensitive VVIP areas including
defaults in payment, notice is given to him for removing the                                                        emergent situations are also covered
violations/clearing dues. If he fails to remove the violations and/or to                                            with skelton services in second shift
clear dues, allotment is cancelled and necessary action for eviction is                                             i.e. between 2.00 p.m. and 10.00
initiated in the Court of Estate Officer besides other penal actions as per                                         p.m.
policy of the Council.                                                         3.   Collection/removal         of   Within 3 hours of receipt of the
                                                                                    garbage from designated         complaint of non-lifting.
                                                                                    collection points only
                                                                               4.   Segregation of garbage          All the existing 254 old masonary
                                                                                    facilities fo rcollection of    dustbins have been divided into two
                                                                                    biogradable and non-            chambers with brick wall portion
                                                                                    biodegradable        wastes     having two separate windos for
                                                                                    separately has been             collection of biodegradable (green)
                                                                                    created as per colour           and non-biodegradable waste (blue)
                                                                                    coding pattern (green for       wastes separately. Besides, 22
                                                                                    biodegradable        wastes     modern dustbins having separate
                                                                                    “Geela      Koodas”      like   facilities for collectin of biodegradable
                                                                                    kitchen,        food     and    and non-bidegradable wastes have
                                                                                    eatables wastes, bones,         also been provided.
                                                                                    egg shells and used tea
                                                                                    leaves etc. and blue for
                                                                                    non          biodegradable
                                                                                    wastes       i.e.    “Sukha
                                                                                    Koodas”        like   plastic
                                                                                    paper disposals, metal,
                                                                                    glass, wood and rags etc.
                                        -41-                                                                        -42-
                        HEALTH SERVICES                                        5.   Door to door collection of      48 places have been covered so far
Sanitation:                                                                         garbage in 48 colonies          in door-to-door collection of garbage
1.     Cleaning of all the roads    Daily between 6.30 a.m. and 2.30                (8.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.)       in first phase and rest of the areas
       with      provision     of   will be    covered   in   subsequent     Circle No. 3   Jurisdiction:- Mandir Marg beginning from its
       collection of garbage in     phases.                                  23343968       junction with Peshwa Road, Park Street, Baba Kharak
       segregated manner at                                                                 Singh Marg upto Rivoli Cinema, Madras Hotel and
       doorstep.                                                                            then Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg upto the
6.     Night/Evening sweeping       Night/evening sweeping is going on                      Roundabout of Gole Market.
       in market areas (2.00        in India Gate, Rajpath, Tilak Marg,      Circle No. 4   Jurisdiction:- North Avenue, Central Secretriate,
       p.m. to 10.00 p.m. and       Connaught Place, Indian Oil Bhawan,      23710572       Parliament & Parliament Annexe,         Dr. Rajinder
       10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.)     Janpath, Hanuman Mandir Complex,                        Prasad Road upto its junction to Janpath, Janpath
                                    Gole Market roundabout Baird Lane                       upto Roundabout of Windsor Place, Ashoka Road
                                    Market, Bengali Market areas, Lodhi                     upto Gole Dak Khana, Willingdon Crescent upto 11
                                    Colony Market, Jor Bagh Market,                         Murti, Talkatroa Stadium.
                                    Malcha Marg Market, bardolia             Circle No. 5   Jurisdiction:- Babar Road, Barakhamba Lane, Fire
                                    Market, Sarojini Nagar Market,           23325572       Brigade Lane, Bengali Market, Bhagwan Dass Road,
                                    Kidwai Nagar Market (East and                           Sikandra Road, Coppernicus Marg, Sangali Mess,
                                    West), Laxmibai Nagar Market and                        Hyderabad House, Firozshah Road, Ashoka Road
                                    opposite Safdarjung Hospital/AIIMS.                     (starting from roundabout of Andhra Pradesh Bhawan
7.     Proposal for installation    About 1,200 twin litterbin sets (blue                   upto roundabout of Windsor Place), Scindia House,
       of 1,100 pair of twin        and green) are proposed to be                           Barakhamba Road, Kasturba Gandhi Marg.
       litterbin sets (blue and     installed at public and market places    Circle No. 6   Jurisdiction:- Bapa Nagar, Pandara Park, Pandara
       green) at public places to   to promote segregation of garbage        23070915       Road, Shahjahan Road Flats, Shahjahan Road, Dr.
       prevent littering.           (green bin for biodegradable wastes                     Zakir Hussain Marg upto its crossing with
                                    i.e. Geela Kooda like food eatable                      Subramanium Bharti Marg, Prithviraj Road upto its
                                    wastes and fruit peeling etc. and blue                  junction with South End Road, Aurengzeb Road upto
                                    bin for non-biodegradable waste i.e.                    the roundabout of Hotel Claridges, South End Road,
                                    Sukha Kooda like plastic paper                          Ravinder Nagar, Khan Market, Prithviraj Market, Man
                                    disposal, metal, glass, wood, rags                      Singh Road upto its junction with roundabout of Vice-
                                    etc.)                                                   President's residence, Moti Lal Nehru Marg upto
Sanitation Circles                                                                          roundabout of LG House, Akbar Road upto the
Circle No. 1      Jurisdiction:- Connaught Place (Inner, Middle and                         roundabout of LG House, Moti Lal Nehru Marg upto its
23363604          Outer Circle), Shanker Market upto Campa Cola                             junction with Janpath.
                  Factory, Indian Oil Bhawan, Janpath upto Tolstoy
                  Marg Crossing, Parliament Street upto Patel Chowk,
                  Ashoka Road (from Gole Dak Khana Post Office upto
                  Windsor Place's Roundabout), Baba Kharak Singh
                  Marg upto Gola Dak Khana Post Office.
                                    -43-                                                                   -44-
Circle No. 2      Jurisdiction:- Peshwa Road, Mandir Marg,                   Circle No. 7   Jurisdiction:- Sunheri Masjid includes South Block,
23347879          Panchkuian Road, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg upto            23013893       P.M. House, Sena Bhawan, Dalhousie Road, Moti Lal
                  Roundabout of Gole Market.                                                Nehru Marg, Maulana Azad Road, Janpath,
                Aurangzeb Road, Akber Road, Tees January                 2. Road connecting Willingdon Cresceent & Park Street.
                Marg/Lane, Tughlak Road, Krishna Menon Marg, K.          3. At crossing of Bhagwan Dass Road & Mathura Road.
                Kamraj Road, Duplex Road, Tyag Raj Marg, Rajaji          4. Africa Avenue near Yashwant Place.
                Marg, South Avenue, Teen Murti marg/Lane, Kushak         5. Connaught Circus, opp. Nirulas.
                Road, Willingdon Crescent.                               6. Connaught Circus, opp. Plaza.
Circle No. 8    Jurisdiction:- Lodi Colony, Lodi Estate, Lodi Road,      7. Crossing of Janpath & Connaught Circus.
24603359        Maxmuller Marg, Amrita Sher Gill Marg, South End         8. Crossing of Barakhamba Road & Lane.
                Road, Subramanium Bharti Marg, Maharishi Raman           9. Khan Market, Subramania Bharti Marg.
                Marg, Sujan Singh Park, Bharti Nagar, Golf Link, Arch    10. Khan Mkt. opp. Lok Nayak Bhawan.
                Bishop Makorious Ros, Part of Dr. Zakir Hussain          11. Corner of Pt. Pant Marg, opp. Gole Dak Khana.
                Road, Kaka Nagar.
                                                                         12. San Martin Marg.
Circle No. 9    Jurisdiction:- Jor Bagh, Aliganj, Karbala, B.K. Dutt
                                                                         13. Lodhi Road, opp. Mausam Bhawan.
24653790        Colony, Najaf Khan Road, Aurvindo Marg, Prithvi Raj
                Road, Tughlak Road, Tughlak Lane, South End Lane,        14. Max Mueller Marg, near IIC.
                Aurangzeb Lane, Part of Tughlak Road, Safdarjung         15. Inside Lodhi Garden.
                Road, Race Course Road, J.J. Cluster, Kamal Attaturk     16. Inside Lodhi Garden.
                Road.                                                    17. Inside Lodhi Garden.
Circle No. 10   Jurisdiction:- Shanti path, Kautilya Marg, Sardar        18. Africa Avenue near Sarojini Nagar DTC Depot.
24105121        patel Marg, Panchsheel Marg, Simon Boliwar marg,         19. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road opp. Shastri Bhawan.
                Sen Martin Road, Bapu Dham, Jesus and Marry Marg,        20. Gole Market.
                Chander Gupta Marg, Nyaya Marg, Satya marg, Niti         21. Humayun Road opp. Petrol Pump.
                marg, Vinay marg, Chankya Puri, Satya Sadan,             22. Ashok Road adjacent to P&T Building.
                Bardulai Marg.                                           23. Bangla Sahib Marg near Bengal Sweet House.
Circle No. 11   Jurisdiction:- Sarojini Nagar, Narouji Nagar, Sarojini   24. B.K.S. Marg, opp. Bangla Sahib Gurudwara.
26872543        Vihar, Pillanji Gaon, Afrika Avenue, I-Avenue, B-        25. Brig. Hoshiar Singh Marg near Sanjay Park.
                Avenue, Brig. Hoshiya Singh Road                         26. Lodhi Road Main Mkt. near Barat Ghar.
Circle No. 12   Jurisdiction:- North Moti Bagh, Begam Zaidi Market,      27. Auroindo Marg near entry point with Yusuf Sarai.
26872544        Basrurkar Market, Part of Shanti Path, Netaji Nagar,     28. Aurobindo Marg opp. Dilli Haat.
                Palika Bhawan, Anant Ram Dairy.                          29. Aurobindo Marg near AIIMS.
Circle No. 13   Jurisdiction:- East/West Kidwai Nagar, Aurvindo          30. At junction of Gurudwara Rakab Ganj & Church Road.
24654123        Marg upto Yusuf Sarai, Dilli Haat surounding Laxmibai    31. Sarojini Nagar Market.
                Nagar, Brig. Hoshyiyar Singh Road, Laxmi Bai Nagar       32. B.K.S. Marg near gate of RML Hospital.
                Market, both Kidwai Nagar Market.                        33. Jai Singh Road near Bus-Stop.
Circle No. 14   Jurisdiction:- Vijay Chowk, Rajpath, Central Vista       34. Near CP Police Station (New), Bangla Sahib Lane.
23073062        Lawn, India Gate, C-Hexagon, Purana Qila Road,
                                                                         35. Near CP Police Station (Old), B.K.S. Marg.
                Tilak Marg, Supreme Court Area and Tilak Lane.
                                                                         36. At junction of Purana Qila Road & Mathura Road.
                                                                         37. Intersection of Jantar Mantar Road & Tolstoy Marg.
                                                                         38. Bangla Sahib Marg near Kalawati Saran Hospital.
                               -45-                                                                    -46-
Pay & Use Public Conveniences constructed on BOT basis                   39. Malcha Marg near Mini Market.
Locations                                                                40. Connaught Circus near Minto Bridge.
   1. Shahjahan Road near UPSC.                                          41. At junction of Sikandra Road & Tilak Marg.
    42. Chelmsford Road near New Delhi Railw ay Station.                                                Control Room
    43. Segment of Mandi House near Copernicus Marg.               2.   Veterinary Hospital, Moti       Indoor treatment round-the-clock
    44. Tilak Marg near Princess Park.                                  Bagh                            OPD, X-ray facilities, surgical
    45. R. K. Ashram Marg.                                              Ph: 24672161                    operations, vaccination/immunisation
    46. Pandara Market.                                                                                 of pets during office hours
    47. Pandara Market.                                            3.    Stray dogs                     Will be caught within 24 hours on
    48. Tilak Marg opp. Police Station.                                  Ph: 23361675                   receipt of information at NDMC
    49. Sansad Marg near Bank of Baroda.                                                                Control     Room/Medical        Supdt.,
Garbage Stations on BOT basis with segregation facilities                                               Veterinary Hospital till 4.00 p.m.
Sr.No.                               Location                      4.    Anti-Malaria operations         Anti-larval operations: March to
1.       “L” Block middle circle, Connaught Place                        Ph: 23361675                       October
2.       Near Palika Bazar                                                                               Focal spraying in houses:
3.       Shivaji Stadium terminal                                                                           Immediately      on     report  of
4.       Ashok Road near Bangla Sabhi Gurudwara                                                             incidence of malaria/dengue in
5.       Ashok Road near Ashok Yatri Niwas                                                                  the neighbourhood
6.       Opp. National Stadium “C” Hexagon                                                    HEALTH LICENCING
7.       Opp. Jodhpur Mess “C” Hexagon                                     Health Department issues licenses under section 325, 330, 331,
8.       Sher Shah Suri Marg Kaka Nagar side                       327, of NDMC act 1994.The details are as follows:-
9.       Dr.Zakir Hussain Marg Kaka Nagar side                     Section 325       Shops doing business of raw meat,Chicken and
10.      Bhagwan Dass Road opp. Supreme Court                                        Poultry.
11.      Khan Market                                               Section 330       Sale of milk on cycle
                                                                                     Aerated Water on Hand Cart.
12.      Humayun Road near Petrol Pump
                                                                                     Vegetables on cycle.
13.      Maxmuller Marg opp. Bharti Nagar
                                                                                     Uncut fruits on cycle.
14.      Near Dilli Haat Aurbindo Marg
                                                                                     Refrigerated water trolleys.
15.      Near INA Market, Aurbindo Marg                                              Sale of meat & Poultry product.
16.      Satya Marg opp. Yashwant Place                                              Sale of ice on handcart.
17.      Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg towards Golf Course                                  Ice cream on pushcart.
18.      R. K.Ashram Marg near electric sub-station                                  Channa Moongphali
19.      Aurobindo Marg near the entry of Safdarjung Hospital      Section 331       Restaurants.
GARBAGE STATIONS constructed by NDMC with segregation facilities                     Kiosks/Pan Thara
20.      Jor Bagh behind Fire Station                                                Stalls and Shops
21.      Todarmal Lane near Bengali Market                                           Catering Vans
22.      Lane behind Hanuman Mandir                                                  Milk& Vegetable Booths (Mother Dairy)

                               -47-                                                                    -48-
Other Services:                                                    Section           of the following trades or operations connected with
1.   Removal of dead animals    Within two hours on receipt of     327(1)- Part-1    trades-
     Ph: 24690517               information/complaint in Central   Carrying out      1. Baking
any   2.      Cinematograph films,                                               polishing, heating or by any other process
      3.      Shooting of Cinemnatograph film by any process                     whatever or assembling parts of metal.
              whatsoever,                                             xi)        Photography studio
      4.      Treating of Chillies or masala or corn or seeds,        xii)       Radio (wireless receiving set) selling, repairing,
              Grinding of by mechanical means                                    servicing or manufacturing.
      5.      Cloth, yarn or leather in indigo or in other colours,   xiii)      Silversmithy.
              Dyeing or printing of                                   xiv)       Spinning or weaving cotton, silk, art silk, or jute
      6.      Cloth or yarn Bleaching                                            or wool with the aid of power.
      7.      Eating house or a catering establishment,               xv)        Stone grinding, cutting, dressing or polishing.
      8.      Keeping of Grain Parching                               xvi)       Timber or wood sawing or cutting by
      9.      Ground nut-seeds, tamarind seeds or any other                      mechanical or electrical power.
              seeds, Parching                                         xvii)      Tinsmithy.
      10.     Hair dressing saloon or a barber‟s shop. Keeping        xviii)     Washerman‟s trade.
              of a Hides or skins, whether raw or dried.              xix)       Welding of metal by electric, gas or any
      11.     Tanning, pressing or packing Laundry shop,                         process whatsoever.
      12.     Leather goods,                                          21. Manufacturing. Parching, packing, pressing,
      13.     Manufacturing of by mechanical means                           cleaning, cleansing, boiling, melting, grinding or
      14.     Litho press                                                    preparing by any process whatever any of the
      15.     Lodging house.                                                 following articles.-
      16.     Metal, Casting                                          i)         Aerated Water
      17.     Precious metals, Refining or or recovering of them      ii)        Bakelite goods.
              from embroideries.                                      iii)       Bidis (indigenous cigareets),snuff, cigars or
      18.     Printing press.                                                    cigarettes.
      19.     Sweetmeat shop except in premises already               iv)        Bitumen.
              licensed as an eating house.                            v)         Blasting powder.
      20.     Carrying on the trade or business of or any             vi)        Bones.
              operation connected with the trade of-                  vii)       Bricks or tiles by hand power.
      i)          Autocar or autocycle servicing or repairing.        viii)      Bricks or tiles by mechanical power.
      ii)         Blacksmithy                                         ix)        Brushes.
      iii)        Coppersmithy                                        x)         Candles.
      iv)         Electroplating                                      xi)        Catgut.
      v)          Glass beveling                                      xii)       Celluloid or celluloid goods.
      vi)         Glass cutting                                       xiii)      Cement concrete designs or modles.
      vii)        Glass Polishing                                     xiv)       Charcoal.
      viii)       Goldsmithy                                          xv)        Chemical.
      ix)         Marble cutting, grinding, dressing or polishing.    xvi)       Cinematograph films stripping in connection
                                                                                 with any trade.
                                                                      xvii)      Cosmetics or toilet goods.

                                    -49-                                                           -50-
      x)         Metal(ferrous or non-ferrous or antimony but         xviii)   Cotton, cotton refuse, cotton waste, cotton
                 excluding previous metal)cutting or treating                  yarn, silk, silk yarn, silk inclusive of waste yarn,
                 metal by hammering, drilling pressing filling,                art silk, art silk waste, art silk yarn wool or
         woolen refuse or waste.                                           lvii)     Wooden furniture, boxes, barrels, khokas, or
xix)     Cotton seeds.                                                               other articles of wood or of plywood or
xx)      Dammar.                                                                     sandalwood.
xxi)     Dynamite                                        Part-11- Articles which may not be stored in any premises without a
xxii)    Fat                                             licence.
xxiii)   Fireworks                                                 Asafoetida., Ashes, Bamboos, Bidi leaves, Blasting powder,
xxiv)    Flax.                                           Blood, Bones, bone meal or bone powder. Champhor, Carbide of
xxv)     Ink for printing, writing, stamping etc.        Calcium,Cardboards, Celluloid or celluloid goods, Charcoal, Chemicals,
xxvi)    Gas                                             liquid, Chemicals, non-liquid, Chillies, Chlorate mixture, Cinematograph
xxvii)   Ghee                                            films-non inflammable or acetate or safety base, Clother in pressed bales
xxviii)  Glass or glass articles                         or boras, Clother or clothes of cotton wool, silk art silk, etc. Coal,
xxix)    Gunpowder                                       Coconut fibre, Coke, Compound gas, such as oxygen gas, hydrogen
xxx)     Hemp                                            gas, nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas, sulphur dioxide gas, chlorine gas,
xxxi)    Ice(including dry ice)                          acetylene gas etc. Copra, Cotton including kahok surgical cotton and
xxxii)   Insecticide or disinfectants.                   silky cotton, Coton refuse or waste or cotton yarn refuse or waste, Cotton
xxxiii)  Leather cloth or rexine cloth or water proof    seed, Detonators,Dry leaves, Dynamite, Explosive paint such as nitro-
         cloth.                                          cellulose paint, lacquer paint, enamel paint etc., Fat, Felt, Fines,
xxxiv) Lime.                                             Firewood, Fireworks, Fish(dried), Flax, Fulminate, Fulminate4 of silver,
xxxv) Linseed oil.                                       Gelatine, Gelignite, Grass, Gun-cotton, Gunpowder, Gunny Bags, Hair,
xxxvi) Matches for lighting(including Bengal matches).   Hay or fodder, Hemp, Hessin cloth(gunny bag cloth               Hides(dried)
xxxvii) Mattresses and pillows.                          Hides(raw) Hoofs, Horns, Incense or ease, Jute, Khokas, boxes barrels,
xxxviii) Offal                                           furniture or ay other articles of wood , Lacquer, Leather, Matches for
xxxix) Oil cloth.                                        lighting ( including Bengal matches), Methylated spirit, denatured spirit or
xl)      Oil other than petroleum(either by mechanical   French polish, Netro compound\, Netro cellulose, Netro glycerine, Netro
         power or by hand power or ghani driven by       mixture Offal, Oil other than petroleum, Oilseeds, including almonds, but
         bullock or any other animal),                   excluding cottong seeds, Oil paper or waste paper including old
xli)     Pharmaceutical or medical products.             newspaper, periodicals, magazines, etc. Packing stuff paper cuttings,
xlii)    Rubbers or rubber goods.                        husk, saw dust etc, Paints, Paper other than old paper in pressed bales
xliii)   Paints.                                         or loose or in reams., Petroleum, other than dangerious petroleum as
xliv)    Paper or cardboard.                             defined in the Petroleum Act, 1934, Phosphorus, Plastic or plastic goods,
xlv)     Pickers from hides.                             Plywood, Rags, including small pieces or cutting of cloth, hessian cloth,
xlvi)    Pitch.                                          gunny bags, cloth, silk, art silk or woolen cloth. , Rosin or dammar Battar,
xlvii)   Plastic goods.                                  otherwise known as Ral, Safety fuses, fog signals, cartridges etc,
xlviii) Pottery by hand power.                           Saltpetre, Sandalwood, Silk waste, or silk yarn waste, art silk waste, or
xlix)    Pottery by mechanical or any power other than   art silk yarn waste, Sisal fibre, Skins raw or dries, Straw, Sulphur, Tallow,
         hand power.                                     Tar, pitch, dammar or bitumen, Tarpauline, Thinner, Timber, Turpentine,
l)       Sanitary ware or china ware.                    Varnish, Wool (raw), Yarn other than waste yarn.
li)      Soap.
lii)     Sugar
liii)    Sweetmeat and confectionery goods.
                         -51-                                                                -52-
liv)      Tallow                                         Procedure For Licencing –
lv)       Tar.                                           1. Application forms will be available from Room No. 1015, 10 floor
lvi)      Varnishes.                                        Palika Kendra, Palika Suvidha Kendra, Palika Bhawan, Sector-XIII,
    R. K. Puram and 48, Babar Road between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.               28.    Manufacture of aerated waters                                           10.00
    on all working days. These forms can be downloaded from NDMC                 29.    Sale of aerated water                                                   10.00
    website also.                                                                30.    Manufacture of Ice                                                    100.00
2. Forms duly filled along with all required papers may be submitted at          31.    Sale of ice in shops                                                    10.00
    Room No. 1015, 10 floor Palika Kendra, Sansad Marg, New Delhi.               32.    Biscuits and Bakery Products                                            10.00
3. Deficiencies in application or establishment will be communicated to          33.    Hawking Cart                                                            90.00
    the individual if noticed during the inspection of the officials             34.    Fresh Fruits & Vegetables                                               20.00
4. The licence will be granted/renewed within one month of the                   35.    Sale of meat & poultary product                                         20.00
    deposition of the form if all the requirements are fulfilled.                36.    Sale of channa Moongphali on Vehngies.                                   6.00
5. Licence will be issued for 3 years w.e.f.1-4-2005
                                                                                 37.    Lodging House                                                       1.00/bed
Licence fee to be deposited in respect of various trades and item
are as follows;                                                                                              MEDICAL SERVICES
      Item                                                       Annual Fees     As per the NDMC Act, 1994 Chapter-III of the clause XI the obligatory
                                                                    in Rupees    functions of the council are;
1.    Channa Moongfali                                                    6.37   (H) Public Vaccination and Innoculation:
2.    Articals for sale on cycle                                          6.37
                                                                                 (J) Establishment and maintenance of hospitals, dispensaries,
3.    Supply on Three wheeler                                            90.37
                                                                                       maternity and child welfare centers and the carrying out of other
4.    Bakery products on cycle.                                           6.37
5.    Water Trolley                                                      90.37         measures necessary for public medical relief:
6.    Ice cream trolley                                                  90.37   (X) The maintenance including the expansion and upgradation of
7.    Catering Van                                                      150.37         facilities of the hospitals existing on the date of commencement of
8.    Mother Dairy vegetables & fruit booths.                            24.00         this Act:
9.    Petrol Pump                                                        50.00   NDMC assure health care facilities to its employees and citizens
10. Petrol Pump cum service station                                     150.00   working/residing in its jurisdiction through
11. Atta Chakki/Floor Mill                                               50.00   Charak Palika Hospital,           Casualty- round the clock
12. Coal Depot                                                           10.00   Moti Bagh (150 Beds)              Indoor treatment – round-the-clock
13. Gas Depot                                                            50.00   26117879, 24671901,               Admission through casualty/OPD
14. DG Set                                                               50.00
15. Laundary/Dry cleaning                                                50.00
                                                                                 24671109                          Emergency Pathology/Radiology
16. Boiler                                                               50.00                                        services – round-the-clock
17. Printing Press                                                       50.00                                     OPD – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on all week
18. Battery charging                                                     50.00                                        days (Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.)
19. Furniture Workshop                                                   50.00                                        Registration timing: 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
20. Silver Plating                                                       50.00                                                             2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.
21. Ice Factory                                                          50.00                                               Saturdays 9.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
22. Manufacture, sale stocking,distribution of milk,                     20.00                                     OPD registration slip charges Re. 1/-
      milk product of sweet, pastries, fish, eggs, etc.                                                               (valid for one calendar year)
23. Sale of milk                                                         10.00                                          -54-
24.   Atta Dal                                                         10.00
25.   Ghee                                                             15.00                                          Specialist services in Cardiology/
26.   Edible Oils (Wholesale)                                          15.00                                           Medicine, Surgery, Eye, ENT,
27.   Edible Oils (Retail)                                              6.00                                           Paediatrics, Gynae, Orthopaedics,
                                   Dental, Physiotherapy, Pathology,                                     SGPT                           4/-
                                   Thallasemia and Radiology with ECHO                                   ALK Phosphotase                4/-
                                   and Ultrasound facilities                                             S.Protein                      4/-
                                 Funeral Van Services-round the clock                                   S.Albumin                      4/-
                                   – Charges @ Rs. 3/- per kilimeter                                     HBSAG                          4/-
                                   (Minimum Charges Rs. 30/- only)                                       ASO                            4/-
                                 Three Air-conditioned private rooms                                    CRP                            4/-
                                   are available @ Rs. 500/- per day.                                    VDRL                           5/-
                                                                                                         Cal.                           4/-
Details of various charges      Name of Test                    Charges
                                                                                                         Cal.Phosp.                     4/-
for Investigation (subject to                                   (Rs.)       Note: All these investigations are free for NDMC employees and their
change)                                                                     dependants and Indoor Patients. Charges are subject to change.
                                Ultra Sound                     100/-
                                ECHO                            100/-       Palika Maternity                 Emergency services – round-the-clock
                                X-Ray                                       Hospital,                        Indoor treatment – round-the-clock
                                i) Routine                      30/- each   Lodi Colony (50 beds)            OPD – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                                film        24654902, 24654903,               (Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.)
                                                                            24611633                          Registration timing: 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
                                ii) Spl. Investigation Barium   45/- each
                                etc                             film                                                               2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.
                                                                                                                    Saturdays 9.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
                                Urine Exam: RE/ME               2/-                                          Laboratory services
                                Blood Exam: - TLC - DLC -       2/- each                                     Gen. Ante-natal clinic (Monday &
                                ESR - HB%                                                                     Thursday Morning)
                                Stool Exam Re/ME                2/-                                          Post-natal clinic (Wednesday & Friday
                                Blood Sugar Fasting & P.P.      4/- each                                      morning)
                                Blood Urea                      4/-                                          Highrisk Ante-natal clinic (Monday &
                                S.Creatinine                    4/-                                           Thursday Afternoon)
                                S.Cholesterol                   4/-                                          Gyane, OPD-Tuesday, Wednesday,
                                                                                                              Friday and Saturday (Morning)
                                S.Triglyceride                  4/-                                          Family Welfare – all days
                                HDL                             4/-                                          Immunisation – BCG, Oral Polio
                                LDL                             4/-                                           Vaccine „O‟, DPT, MMR, Hepatitis “B‟,
                                S.Uric Acid                     4/-                                           Vitamin „A‟ (Wednesday & Saturday)
                                Widal                           4/-                                          Measles – Friday only
                                RA                              4/-
                                CPKMB                           4/-
                                     -55-                                                                      -56-
                                                                            MATERNITY AND CHILD WELFARE CENTRES:
                                Blood Group, Rh                 10/-        MCW Clinic timing from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
                                S.Bilirubin                     4/-         on Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.
                                SGOT                            4/-         Indoor Facilities are available round-the-clock.
                                                                            Sarojini Nagar (10 beds)
24672666                                                                  Talkatora Road (presently in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place Complex)
Maternal & Child Health Clinic       Monday & Friday                      Maternal & Child Health Clinic       Monday
Immunization                         Wednesday                            Immunization                         Wednesday
Out reach services, field survey and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday          Out reach services, field survey and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
record keeping                                                            record keeping                       Saturday
Mandir Marg (10 beds)
23743688                                                                  Babar Road
Maternal & Child Health Clinic       Tuesday & Friday                     Maternal & Child Health Clinic         Monday
Immunization                         Wednesday                            Immunization                           Wednesday & Thursday
Out reach services, field survey and Monday, Thursday, Saturday           Out reach services, field survey and   Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
record keeping                                                            record keeping
MCW Clinic timings from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.                            Netaji Nagar ( E-1457)
on Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon                                  Maternal & Child Health Clinic         Tuesday
Shishu Kalyan Kendra, 37, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg                       Immunization                           Thursday
Maternal & Child Health Clinic       Friday & Tuesday                     Out reach services, field survey and   Monday,       Wednesday,       Friday,
Immunization                         Wednesday                            record keeping                         Saturday
Out reach services, field survey and Monday, Thursday, Saturday
                                                                          Laxmibai Nagar (Flat No. 1857)
record keeping
                                                                          Maternal & Child Health Clinic         Tuesday
Pandara Road (A-5)                                                        Immunization                           Saturday
Maternal & Child Health Clinic       Saturday                             Out reach services, field survey and   Monday,     Wednesday,      Thursday,
Immunization                         Thursday                             record keeping                         Friday
Out reach services, field survey and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
record keeping                       Friday                               Moti Bagh (Flat No. D-221)
                                                                          Maternal & Child Health Clinic         Monday
Bapu Dham Residential Complex
Maternal & Child Health Clinic       Friday                               Immunization                           Wednesday
Immunization                         Wednesday                            Out reach services, field survey and   Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Out reach services, field survey and Monday,      Tuesday,    Thursday,   record keeping
record keeping                       Saturday                             FAMILY WELFARE AND COUNSELING SERVICES
Aurangzeb Lane                                                            Family Welfare Clinic timing from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Maternal & Child Health Clinic       Friday                               on Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Immunization                         Tuesday & Wednesday                   Charak Palika Hospital –               Palika Maternity Hospital –
Out reach services, field survey and Monday, Thursday, Saturday               All days                                All days
record keeping                                                                                                -58-
                                   -57-                                                             POLYCLINIC COMPLEX
East Kidwai Nagar (C-399)                                                                         Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg
Maternal & Child Health Clinic         Thursday                           Consists of Chest Clinic, Allopathic Dispensary, Shishu Kalyan Kendra
Immunization                           Friday                             with facilities of Pathological, Bio-chemistry testing, Radiological testing,
Out reach services, field survey and   Monday,    Tuesday,   Wednesday,   E.C.G., specialist services in Dentistry, Eye, E.N.T., Chest, TB, VCTC
record keeping                         Saturday                           and DOT services.
POLYCLINIC AND CHEST CLINIC: Ph: 23363746                                         Rohini Housing Complex                    Netaji Nagar            24673479
VOLUNTARY COUNCELLING & TREATMENT CENTRE (VCTC):-23362882                         Kidwai Nagar        24646094              H.C.Mathur Lane         23717670
Details of various charges for investigation (subject to change)                   AYURVEDIC DISPENSARIES:
Sl.    Name of test        Charges      Sl.     Name of test     Charges          Babar Road          23739284              Lodi Road           -
No.                        (Rs.)        No.                      (Rs.)            Bapu Dham           -                     Aurangzeb Lane      -
1.     Haemoglobin (HB) 2/-             13.     VDRL             4/-              Moti Bagh           -                     Netaji Nagar        -
2.     TLC                 2/-          14.     Blood Group +    10/-             Kidwai Nagar        24646094              Palika Kendra           51501354-
                                                RA Factor                                                                                              63/2218
3.     DLC                 2/-          15.     CRP              4/-              Sarojini Nagar          24678905            Mandir Marg            23342957
4.     ESR                 2/-          16.     ASO              4/-              Rohini Housing Complex             -
5.     B. Sugar (F)        4/-          17.     Urine R/E        2/-               BIRTH AND DEATH REGISTRATION CENTRES:
6.     B. Sugar (PP)       4/-          18.     Urine Preg. Test 2/-               Office of the Sub-Registrar Birth & Death
7.     B. Urea             4/-          19.     Stool R/E        2/-               1. Polyclninic, 37, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, New Delhi
8.     S. Cholestrol       4/-          20.     Bleeding Time    2/-               2. Maternity Centre, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi
9.     S. Bilirubin        4/-          21.     Clotting Time    2/-               3. 42-South Market, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi
10. S. Triglycoride        4/-          22.     X-Ray large film 30/- per film     4. Charak Palika Hospital, Moti Bagh, New Delhi
11. R. A. Factor           4/-          23.     X-Ray S. F.      30/- per film     5. Palika Maternity Hospital, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
12. Widal                  4/-          24.     HIV Testing      10/-     per      6. A-5, Pandara Road, New Delhi
                                                                 test as per       7. Palika Suvidha Kendra, Palika Bhawan, Sector-XIII, R. K. Puram
                                                                 NACO              8. Palika Suvidha Kendra, Babar Road
                                                                 guidelines                            Timings:- 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Note:- All investigations are free for NDMC employees and their                    HEAD OFFICE:-                        Office Hours:-
dependants.                                                                        Registrar, Birth & Death             9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
HOMOEOPATHIC DISPENSARIES:                                                         International inoculation Centre,    for Birth & Death cases which are
Palika Kendra       51501354-63/ 2228       Vidyut Bhavan 23010111/ 200            Mandir Marg,                         current and are more than one year
Moti Bagh              26117879/219         Kidwai Nagar          24646094         near St. Thomas School, N.D.         old, the certificate will be issued
Babar Road             -                    Bapu Dham                         -    Ph:- 23362284                        within 96 hours
Golf Links             23739284             Sarojini Nagar        24678905
Aliganj, Lodhi Road -                       H.C.Mathur Lane                   -    FOOD HANDLERS UNIT: BABAR ROAD
Mandir Marg            23342957             Tughlaq Crescent                  -        Medical fitness certificate/ Will be issued within 72 hours of
                                                                                        inoculation certificate      medical check-up/inoculation

                                     -59-                                                                            -60-
 ALLOPATHIC DISPENSARIES:                                                          INTERNATIONAL INOCULATION CENTRE MANDIR MARG:
Palika Kendra    51501354-63/               Vidyut Bhawan           23010111/           Vaccination of           Yellow Fever: Wednesday & Friday
                 2255                                                     226            International Travelers. between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m.
Baird Lane       23363746                   Golf Links              24652762             Ph: 23362284
Lodhi Road       24652278                   Mandir Marg             23342957       OTHER SERVICES:
Sarojini Nagar   24678905                   Babar Road              23739285       1.   Hearse van                Round-the-clock
     23348300, 23348301,                                                                                        Nagar.
     26117879, 24671109                                                      2.    Amusement for children       Children Park (India Gate), Talkatora
2.   Health education               Round-the-year                                                              Garden, Satya Sadan, Sanjay Park,
3.   School health services         In NDMC schools                                                             Subhash Park (Netaji Nagar), Nehru
                                                                                                                Park, Lodi Colony Park and East
VITAL STATISTICS                                                                                                Kidwai Nagar Park (above covered
General Hospital                         1    Veterinary Hospital      1                                        nallah).
Maternity Hospital                       1    M&C Welfare Centres     13     3.    Removal of uprooted          Within two days.
Maternity Wards in MCW Centres           3    Eye Care Centre          1           trees (due to heavy
Polyclinic                               1    STD-VCT Centre           1           rain/storm)
Tuberculosis Treatment Centre            4                                   4.    Replacement of broken        Within one day after receiving
DISPENSARIES                                                                       tree guards                  complaint.
Allopathic                               12   Ayurvedic               12     5.    Gap plantation               Within one/two days except December
Homoeopathic                             12   School Health Clinics    8                                        & January of every year.
HEALTH AMENITIES                                                             6.    Cleaning       of    water   Daily routine work.
Shishu Kalyan Kendra                      1   Vaccination Centres      9           channels along Rajpath
International Inoculation Centre          1   Birth & Death Reg.       9           Lawns
                                              Centres                        7.    Plugging of leakage of       Same day.
Anti-Malaria Clinics                     11   Chest Clinic             1           unfiltered water hydrants
Cancer Detection Centre                   1                                  8.    Removal of Hort. Waste/      Daily routine work.
                                                                                   dry leaves
                                                                             9.    Pruning of bushes            As and when required
                                                                             10.   Removal of weeds/wild        Every twenty days during rainy season
                                                                                   grass from roadside,         and bi-monthly in other seasons.
                                                                             11.   Sowing      of    Seasonal   In September & October and
                                                                                   flowers                      in April & May, every year.
                                                                             12.   Booking of parks/garden/     Within 7 days.
                                                                                   lawns etc.

                                   -61-                                                                         -62-
                           HORTICULTURE                                              For any complaint/information regarding Sl. No. 1 to 11 may
1.    Timings   of   all   park/
                                    st              th
                                   1 April to 30 September                   contact to the following Service Centres:-
      gardens                      - From 5.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and       Service Centres            Ph.No.        Service Centres          Ph.No.
                                     st              st                    Khushak Nallah             23013246      Lodhi Garden          24640079
                                   1 October to 31 March –
                                   from 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.             Man Singh Road             23073014      Nehru Park            26879328
2.    Jogging/Walking facilities   Lodi Garden, Nehru Park, Talkatora      Sanjay Jheel               26879329      Talkatora Garden      23092033
      available in                 Garden and Lake-cum-Park, Laxmibai      Connaught Place            23323294      Mandi House           23323339
                                                                           Madrasa Nursery            23013618
        In case of non-compliance of complaints within the prescribed              availability of park.
period may contact the following officers at Palika Kendra, NDMC on          4.    The booking charges along with security deposit prescribed by the
telephone or in person between 3.00 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.                             Council are deposited by the Hort. Deptt.
Sl.   Name & Designation                                  Phone Nos.         5.    No Commercial activities of any kind are allowed in the park.
No.                                                                          6.    No Park is booked for more than 10 days in a month as per orders
1.    Shri I. C. Tyagi, Addl. Director (H-I)             23744283 (O)              of Supreme Court of India.
                                                         22437079 (R)        Parks allowed to be used for functions and other activities (charges
      Shri K. P. Singh, Asstt. Director (H)         51501354-60/ 3311        are subject to change):-
                                                         22613244 (R)        For marriage and other social functions
2.    Shri N. S. Pradhan, Addl. Director (H) and    51501354-60/ 3304        Name of                     Booking Rates       Sweeping      Security
      incharge Major Parks & Gardens                     23795577 (R)        Parks/Garden/Lawns                                            deposit
      Shri H. K. Pachori, Asstt. Director (H)       51501354-60/ 3304        Talkatora Garden            Rs. 7,000/- per day Rs. 1,000/- Rs. 2,000/-
                                                         23710535 (R)        behind Shah-N-Shah
3.    Shri S. Pal, Addl.Director (H-III)            51501354-60/ 3306        Restaurant
                                                         23011883 (R)        Lodhi Road, Golf            Rs. 3,000/- per day Rs. 1,000/- Rs. 1,000/-
      Shri J. P. Sharma, Asstt. Director (H)        51501354-60/ 3307        Links, Rabinder
4.    Shri S.S. Dagar, Dy. Director (H-IV)          51501354-60/ 3317        Nagar, Bharti Nagar,
      Shri Babu Khan, Asstt. Director (H)           51501354-60/ 3318        B. K. Dutt Colony, Jor
                                                         23013127 (R)        Bagh, Sarojini nagar,
5.    Shri Jaswant Singh, Dy. Director (H-V)        51501354-60/ 3311        Diplomatic Enclave,
                                                         24624168 (R)        Hanuman Road, Moti
      Shri Anil Sharma, Asstt. Director (H)         51501354-60/ 3307        Bagh, Netaji Nagar,
                                                         22455351 (R)        Laxmibai Nagar, East
6.    Shri Shiv Kumar, Dy. Director (H-VI)          51501354-60/ 3318        Kidwai Nagar and
                                                         23794340 (R)        Bengali Market
      Shri O. P. Vats, Asstt. Director (H)          51501354-60/ 3311
                                                         26117616 (R)

GENERAL                                                                      For Shooting of Folms and TV programmes etc.
         As per prevailing practice the following procedure for booking of   Name of                     Booking Rates             Security deposit
parks is being followed:-                                                    Parks/Garden/Lawns
1.    The application of intending applicant are received in the             Lodhi Garden, Nehru park,   Rs. 30,000/- per day      Rs. 20,000/-
      Horticulture Department.                                               Talkatora Garden, Sanjay
2.    The applications so received are entered in the booking register.      Park
3.    The necessary booking charges are got deposited by the Hort.           Rajpath Lawns, India Gate,  Rs. 25,000/- per day      Rs. 20,000/-
      Deptt. through Cash Challan in the council's Treasury. Subject of      Connaught Place, other
                                                                             parks, Roads, Markets and
other places                                                                                   Property Tax = Rate of Tax determined U/s-61 of the Act x
                                                                                         Rateable value of land and building determined U/s-63 of the Act and
For Sports activities
                                                                                         NDMC House-Tax Bye-Laws, 1962 :-
Name of                          Booking Rates                   Security deposit        Rate of Tax (section-61 of NDMC Act)
Parks/Garden/Lawns                                                                                               Percentage of rateable Value
Cricket Ground, Talkatora        Rs. 1,500/- per day             Rs. 1,000/-
Garden                                                                                  Up to 1994-95             12.5%.
                                                                                        1995-96 & 1996-97         15%.
For Religious Functions
Name of                          Booking Rates                   Security deposit       1997-98 & 1998-99         Residential 15%.
Parks/Garden/Lawns                                                                                                Non-residential 20%.
All permissible Parks            Rs. 1,000/- per day             Rs. 500/-              1999-2000 & 2000-2001     Residential 20%.
For Kiriya (all permissible      Free                            No deposit                                       Non-residential 25%.
parks)                                                                                                            Special Category 30%.
Cricket Ground-Talkatora         Rs. 20,000/- per day            Rs. 10,000/-           2001-2002                 Residential 20%.
Garden functions of GOI,                                                                                          Non-residential 25% upto RV of Rs.10 lacs plus
Delhi Govt., Semi Govt. And                                                                                       30% on portion of RV above Rs.10 lacs.
                                                                                        2002-2003                 20% of rateable value where the RV does not
Govt. undertaking etc.
                                                                                                                  exceed Rs.5 lacs plus 30% of rateable value on
(without commercial
                                                                                                                  portion of RV above Rs.5 lacs.
purpose)                                                                                2003-2004                 20% of rateable value where RV does not
Vital Statistics                                                                                                  exceed Rs.5 lacs plus 25% on portion of
                                                                                                                  rateable value between Rs.5 lacs and Rs.10
Total Green Area            1,107 acres     Gardens                                 6                             lacs plus 30% on the portion of rateable value
Roundabouts                          50     Trees on Roadsides                 75,000                             above Rs.10 lacs.
Trees in Gardens               1,60,000     Glass House                             1   2004-2005                 20% of rateable value where RV does not
Nurseries                              3    Rose Gardens                            3                             exceed Rs.10 lacs plus 25% on portion of
Urban Forest                 1 (38 acre)    Small Gardens                           5                             rateable value between Rs.10 lacs and Rs.20
Park in Gov. colonies                  4                                                                          lacs plus 30% on the portion of rateable value
                                                                                                                  above Rs.20 lacs.
                                     -65-                                                                                  -66-
                            PROPERTY TAX                                                 A. Assessment:
        The Property Tax Department is one of the tax revenue-earning                    Publication of Assessment List inviting   Normally in 1 Quarter
department of NDMC. Revenue is realized as (i) property tax from about                   objections.
12,000 private properties and Government properties constructed prior to                 Investigation    of    objection   and    Normally in 2        Quarter
26 January, 1950 and (ii) service charges from the government                            authentication of Assessment List.
properties constructed after 26-01-1950.                                                 Appeal to District Judge.                 Within 30 days from the date of
        Property tax is an obligatory tax levied on all lands and buildings                                                        authentication of Assessment
in New Delhi. It is a percentage of the rateable value of lands and                                                                List.
buildings. The rate of taxes are determined by the Council from year-to-                 Bills to be issued.                       Normally in September and
year basis.                                                                                                                        October
Filing of the return by the owners.           Alongwith the payment of taxes      IV.   Notice of vacancy or re-                  Either personally in the Dak or
Notice of demand giving 30 days time.         November and December               occupancy should be delivered in                sent by Registered Post. Do not
Recovery proceedings including levy           Last Quarter                        NDMC.                                           send by ordinary mail or by
of penalty, attachment of rent,                                                                                                   UPC.
attachment        of     movable       and                                        V. vacancy remission is allowed.                After the end of the year in April.
immovable.                                                                                                                        However, at the time of
Decision of 72 cases.                         Throughout the year                                                                 payment, the owner can retain
                                                                                                                                  2/3 of the taxes payable on the
Issue of Notice U/s-72 increasing the         September to March                                                                  basis of last rent for the period of
rateable value and amendment in the                                                                                               vacancy      till   the    vacancy
authenticated Assessment List.                                                                                                    remission is actually allowed.
Filing of return by occupiers.                Last Quarter                        Whom to contact for information
B. Mutation:                                                                                 Persons can be contacted on all working days without any
 I. where the transfer is through an         To apply for mutation within         appointment from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
instrument of transfer, the transferee       three months of transfer.            Assistant Secretary (Tax),      All matters connected with assessment, remanded
and transferor to apply with                                                      9th Floor, Palika Kendra,       cases including decision in remanded and 72
instrument of transfer, details of                                                New Delhi.                      cases.
payment of transfer duty and an                                                   Section Officer (Tax)           Mutation cases. Issue of 72 notices. Hearing and
Indemnity Bond.                                                                   9th Floor, Palika Kendra, N. D. decision in remand and 72 cases.
II. where the transfer is not through        To apply for mutation within         S.O.(GPC)/                      All matters concerning Govt. properties.
an instrument of transfer, the               three months of the date on          Addl. Tax Recovery Collector,
transferee and transferor, to apply          which transfer is effected.          18th Floor, Palika Kendra, N.D.
with evidence of transfer.                                                        Sr.A.O.(Tax)/                   Demand collection, issue of bills, and payment of
 III. where devolution of title is on the    To apply for mutation within six     Tax Recovery Collector,         tax, rebates, vacancy remission, penalties, and
                                                                                  18th Floor, Palika Kendra, N.D. installments. Rectifications, hearing and decisions
death of the person primary liable to        months of such devolution of
                                                                                                                  in remanded and 72 cases. Recovery of taxes by
tax.                                         title.                                                               attachments.
IV. Mutation                                 As far as possible within one        Director (Tax),                 All matters concerning property tax department
                                             month of the receipt of              3rd Floor Palika Kendra, N.D.   which could not be settled by officers at Sr. No. 1 to
                                             application   with    complete                                       4
                                             documents.                                                                   -68-
                                     -67-                                                                     PUBLIC LIBRARIES
C. Vacancy Remission:
I. Vacancy remission is available to         No     vacancy    remission     is
                                                                                  1.      Central Public Library at             Open to public between
the premises lying vacant for letting        available, if the premises are               Palika Kendra                          11.00 a.m. and       7.00 p.m.
                             rd                                                                                                  (Monday to Friday)
unproductive of rent at 2/3 of the           kept for self occupation or as an
taxes payable for the period of              investment for sale.                                                              Membership open to all
vacancy.                                                                                                                      1. For adults Rs.100/- as security
II. Notice of vacancy to be given U/s-       Within 15 days of the vacancy of
112.                                         the premises.                                                                       and        Rs.25/-       annual
III. Notice of the occupancy U/s-114         Within 15 days of re-occupancy                                                      subscription
to be given alongwith the copy of the        of the premises.                                                                 2. For children Rs.25/- as security
fresh rent agreement.                                                                                                            only
2.     Other libraries at Aliganj,           Membership open to residents of          Filling of pot holes             Two days
       Moti Bagh, Mandir Marg,               concerned areas on payment of            Patch repairs                    One week
       Palika Dham, North-West               Rs.5/- as security                       Removal of obstruction on        One working day
       Moti Bagh, Babar Road and             Timings – 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.         road
       East Kidwai Nagar.                    (Monday to Saturday)                  Replacement of missing              Two working days
                                                                                       manhole covers
3.     Sports Library at Shivaji             Reading only – Open to all            Removal of malba from               Notice to owner within 48 hours by
       Stadium                               between 11.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.          public land by owner             the Health/Enforcement Deptt.
                                             (Monday to Saturday)                  Removal of Malba by One week after issue of notice.
5.     Application for membership            To be obtained from and deposited         NDMC, if owner fails to
                                             at Library Counter                        comply with notice
                                                                                   Decision on permission for Ten days after deposit of R.R.
6.     Security deposit                      Accepted at Library counter.                                               Charges.
                                                                                       road cut
7.     Issue of membership cards             Within 15 minutes after completion              Residents of respective area may approach Service Centres
                                             of all formalities                   indicated below A.E./E.E./ S.E./C.E./Control Rooms for following complaints/
Vital Statistics                                                                  1.         Patch repairs
                                                                                  2.         Removal of any obstruction on road
                   Public Libraries                           7                   3.         Replacement of missing manhole covers, gully gratings
                   Children Library                           1                   4.         Malba on public land
                                                                                  5.         Public conveniences
                   Sports Library                             1                   6.         Replacement of missing/broken fixtures
                   Technical Library                          1                   7.         Drainage: Repairs of open and covered Storm Water drains
                                                                                             including removal of stagnation of Rain water.
                   Institutional Libraries                    2                   8.         Desilting of underground storm water drains.
                   Medical Library                            1                   9.         Repair of Bell Mouths.

                                        -69-                                      ROAD MAINTENANCE DIVISION – I
                                                                                  Executive Engineer (Road Maintenance-I)                     23388822
                                                                                  1. Janpath Lane, Service Centre                             23722146
                                                                                  Jurisdiction:- Ashoka Road (from Gole Dak Khana to Windsor Circus),
                          ROAD MAINTENANCE                                        Bangla Sahib Lane, Hanuman Road, Hanuman Lane, Jai Singh Road,
Over-all in-charge - Chief Engineer (Civil-II)                     23364273,      Jantar Mantar Road (from Tolstoy Marg to Ashoka Road) Janpath (from
                                                            51501353-60/3504      Scindia House to Windsor Circus), Janpath Lane, Sansad Marg (from
Superintendent Engineer (Roads-I)                                  23367665       Bank of Baroda to Patel Chowk), Rajpath (from Sansad Marg to Janpath)
                                                            51501353-60/3408       2. Dr. Rajender Prasad Lane, Service Centre                23070591
Superintendent Engineer (Roads-II)                                 23744790       Jurisdiction:- Firozshah Road (from Windsor Circus to Kasturba Gandhi
                                                            51501353-60/3508      Marg), Kasturba Gandhi Marg (Cycle Track), Canning Road, Jaswant
                                                                                  Singh Road, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, Ashoka Road (from Windsor
        On Receipt of complaints from citizens at Service Centres or
Control Room, the work will be completed within:                                  Circus to C-Hexagon) Janpath (from Windsor Circus to Rajpath),Atul
Grove Road, Tolstoy Marg (from Janpath to Kasturba Gandhi Marg)           2.    Golf Links, Service Centre                            24648120
Lanes:- Dr. R.P. Lane, (between Janpath to Dr. R.P. Road, behind          Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by Golf Links Colony, Bharti Nagar Colony,
Meridian Hotel), Connaught Lane, Tolstoy Lane No. 1 & 2, Electric Lane,   Lodhi Estate and Lodhi Garden.
Jaswant Singh Lane No. 1 & 2, Harish Chander Mathur Lane No. 1 (from      3.    Tees January Lane, Service Centre                     23792974
K. G. Marg to Canning Road) Harish Chander Mathur Lane No. 2 (from        Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by Tees January Marg, Prithviraj Road,
Canning Road to Janpath) Lane behind Chander Lok Building, Canning        Safdarjung Road, Kemal Attaturk Marg, Akbar Road.
Lane, Telegraph Lane, Social Welfare Lane, Atul Grove Lane, Lane          4.    Lodhi Colony under Safdarjung Flyover,                24649238
behind Eastern Court, Cross Lane between T.T. No. 1 and T.T. No. 2.       Service Centre
3.   C-II Flats, Tilak Lane, Service Centre                  23382961     Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by Lodhi Road/Colony, B. K.Dutt Colony,
Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by India Gate, Tilak Marg, C-Haxagon,         Karbala, Aliganj, Jor Bagh and Aurobindo Marg.
                                                                          5.    Khan Market, Service Centre (DRAINAGE)                24651429
C-I/C-II Flats, Purana Quila Road, High Court, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg,
                                                                          Jurisdiction:- Area between Rajpath to B. K. Dutt Colony, between Dr.
Kaka Nagar, Bapa Nagar, Pandara Road, Pandara Park.                       Zakir Hussain Marg to Safdarjung Road- Akbar Road periphery.
4.   Sanglimess, Service Centre                              23070144     ROAD MAINTENANCE, DIV. III
Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by BhagwanDass Road, Sikandra Road,           Executive Engineer (Road Maintenance-III)                   23368005
Bengali Market and Babar Road area, Copernicus Road, Firozshah
Road, Hailey Road, around Shanker Market, Barakhamba Road.                1. Moti Bagh, Service Centre (near Begam Zaidi            26871825
5.   Scindia House, Service Centre (DRAINAGE)                23319122         Market)
Jurisdiction:- Road between Sikandra Road to Connaught Circus, Bapa       Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by Moti Bagh, Shanti Path upto Railway
Nagar, Kaka Nagar, Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg, C-Hexagon, area between
                                                                          2. Netaji Nagar, Service Centre                           26870235
Sansad Marg to Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, Ashoka Road, Jai Singh
                                                                          Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by Sarojini Nagar, Netaji Nagar, Nauroji
Road, area from C-Hexagon to Mathura Road.                                Nagar, Brig. Hoshiar Singh Road.
                                                                          3. Laxmi Bai Nagar, Service Centre                        24675490
                                                                          Jurisdiction:- Area bounded Laxmi Bai Nagar, Aurobindo Marg, Ansari
                                                                          Nagar, Birg. Hoshiar Singh Raod upto Pillanji, East & West Kidwai
                                 -71-                                     4. Netaji Nagar, Service Centre (DRAINAGE)                   26870235
ROAD MAINTENANCE, DIV. II                                                 Jurisdiction:- Moti Bagh, Netaji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Laxmibai Nagar,
Executive Engineer, South End Lane                         23073515       East & West Kidwai Nagar.
1. Man Singh Road, Service Centre                          23070592       ROAD MAINTENANCE, DIV. IV
Jurisdiction:- Akbar Road (from Moti Lal Nehru Roundabout to              Executive Engineer (Road Maintenance-IV)                     23344188
C-Hexagon), Prithvi Raj Road (from South End Road to Q Point),            1. Malcha Marg Service Centre                                23015745
Aurangzeb Road (from Claridge Hotel to Q Point), Moti Lal Nehru Marg      Jurisdiction:- Sardar Patel Marg, San Martin Marg, Jesus & Marry
(from Moti Lal Nehru Roundabout Q Point), Shahjahan Road (from Q          Marg, Shanti Path between Kautilya Marg to Satya Marg, Niti Marg
Point to C-Hexagon), Man Singh Road (from Q Point to Dr. Rajendra         between Kautilya Marg to Panchsheel Marg Roundabout, Mother Teresa
Prasad Road), Janpath (from Moti Lal Nehru Roundabout to Dr.              Crescent between Teen Murti, Chandergupta Marg upto Satya Marg,
Rajendra Prasad Road), Rafi Marg (from Krishi Bhawan Chowk to             Nayya Marg upto Satya Marg, Malcha Marg, Dharam Marg, Kautilya
Sunheri Masjid Chowk), Maulana Azad Road (from Sunehri Masjid             Marg, Simon Bolivar Marg, Taj Place Marg, Officers Mess Road, Manas
Chowk to Man Singh Road Chowk), Rajpath (from Vijay Chowk to C-           Marg, Gen. Artigas Marg, Cross Road 5,3,2 & 1 between Chandergupta
Hexagon).                                                                 Marg to Shanti Path, Kwame Nkruma Marg, Rajdoot Marg.
2. Nehru Park Service Centre                               24105035      Lane, Mandir Marg, R.K. Ashram Marg, Andh Mahavidyalya, Gandhi
Jurisdiction:- Vinay Marg, Afirca Avenue ( Between Satya Marg and        Sadan (Sector-II) Between Peshwa Road, Bhai Veer Singh Marg,
Railway Bridge), Satya Marg, Niti Marg ( Between Panchsheel Marg and     G.P.O. Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Park Street, Mandir Marg, A&B Blocks,
Moti Bagh flyover), Panchsheel Marg (Between Samrat Hotel and            Block No. 1 to 13, Samru Place, Willingdon Square, H block, President
Ashoka Hotel Roundabout), Nayay Marg (Between Satya Marg and Moti        Estate Quarter, G-Point, Block No. 1 to 17, Baba Kharak Singh Marg,
Bagh Flyover Bridge), Chandergupta Marg ( From Satya Marg to Railway     Block No. 1 to 79, Kali Bari Marg, Block No. 49 to 55, Block No. 43 to 48,
Museum), Cross Roads No. 2 to 5 at Niti Marg, Shanti Path (between       Block No. 18 to 42, P&T Quarters, Block No. 1 to 29 (Sector-III-A)
Satya Marg and Moti Bagh Flyover Bridge), Service Roads around           Electric Sub Station Gole Market, E-Block, Block No. 60 to 72, Double
Chankya CinemaG-Avenue (between Satya Marg & Railway Bridge), D-I
                                                                         Storey Quarters-B, Block No. 85, Lady Harding Staff Quarters, Doctor's
and D-II, Chankya Puri.
                                                                         Lanes, T.T. Place Quarters, (area surrounded by Gole Market, Bhagat
3. Dalhousie Road, Service Centre                          23103347
Jurisdiction:- Hukmi Mai Marg, Dalhousie Road, South Block, Krishna      Singh Marg, Bangla Sahib Marg, P.K. Road R.K. Ashram Marg),
Menon Marg, K. Kamraj Marg, Moti Lal Nehru Marg, Tyag Raj Marg,          (Sector-III-B) Gole Market, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place, (others)
Sunheri Bagh Circus, Race Course Road, South Avenue, Rajaji Marg,        Indoor stadium, back Service Lane, Bungalow No. 11 to 18 Park Street,
Kushak Road.                                                             Service Lane,-Birla Mandir, N.P. Boys, Sr. Sec. School, Mandir Marg,
4. Malcha Marg, Service Centre (DRAINAGE)                  23794371      Service Lane-Police Station Mandir Marg, St. Thomas School, Nathu ki
Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by S. P. Marg, Mother Teresa Crescent        Bagichi, Service Lane-Garhwal Bhawan.
(from S. P. Marg to Teen Murti), South Avenue, Dalhousie Road, Teen       2. Traffic Training Park, Baba Kharak Singh Marg,
Murti Marg, Kemal Attaturk Marg, Panchsheel Marg, Niti Mag, Nayaya        Service Centre                                                23746201
Marg, Satya MARG, Vinay marg, Shanti Path, San Martin Marg, Malcha       Jurisdiction:- Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Bangla Sahib Road, Baba
Marg, Oficer Mess Road, Manas Marg, area around D-I and D-II Flats,      Kharak Singh Marg, Raja Bazar Road, Road behind Emporia Complex,
Sata Sadan, Kautilay Marg, Chandergupta Marg, Cross Roads.               Jain Mandir Road, Lanes at Baba Kharak Singh Marg around Block No.
                                                                         92 & 93, Road near Block No. 93-100, infront of Block No. 93-108, Park
                                                                         near Block No. 101-108, Park near block No. 93-100, Park near Block
                                                                         No. 89-92, near Block No. 85 & 86, near park, Block No. 84-83,
                                 -73-                                    near Block No. 89 & 90, near Block No. 70-79, near park Block No. 75 &
ROAD MAINTENANCE, DIV. V                                                 76, between Block No. 70-81, Inside T.T. Park, near Block No, 15 around
Executive Engineer (Road Maintenance-V)                     23368225     park near Block No. 19 around park near Poly Clinic, near Block No. 17-
1. G-Point, Service Centre,                                 23326494     22, near Jain Happy School, Block No. 25 to 28, In front of Block No. 34
(behind RML Hospital                                                     to 38, Block No. 32 around park, Lane behind Bata Shop, Lanes at
Jurisdiction:- Shanker Road, Park Street, Mandir Marg, Kali Bari Marg,   Bangla Sahib Road:- near Block No. 44, 54, 59, 50, 64 around park, 66,
Udyan Marg, R.K. Ashram Marg (old), Scindia Road, Peshwa Road, R.K.      68, 41 to 60, 96-108, Kali Mandir Lane, Road from Jain Mandir to
Ashram Marg (from Gole Market to P.K. Road), Bhai Veer Singh Marg,       Emporium Building, Road from Shivaji Stadium to Emporium Building,
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg (Gole Market to Bangla Sahib Marg              near Model Park and Union Academy School,near J.J. Cluster, Lanes
Crossing), Bangla Sahib Marg (Bhagat Singh Marg crossing to P.K.         between Block No. 1-8.
Road)                                                                    3. Church Lane, Service Centre                                 23326494
Lanes:- Talkatora Garden Lane, Park Lane, Mandir Lane, Kali Bari Lane,   Jurisdiction:- All street furniture of 11 Murti, Mother Teresa Crescent,
Bhai Veer Singh Lane, Baird Lane, R.K. Ashram Lane, Doctors' Lane.       North Avenue, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Madhadav Road, Talkatora
Colonies:- (Sector-I) Block No. 73 to 89, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha      Road, Rakab Ganj Road, Rafi Marg, Raisina Road, Jantar Mantar Road,
staff quarters, C&D blocks, Double Storyes at Quarters between R.K.      Bishamber Dass Road, Sansad Marg, Pt. Pant Marg, Church Road.
4.      Hanuman Road, Service Centre                      23746198            Capacity                           3,000
Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by Connaught Place, including Radial
                                                                              Facilities available               Electricity, water, air-conditioning,
Roads, Panchkuian Road upto Basant Lane and Minto Road upto NDMC                                                  Sound System, conference room/s
                                                                              Who can book                       Any organisation/Govt. department
5.      Mandir Marg, Service Centre DRAINAGE              23346108
Jurisdiction:- Area bounded by Mandir Marg- Park Street, Shanker              How to book                        Apply to Manager at the Talkatora
Road, Talkatora Road, Mother Teresa Crescent upto S. P. Marg,                                                     Stadium
Talkatora Road to Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Road, North Block, Raisina             When to book                       Any time, subject to availability
Road, Rafi Marg from O Circus upto Rajpath, AIR Lane Mahadeva Road            Charges
– Pt. Pant Marg – B. K. S. Marg – Conaught Place, Chelmsford Road,
Panchkuian Road upto Lady Harding Medical College DIZ area Sector I,      a)    For Tournament/ Sports               Rs. 5,000/- for first 8 hours
                                                                                                                     Rs. 800/- per additional hour
                                                                                                                      beyond first 8 hours
Vital Statistics
                                                                          b)    For Functions other than             Rs. 20,000/- per day for first 8
          Single Lane Width                         1290 Kms.                   Sports (Non commercial)               hrs.
                                                                                                                     Rs. 3,000/- per additional hour
          Subways                                          16                                                         upto 10 p.m.
                                                                                                                     Rs. 4,000/- per additional hour
          Public Conveniences (on BOT basis)               49                                                         beyond              10.00 p.m.
                                                                          c)    Commercial      Programmes           Rs. 30,000/- per day for first 8
                                                                                (Exhibition, Fashion shows,           hrs.
                                                                                Cultural programmes)                 Rs. 4,000/- per additional hour
                                                                                                                      upto 10 p.m.
                                                                                                                     Rs. 5,000/- per additional hour
                                   -75-                                                                               beyond 10.00 p.m.
                                                                          d)    Air-conditioning                  Rs.20,000/- for 1 4 hours and
                              STADIAM                                                                             thereafter Rs.4,000/- per additional
Talkatora Indoor Stadium                                                                                          hour
A)     Information/request       for   Between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.   e)    Displaying of Advertisement:
       booking will be entertained                                              i)   For Tournament/ Sports       Rs.7,500/- per day
       at Talkatora Indoor Stadium                                                   function
B)     Availability of stadium will    On phone number 23018178                 ii) Function other than           Rs.15,000/- per day
       be intimated                                                                  sports
                                                                              Rooms:                             Rs. 450/- per day per person
C)     In case of written requests, Within one week                           onference Room:                    Rs. 1,500/- for first four hours and
       reply will be sent                                                                                         part thereof and for additional hour
D)     Refund of security deposit   Within one week                                                               Rs.400/- per hour.
E)     We assure proper cleanliness and other services like electricity    Security check:                       Rs. 5,000/- per day
       and water in the stadium                                            Other Charges:
                                                                           Rear Block (Parking          area     Rs. 2,000/- per day
   outside boundary wall) for
 Lawn front side for temporary       Rs. 2,000/- per day
 Lawn backside for temporary         Rs. 2,000/- per day
 Security Deposit:
a) For Tournament/Sports              Rs. 20,000/-
b) All other programmes               Rs. 50,000/-
Shivaji Stadium
1.   Information/request        for    At Talkatora Indoor Stadium.
     booking will be entertained       (Phone:- 3018178)
2.   Timings for booking and           Between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.
     response time                     within one week in case of written
Shivaji Stadium is allotted for Hockey tournaments
Charges (subject to change)
A.       Ground charges                Rs. 200/- per day without entrance
                                       fee/ticket or Rs. 500/- per day with
                                       entrance fee/ticket
B.       Display of advertisements     Rs. 500/- per day
C.       Rooms for stay of players     Rs. 75/- per day                                                       -78-
D.       Security                      Rs. 2,000/-                                                  SWIMMING POOLS
                                   -77-                                       S. No. Location                                              Ph. No.
‘Sur-Taal’, An Open Air Theatre, Talkatora Garden                             1.      Nehru Park                                         26111440
        The following are the charges for booking of Sur-Taal, an Open
Air Theatre, Talkatora Garden:-                                               2.      Laxmi Bai Nagar
Sl.    Details of Booking                                      Amount         3.      Navyug School, Sarojini Nagar                      26870393
No.                                                        (in Rupees)        4.      Talkatora Garden                                   23018178
1.     Charges       for   programme       for   Classical  Rs. 5 ,000/-      5.      N.P. Boys Sr. Sec. School, Mandir Marg
       Dance/Music, Kavi Sammelan/Literary and theatre          per day       1. bWho can apply                          Residents of NDMC area.
       activities by Regd. Association                                            )
2.     Charges for School/College Functions                  Rs. 1,000/-      2. aApplication forms available for
                                                                                                                         From 16 March to 30

                                                                per day           )  Nehru Park with General September on all working
3.     Security Deposit by bank draft (refundable)           Rs. 5,000/-              Manager,       Palika     Officers days between 10.00 a.m.
Terms & Conditions for booking are available with the Manager,                        Services Institute                 and 1.00 p.m.
(Stadia) Tel. No. 23094378.
                                                                                     Laxmibai Nagar & Mandir Marg
                                                                                      with the respective Swimming
                                                                                      Pool Incharge
                                                                                                                      st                      st
        Talkatora Garden with Manager,                                          )                                   1    to October 31         (Sunday
         Talkatora Indoor Stadium.                                                                                   closed)
      Sarojini Nagar with Principal,                                       9.       Exclusive Reservation
                                                                                                                      For ladies only:- 2 shift of
         Navyug School.                                                                                                  evening of Laxmibai Nagar
3. bPasses will be issued                    Within one week                                                             and Mandir Marg and 3 shift
   )                                                                                                                     of morning and evening of
4.   CHARGES (subject to change) for                                                                                     Nehru Park.
     Laxmibai Nagar, Mandir Marg,                                                                                     For NDMC officers only:- Last
     Talkatora Garden & Sarojini Nagar                                                                                   two shifts of Nehru Park.
     School Students (Upto Class XII)           Rs. 60/- per month                                                   For students only:- Last shift
                                                Rs. 300/- per session                                                                       st
                                                                                                                         of morning and 1 shift of
     Others                                     Rs. 400/- per month                                                     evening of Laxmibai Nagar,
                                                Rs. 2,000/- per session                                                 Mandir Marg and Nehru Park.

                                 -79-                                                                         -80-
                                                                                                        WATER SUPPLY
5.   Charges (subject to change)                                            Over all incharge Chief Engineer(Civil-I)                         23364273
     for Nehru Park
     School Students (Upto Class           Rs. 200/- per month
     XII)                                                                   Supdt. Engineer (Public Health)                                   23363874
     Others                                Rs. 500/- per month                                                                        51501353-60/3506
     NDMC Officers (Members)               Rs. 100/- per month per head    Executie Engineer (Water Supply)                                  23735439
     Family                                                                 A. COMPLAINTS:
     Other Officers (Members)              Rs. 200/- per month per head     Attend to complaints
     Family                                                                 a) Kalibari Marg Control Room                  Round the clock
6. c Decision on rejection of           Within one week                         23733642, 23360683
   ) requests for passes will be                                            b) At service centres.                         9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
     communicated                                                            Replacement of defective water               Within 15 days from date of
7. eServices of life guard and          Everyday between 6.30 a.m. and          meter                                      request
   ) swimming      coach   at   all     10.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. and         Complaint reg. Leakage in main               Within 1 to 24 hours
     swimming pools                     8.00 p.m.                               water supply line
8.   Swimming pools will be open        From 6.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and     Complaint        of     contaminated         Within 1 to 24 hours
   f for pass holders                   4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. from April       water/quality of water
   Complaint of failure of pumping          On the same day between           Assistant Engineer (Water Supply)                         2373 5439
    system                                   6.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m.          Jurisdiction:- Government colonies along Ring Road viz. Moti Bagh,
                                                                               Netaji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Nauroji Nagar, Laxmi Bai Nagar, Kidwai
B. Water Connection
                                                                               Nagar, Chanakyapuri and Diplomatic Enclave.
1. Supply of application form                On working days between           Service Centres:
                                             10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. at       1.      Vinay Marg            26111295
                                             Room No. 202 Shaheed              2.      Netaji Nagar          24104688
                                             Bhagat Singh Place                ZONE-III
2. Acceptance of application                 Any working day at Shaheed        Assistant Engineer (Water Supply)                         2373 5439
                                             Bhagat Singh Place between        Jurisdiction:- Area south of Rajpath upto Mother Teresa Crescent,
                                             10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.          P. M. House, South Avenue, Bungalow Area, Lodhi Colony, Jor Bagh,
                                                                               Golf Links, Bharti Nagar, Ravinder Nagar, Khan Market, Lodhi Estate,
3. Acknowledgement of application            Immediately
                                                                               Bapa Nagar, Kaka Nagar.
4. Intimation to applicant in case of        Within fortnight.                 Service Centres:
   deficiency in application form (for                                         1.      Bharti Nagar         2469 0264
   connection)                                                                 2.      Jor Bagh             2462 6827
5. Supply of challan for depositing          Within 90 days of receipt of       Citizens may contact the above-mentioned Zonal Offices/Service
   connection fees                           application complete in all           Centres for complaints of low water pressure, leakage, defect in
                                             respects                              distribution lines and replacement of water meter.

                                    -81-                                                                        -82-
6. Depositing of fees in municipal         By applicant on any working day        Control Room:
   treasury                                                                        The water supply CONTROL ROOM at Kali Bari Marg (23733642,
7. Issue of sanction letter           Within one week from submission              23360683) attends to complaints round-the-clock. In case of break
                                                                                   down or serious problem, water is rushed through tankers.
                                      of receipts of deposits.
                                                                                  Water Trolleys:
8. Road cut permission                Within 2 weeks                               Water trolleys are provided for marriages and other functions for
C. Water supply through Tanker/Trolleys;                                           Rs.450/- each. Consumers are advised to book their requirements
 Supply of water through water Within three hours of complaint                    15 days in advance with the Executive Engineer(W/S), Room
    tanker                               if there is failure of water supply       No.231, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00
 Booking of Water trolley for 2 to 15 days before the date of                     p.m. or Kalibari Marg, Control Room.
    marriages/ other functions           function                                 Water Connection:
        For water supply, NDMC is divided into three zones                         1. Consumers have to apply on prescribed proforma available free
ZONE – I                                                                               of cost at Room No.202, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place, Gole
Assistant Engineer (Water Supply)                                2373 5439             Market, New Delhi.
Jurisdiction:- Area north of Rajpath i.e., DIZ area, President‟s Estate,           2. The consumer will be informed about deficiencies in the
                                                                                       application within one week from receipt of the application.
Parliament House, North Avenue, Rajiv/Indira Chowk (Connaught
                                                                                   3. After receipt of complete documents, examination of feasibility,
Place/Circus), Bengali Market, Tilak Marg and M.P. Bungalows.                          and other necessary formalities (viz. NOC from Architect
Service Centres:                                                                       Department/ Estate Department/ Enforcement Department), the
1.     Gole Market          2336 2949                                                  consumer will be informed regarding sanction/refusal within one
2.     Mandir Marg          2336 3519                                                  to three months.
ZONE-II                                                                           Water Quality Control:
     Complaints relating to quality of water are handled at Water Testing                                            fees
     Laboratory, Vinay Marg, under Executive Engineer (Water Supply).
     Citizens are advised to call on 23735439, 26111295 for lodging          g) Road cut permission                  Within two weeks
     complaint relating to contamination of water or for any deficiency in   Complaints (will be attended):
     the quality of water.                                                   (a)  Blockage of sewer line             Within 4 to 24 hours.
 Water Boosting/Pumping Stations:
     In case of failure of pumping system, complaints can be lodged          (b)   Overflowing of sewer line         Within 4 to 24 hours.
     between 6.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. with A.E.(E&M) at:                     (c)   Repair of damaged sewer line Within 1 to 24 hours.
 1.      Tilak Marg                                           23385030             of minor nature.
 2.      Sarojini Nagar K-Block                               24105935
 3.      Vinay Marg                                           26111295       Complaints
 4.      Jor Bagh                                             24619740          Complaints relating to Sewage (blockage, overflow, odour, and
 5.      Kali Bari Marg Control Room (Round the clock)        23733642       damaged lines) can be booked at following centres/control rooms:
                                                              23360683       Control Rooms:
Vital Statistics
                                                                             1.   Sewerage Control Room:- Sarojini Nagar                   26870249
Total Supply                   120 MLD    Filtered Water Lines 350 Kms.
Underground Tanks              23         Boosting Stations     23           2.   Palika Kendra Central Control Room            23348300, 23348301
Tubewells                      135        Water connections     40,000       3.   Mandir Marg Control Room (Drainage)                      23346108
Mark-II Deep Well Hand Pumps   700                                                                            -84-
                                   -83-                                      For sewerage, NDMC is divided into four zones:-
                      SEWAGE & DRAINAGE                                      Zone-I
Over-all in-charge: Chief Engineer (Civil-I)                23364273         Assistant Engineer (Sewerage)                                 23347352
Superintendent Engineer (Public Health)                     23363874         Jurisdiction:-Area North of Rajpath i.e. DIZ area, President”s Estate,
Executive Engineer (Sewage Maintenance)                     23347352         Parliament House, North Avenue.
Sewer Connections:                                                            Service Centre
a) Supply of application form          Every working day between             1.    Mandir Marg           23345839
                                       10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. at           Zone-II
                                       Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place in         Assistant Engineer (Sewerage)                                 23347352
                                       Room No. 202
                                                                             Jurisdiction:-Area North of Rajpath i.e. Rajiv/Indira Chowk (Connaught
b) Acknowledgement of application      Immediately after receipt of          Place/Circus), Scindia House, Bengali Market, Tilak Marg, M.P.
                                       application.                          Bunglows, Supreme Court, Lawyers Chamber, C.M. Residence
c)  Intimation to applicant in case of Within two weeks                      Service Centres
    deficiency in application
                                                                             1.    Scindia House         23351009
d) Supply of challan for depositing Within one month of receipt of           2.    Todarmal Lane         23326840
    connection fee                     application complete in all
                                                                             Assistant Engineer (Sewerage)                                 23347352
e) Depositing fees in municipal By applicant on all working day
    treasury                           between 9.00 a.m. & 2.00 p.m.
f)  Issue of sanction letter           Within one week of depositing
Jurisdiction:-Area South of Rajpath i.e. Mother Teresa Crescent, P.M.       After receiving sanction letter, consumer will obtain road cut
House, South Avenue, Bunglow Area, Chankya Puri, Diplomatic Enclave,         permission from SW-III in respect of service roads/back lane and for
Moti Bagh                                                                    main road from S.W.- I, Palika Kendra.
Service Centre                                                            Consumer will thereafter connect the service line through licensed
1.    Malcha Marg           23011168                                         plumber under intimation to/supervision of EE (Sewerage).
Zone-IV                                                                   Maintenance of service line through licensed plumber up to
Assistant Engineer (Sewerage)                                23347352        municipal sewer will be the responsibility of consumer.
Jurisdiction:-Area South of Rajpath i.e. Government Colonies along       Drainage:
Ring Road viz. Netaji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Nauroji Nagar, Laxmi Bai    A.       De-silting                 April to June
Nagar, Kidwai Nagar, Lodi Colony, Jor Bagh, Golf Links, Bharti Nagar,    B.       Removal of blockage        Will be attended same day
Ravinder Nagar, Khan Market, Lodi Estate, Bapa Nagar, Kaka Nagar,
High Court
                                                                         C.       Repair of drains            Minor repairs - same day
Service Centres                                                                                               Major repairs – according to a
                                                                                                                  time bound programme
1.    Sarojini Nagar        26870249
2.    Khan Market           24647295
                                                                             Complaints relating to Sewage/drainage (blockage, overflow, odour,
                                                                         and damaged lines) can be booked at following sewerage/drainage
                                                                         centres/control rooms:
Sewerage Connection:
 Application for sewerage connection may be made in prescribed          Control Rooms:
   proforma to Executive Engineer (Sewerage) on any working day.
                                                                         1. Kali Bari Marg                                23733642
 Deficiencies in application will be intimated within two weeks from    2. Palika Kendra Central Control Room            23348300, 23348301
   date of application.
                                                                         3.    Mandir Marg Control Room (Sewage)          23345839
 Feasibility of providing connection will be checked by JE/AE of
   concerned sewerage division within one week.                          4. Mandir Marg Control Room (Drainage)           23346108
                                                                         For drainage, NDMC is divided into three zones:-
 Inter departmental clearances from Chief Architect and Tax             Zone-I
   Department within one month. Feasibility report along with relevant
                                                                         Assistant Engineer (Drainage)                                 23668225
   technical details will be considered/approved/rejected by Chief
                                                                         Jurisdiction:-Area Sourth of Rajpath i.e. Delhi High Court, Bapa Nagar,
   Engineer (Civil-I) and communicated to applicant within two months.
                                                                         Kaka Nagar, Golf Links, Pandara Road, Khan Market, Ravinder Nagar,
 Consumer will be required to obtain challan from EE (Sewerage) for     Bharti Nagar, Lodhi Estate, Lodhi Colony, Ali Ganj and Govt. Bunglaows
   billed amount and deposit the charges in the Municipal Treasury,      bounded by Aurobindo Marg, Tughlak Road, Sunehri Bagh Road, Rafi
   Palika Kendra between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on any working day.           Marg and Rajpath.
 Copy of receipt should be submitted by consumer to EE (Sewerage)       Service Centre
   who will issue sanction order within one week.                        1.    Jor Bagh             24651429
                                                                         Assistant Engineer (Drainage)                                 23368225
Jurisdiction:-Area North of Rajpath i.e. DIZ area, Presidents Estate,         For providing immediate relief to the complaints of citizens, NDMC
Parliament House, North Avenue, Willingdon Crescent.                           operates following three main control rooms:-
Service Centre                                                               1. Kali Bari Marg                               23733642, 23360683
1.     Mandir Marg         23346108                                          2. Palika Kendra, Sansad Marg                   23348300, 23348301
                                                                             3. Mandir Marg Control Room (Drainage)                       23346108
Assistant Engineer (Drainage)                              23368188
Jurisdiction:-Area Govt. Colonies along Ring Road viz. Moti Bagh-I,
                                                                        Vital Statistics
netaji nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Nauroji Nagar, Laxmi Bai nagar, East &
West Kidwai Nagar.                                                                          Sewer Lines                       350 Kms.
Service Centre                                                                              Sewage Pumping Stations                 2
1.     Netaji Nagar        24104630
Assistant Engineer (Drainage)                              23368225
Jurisdiction:-Area South of Rajpath i.e. P.M. House, South Avenue,
Govt. Banglows bounded by Tughlak Road, Sunheri Bagh Road, Rafi
marg, Vijay Chowk, South Block and Willingdon Crescent, Chanakya
Puri, Diplomatic Enclave, Satya Marg area.

                                -87-                                                                     WELFARE
Service Centre                                                               NDMC alongwith Samaj Kalyan Samiti (a registered Society fully
1.    Malcha Marg             23794371                                  funded by NDMC) runs a large number of welfare projects for its citizens
Zone-V                                                                  and for those employed in NDMC as a part of the discretionary functions
                                                                        of the Council.
Assistant Engineer (Drainage)                              23368225
                                                                        Social Welfare
Jurisdiction:-Area North of Rajpath i.e. Rajeev Chowk, Indira Chowk
(Connaught Place/Circus), Bengali Market area, Mandi House, Tilak       A. Barat Ghars: for holding marriages and other social functions.
Marg Bunglows, National Stadium.
Service Centre                                                          S.No           Location         Facilities          Rental    Rental charges for
1.    Barakhamba Lane         23419982                                                                                   Charges for other than marriage
Storm Water Drains                                                                                                        marriages    purpose. Per day.
                                                                                                                           per day
    The main problems in storm water drains may be due to:
                                                                                                                             Rs.                Rs.
 Blockage of drains due to dumping of malba, tree leaves, plastic
                                                                        1.       Laxmi Bai Nagar    Ground Floor      & 4,650/-      14,000/-
    bags, and other garbage.
                                                                                                    Mezzanine Floor                  (for entire building)
 Water-logging in rainy season.
                                                                                                    1st Floor           2,550/-
 Missing manhole covers or theft of gully gratings.
                                                                        2.       Sarojini Nagar     Ground Floor      & 3,000/-      12,000/-
 Embedding of gully gratings and manhole covers.                                                   Mezzanine Floor                  (for entire building)
                          1st Floor       2,550/-                                                             by the parties within a period of 75 days
                                                                                                              from the date of use of Barat Ghars,
3.    Kidwai Nagar (East) Ground Floor & 3,000/-    12,000/-                                                  failing which security amount shall
                          Mazzanine Floor           (for entire building)                                     stand forfeited.
                          1s Floor        2,550/-                              5.   Cancellation of bookings 60% of the rent is forfeited if the
4.    Netaji Nagar        Entire Bldg.    3,900/-   10,000/-                                                  booking is cancelled one month in
                                                                                                              advance from the date for booking,
5.    Moti Bagh           Entire Bldg.    3,900/-   10,000/-
                                                                                                              otherwise 100% of rent is forfeited.
6.    Khan Market         Entire Bldg.    3,900/-   10,000/-                   B. Community Halls & Centres: for holding social and cultural
7.    Lodi Road           Entire Bldg.    3,900/-   10,000/-                   programmes.
8.    Aliganj             Entire Bldg.    3,900/-   10,000/-                   1.   Aditya Sadan       6. Krishna Menon Lane        11.    Aliganj
9.    Kaka nagar          Entire Bldg.    3,900/-   10,000/-                   2.   Malcha Marg        7. Lal Bahadur Sadan         12.    Golf Links
10.   Bapu Dham           Entire Bldg.    3,900/-   10,000/-                   3.   Palika Dham        8. NDMC Flats R.K. Puram     13.    Hailey Lane
                                                                               4.   Jor Bagh           9. Palika Niwas              14.    Babar Road
11.   Mandir Marg         Entire Bldg.    3,900/-   10,000/-
                                                                               5.   Palika Hostel     10. Bapu Dham
 Service tax @ 8% extra (charges are subject to change)
                                                                               Other details
Other details:-
                                                                               1.   Confirmation of bookingWithin 7 days. Forms available with the
1.  Information for booking/        Within 5 minutes on telephone
    availability of Barat Ghar      No.23364019/ within 7 days if request                                  Caretaker of the respective centre.
                                    is in writing. Through internet ndmc       2.   Rates                  Rs. 750/- per day for residents of the
                                    website shortly                                                        respective areas only.
2.    Request for booking of        Form can be filled up by residents of                                  For Hailey Lane and Krishna Menon
      Barat Ghar                    NDMC         area     on      prescribed                               Lane the rate is Rs. 300/- per day.
                                    Performa/form available with the labour
                                    welfare department on 12 floor, Room       C. Bapu Samaj Sewa Kendra (Community Hall, Panchkuian Road)
                                    No. 1211, Palika Kendra and also on        1. Allotment                To an individual or an organisation for
                                    the internet. (                                       holding social cultural programmes e.g
                                    Barat Ghars can also be booked in                                      Dramas,         Meetings,      Lectures,
                                    favour of non-residents, 30 days in                                    Examinations etc..
                                    advance from the date of booking
                                    provided there is no application from      2. Confirmation of booking  Booking form available with Supt.
                                    the residents of that particular area or                               Community hall. Confirmation of
                                    area relaxation has been specified                                     booking given within 7 days of receipt
                                    obtained.                                                              of application.
3.    Security Deposit              Rs. 4,000/- for social booking and         3. Charges (Subject to       Rs. 1,900/- per day for Registered
                                    Rs. 6,000/- for commercial booking.             change)                    Societies/ Organisations.
4.    Refund     of      security   Within 5 minutes on production of NOC                                   Rs. 300/- per day for Registered
      deposit                       from caretaker. Submission of NOC by                                       Harijan Welfare Association
                                    caretaker in 48 hrs.
                                                                               4. Cancellation of bookings 50% of the rent is forfeited if the
                                    Refund of security amount be claimed
                                booking is cancelled by the party                                                  Admission Fee Rs. 20/-
5.  Electricity/Water Charges Payable in addition to the above.                                                    Registration Fee Rs. 20/-
        For booking and other information, details available with                                                 * 2% hike of licence fee annually.
Superintendent Community Hall Tel. No. 23363571
2.      Institutions under the Samaj Kalyan Samiti                              II. Senior Citizens Homes
I.      Working Women Hostels:                                                  Sl.      Name of Institution with      Location                   Capacity
Sl.     Name of Institution with    Location                  Capacity          No.      Tel. No.
No.     Tel. No.                                                                1.       Sandhya for male &            Netaji Nagar               52
1.      Swati (23365974)            Mandir Marg               208                        female (24103542)
2.      Indira Niketan (26880113)   Laxmibai Nagar            208               2.       Aaradhna (only for            Bhagwan Dass Lane          48
3.      Aakanksha (23382849)        Bhagwan Dass Lane         85                         women) (23382795

                                 -90-                                                                               -91-
1.   Admission procedure       Forms are Available between 9.30 a.m.
     and Duration              and 2.00 p.m. everyday at the
                               respective hostel‟s Reception Counter            1.   Accommodation          for   Sandhya:- for 52 senior citizens in 29
                               on the payment of Rs. 20/-. The                       senior citizens above the    rooms (11 single & 18 double) one
                               eligibility criteria is specified in the form         age of 60 year.              dormitory and one small room.
                               along with the necessary documents                                                 Aaradhna:- for 48 elderly women,(2/3
                               required and is also available on                                                  seater room)
                                 Admission       is
                               provided on first-cum-first served basis         2.   Facilities                   Pantry, recreation room (indoor games
                               and on the basis of interview.                                                     and T.V. with cable, reading room,
                               Preference will be given to those                                                  library), medical room for check up
                               working in Central/State Government.                                               (facilities  with    ambulance)    and
                                                                                                                  furnished rooms. Room attendants to
2.   Charges (subject to        2 seater charges Rs. 1,346/- per                                                 help the inmates in their day-to-day
     change)                        month                                                                         works.
                                3 & 4 seater charges Rs. 1,221/-
                                                                                3.   Charges per month            Sandhya Home
                                    per month
                                                                                                                   Single Room Rs. 2550/-
                                8 seater charges Rs. 1,019/- per
                                    month                                                                          Double bedded room Rs. 1,275/-
                                10 & 12 seater charges Rs. 937/-                                                  Dormitory room Rs. 1,836/-
                                    per month.                                                                     Security Deposit Rs. 6,000/- for
                                Security          deposit    Rs.     2,500/-                                          single and Rs. 10,000/- for couple
                                    (refundable)                                                                       (Refundable).
                                 Aaradhna Home                                                               Ministry of Home Affairs.
                                  Double bedded room charges                 V. Aanchal (Special School For Mentally Handicapped) with a section
                                       Rs. 1,320/-                            Paawan (For Hearing Impaired) at Kautilya Marg, Chanakya Puri,
                                                                              Ph. No. 23014165
                                  Security Deposit Rs. 6,000/-               1. Admission criteria          Child should not suffer from multiple
                                       (refundable).                              Age 6 to 18 year physical impairment or infectious
5.   Admission forms and         Forms are available between 9.30 a.m.            according to IQ test       disease, should be toilet trained.
     procedure of admission      and 2.00 p.m. everyday at reception on       2. Fee charge according to     Therapy Charges Transport Charges
                                 payment of Rs. 25/- and can also be              income of parents
                                 downloaded from                  (subject to change)
                                 Submission on the same desk.                     Upto 1,500/- p.m.          Free                Rs. 50/-
                                 Admission is on first come first served          Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 50/-            Rs. 75/-
                                 basis and on the basis of interview, on          p.m.
                                 fulfillment of eligibility criteria. Time        Rs. 3,000/- and above Rs. 75/-                 Rs. 75/-
                                 taken is subject to availability of seats.       p.m.
C. Senior Citizens' Re-Creation Centres                                       3.     Admission Fee            Rs. 50/-
     (Babar Road, Kidwai Nagar, Bapu Dham and Netaji Nagar)                   4.     Stationery               Rs. 10/- p.m.
Location        The Ist 3 are attached with the existing Community
                Centres and the one at Netaji Nagar is in the basement        5.     Facilities               Besides reading/writing/social behaviour
                of the Old age Home.                                                                          early intervention, vocational training is
Enrolment       Form can be obtained from the respective Centre and                                           given in Carpentry, chair canning,
                membership status given immediately on submission of                                          popcorn, rope making, lamination,
                the form and its particulars. Membership charges are                                          kitchen/canteen, photocopy, mushroom
                Rs. 10/-. Preference is given to area residents.                                              cultivation, book binding, chalk making,
Facilities      Chess, Playing Cards, Carrom, Television and books are                                        tailoring etc.
                available. Tea and Coffee is also served.                     VII.      Youth Centres
III. Freedom Fighters’ Home                                                                1.   Kidwai Nagar            2.   Mandir Marg
    (Baba Kharak Singh Marg) Ph:- 23360171                                                 3.   Bapu Dham               4.   Lodi Road
1. Accommodation                 6 residential flats comprising of 3 rooms                 5.   Pandara Road            6.   P.RLane
                                 in each.                                                  7.   Laxmibai Nagar
2. Admission                     On authentication by the Ministry of
                                 Home Affairs.                                1.       Facilities    Weight lifting and exercise equipments, Table
3. Facilities                    Provision of free breakfast, lunch,                                 Tennis, Badminton at some places.
                                 dinner and other essential facilities.       2.       Admission     Young men and women can apply on specified
                                 Recreation room (T.V. with cable,                                   form available respective centres at any time of
                                 newspaper and magazines)                                            the year. Admission on submission of form.
4. Charges                       Deduction of Rs. 100/- per month from        3.       Charges       Free of cost
                                 their monthly pension being paid by          4.       Timings       3.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
                                                                                                                            of letter
Vital Statistics                                                                 B.    Final reply                          Within 15 days
Working Women Hostels                  3     Youth Centres                   7
Community Centres/Halls               14     Barat Ghars                    11
Sr. Citizens’ Recreation Centre        4     Freedom Fighters’ Home          1   Implemenation of Delhi Right to Information Act
Old Age Home “Sandhya” & Aardhana”     2     “Anchal” School for Mentally    1           With a view to bring transparency in government functioning and
                                             Handicapped Children                accountability, the Government of Delhi introduced Delhi Right to
“Pawan” School for Hearing Impaired    1     Gymnasium                       1   Information Act-2001, which came into force w.e.f. 2 October, 2001. All
Mini Stadium                           1                                         the autonomous bodies/departments are supposed to implement the act
                                                                                 in their functioning accordingly and require openness in its
                                                                                 administration. The NDMC is firm to implement this Act in all its
                                                                                 departments and field offices following Do‟s and Don‟ts prescribed in the
                                  GENERAL                                                 The citizens can make an application to a competent authority
A. Supply of Copies of Resolutions through Asstt. Secy. (Gen)                    for the purpose. It guarantees that the information asked by the citizens
1.    Receipt of application                  Between 10.00 a.m. and             will be given within 30 days and in case it is to be denied than the
                                              12:00 noon every day               applicant may be issued a rejecting letter with cogent reasons for
                                              from General Branch,               rejecting the application. Above all the act provides for a unique provision
                                              Palika Kendra                      for punitive action against the officials in the form of fine @ Rs. 50/- per
2.    Verification of application as to court Across the table the same          day for delay and Rs. 1,000/- for tendering wrong information.
      fee stamp and the amount deposited day                                              The person seeking information under the act will have to file an
      @ Rs.20/- for the first page and                                           application in form „A‟ to the competent authority which are available free
      Rs.10/- for subsequent pages                                               of cost with the competent authority of all departments. A nominal
3.    Supply of copy of resolution            Within 7 days                      application fee of Rs. 25/- per application will be charged for supply of
                                                                                 information other than information relating to tender document/bids/
4.    Urgent charges Rs. 25/- over and Rs. 25/-
                                                                                 quotations/business documents. However, for such documents an
      above ordinary fee which will entitle
                                                                                 amount of Rs. 500/- will be charged. In addition a sum of Rs.5/- per page
      the applicant to precedence overall
                                                                                 will be charged for supply of photocopy of information.
      other copying work
5.    Inspection for each hour or part Rs. 25/-

B. VIP References:
       Response to letters from VIPs, recognised Residents Welfare
Association, Public Bodies
A.    Acknowledgement                 Within three days after receipt
                                                                                                        NDMC OFFICERS
       NEW DELHI MUNICIPAL COUNCIL                                          Name                        Designation                     Office       Resi.
                                                                            Shri R. Sundara Raj         Chief Vigilance Officer      23344666    24100955
Name                       Designation              Office         Resi.
                                                                            Shri H. S. Dogra            Engineer-in-Chief            23742532    24106250
Smt. Sindhushree Khullar   Chairperson           23743579     24654039      Shri B. B. Pandit           Financial Advisor            23744765            -
                                                 23742269                                                                            23368654
Sh. Jawahar Lal            PS to Chairman        23743579     26877089                                  Legal Advisor                23360616           -
                                                 23742269                   Shri V. C. Chaturvedi       Advisor Revenue              23743534    23381580
                                                 Ext. 2301                  Shri Y. K. Malhotra         Chief Engineer (Civil-I)     23364273    23016642
                                              23742762 (F)                  Shri V. P. Goel             Chief Engineer (Civil-II)    23365018    24611467
Smt.Tajdar Babar, MLA      Vice-Chairperson      23360065     24622902      Shri D. N. Gupta            Chief Engineer (Elect.-I)    23742992    26871929
                                                 Ext. 2307    24692797                                                               23361285
Smt. Sheila Dikshit, MLA   Member                23392020     23071212      Shri B. M. Sukhija          Chief Engineer (Elect.-II)   23745715    23315128
Chief Minister, Delhi                            23392030     23071313      Shri Sanjib Sengupta        Chief Architect              23742984    23711525
Sh. Ashok Ahuja, MLA       Member                23361937     26961293      Lt. Col. S. K. Garg         Medical Officer of Health    23742752    23715535
                                                 Ext. 2511                  Dr. A. K. Aggarwal          Director (Medical) &         26870934    26872625
Smt. Mohni Garg                                                                                         MS, CPH                      24671109
                           Member                23345129     24692932
                                                 Ext. 2517                  Shri U. K. Tyagi            Director (General Admn.)     23340638    23792157
                                                                            Shri D. N. Singh            Director (Personnel)         23360114    23936949
Sh. Mahinder Pal Chawla    Member                23362576     24675959
                                                                            Shri R. C. Meena            Director (Education)         23364210    26216329
                                                 Ext. 2201    24673967
                                                                            Shri S. M. Ali              Director (Commercial)        23367671    26289779
Sh. S. Sugathan            Member                                           Shri D. Varma               Director (Estate)            23340638    23652783
Sh. P.K. Pradhan           Member                23018255     24103020      Smt. Ranjana Deswal         Director (Welfare & MH)      23346503    27033534
Sh. K. T. Gurumukhi        Member                23379353     24109655      Smt. Mamta Kochar           Dir.& Member Secy. NSES      23347296    26442777
Sh. O. P. Kelkar           Member                23392253     23958888      Shri Anurag Goel            Director (Recovery)
                                                                                                        Director (Finance)
Sh. R. K. Verma            Member
                                                                            Shri Ajit Kumar             Director (Accounts)          23742694    23792834
Sh. Ajay Maken, MP         Spl. Invitee                       25166699      Smt. Alka Rehani Bhardwaj   Dy. Chief Auditor            23342310    23017828
                                                              25119848      Shri Purshotam Lal          Director (Vigilance)         51500699    26886425
Sh. U.K.Worah              Secretary             23742451     26885892      Shri A. K. Balani           Director (IT)                23361903    26889818
                                                 Ext. 2303                  Shri S. S. Rao              Director (Enforcement)       23347080    24642426
                                              23363094 (F)                  Shri I. C. Tyagi            Director (Horticulture)      23744283    22437079
Smt. Meenakshi Gupta       Chief Auditor         23364341     26880621      Shri Madan Thapliyal        Director (PR)                23362267    24102795
                                                 23362472                   Capt. Bhola Thakur          Chief Security Officer       23361191    25382239
                                                 Ext. 2514                  Shri Jasbir Singh           Fire Officer                 23366633    23652783

EPABX No. 51501353-60                           Website:
                                 -97-                                                                              -98-

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