STD'S by yaoyufang


   We won’t be talking about all STD’s that exist, only the most prevalent ones.
   What is an STD?
            A sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria or a virus that you can get from close or intimate sexual contact.
   STD’s are caused by a virus:                                                Multiple STD’s   are caused by bacteria   (including)   :
             1. Herpes                                                                    1.     Chlamydia
             2. Genital Warts/ HPV                                                        2.     Gonorrhea
             3. HIV/AIDS                                                                  3.     Syphilis
             4. Hepatitis B                                                               4.     Chancroid

Hepatitis B is the only STD that can be transmitted by human bite.

Statistics (Through 2002)
                    1 in 5 people in the U.S. have an STD
                    2/3 of all STD’s occur in people 25 years of age and younger
                    One in Four new STD infections occur in teenagers
                    1 in 4 Americans will contract an STD at some point in their lives.
                    Over 15 million new cases of STD’s reported in U.S. each year
                    At least 15% of all infertile American Women are infertile because of an untreated STD.

                    The most common STD in the US.
                    4 million cases reported each year
                    Chlamydia is the leading cause of premature births
                    80 % of ♀ and 25-40% of ♂ show no symptoms

                    Rates of infection are 20% higher for Hispanics
                    800,000 new cases each year
                    Having this disease makes it easier to get other STD’s.

                    1 in 5 Americans have genital herpes (~ 45 million); yet at least 80% of those are unaware they have it.
                    75 % show now symptoms

         HPV / Genital Warts
                    45 Million Americans are currently infected
                    50-75% of sexually active ♀ & ♂ ; population is infected.
                    ~5.5 Million Americans get a new genital HPV infection each year

                    The only STD you can get non-sexually
                    Oldest STD that we know of
                    As of 2002, becoming one of the more prevalent STD’s among Gay & Bi-sexual men.
                    Due to sores, having syphilis, increases your changes of getting HIV & other STD’s.

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