; SSE Fall 2009 Course Outline Template COURSE OUTLINE
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SSE Fall 2009 Course Outline Template COURSE OUTLINE


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									                                                                      COURSE OUTLINE
                                                                             Fall 2010

1. Calendar Information

Electrical Engineering 541 Control Systems II
Introduction to sampled-data control systems, discretization of analog systems, discrete-
time signals and systems, causality, time-invariance, z-transforms, stability, asymptotic
tracking, state-space models, controllability and observability, pole assignment,
deadbeat control, state observers, observer-based control design, optimal control.
Course Hours: H(3-1T-3/2)
Calendar Reference:

2. Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
      Analyse systems containing both continuous- and discrete-time elements in the
       continuous frequency (i.e. s) domain.
      Analyse systems containing both continuous- and discrete-time elements in the
       discrete frequency (i.e. z) domain.
      Design discrete-time controllers using classical transfer function based methods
       in the z- domain.
      Design discrete-time controllers for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)
       systems using state-feedback and state-observers.

3. Timetable
    Section           Days of the            Start         Duration            Location
                        Week                 Time          (Minutes)
       L01                 TR                15:00              75             SB 146
       B01                 M                 8:00               170            ENA 305
       B02                 M                 8:00               170            ENA 305
       T01                 M                 16:00              50             ST 130

4. Course Instructors

Course Instructor
  Section             Name                Phone        Office               Email
L01, B01-02,    D. Westwick          (403) 220-2725   ICT 441        dwestwic@ucalgary.ca
Teaching Assistants
Section         Name                Phone         Office               Email
 L01,     Mostafa Solimon                                  msoliman@ucalgary.ca
 L01,     Sanaz Mahmoodi                                   sanaz.mahmoodi@gmail.com

5. Examinations
The following examinations will be held in this course:
      Midterm Examination, Thursday, October 28 (tentative), 14:00-16:20 in SB 146.
       (closed-book, and closed-notes. A formula sheet will be provided)
      Final Examination. 3 hours, Registrar Scheduled. (closed-book and closed-
       notes. A formula sheet will be provided)

Note: The timetable for Registrar Scheduled exams can be found at the University’s
Enrolment Services website, http://www.ucalgary.ca/registrar/.

6. Use of Calculators in Examinations

       Calculators may NOT be used during examinations.

7. Final Grade Determination
The final grade in this course will be based on the following components:

             Component                                           Weight
             Assignments                                           15 %
             Laboratory Reports                                    10 %
             Midterm Examination                                   25 %
             Final Examination                                     50 %

             TOTAL                                               100 %

Note: It is not necessary to earn a passing grade on the final exam in order to pass the
course as a whole.

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Course Outline
8. Textbook
The following textbook is required for this course:
Title                      Digital Control of Dynamic Systems
Author(s)                  G.F. Franklin, J.D. Powell, M. Workman
Edition, Year              Third Edition, 1998 (reprinted 2010)
Publisher                  Ellis-Kagle Press

9. Course Policies

All Schulich School of Engineering students and instructors have a responsibility to
familiarize themselves with the policies described in the Schulich School of Engineering
Advising Syllabus available at:


10. Additional Course Information
Detailed List of Topics.

1. Introduction to Discrete-Time Systems
2. Review of Z transform definition and properties
3. Models of mixed continuous/discrete time systems.
4. Relationship between the s and z planes. Stability, transient responses, desirable pole
5. Controller design using root locus methods in the z plane, discrete PI, PD and PID
6. State space models in continuous and discrete time.
7. Controller design using state-feedback and state observers.
8. Optimal control using state-space methods.
9. Frequency response methods for discrete time systems.

Template revised on 6 May 2010 (RWB)

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Course Outline

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