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               Pay per Click Management

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      t Zero 360 Marketing, we believe that small and
     medium size businesses can compete effectively in
today’s busy online market place. We strive to provide high
quality and affordable online marketing services for
companies of all sizes and scope.

We use strict industry guidelines and policies to increase
our client's brand visibility and ranking, contributing
significantly to their ROI. We feel most gratified when our
clients reach the top of search engines and conquer their
online market places.

We understand that every company has different marketing
goals. Each of our client’s goals is analyzed through in an
depth study combined with interviews. After careful analysis
an appropriate plan is created so we achieve our client's
ultimate marketing goals in the shortest time possible. We
do not use bulk software to replicate or submit content
online. We find that only talented, educated and passionate
individuals who understand our client's unique business,
values and strengths are best equipped to represent our
clients effectively.

We utilize the latest proven strategies and methods to
connect our clients with millions of potential online
customers that are interested in their products and services.
We are a local company with global reach that’s been
around long enough to know what works.

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Pay per Click Management

Whether you've had prior experience or you're new to Pay Per Click (PPC)
marketing, the certified experts of Zero 360 Marketing will take your PPC
marketing campaigns to new heights. Zero 360 Marketing will help boost
qualified traffic while decreasing junk clicks that cost you money. Most clients
notice an immediate increase in PPC traffic without increasing their budget. Our
PPC experts will create new campaigns that can run side-by-side with your
existing campaigns so you can easily monitor effectiveness of the new

We know how to monitor and manage PPC success and how to use our skills to
develop an effective PPC campaign that will increase your bottom line. An
effective PPC management partner can help ensure your ads are appearing
where they are truly effective. Remember: The secret to a successful PPC
Campaign is quality of web traffic not quantity.

Take a moment to review our affordable PPC management services for Google
AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter by fully certified internet marketing

                                                                     Zero 360 Marketing
               Pay per Click Management – Plan 3

               Consultation and Goal Analysis      Ye

               Google Adwords Campaigns            Ye

               Microsoft AdCenter Campaigns        Ye

               Targeted Ad Groups                  Ye

               Targeted Keywords                   Ye

               Negative Keywords                   Ye

               Multiple Ads for each Ad Group      Yes

               Google Analytics Setup              Ye

               On-going Review and Optimization    Ye

               Targeted Landing Pages              Ye

               Landing Page Consultation           Ye

               Monthly Performance Report           es

               Includes High KEI keywords          Ye

               Dedicated Account Manager            es

               Rich Media Banner Ads               Ye

               Min Weekly PPC Budget              $2500

               One Time Campaign Investment       $4500

Included in plan View all PPC plans                       Zero 360 Marketing
Reporting / Transparency
No business should ever have to question how their money is being spent nor
should they have to ask. We are completely transparent with every fee charged
and all work performed on your company's behalf. Our detailed monthly report
lists every link that was created, every submission submitted, every article
created, bookmarking and video submission etc.

Tracking and reporting are critical components of any successful marketing
campaign. Companies need to understand everything about their digital
marketing plan; from the degree of engagement of their customer to the
conversion rate. So whether you hire a professional marketing company or you
take it on yourself, metrics must be implemented. You can install Google
Analytics on your site or we will do it for you. This is an industry standard and an
excellent method to measure the growth of your business as well as see and
understand the results of our work.

Service FAQ
When will you start?
We start immediately after you sign up. We will contact you one business day
after you sign up and conduct the initial phone interview.

What will be expected of me and my staff?
Content regarding your business and services. The more content you provide,
the faster you will rise in the search engine ranks. We may also need FTP access
to your website or the contact information of your webmaster and your
permission to work with her/him on your website. All requirement details will be
discussed in your initial phone interview.

Do you perform all the services listed above every month?
As digital marketing landscape changes, we add more services to cover new
and emerging marketing channels. We sometimes sunset old services that are
no longer relevant or effective. You will be notified by email if any services are
discontinued. We monitor the efficacy of our work and based on results, may
focus our efforts on channels that are paying off for your particular business or
website. You will see all work performed on your monthly report. (Note: Plan 1
does not include a monthly report but is available for an additional fee).

                                                                        Zero 360 Marketing
Service Explanation
Here is a more detailed explanation of services listed above:

Consultation and Goal Analysis
Pay Per Click setup and management is a unique process for each client. We
want to know all about your goals and individual business needs to clearly
understand where your business stands in the sponsored marketing arena, and
what type of PPC marketing is right for you. Our certified team understands the
importance of a well executed PPC campaign and how to set up our client
accounts so they don't waste money on useless PPC clicks. We will conduct a
thorough goal analysis unique to your needs and get to work!

Google Adwords Campaigns
Pay Per Click listings in the Google Affiliate Network (Google, AOL, Ask Jeeves,
Netscape, etc.)

Microsoft AdCenter Campaigns
Pay Per Click listings in the Bing, Yahoo (MSN) Affiliate Network (Yahoo,
AltaVista, AllTheWeb, etc.)

Targeted Ad Groups
Creation and mamangement of ad groups

Targeted Keywords
Targeted keywords split across ad groups

Negative Keywords
Negative keywords research and set up and upkeep

Multiple Ads for each Ad Group
Testing of multiple ad copies to determine best performing ads

Google Analytics Setup
Google Analytics setup to report on campaign performance

On-going Review and Optimization
On-going review and optimization of best converting ads, keywords and

                                                                     Zero 360 Marketing
Targeted Landing Pages
Selection of targeted Pay Per Click landing page for each keyword to improve

Landing Page Consultation
Consulting to help ensure landing page leads to conversion

Monthly Performance Report
Monthly reporting on conversion and performance

Includes High KEI keywords
Include high KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) keywords

Dedicated Account Manager
A dedicated account rep to focus on your account and review performance with

Rich Media Banner Ads
Rich media banner ads with 10 banners each month ( consult for multimedia
ads) Social media ads on Facebook , Squidoo and other social media sites

Min Weekly PPC Budget
To qualify for this package, your company must have this minimum PPC ad
budget accross all networks


                                                                  Zero 360 Marketing

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