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froggy learns to swim


									                     Intermediate Guided Reading Lesson Plan
Title: Froggy Learns to Swim        Genre:       Text Structure:                     Level:
By Jonathan London                                 Narrative        Informational
ISBN 0-14-055312-6                  Fiction                                          J
Literacy Core Standard:                          Language Objective:
Standard 2 Objective 2c
Content Core Standard:                           Analyze text features—problem /solution
Standard 3 Objective 1b
Enduring Understanding: (Purpose for reading)    Essential Questions: (what students will know and
                                                 be able to do)
Community members, including family
members, are responsible to help each other.     How are community members responsible for each

                                        Before Reading
Vocabulary: Introduce the words and have the students fill out the vocabulary chart.

Crossbar, pond, fiddlesticks, snorkel, spluttered, elastic

Activate/Build Prior Knowledge: Who has learned to do something new? How did you feel when
you are trying to learn to do something new? Have you ever thought that it is best to do something
one way, when someone else wants to do it a different way? How have you resolved this problem?

Comprehension Strategy:

Analyze text features—problem/solution

                                           During Reading
Using appropriate Guided reading strategies, students will be reading at their own pace and teachers
will be listening to students read, monitoring, giving feedback, taking anecdotal notes and running

Suggested Pacing: One Day

Attend to Comprehension Within, Beyond, & About the text:
                                           After Reading
(The following things are ideas that can be used either before, during, or after to aide in
comprehension and understanding of the text)

How did Froggy feel about learning to swim at the beginning of the story? What did he want to do
instead of swimming? Does it make sense for a frog to have an aversion to swimming? Does
Froggy continue to feel the same way about swimming through out the whole book? What causes
Froggy to change his mind about swimming? How does mom feel when Froggy finally likes

We are going to do a re-read and fill out a chart called Somebody, Wanted, But, So. Each line
needs to be filled out with the corresponding page. Let’s do the first one together.
Attend to Comprehension Within, Beyond, & About the text:
Content Core Integration:(Science, Soc. St., Math, etc.) Social Studies
Assessment:                                         Activities:

Check to see if students understand the               Somebody, Wanted, But, So chart
vocabulary words based on their responses
on their vocabulary chart.                            Do an author study on Jonathan London

Listen to student responses to see if they are
appropriate for the material and questions.

Check students’ Somebody, Wanted, But, So
chart to see if students understand the
elements of the text.
        *Not all activities will be done in each lesson. Some lessons may take multiple days to complete.
        However, all students should be reading each time you meet.

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