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  1. Advantage of goodwill of our business.
  2. We Provides opportunity to become part of our well
     established time tested business.

  3. we provides the business promotion scheme to
     improve the current market.
  4. we conducts the training for manpower as well
     as business development.

Franchise policies:


Space required – Approximately 5000 Sq. ft. in Commercial
Building .
Investments - Approximately 5 Lakhs to 25 lakhs
Basic Knowledge of catering and aptitude for hard work
Ample Parking Space


Provide Name

Set up the restaurant as per their standard
Provide skilled manpower and management support
Provide skilled manpower and management support
Provide speciality raw materials, semi – finished products on
chargeable basis.


  1. Entire investment towards construction of building,
     Interiors, Air Conditioning, Furniture & Fixtures, Kitchen
     Gadgets/Equipments, Crockery, Cutlery, Linen etc. in
     accordance with the specification of the business.
  2. Procurement of raw materials, vegetables, Milk, Groceries
     as per our quality specifications
  3. Running/operation of restaurant as per the directions/
     specification provided by us.
  4. High standard of House keeping services including
     cleaning materials, anti pest operations etc. Also keep
     premises clean including kitchen, toilet etc.
  5. Shall observe and comply with all the rules and
     regulations of the shops and establishment Act,
     Entertainment Act and provisions of the other laws
     including the rules and regulations of local authorities in
     force or which may come in force from time to time
  6. Shall be responsible to obtain and keep in force and pay
     at his cost for all necessary licences from the state
     required for the purpose of running the business.
  7. The manpower/management personnel provided shall be
     on Franchisee’s roll and he shall be responsible for
     payment of salaries to employees and shall be liable for
     the implementation of all labour laws and social
     legislation existing as on date or enacted from time to
     time such as EPF, ESI Act, workmens compensation Act,
     Payment of Bonus Act, Payment of Gratuity Act,
     Industrial Dispute Act, Minimum wages act etc. Also
     Franchisor has no relationship of employer employee
     either direct or indirect.
  8. The Franchisee shall nominate one of representative as
     per the requirement of Food & Adulteration Act 1954 for
     this purpose
9. Shall be responsible for collection and timely deposit of
   sales Tax.
10.The Franchisee shall provide bank Guarantee for Rs. 5
Lakhs at the time of signing the Franchise agreement.
11.Shall provide uniform for Kitchen and Restaurant staff as
per our specification


1.   Rs. 25 Lakhs plus applicable service tax as
     reimbursement of staff training expenses to be
     payable at the time of signing the Franchise
2.   20% of Commission on total net sales inclusive of
     outdoor catering, counter packing, home delivery
     (exclusive of sales tax) payable fortnightly.
3.   Franchisee shall arrange to reimburse Service Tax
     applicable on Franchise fee, which is to be deposited
     by the Franchiser at their end.


1. The duration of Agreement is initially for a period of 10
   years renewable for further period on mutually agreed
2. The name of the restaurant ‘36bhog’ is exclusive
   Property of the Franchisor, and the Franchisee has no
   Lien on it. On Expiry of/ termination of the Franchise
   agreement the Franchisee can not use the name
   ‘36bhog’ or any other name identical for a further
   period of 7 years.
3. The Franchisee or his associates is restricted to open
   on his own any other similar outlets in the same city
   or other cities in any part of India.
4. The Menu rates decided by the Franchisor and
   Franchisee can not increase or decrease the menu
   rates on his own.
5. The Franchisor or his authorised representative is at
   liberty to check the quality of ingredients, raw
   materials procured by the Franchisee and may point
   out the deficiency found it any to the Franchisee for
   corrective measure.
6. Any amendment to Franchise agreement has to be by
   the written consent of both the parties
7. Franchisor is at liberty to terminate the Franchise
   agreement if he finds any violation of the Clauses by
   the Franchisee by issuing a month’s termination

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