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                                          2008                             volunteer spotlight
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Volunteer makes a big difference for shelter                               Detroit Lake
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By Debbie West                  the shelter’s adoption flyer     club’s members.
“We  can all be angels to one   with Cody’s picture on it              Within two weeks of
another. We can choose to       and took it to work.             becoming a volunteer and
obey the still small stirring          Jen is the assistant      an advocate for the MCDS
voice within, the little        manager at the Battlecreek       dogs, Jen’s efforts paid off
whisper that says, ‘Go. Ask.    Courthouse Athletic Club         for Cody who was adopted
Reach Out.’ Be an answer        in Salem. So during her          by one of Jen’s co-workers.
to someone’s plea.”             workday she made a point
                                to put in a good word for               Jen is a shining
   —Joan Wester Anderson        the MCDS dogs. She asked         example of how each and
                                all her co-workers to            every person can make a
                                consider adopting Cody.          difference. Jen’s
      New Marion County                                          commitment to finding a
Dog Shelter (MCDS)              Jen made a point of talking
                                about Cody and other             forever home and the extra
volunteer, Jen Roper, is an                                      effort she gave made a
angel to the dogs at the        adoptable dogs at the
                                shelter while conducting         HUGE difference for Cody
shelter. Although she                                            and his new family.
signed up as a volunteer to     classes and talking with the
walk dogs at the shelter,
she began to see other ways
she could help the dogs she
met during her walking
       One day while
putting away a dog she had
just walked, Jen met
“Cody.” During her brief
meeting with this dog
something clicked and Jen
saw that he was friendly,
loving and thrilled with
human attention. He
needed a family. She knew
that she had to help him
find a home. She printed
                                           Edwin and Cody with Jen. Way to go, Jen!
A Helping Hand
Emergency volunteers expand ability                                               Meet
to help community during disaster                                                 Melissa Austin
 By Bill Wylie                            modern disaster management                     Melissa Austin is the
        Marion County                     organizations.                          new Environmental Services
Amateur Radio Emergency                                                           Multi-Family Recycling
Service (MCARES) members                                                          Program Specialist. Melissa is
Frank Gruber and Don                                                              an AmeriCorps Volunteer. She
Busch volunteered 35 hours                                                        will continue work on, and
installing an emergency                                                           expand, the apartment
amateur radio station on the                                                      recycling program.
Silverton Hospital Grounds.                                                       Additionally, she will be
        MCARES provides                                                           involved with this year's
volunteer radio operators for                                                     Marion County Master
stations during an emergency                                                      Recycler class and the Earth
such as those at local                                                            Day Celebration.
hospitals, Red Cross, and city,                                                          Melissa's career
county and state emergency                                                        interests include community
management offices.                                                               outreach in relation to
                                                                                  community building and
       MCARES members                                                             sustainable behaviors, which
regularly practice digital                                                        she is exercising with her
communications, which is                                                          projects here at Marion
sending an e-mail over the                                                        County.
airwaves, in preparation for                                                             Melissa is a native
disaster relief. Digital                                                          Oregonian, born and raised in
communications supports the                                                       Salem. She attended Western
greater volume of logistical                                                      Oregon University and Oregon
information required by                    Don Busch (top) and Frank Gruber
                                           (bottom) install necessary equipment   State University studying
                                                                                  forensic chemistry and
                                                                                  microbiology. After moving
 Marion County Dog Shelter                                                        back to Salem last October,
 volunteer spotlight                                                              she has been transforming her
                                                                                  career path. She enjoys
By Allison Barrows                                                                interacting with the
       Lynnette Graves has become an integral part of the                         community and educating
 Marion County Dog Shelter. You may have seen her at the                          them on carbon footprint-
 Marion County Fair when she was staffing the shelter booth                       reducing behaviors.
 and at Dog Fest at the Raffle Booth. She spent four days at the                         Melissa can be reached
                      fair greeting the community and                             at 503-566-4159, or by e-mail
                      educating people on what we do at the                       at maustin@co.marion.or.us.
                      shelter to help stray dogs. Her love of dogs
                      has grown into a love of the shelter.
                                       Lynnette serves on the Dog Fest
                               Committee, is responsible for helping with
                               the set up at our adoption outreach
                               events, conducts volunteer orientations,
                               and last, but not least, she does all the
                               filing for the shelter.
Lynnette staffing the raffle          Thank you, Lynette for never being
booth at Dog Fest 2008         afraid to try something new and growing
                               with us at the shelter!                             Welcome to Marion County, Melissa!

A Helping Hand                                                                                                     2
Cadets: Preparing the Next Generation
of Public Safety Professionals
By Undersheriff Jason Myers
                                   will be prepared professionals.   Sheriff
       One-hundred and fifty
kids 14-20 years descended
                                           The Cadet Law
                                   Enforcement Challenge (LEC)
                                                                     volunteers help
upon Camp Rilea in late            is a competition that Cadets      at Detroit Lake
August for the 29th Annual         train for throughout the year.
Law Enforcement Challenge.         For three days in late August,    By Doc Nelson
Five of those kids represented     Cadets from approximately
Marion County Sheriff’s Office     15+ different Oregon law          Marion County Sheriff’s Office
                                   enforcement agencies compete      Volunteers began conducting
(MCSO), and before peers,
advisors and spectators, they      in a variety of scenarios that    boat inspections this summer
competed in events from            are designed to replicate the     at Detroit Lake. Volunteers
“high-risk traffic stops” to       experiences they may have as      are assisting at the Mongold
“courtroom testimony” to           full time police officers.        boat ramp and at Kane’s and
“precision driving.”                                                 Detroit marinas.
                                           The LEC is the big, fun
        The Marion County          event for the Cadets, but they            As the summer months
Sheriff’s Office Cadet Unit is a   are also required to complete     heat up, several Marion
                                   at least 20 hours of service      County Sheriff volunteers are
program that is designed to
challenge teenagers with an        each month riding with            providing boat safety inspec-
interest in law enforcement to     deputies, assisting at safety     tions so deputies can spend
build skills that will give them   fairs, marking abandoned          their time on the lake.
an advantage when applying         vehicles or a variety of other            The volunteers are not
for careers within public          support functions.                enforcement officers; they
safety. MCSO works to help         Requirements of the Unit          cannot issue citations and
the cadets build confidence,       include, (among other             their inspections are not man-
use teamwork, take initiative      requirements):                    datory. Their role is to advise
and learn responsibility.          Cadet must be between the         boaters of any missing safety
Cadet Jason Remmy has been         age of 14 ½ and 21, be            requirements and possibly
working toward a full-time         enrolled in school and            head off a citation if stopped
career with the Sheriff’s Office   maintain a minimum 2.5            on the water by a patrol dep-
for three and a half years. He     GPA, maintain an excellent        uty. Boaters who pass a
says that his favorite part        driving record, pass a            checklist by the certified vol-
about the Unit is the              background investigation, and     unteer will receive a compli-
opportunity to interact with       remain alcohol and drug free.     ance sticker good for one year.
the public and handle their        The MSCO is                              A first year program,
calls for service, verifying for                                     boat inspections by volunteers
the MCSO that the next             recruiting for cadets at:
                                   http://www.co.marion.or.us/SO     will most likely be expanded
generation of police officers                                        next year.

                                                                     During the month of May
                                                                     alone, the Marion County
                                                                     Sheriff volunteers accrued a
                                                                     total of 169 hours by
                                                                     working at two community
                                                                     events, performing office
                                                                     duties and assisting the
                                                                     marine safety patrol.
         Cadets Chad Lane, Jason Remmy, Jeremy Royle, and
              Kevin Ely accept awards at the 2008 LEC.

A Helping Hand                                                                                    3
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•    Last Dog Shelter Orientation and Dog Walking Training for 2008 on November 15, 9
     a.m.—12:00 p.m. Volunteers interested in walking dogs, helping people adopt dogs or doing
     community outreach can contact Debbie West at 503-391-5362.
•    Interested in helping others? Interested in the Criminal Justice System? You can help
     others while learning valuable skills by becoming a Sexual Assault Response Advocate for the
     Marion County District Attorney's Office- Victim Assistance Division. Training is scheduled in January
     and is held over 2 weeks (4 evenings and 1 Sat.) Requirements: 18 years of age or older, no criminal
     history, reliable transportation (bus not acceptable), working telephone, non-judgmental attitude, and a
     desire to help others. Many who work full-time can still help others and their community by assisting
     victims of sexual assault. After training, commitment is simply one 24-hour shift per month for one
     year. Contact Kathie Beach at 503-588-3571 or an application is available at:
•    Love to shop and want to help animals at the same time? Join the Marion County Dog Shelter at the
     8th Annual Shopping Extravaganza at the Woodburn Company Stores on Saturday, November 8th
     from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Event tickets are only $25 and proceeds from tickets sales benefit the Marion
     County Dog Shelter. There are a limited number of tickets for sale! Your ticket includes: savings at your
     favorites stores, lunch & dessert by Wild Pear Catering & Pepsi, wine tasting, gift wrapping, and more.
     For more info on the event visit http://www.shop-woodburn.com. To purchase tickets, contact Jolene
     Bray, 503-365-3177.
•    Volunteers needed for 8th Annual Shopping Extravaganza! Buy your ticket, work a two-hour shift
     between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and then go shopping! Volunteers can help welcome people, take tickets,
     check in shoppers, wrap gifts and staff the hospitality suite. Want to help? Call Jolene Bray, 503-365-
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