Explore Untouched Terrains with Deccan Odyssey Train

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					               Explore Untouched Terrains with Deccan Odyssey Train

Deccan Odyssey train is a train of dreams. Deccan Odyssey tour is a marvelous way to
explore the awe-inspiring interiors of Maharashtra and narrowly witness the lives of
Konkan people. It offers a rare chance to experience the rich heritage of India, so
elaborately and luxuriously.

The Journey
The lustrous blue and gold colored train journey will transport you to a phase beyond the
contemporary realm. The journey begins from the urban cover of Mumbai and moves down
the Konkan coast to see the sights of unfamiliar and unspoiled Ganapatipule and Tarkarli
beaches. The train then enters the popular Indian destination, Goa which is known for its
towering cathedrals and shimmering beaches. The fairy ride further takes you to the core of
Maharashtra where it halts at Pune, its cultural capital. As the journey proceeds, you
witness the 2 BC-10 AD art corridors of Ajanta and Ellora cave temples, Bibi-ka-Maqbara
in Aurangabad and the pilgrimages of Nasik.

The Interiors
The train acquires its name from the stony Deccan plateau. Its 21 spectacular carriages are
certainly a visual delight. These carriages offer the best of facilities on board. They are
named after the famous monuments and artistically rich sites of Maharashtra.

Upon entering this blue pearl to savor an experience of a lifetime, you will be bowled over
by the sight of the majestic artwork in its purest form. The interiors of this queen of luxury
are adorned by regal and delicate woodwork that recreate the period of Peshawar
effectively. The luxury train Deccan Odyssey has enough facilities for recreation including
a bar saloon, a restaurant, internet facility, steam bath, plasma TV, beauty parlor, smoking
area and a telephone exchange. It has a conference room too that may be converted into a
dance floor during the night. The two dining cars of the train serve a culinary extravaganza
of Indian, Goan, Maharashtrian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. The attendants are
proficient and trained to cater to every minutest needs of a guest.

Timings and Tariff
The Deccan Odyssey journey begins every Wednesday. It starts from the Chhatrapati
Shivaji Terminal of Mumbai and returns back to Mumbai again the next Wednesday, after
a magnificent week’s expedition. Deccan Odyssey Travel services are available only early
October to March-end. It travels approximately 2400 km and reaches all the striking
destinations during the daytime only. Deccan Odyssey tariff ranges from $300-$950,
depending upon the type of occupancy and the travel date.

These words are merely a reflection of the royalty and opulence that you can actually
receive on your Deccan Odyssey train tour. Book yourself a place on the grandest pair of
wheels to rotate on land ever.

Description: Deccan Odyssey train is the only train of Maharashtra that offers a seven day tour from Mumbai to Goa in an ideal luxurious style. Deccan Odyssey Travel allows the tourists to explore the unexplored terrains that are embellished by virgin beauty.