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Enjoy the Glory of Nature with Kerala Backwaters


Plan a Kerala holiday and devote some days of your trip to immensely relaxing houseboat cruising through the magnificent passageways of Kerala backwaters. Kerala backwaters tour is often praised to be a must-visit experience before death. The backwater cruise is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime.

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									                  Enjoy the Glory of Nature with Kerala Backwaters

 Backwaters of Kerala require no introduction. This broad expanse of waterway is not
merely meant for admiration, but they are a significant lifeline of Kerala that nurture two of
its major industries – agriculture and fishing. While you sail along the palm-fringed
waterways in a Kerala houseboat, you will be able to see some excellent natural beauty.
Kerala backwater cruise allows you to admire the spectacular beauty of the place. The sight
of rustic homes, lush paddy fields, ancient temples, water lilies and coconut groves will
make you skip a beat for sure. Discover the distinctive culture that exists along the
backwaters on your Kerala backwaters tours. The country craft offers an incredible visual
experience. Feel the authentic greens like never before during the stay on Kerala houseboat.

Take Kerala backwaters tours to see how anglers pull the Chinese fishing nets using the
rich haul. The shapes of these fishing nets that flutter from gigantic bamboo poles offer
great stuff to be captured by your handicam with a setting sun in the background.

Thinking of a Kerala houseboat stay on shimmering backwaters? Great idea! When it
comes to selecting a houseboat in Kerala, take into account your requirements and budget.
Wooden canoe is ideal for a holiday that lasts for a day. While floating through the intricate
corridors surrounded by dense vegetation, you can experience sheer bliss by playing with
the glistening waters. You may even invite the village children for a ride alongwith. On the
contrary, for those who come in groups must hire a steamer boat to explore the different
aspects of God’s own country. Watch some breathtaking postcard scenery and landscapes
from the deck of the boat. It is always pleasure to see birds flying, animals drinking water
and elephants playing with mud. A kettuvallom (traditional rice boats that are fully
furnished) ride is something you will remember for life. If you are looking forward to a
luxurious stay, you must go for this option. Let you eyes glance into the beauty of nature
that floats by and let your mouth taste some exotic backwater delicacies made by a personal
chef. There are endless houseboat backwaters tour ideas. Pick the one that will satiate your

Yet another attraction of the backwaters in Kerala is the sight of nimble fingers spinning
the coconut fibre to form long and durable ropes. This is done using a traditional hand
spindle. You may try it out once during your journey on backwaters. Do not forget to buy
some colorful wall hangings, coir mats, carpets or other decorative pieces for your friends
and family.

Backwaters in Kerala have certainly become a defining image of Kerala. You must plan a
sprawled schedule for a Kerala holiday vacation reserving more than a couple of days to
enjoy the Kerala backwaters cruise to its fullest.

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