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					S.C. Food Policy Council

 Beth Crocker, SC Dept. of Agriculture &
   Susan Frost, SC Dept. of Health &
         Environmental Control
            August 24, 2010
         Presentation Overview
   This is an update on the most recent
    activities of the S.C. Food Policy council,
    which includes:
    – supporting a statewide Farm to School
      program in SC
    – visiting and learning more about food safety
      and local vegetable productions at W.P. Rawl
      & Sons
    – hosting the first Sustainable Local SC Food
      Systems Workshop on January 29, 2010.

    To provide a forum for
       stakeholders in the food,
       health and agricultural sectors
     share ideas
     collaborate on solutions &
     investigate & report
       on the food system in SC, the
       sustainability of agriculture
       and how it affects the people
       of SC.
                 SC FPC History
   March 2005, steering committee formed

   March 2006, first general membership meeting

   The FPC serves as a forum for members to share their
    concerns as well as their progress on programs and
    initiatives that are related to the food system here in
    South Carolina.

   The Council reports annually to the S.C. Commissioner of
    Agriculture with recommendations for ways to improve
    and support SC Food Systems.
          FPC Board of Directors
   Organizations represented on the Board
    –   SC Department of Education
    –   Clemson University
    –   University of SC
    –   SC School of Public Health
    –   SC Department of Health & Environmental
        Control (DNPAO)
    –   SC Farm Bureau
    –   Anderson County Farm to School
    –   Wil-Moore Farm
    –   Walter P. Rawl & Sons, Inc.
                 Farm to School

   The 2009 S.C. Food
    Policy Council report
    focused on the benefits
    and need for a Statewide
    Farm to School Program
    in SC.

   During the 2009-10
    legislative session, House
    Bill 3179 was introduced.
      Local Farm to School Action
   In May 2010, the SC Dept. of
    Education & Lexington County
    School District, instituted their
    own “Farm to School” month.

   Partnership with W.P. Rawl
    farms, which is local in
    Lexington County.

   USDA presence.

   Everyone invited to have lunch
    at Pelion Elementary School.
            FPC Board Meeting at
         W.P. Rawl Farm in Pelion, SC
   Tour of state of the art packing facility, led
    by fellow board member, Charles Wingard,
    family member & Director of Field

   Frank discussion about food safety and:
     –   costs associated with safety precautions such
         as paperwork and audits involved in
         maintaining high food safety standards.
     –   These trends are likely to increase in the

   The board also discussed the future of
    farming and potential challenges including:
     –   land availability (encroaching urban areas,
         land prices, etc)
     –   water availability
     –   overall increasing input costs associated with
         growing and harvesting high-quality, fresh
    Sustainable Local Food Systems
   January 29, 2010 –
    Columbia, SC
   Almost 100 people
    registered & attended
   All Local foods served to
    strengthen the message
    of Local Food Systems.
   Diversity of attendees:
    governmental agencies,
    community organizations,
    farmers, planners, food
    banks, etc.
    Sustainability of Local Food Systems
         Speakers & Presentations
   Speaker on Economic Benefits – Hugh Weathers,
    Commissioner of Agriculture
   Speaker on Environmental Benefits – Walter Douglas,
   Speaker on Health (Nutritional) Benefits - Erika Kirby, SC
   Speaker on Food Safety – Susan Barefoot, Clemson
   Speaker on Food Equality/Access Issues – Darcy
    Freedman, Univ. of SC
    Sustainability of Local Food Systems
         Speakers & Presentations

   Farm to School in Anderson County, SC
   Institutional Dining Services– University of SC
   Local Foods in School Food Service – SC Department of
   Sustainability Practices on the Farm & in Food Processing
    - Charles Wingard, farmer with W.P. Rawl & Sons
   Plant a Row Project
   Hub City Farmers Market – Spartanburg, SC
    Lessons Learned from Workshop

   Active involvement by Commissioner of Agriculture and other state
    leaders was important.

   Local initiatives stimulated interest/modeling examples.

   Information we take for granted was new to many participants.

   The morning speakers/panel informed the afternoon discussion

   Local food products now an option at the conference center.
         Discussion Groups
 Economic & Farm Sustainability
 Health, Food Accessibility & Equity
 Food Safety/Food Processing Challenges
 Environment
Recommendations from Final Report of Sustainability of
         Local Food Systems Workshop.

 •   Expand & Diversify        • Keep the Farm & the
     Marketing                   Farmer in Business

 •   Increase Processing       • Increase Access &
     Facilities                  Availability to Healthy,
                                 Locally Grown Foods
 •   Respond to Distribution
     Channel Challenges        • Create & Sustain
                                 Environmentally Friendly
 •   Educate Leaders and         Farming Operations
     Consumers about the
     Impact of Buying/Using    • Ensure Food Safety of
     Local Ag Products           South Carolina Products
                                 from Farm to Consumer
                 Future Plans
   Recommendations from the report will
    guide the on-going work of the FPC

    – Determine priorities
    – Identify lead organizations for priorities
                   Thank You!
   SC Food Policy Council

   Beth Crocker

   Susan Frost

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