“The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”

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					“The Celebrated
Jumping Frog of
Calaveras County”
• A friend of the narrator wrote to him and
  told him to ask Simon Wheeler about
  Leonidas W. Smiley.
• The narrator believes his friend tricked
  him into doing that because he knew that
  asking Wheeler about Leonidas Smiley
  would remind him of Jim Smiley and then
  he would tell a very long and boring story
  that the narrator would not be able to
  escape from.
• Simon Wheeler is a bald, fat, man. The narrator
  finds him asleep by a stove in a bar.
• The narrator approached Wheeler and asks him
  about Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley.
• Wheeler begins to tell the narrator the story of
  Jim Smiley. The narrator notices that while he’s
  telling the story, he never smiles or gets excited
  about any of it, and he finds that strange.
• Jim Smiley liked to gamble—especially by
  placing bets, and was usually lucky in
  every bet that he made.
• Smiley had a horse (a mare) that he
  would bet on. The horse looked sickly,
  but would always end up outrunning her
  competitors at the very end of the race,
  making Smiley money.
• Smiley had a bull pup named Andrew Jackson
  that he would lay bets on. The dog was pretty
  laid back until you put money on him, then he
  would get mean.
• Andrew Jackson would fight by grabbing one of
  the other dog’s hind legs and not letting go until
  it gave up.
• The dog won every fight it was in until it was
  pitted against a dog with no hind legs.
• After he lost that fight, the dog looked at Smiley
  as if it was his fault, then he wandered off, laid
  down, and died.
• One day, Smiley catches a frog, who he names
  Dan’l Webster, and teaches him how to jump on
  cue and catch flies on cue.
• A stranger inquires about Smiley’s frog, and
  Smiley promptly challenges him to a frog race
  for 40 dollars. Smiley even offers to find the
  other man a frog.
• While Smiley is out catching a frog for him, the
  stranger pries open Dan’l Webster’s mouth and
  fills the frog with quail shot, which weighs him
  down and makes him lose the race and Smiley
  the money.
• Simon Wheeler is called away after the
  last story, but tells the narrator to wait for
• When he gets back, the narrator seizes
  his opportunity to be rid of Simon Wheeler
  and the stories of Jim Smiley and leaves.

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