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Residential kitchens have a rich history related to sociological, cultural, technological, and
economic factors.With an open hearth, early Colonial kitchens formed the heart of the house.
Later kitchens were located in the basement, at the rear of the house, or outside—depending
on geography, climate, and economics. Evolving further, the kitchen later became a private,
enclosed room often adjacent to a formal dining room. Various societal influences have
brought about the American kitchen’s common present incarnation: open to adjacent dining
and entertainment areas, allowing family and guests to join in food preparation. As Ellen M.
Plante, author of The American Kitchen, writes, “the kitchen as hearth has come full circle.”
See Figures 5-1 to 5-4 for images of kitchens of the past and present. Kitchens that meet the
lifestyles, culinary interests, and aesthetic preferences of owners are important components of
custom home design as well as new construction and additionally generate millions of dollars
in kitchen remodeling. Kitchen remodeling continues to be a significant component of the

Kitchens and the vital social role they can play in our daily lives along with the ongoing
advances in appliances and features offer designers opportunities and challenges. Much like
bathrooms, kitchens have grown in terms of square footage and amenities, and well-designed
kitchens require careful analysis of the homeowner’s lifestyle and preferences. A thorough
review of a client’s requirements, lifestyle, budget, architectural parameters, and building
codes may result in a kitchen design that differs from the fantasy space desired by
homeowners. Perhaps, however, the well-considered kitchen will be more the active, social
location sought after by Julia Child and less like Brooks’s descriptions of a kitchen as an
“airplane hangar with plumbing.”

Kitchen has been one of the most important areas of a house and a good design is always the
best way to offer it a great feel and look. The layout kitchen design will actually enable you
to optimize your space and transform your space surprisingly comfortable.

Different kitchen space and requirements needs different kitchen designs and layouts. Most
of the time specific plans take specific factors into consideration and the kitchen design
reflects this. The following are some of the major factors that you should know about kitchen

Any kitchen design services should be taken into consideration based on the kind of uses that
is expected of the finished room. With kitchens, the uses can be rather diverse depending on
the number of people using the kitchen. Like if the kitchen is going to be used solely for
functional purpose i.e. cooking and storage, than the design will be based on that fact. In this
case the layout, refrigerator, stove and cabinet spaces will be more vital than small shelving
and it will reflect a bigger kitchen. However if the kitchen is about to be used for just basic
preparation in a bachelor apartment, the design will speak of the general use.

The kitchen renovation should also take into account the space of the kitchen area and
accordingly the purchasing of furnishings and appliances should be done. Because kitchen
furnishings and appliances are available in different sizes and as designs can be quite
versatile, even a small kitchen can be suitable for a large family. And in the same way a very
big kitchen can be made to look and feel suitable by arranging modest appliances and
furnishings if the design part is well planned.

The biggest advantage of designing a kitchen is it ensure safety since everything, from fire
and gas to harsh chemicals, is usually stored in the kitchen, irrespective of size of space and
budget and apart from being functional for those who intend to use it. Designs reduce the risk
of clutter that can lead to accidents. Besides this well planned designs help reduce the
improper arrangement between appliances and furnishings that may hinder food preparation
or result in food contamination. Hence, it is important to have a proper design to make sure
that you and your family are all protected against danger.

Kitchen designs also provide a significant amount of aesthetic look to a room that would
ordinarily look like a drainage hole. These designs arrange furnishing and appliances in a
manner that they are not only functional but also soothing to the eyes. This aspect coupled
with all the other benefits make it tough to overlook a good kitchen design's importance
during kitchen remodeling or kitchen redesigning kitchen space.

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