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Email Etiquettte


Hello all, I want to share one very good document with you for Email-etiquettes...

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									Need For Email Etiquettes:

    You will get better professional image.
    You can convey your message/ queries more effectively.
    Reader can easily understand your reason for mail & will give immediate action.

E-Mail Etiquette Tips:

      Be Concise and to the point.
      Answer all Questions.
      Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation (i.e, exact date & time if applicable).
      Make it personal- use self customized contents.
      Use templates for frequently used responses.
      Do not attach unnecessary files.
      Use proper structure & layout.
      Do not overuse the high priority option.
      Do not write in CAPITALS.
      Do not leave out the message thread.
      Proof read the email before sending it.
      Take care with abbreviations and emotions.
      Be careful with formatting.
      Take care with rich text and HTML messages.
      Do not forward chain letters.
      Do not use an email to discuss confidential information.
      Use a meaningful subject.
      Use active instead of passive.
      Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT.
      Avoid long sentences.
      Keep your language gender neutral.
      Do not reply to Spam.
      Use cc: field sparingly.

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