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June 2009 - Progress Report - Disability


Thousands of hopeful children are waiting for you; even a small contribution can make a big difference. We thank many generous people like you who have put their thoughts into action by helping these underprivileged children. You too can help needy children to live their childhood with smiles on their faces.

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									JUNE, 2009

Progress Report
Disability Management Program – Puttalam District
CVSL Family expands!
According to the 2001 census report, there are 274,711 people with disabilities in Sri Lanka, of whom 11,558 are in the district of Puttalam.
Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are significantly marginalized in the society without much support or services available to them. In Puttalam district it self there are large number of adult with disabilities and children with various childhood disabilities who need adequate and frequent therapeutic intervention for their wellbeing, but such services are not readily available. As there is a severe dearth of professional PT/OT/STs in the Puttalam since 2001, many children and adults with various disabilities (physical, hearing, visual, mental, amputees) are unable to access these services and have to undergo endless suffering. For 9 years now (since 2001), Child Vision Sri Lanka had been working in the field of disability management. There has been a lot of focus on individual children and adult with disabilities from a ‘rehabilitation’ point of view. This means that a large number of disabled people have benefited from physical, occupational and speech & language therapy, one-to-one intervention/rehabilitation, play therapy, referral for surgeries and for assistive devices. While this has had an impact in their functional levels, we realized that a lot remains to be done in order to improve their quality of life as human beings.

APDC’s President Say!

Mrs.Niyara, our current account executive has been trained in basic language and speech intervention techniques by our visiting speech therapist (Mr.Sugath Kankanumghe, GH Nikkawarettiya) and improvement of cognitive and perceptual skills by our volunteer Physiotherapist. Currently she has approximately 23 children under her program and she will conduct a day off one-to-one sessions th at our premises for the children on 30 June 2009.

Our new Physiotherapist Mr.R.M.J.Bandara (attached to General Hospital Nikkawarettiya) is conducting individual early intervention for one of our client, referred by BH Puttalam.

Weekly and monthly rehabilitation for adult & children with disabilities:
CVSL’s monthly rehabilitation clinics are conducted on every Sunday of each month from 08.30am to 02.00pm. 68 clients are attended during the rehabilitation sessions and received PT/OT and ST services. Home management training program are advised to the parents and care givers during the therapy sessions. There is significant improvement in the functional and physical status of many children. Parents and care givers are extremely satisfied with their children’s progress as well as the Paediatrician of BH Puttalam. Please see below few of the progress photo clips.

APDC’s monthly meeting and livelihood training program for members:
Associations of Parents of Disabled Children (APDC) met on 20th June 2009 at CVSL premises @ 09am to 01.30pm.  More parents are keen on joining the association.  Continuation of monthly rehabilitation & its related financial issues and other concerns.  The members have stated their own fund raising by selling tickets to the general public. The above matters are discussed and solutions sought after. Following the meeting, the resource person from Heed Foundation conducted training on how to make small scale floor mat and through re-building of their financial capacities and independence.

Early Intervention Program (EIP):
In June ’09 Base hospital Puttalam has referred 09 infants as young as 15 days to one month old diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy, Torticolis and other 3-4month old infants diagnosed with seizure disorder, Developmental delay for therapeutic interventions. Since 2007 till date of the EIP, approximately 80 infants have been discharged from therapeutic services after fully recovery. The Paediatrician at BH and the parents of the children are extremely satisfied by services provided by the Child Vision.

VSO Sri Lanka’s annual review & future partnership!
The above workshop held on 25th June ’09 and 14 staffs were attended, including VSOSL, Child Vision SL as well as APDC’s members in Puttalam. This has been a very fruitful and useful workshop said Mr.P.Bandara Programme Manager Disability.

VSO country Director’s Visit!!
Mr.Hugh MacLeman along with the new country director Mr. Patrick Proctor has visited to Child Vision on 24th June ’09. The purpose of the meeting would be to introduce the new director and see the work of VSO has been doing with Child Vision Sri Lanka. Also to explore the opportunity for a future placement and partnership. Right Mr.Rumaiz delivering surprise gift to Mr.Hugh & left conducting meeting.

We thank many generous people like you who have put their thoughts into action by helping these underprivileged children. You too can help needy children to live their childhood with smiles on their faces.
Finally very big thank you so much our partners, donors, volunteers (International & Local) & members and our special thanks for Australian High Commission’/DAP provided funding for some of our disability activities and which made it all possible. We appreciate your commitment for providing us the necessary support and making our dream true for the benefit of disabled children and adult with disability at our district in Sri Lanka.

Wow APDC expands its program to the remote villages!
In April ‘09 to date, APDC has initiated 06 village APDC/DPOs in various clusters in Puttalam district to discuss issues and concerns and come up with solutions pertaining to the particular APDC/DPOs. They also functioning as an advocacy groups and promoting awareness campaign on the rights of disabled.

Please contact for more details: Child Vision Sri Lanka, # 07, Anuradhapura Road, Puttalam, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94322267457 & +94325673008 Fax: +94322267457 E-mail: &

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