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August 1984                                                                                         1
 Louisiana Gulf Shipyards

(504) 5253425 / TELE X 6821204
            PORT OF ilOUSTON
 Volume28                                                                     Number8                                                  August 1984
                    Port Staff                                                              Port Commissioners
 RICHARD LEACH.        Executive Director
 JAMES PUGH,Managing Director
 J.R. CURTIS,  Director of Port Operations
     TEDWALTERS,      Manager. Marine Department
     W.D. DUNNAHOE,     Manager, Turning Basin Terminals
     JOHN  HORAN,  Manager, Barbours Cut Terminal
     W.E. GREER,   Manager, Houston Public Elevator
     LESLIEJ. SANDERFER,     Manager, Bulk Materials
         Handling  Plant
     A.J.M.VANDE VEN,Manager, Maintenance                    F. Bracewell        M.D. Perry        H.J. Middleton                Jr.
                                                                                                                      R. Gonzales,                 Jr.
                                                                                                                                         A. Bennett,
         Department                                             Chairman          Commissioner       Commissioner       Commissioner       Commissioner
     CLAUDE   BARTH,  Manager, Security Department
 ARMANDO WATERLAND,          Director of Trade
     A.J. REIXACH,
                      Sales Manager
                        Eastern Sales Manager
                                                                                                  In This Issue
    JACK  WOJEWNIK,   Asst. Eastern Sales Manager
    DAVID SIMPSON,        Western Representative
    MARGARET    PLATrEEL,   Midwestern Representative      DeepFreeze--Ex-Im Freezers, Inc., preparesto opena $13
                      Latin America Representative
    EDWARD HORN,Communications Manager
                                                           million, 100,000-square refrigeratedwarehouse.                                           4
 NORMAN HUENI,Director of Engineering
    TOM   KORNEGAY,    Chief Engineer                                               physicianuses a clinic on
                                                           DoctorAt ThePort--AHouston
F. WILLIAM    COLBURN,  Director of Administration
    LINDA   REESE,Controller                                    to           and
                                                           wheels treat seamen ships’ officers at dockside.                                         8
    ALTON LANDRY,        Manager, Personnel Department
    BETTY   GARRETT,   Manager, Purchasing Department
    A. MONROE    BEAN,Manager, Real Estate                 Growing Concern--Signet Corp., which grew out of
    JAMES   ELDRIDGE,   Manager, Management  Information   Bulkfleet Marine,plans a cruise ship operationin Houston.                                 10
           F.          JR.,
    LOUIS BROWN, Manager, Safety and Insurance
                                                           Houston                 Orville Hall is worriedabout
JOESCROGGINS, Director of Planning
                    Director of CommunityRelations
                                                           steel import                                                                         13
JOE F. FLACK,    County Auditor
                                                           Passenger Boosters--Two importantadvocatesof freighter
  1519 Capitol Avenue,Houston,Texas77002
                                                           travel give the reasons their opinions.                                              14
    P.O. Box2562, Houston,Texas 77252
         Telephone: (713) 226-2100                         Brazil &Big Business--Anexpert says South America’s
            TWX:  910-881-5787                                           is
                                                           largest country also oneof the best for investment.                                  19
             Terminal Offices
                Basin: (713) 670-2400                      NewConsuls--China, Honduras,Norwayand Venezuela
          Barbours (713) 470-1800

           Bulk Plant Office
                                                           assign newrepresentativesto Houston.                                                 24
  3100 PennCity Road,Houston,Texas 77015                   P.H.A. Progress--Alate report on construction projects
                   (713) 453-3531

                Field Office
                                                           andbusiness practices of the Port of Houston                                         29
      60 East 42ndStreet, New York10165                    Port Tidings--Apage of newsandnotes aboutpeople and
           Telephone:(212) 867-2780
                                                           companies andaroundthe Port of Houston.                                               3 1
                         Official Publication
                          Port of Houston                                                        On The Cover
                               Authority                          Food storage racks in EX-IM Freezers’ new plant (Story on Page 4)

                Magazine Staff
                                                             THE       OF
                                                                 PORT HOUSTON      MAGAZINE  (ISSN 0032-4825) is published monthly by the Port
       L.                                                  Houston         and
                                                                  Authority is distributedfree to maritime,                              interests in the
                                                                                                              industrial andtransportation
           KIRK,Staff" Writer
PATSTREILEIN                                               United                                          is                and          is
                                                                 States andforeigncountries.Thispublication not copyrighted permission givenfor the
RAYCARRINGTON,Staff Photographer                                      or                                  creditis givento the Portof Houston.
                                                           reproduction use of anyoriginalmaterial,provided                                  Second class
     PHILLIPS,Advertising Manager
SHEILA                                                     postagepaid at Houston,Tx. andat additional mailingoffices. Sendaddress change PORTto       OF
TINATOBIAS,Typographer                                     HOUSTON MAGAZINE,   P.O. Box 2562, Houston, Texas 77252.
August 1984
                       of   Freezers’ lO0,O00-square plant in La Porte, Texas
    Architect’s drawing EX-IM                     foot

                                            A $13 million public refrigeratedwarehouse,
  Reefer warehouse                       the largest facility of its kindin the Houston
                                         area, was scheduledto openduringAugust.
to open in Houston                          A bonusfeature of EX-IM    Freezers, Inc.’s,
                                         facility is that it is locatedona Houston
Foreign-Trade Zone                       Foreign-Trade   Zone(FTZ)site at State Highway
                                         225 andMiller Cut-off Road LaPorte,just
                                         eight miles fromthe Barbours Terminal.
                                         Locationwithin an FTZ    allows facility users to
                                         importcommodities    that will be changed  in
                                         someway,stored or displayedandre-export
                                         themwithout payment Customs         duties.
                                         Duties only become   payableif commodities    are
                                         imported  into the Customs  territory of the
                                          "IT’SHARD find public cold storage of any
                                                 inside the UnitedStates, let alonein

4                                                                  Port of Houston Magazine
an FTZ," said John Gately, president of EX-IM
Freezers. "The facility should encouragenewin-
dustry and boost cargo movement     through the
port, especially food stuffs exportedby Latin
   The first phase of the EX-IM   Freezers com-
plex contains 80,000square feet of cold storage
space, 20,000square feet of refrigerated dock
space, andblast freezing for meats, fish and
   Accordingto Gately, the warehousehas a
capacity of five hundredfifty 40,000-pound
truckloads of goodsor, in other words,22
million poundsof frozen products. He an-
ticipates that commodities   valued at between
$40 million to $50 million will be stored there
at any one time and estimates the annual net
turnover at about $500million.

   GATELY noted that the facility is ful-
ly equippedfor U.S.D.A.inspection, has truck
and rail doors, andis "at the heart of the                                                system
                                                    JohnGately, Stacie Barkleytest computer
SouthernPacific rail system."
   Thesecondphase of the firm’s facility, to be
constructedin 1985, will providechilled storage,
as well as rental office space for importersand
exporters; domesticfood brokers; and organiza-
tions utilizing the FTZ advantagefor in-
termediate storage, to display products to poten-
tial buyers, for manufacturing, for re-export.
   "Initially, the majority of EX-IM Freezers’
business is expectedto be generated from
domesticdemand,"said Gately. "This includes
the handling of seafoods from the Gulf of Mex-
ico and servicing the requirementsof fast food
and grocery chains.

   "EX-IMFREEZERS      provides not only
stability, but also the prospectfor a completely
newsegmentof U.S. trade in Houston,"he add-
ed. "The FTZ,in addition, creates an employ-
ment potential in manufacturing re-
exporting--a relatively newconcept in the United
States." []

August 1984                                                                                 5
                                                        TH                  NAMA                   CA

      CARIBBEAN               ~,~
                   ~ IIQ’,~.~ FT RANDOLPH
           FT SHERMAN ~ ’

                        GATUN   I   ¯    FT DAVIS                                    RESERVOII~
                        LOCKS i ~e


                                                                                            ¯ SUMMIT

                                                                                                ¯ PARAISO
                                    C                                        PEDRO                 ,        MIGUEL
                                                                                      LOCKS       ’,. COROZAL
                                                                                            coco,    ’,   p~/
                                                                    SeA.                                     ’BALBOA

          ,do 5025
               of Panama                                               ,/     ~"       VACAMONTE
                                                                    ~’,C~              POINT
    Telephone:     45-1297, 45-0433, 45-11.         6 Lines)       f(3
    Telex:         8504, 8505, 8813, 921~                       ~
    Cablegram:     FENTON, CRISTO~A}r                          ~/’
                   FENTON, BALBO,I tf
    SHIPPING     AGENTS/BROKERS           /                    "~
    CHARTERING                      ~"                         ~[           GULF        OF       PANAMA

    Representativest the P~nama
                   a            Canalfor over 200 ship~v.oers/dperators.
    Attendance at all pot hroughout the Republic of Panamc~                                                  ........----~. ~OIALDJA
    Consulates of Denmal  Norway, Sweden represented  by F~mpanypersonnel.

6                                                                                                  Port of HoustonMagazine
                      ~BIA ~o~ ~.~o~o~ ~,~
                              total Saudi ownership.

August 1984                                            7
    No house calls,                                    but doctor does visi

    By PAT STREILEIN-KIRK               travelling abroadandtreats their        KingsPoint, N.Y., whois serving sea
                                        ailments.                              duty aboard the M/V JOHNLYKES,
   Unlike most doctors, wholong ago                                            recently assisted Giessel by updating
ceased makinghouse calls, Dr. William      THE DOCTOR,who has made             crewmen’s records as the doctor ad-
U. Giessel has been "black-bagging      calls as far south as Port O’Connor    ministeredinoculations. Hesaid
it" to WestGulf docks for more          and east to Port Arthur and Orange     Giessel’s service is advantageous
than 30 years.                          since 1950, makeshis roundsin his      because"if wehad this many    people
   Anaffiliate of the MilbyClinic,      mobileoffice to eliminate the needto   needingshots each time, we’dhave to
Giessel’s uniquepractice, whichhe                              to
                                        transport crewmembers clinics,         shut the ship downfor a day." The
operates out of a mobileunit, saves     which can slow or even shut down       JOHNLYKESwas taking on bagged
the maritimeindustry time and money.    loading and dischargingoperations.     goodsdestined for Africa while the doc-
For $100per hour plus drug costs, he                                 of
                                           Cadet Robert Laubengayer the        tor wasworking.
administers inoculations to seamen      U.S. Merchant Marine Academy    in
                                                                                  NOTING         he
                                                                                           THAT had not work-
                                                                               ed the docks for about a year due to
                                                                               government  requirements, Giessel said
                                                                               he has beenvisiting twoto three ships
                                                                               weekly. "I wish I were doing two to
                                                                               three a day," he said. "The volume
                                                                               isn’t here right now,anda lot of peo-
                                                                               ple don’t know do it this way."
                                                                                  Giessel wasforced to shut down   his
                                                                               mobilepractice temporarily because
                                                                               TexasDepartment Health officials
                                                                               were unaware  that his mobileunit con-
                                                                               tained a refrigeration unit to properly
                                                                               store drugsthat required special treat-
                                                                               ment. "Yellow  fever is a live vaccine
                                                                               and mustbe kept frozen," he explain-
                                                                               ed. Thetravelling doctor, however,
                                                                               recently receivedre-approval stor-
                                                                               ing and administering the vaccine from
                                                                               his office on wheels.
                                                                                  "Yellowfever is the greatest pro-
                                                                               blemfor crewsgoingto Africa," said
        Inoculation gun or needle, shots aren’t pleasant                       Giessel, noting that inoculationsad-

8                                                                                          Port of HoustonMagazine

ministeredin the UnitedStates are
preferred because"everythingis clean.
In some nations 45 shots are given
with the sameneedle!" Therefore,if a
crewman’s  inoculation wouldexpire
before he is scheduled return, the
vaccine is recommended  before leav-

   OTHERREGULAR       immunizations
that mustbe kept up-to-date include
typhoid, tetanus, cholera, polio and
malaria. According Giessel, malaria
and yellow fever pose an ongoing
health threat in this area becausethe
type of mosquitothat can carry the
diseases is prevalent in Texas.Hesaid
all ships docking U.S. ports must
carry current records of crewinocula-
tions becauseone case of these diseases
could set off an epidemic.
   Although one mayassume that                  Dr. Giessel with nurse assistant Lillian Steffek at the docks
Giesserspatients, being toughseafar-
ing men,are accustomed regular in-            TOAVOID   shots, Giessel said,          needs of the crew, everything normally
oculations, somecrewmen     from the                       of
                                           "I’ve had some themhide in life-                  in
                                                                                      needed a traditional practice is car-
JOHN  LYKES  reluctantly submitted         boats. Captains even have asked meto       ried aboardthe mobileunit, "even
to injections only after examining their   sign their cards withouta shot," he add-   birth controlpills for sea ladies," said
ownrecords to be sure that they                                    if
                                           ed, laughing. However, the doctor          Giessel. "These birth control pills are
weren’t getting an unnecessary             feels his patient is extremelyopposed      the fastest thing I got going."
"freebie". Thedoctor also encouraged       to needles, he uses an inoculation gun.       Why does Giessel prefer going from
those not quite due for an inoculation     Heexplainedthat while shots with a         port to port like a 19th century snake
to submit by remindingthemthat their       syringe are intramuscularand are often     oil wizardin a travelling medicine
immunization  wouldexpire in Africa,       uncomfortable,  shots with guns are in-    show? "It’s a different kind of thing,"
so they either couldget it here or         tradermaland, therefore, don’t hurt or     he said. "It’s a lot moreinteresting
there. That wasan offer no one refus-           the
                                           make patient sick.                         than taking care of the types of people
ed.                                           In caring for the routine medical       I see in myoffice." []

August1984                                                                                                                 9
      Signet’s cruise ships on Houston Ship Channel as envisioned by Snyder and rendered by artist

Bulkfleet Marine spawns Signet,
Houston cruise line in planning

  J. Barry Snyderestablished Bulkfleet     dollars last year. Thesort of enter-                     a
                                                                                     cludeoperating first-class cruise ser-
MarineCorp. with a "desire and a           prising spirit that gavebirth to          vice, travel services, a marinesupply
gooddesign" eight years ago. A             Bulkfleet Marinehas Snyder engaged        company,and a steamship agency.
pioneerof vessels powered diesel           in another long range plan. Bulkfleet
engines burningheavy fuel, an              Marinehas been consolidated with            WITH           as
                                                                                             SNYDER president and
economical mixture composed   of           three other subsidiaries under a new      chief executiveofficer, SignetCorp.,
"bottom-of-the-barrel" hydrocarbons        parent organization, Signet Corp. Ac-     headquarteredin Houstonwith offices
and gas oil, the firm grossedmillions of   tivities of the new corporationwill in-   in Chicagoand Philadelphia and

10                                                                                               Port of HoustonMagazine
another to open in San Francisco in                                                  in 1987," he said. Themajority of
September,  includes: Bulkfleet Marine;                                              workon the two $160million leisure
Signet CruiseLines, Inc.; Signet Travel                                              vessels, whichwill havea capacity of
Group,Inc.; and Signet Transportation                                                800 to 900passengerseach, is intend-
Co.                                                                                  ed to be donein a U.S. shipyard, Snyder
   Whilemuch the maritimein-                                                         said, with the hotel and machinery
dustry struggledfinancially duringthe                                                being built at a European    yard.
past fewyears, Snydersaid Bulkfleet                                                    Passengers  will be able to take their
Marinewas untouchedby the reces-                                                     cars with them,he said, noting that
sionary slump. Heattributed the firm’s                                               the passenger/autoliner concepthas
success to goodplanning and cost-                                                    beenin existence in Europefor years.
effective vessel operation.                                                            While  Signet plans to initiate
  A 1965 graduate of the U.S. Mer-                                                   passengerservice with small chartered
chant Marine Academy a 19-year                                                       vessels later this year out of twoother
veteran of the maritime/petroleum  in-                                                                     is
                                                                                     Gulf ports, Houston Snyder’schoice
dustry, Snydernegotiated long-term                                                  as a base for the cruise service. Noting
charters with Gulf Oil Co. before                                                   that Miami   currently enjoys the role of
beginningoperations. "We   didn’t get                                               cruise kingpin, he said that with Mex-
into this with the idea of making a                                                 ico so near, "it seems   logical to methat
quick buckand getting out," he said.                                                Houstonshould be the jumpingoff
"We’re speculators; we’rein for                                                     point rather than Florida."
the long haul."                                                                                                to
                                                                                       Thebiggest drawback domiciling
                                                                                    a cruise line in Houston,Snydersaid,
    SNYDERINTRODUCED           heavy                                                                    of
                                                                                    is the appearance the areas along
 fuel burning, deep-notched  vessels to                                             the ship channel.
 the UnitedStates. Thevessels,                                                         "Beautificationprojects are long
 powered by two Krupp MaK       Type 6               J. BarrySnyder                 overdue," said Snyder. "What      we’re
 Mu551 engines and built by the                                                     proposingcan’t be doneon a river-
 McDermott   Shipyard in MorganCity,       dicated excellentpotential for cruise    bank, with cruise ships tied next to a
 Louisiana,cost $45million. Theinvest- passengers from across Texas,                grain elevator. Thereis a needto
 menthas paid off in fuel savings. Snyder neighboringstates, and the Midwest.       beautify the channel and make     it
said that burning"black oil" costs           Signet acquiredtwo established         liveable. Beforewewouldbring
 31 percent less than using traditional    Houston travel firms, Harvey   Travel,  passengerships into the Port of
 fuel. Thesavingsis about $2,000daily. Inc., andAllegaTravel, Inc., earlier         Houston,it wouldhave to have appeal
   "Wehave been fortunate," Snyder         this year. "WemergedHarveyTravel,       for people."
 said. "The formationof Signet Cor-        the oldest travel agencyin Houston,         Snyderenvisions construction of a
poration allows us to expandour            with Allega Travel," he said, "and we cruise ship terminal just downstream
petroleumvessel operation, while          nowhave the basis to expandour mari- of Brady’sIsland, near the Loop610
diversifying aggressivelyinto other key time travel group. Withthe combined bridge. The complexwouldinclude
areas of the marineand travel service            and
                                          marine travel expertise, it’s our in- a hotel and conventioncenter complete
industry."                                tention to put a passengerservice        with a park, recreation areas,
   Upon acquisition of morevessels,        in operation by 1987."                  restaurants, shops and a swimming     pool.
Bulkfleet Marine, whichpreviously            Notingthat Signet cruises would           Snyderestimated that aesthetic im-
carried only refined petroleum   pro-     take passengers to Mexico toand          provements,including the widening
ducts along domesticand Caribbean         points in the Caribbean,Snydersaid                          of
                                                                                   and bulkheading a 10-mile section
trade routes, will become full-service he envisionsoffering "fly andsail"          of the channel beginningin the Turn-
shipping company,  transporting liquid    travel packages, with special ar-        ing Basin, wouldcost about $1
and dry bulk cargoes to foreign and       rangementsthat would connect            billion.
domesticports.                            passengers with majorair carriers.          Joe Scroggins,director of planning
                                                                                  for the Port of HoustonAuthority,
   SNYDER’SDECISION to move                  "WE        be
                                                 WILL contracting for con- said he has met with Snyderabout
into the travel businesscame   after      struction of twovessels in the first    Signet’s plans, but no written proposal
completing extensive study that in-       quarter of 1985that will be delivered   has been made. []

     II I IIIII      II!!’      i   ........    !!!!!!                I11

          a New Name
          Between     the
     U.S. Gulf and Europe.
                     For reliable, weeklycontainerized shipping between
                  the U.S. Gulf/SouthAtlantic and Europe,specify
                  Incotrans/Gulf EuropeService. Withits modem    fleet
                  of vessels, widevariety of containers, RO/RO capabili-
                  ties, and computerizeddocumentation    services, you
                  can rest assuredthat yourcargowill arrive intact and
                  on-time--every time.
                     To bookyour cargo with Incotrans/Gulf Europe
                  Service, call Kerr SteamshipCompany one of its

                             Gulf EuropeService
                                    U.S. General Agent:
                                  Kerr Steamship       Inc.
                                 Houston, Texas--7131521-9600
                             36 sales offices located throughout the U.S. and Canada

12                                                                                     Port of HoustonMagazine
                         People who make the Port of Houston hum

                                                              Steel quotas, ILA
                                                              practices worry
                                                              stevedore O. Hall
                        Orville Hall

      Possible U.S. protectionist moves labor costs are      workers, and we don’t want to lose our cargo to non-
    the two biggest problemsfor business at the Port of      ILAports."
    Houston,accordingto Orville Hall, president/ownerof        Hall, Ted Thorjussen, Charles Alcorn and Walt
    Port Stevedoring,Inc.                                    Neimann attended the national ILA convention last
      He, like many other persons involvedin the maritime    monthas representatives of the West Gulf Maritime
    industry in Houston, is concerned that President         Association (WGMA).     Hall said the WGMA     group
    Reaganwill follow the U.S. International Trade Com-      hoped to promote better understanding between
    mission’srecommendation restrict steel imports.
                            to                               employers and ILA membersand to make the union
                                                             awarethat its help is neededto keepports competitive.
      NOTING  THAT business at the port is on the up-
    swingandimported steel is a majorfactor in the improv-     HALL CITED  productivity and worker attitudes as
    ing economicpicture, Hall said "Quotaswouldaffect                                   the
                                                            the keyfactors in reducing risk of losing businessto
    the port and all associated conveyances-- truckers,     non-ILA ports. "We’re not getting as much per
    stevedores, brokers, agents, forwarders, longshoremen            per
                                                            manhour, dollar as weshould be getting," he said,
    and others." Hepointed out that well over 300,000tons   noting, "Gang  sizes havea lot to do with getting more
    of steel werehandled during Mayalone.                   cargo through the port."
                                                               For example, Hall said that dueto the "double-barrel"
      Thecost of labor also is posinga threat to economic requirement,  stevedoresaren’t able to utilize a full gang
    recovery                       Hall
             locally, he contended. fears that the Inter-   on account of "breakout" time. He explained that
    national Longshoremen’s   Association flLA) will price                                             to
                                                            stevedores must employtwo longshoremen cover the
    the Port of Houstonout of the market. "Longshoremen same job. Oneworks during the four morninghours,
    are going to hurt themselvesby not being compatible, while the other works the four afternoon hours.
    not being competitive with non-ILA     ports," he said, Although the longshoreman may only work a half a
    notingthat it costs, on the average,$15less per hourto  day, the union contract requires he be paid for eight
    employ non-ILAworkers. Local stevedores must pay hours; the other four hours are considered "breakout"
    $30.50per hour, including benefits, to employan ILA time, Hall said.
    member,  according to Hall.                                Additionally, if the stevedore is unhappy    with the
                                                            quality or quantity of workof a group of workers, he
      CITINGDELTA      Steamship Company’sdecision to       has no recourse, accordingto Hall.
    stop calling at ILAports andbegincalling at ports which
    employ membersof the Teamsters Union, he said,             NOTING  THAT   vessels cost between $10,000 to
    "Delta’s movewas a blowto the Port of Houstonand $30,000daily to operate, he said, "You          can’t afford to
    the longshoremen,too. AndI think other steamship fire a gang... Ships havegotten so expensive operate to
    companiesare watching it closely. If they see that      and the longshoremen    knowit."
    they’re (Delta) goingto get by with it, they may it,                            Hall
                                                               Despitethe problems, is optimisticthat by working
    too," said Hall.                                        together, the ILAand the stevedores can resolve their
      The prospect of other steamship companiespulling      differences and keep cargo moving   through ILAports.
                                           us        as
    out to beat high labor costs "concerns as much the      However,he said, "The only way we can do that is
    ILA," Hall said, adding, "We’re employing ILA throughproductivity and cost." []

August 1984                                                                                                            13
                                                                  Author tells

                                                         Citing celebrated author Alex Haley
                                                       as an example the types of people
                                                       who like freighter travel, the headof
                                                       LykesBros. SteamshipCo. told the
                                                       Houston  Propeller Club recently that
                                                       his firm will continuebuildingvessels
                                                       with passenger accommodations.
                                                         Freighters offer the public an
                                                       avenueof escapeand leisure, he noted,
                                                       and passengers, along with the increase
                                                       of required services, enhance ship-
                                                       boardlife of the crew."It helps the
                                                       crews in the arduousworkof taking a
                                                       ship on a 60- to 90-daytrip to the far
                                                       reaches of the world," said W.James
                                                       Amoss, president of Lykes.

                                                          THESOLITUDE     offered by a
                                                       working vessel maynot be, in itself,
                                                       worth writing home  about. But it has
                                                       providedan inspiring environment     for
                                                          There are "no ringing phones, no
                                                       mail boxes,"Haleysaid in an article in
                                                       a Lykesmagazine.At home,he said
                                                       he receives 40 to 50 phonecalls daily
                                                       and averages500 letters weekly.
                                                          Rich and famoussince the
     America’s most celebrated freighter   passenger   mid-1970swhen"Roots" became a
                                                       bestseller andwastelecast as a serializ-
                                                       ed movie, he can afford to work
                                                       anywhere pleases. When getsit
                                                       down the difficult task of putting
                                                       his research on paper, Haleychooses
                                                       to bookhimselfon a freighter.

                                                          "YOU             ask
                                                                COULDN’T for a better
                                                       place to write," he said. "After you’ve
                                                       beenout at sea for a couple of weeks,
                                                       you’vequit thinkingabout, ’Did I
                                                       write that memo?’  ’Did I makethat
                                                       call?’ Youcouldn’tcare less! It’s
                                                       almost like there’s nobody the world
                                                       but you. Nothingexists except what

14                                                                 Port of HoustonMagazine
why he favors freighters

says Lykes likes                                                                 passengers
                                                                                         andtoilet items.
                                                                                           There’s usually a passengerlounge,
                                                                                        but no comedians  cracking jokes,
                                                                                         bandsplaying or flamencodancers danc-
                                                                                        ing. The JAMES     LYKEShas a lounge
                                                                                        equipped with a television set, video
                                                                                        cassette player and about 50 movies.
                                                                                           Some working vessels are more
                                                                                        elaborately equipped, however.The
                                                                                         Ivaran Line’s SANTA which of-
                                                                                        fers accommodations 12for
                                                                                        passengers,has a large dining salon, a
                                                                                        bar and a swimming   pool. Iravan Line
                                                                                        has three ships on the 50-day voyage
                                                                                        from Houstonto the Caribbean and
                                                                                        South America, but the SANTA is  FE
                                                                                        the only one with passenger accom-
                                                                                        modations. The ship sometimesboards
                                                                                        passengers in Houston.

                                                                                         passengerbookings any specific port
                                                                                         where ships call, includingSouth
                                                                                         America,Africa, the Orient and the
                                                                                         Mediterranean.   Other cargo lines that
                                                                                         offer passenger  service include
                                                                            ,i           American   President Lines, BankLine,
                                                                                         Delta SteamshipLine, NauruPacific
             Haleyandhis Selectric typewriterin stateroom
                                                                                         Line and Polish OceanLines.
 you are writing," Haleysaid.               schedule as just wordsand numberson             Noting that most steamship com-
   "I wouldn’tget caught on a more          paper, if youlove the sea, and if you        paniescurrently are buildingvessels
glamorous  ship," Haley continued.          can amuseyourself and/or have an             without passenger accommodations     at
 "Theyare great for people wholove          amiable companion,"Horn said. "That          a time whenthere is a shortage of
them, but I amjust not interested in        wasthe first time in years that I’ve        cruise ships, Amoss    concluded,’We
whippedcreameight times a day, and          had a chance to read a book from            find it’s a help, andwe’ll continueto
’C’mon  kiddies, it’s time for fun.’ That   cover to cover."                            doit."
wouldleave meabsolutely cold.                                                              For moreinformationabout sailing
Freighters I love," he added.                  IF YOU to travel on a
                                                       OPT                              aboarda freighter, call Joan Urbanat
   "A great escape," is the wayEd           freighter, don’t expecta floating party     Lykes, (504) 523-6611,or Barbara
Horn,editor of this magazine,   describ-    like the LoveBoat. Mealsare about           Galanterat Ivaran, (212) 442-9300,
ed his voyage last fall aboardthe           the only things scheduledfor                contact the appropriateagents (see
JAMES  LYKES"Take a freighter               passengers. Instead of a boutiqueor         magazine   directory) to obtain informa-
cruise if you wantsolitude rather than      gift shop, expecta "slop chest," con-       tion aboutother lines offeringthis ser-
plannedbusy-ness, if you can accept a       taining snacks,caps, T-shirts, cigarettes   vice. []

                                       Port Stevedoring
                                       does it all with
                                       a personal touch
                                       ¯ Nojob too small
                                       ¯ Specializingin steel, project, heavylift
                                         cargos, containers, and general cargo
                                       ¯ 80,000 poundfork lift capacity
                                       ¯ Storage and trucking facilities available
                                       ¯ Constant supervision
                                       ¯ 200 Ton crane capacity

                                       Wetry hardto be the best.

                Executive Office ¯ 901 WorldTrade Bldg.
                1520 Texas Avenue° Houston, Texas 77002
                (713) 227-2173 ° TWX   910-881-5790
                Dock Office * 8123 Plummer St.
                Houston, Texas 77029 ° (713) 675-2378
     Independent Contractors Serving Houston, Galveston and Freeport, Texas

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             For too long natural trade opportunities ~or the
             Americas have been forfeited to Europeand the
              Far East. Delta Line is beginning a long-range
              program upgradedtransportation service to
             bring the countries of Latin Americaand North
                                     Americacloser together.
               That meanscontainerization. At Delta we are
                    developing a comprehensive program of
                   intermodal shipping to help open up new
                             markets for Americanshippers.
                  We’re also streamlining our LASH   (lighter
                                        aboardship) services.
                  Delta is committedto new investment, new
                    methods and old-fashioned teamworkto

BRIDGE THE                  facilitate trade for the Americas.

                                          A Crowley Company

                           New Orleans ¯ New York. San Francisco
                              Offices and agents in other malor cities

T H R O               U G H      DIVERSITY

2190 N. LoopWest¯ Suite 401      ¯ Telephone:              ¯
                                             (713) 681-6885 Telex: 76-2534
RO. Box 448, Houston, TX 77018   ¯ Cables: Transocean
Waitsix months,
     Brazil is still                                      a good investment
   Brazil is a country wherecom-                                                    Hesaid there is a 10 percent tax
panies can realize an excellent return                                              reduction on goods manufacturedfor
on their investments,accordingto                                                    export. "In fact, an exporter can effec-
John R. Waldock,treasurer for                                                       tively reduce the cost of productsby
Seiscom  Delta, Inc. Laborcosts are                                                 45 percent and makethe sameprofit
low, the government stable, the                                                                 if
                                                                                    as he would he sold it in Brazil," he
literacy rate fairly high, andtax incen-                                            stated.
tives for exportedgoodsare very                                                        Politically, Brazilis stable. "The
favorable,he said.                                                                  revolution of the 1960sgave the
   However  Waldockcautioned a                                                      governmentcontinunity," Waldock
group of businessmen   recently, at a                                               said. Thegovernment’s  stability is like-
YoungExecutive Forumsponsored by                                                    ly to continue. Headdedthat he ex-
the HoustonWorldTrade Association,                                                  pects no changesresulting from the
about rushing to Brazil to spend their                                              upcoming  election.
dollars.                                                             !
                                                                                      BESIDES financial troubles,
   SUGGESTING      THATinvestors                                                   Brazil has social problems   associated
take a "wait-and-see"   attitude for at                                            with population growth, Waldock
least six month, said, "Brazil is in                                               reported. About47 percent of the
its third year of stackedinflation. Con-                                           populationis under19 years of age;
sequently, its the worst slumpever in               John R. Waldock                and over 80 percent of the workforce
the foreign exchange    rate. Theminute                                            earns less than $200monthly.
you take dollars and convert themto a      the nation’s trade surplus reached        Thereis no rail transportation to
foreigncurrency,that’s a risk."            $4.626billion for the first five months speak of, he said, but the highway   net-
   Waldock   lived and workedin Brazil     of the year, whichis a little morethan workis fair, since motorvehicles are
from 1977 to 1979. He continues to be     half the $9.1 billion IMF  goal, accor-                      of
                                                                                   the primarymode transportation.
involvedin Brazilian affairs through      ding to figures released by Carlos       Brazil currently producesenough
his firm’s office in Riode Janeiro.       Viacava,director of Cacex,Brazil’s                   to
                                                                                   petroleum satisfy its needs, but
   Like Mexico,  Brazil, heavily in debt  foreign trade department.                Waldock   predicted that will changeby
to foreign banks and under Interna-          Inflation is expected hit 300per-
                                                                  to               the end of the century. Also, he noted
tional MonetaryFund(IMF) regula-          cent by the end of the year, said        that pollutionis a critical problem  in
tion to reduceinflation, regularly        Waldock. exchangerate is cur-
                                                     The                           the cities.
         its           to
devalues currency offset infla-           rently 1,650cruzeirosper dollar, andit     Despite Brazil’s problems,Waldock
tion. Unlike Mexico,whichuses a           could reach 3,916 cruzeiros per dollar   said, ’Tmnot afraid to put money
"maxi-devaluation    system"(devalues     by year end.                             there; I’m just speakingof nowdue to
infrequentlyat a high rate) to                                                     temporary problems."
depreciatethe peso, Brazil uses a                            by
                                             HE CONTINUED citing condi-
"mini-devaluation system," making                                            to
                                          tions in Brazil that are conducive in-                       ON
                                                                                     COMMENTING the chance of
monetary  corrections contantly to off-   vestment. "Brazil has excellent markets Brazil joining in a debtor’s club formed
set inflation.                            in Europeand the UnitedStates. It ex- by debt-riddennations of Latin
                                          ports literally everywhere, the          Americato circumvent debt repay-
   NOTING   THAT  monetary correc-        marginof profit on exports is very       ment, he concluded,"Brazil has never
tions are appliedin all areas of finance, good," he said, noting that manufac-     renegedon an obligation and will
he said, "Don’tworryabout inflation,      turing accountsfor 24 percent of the     reach an agreementwith banks. Brazil
as long as Brazil devaluesto balance      nation’s gross domesticproduct (GDP), will probablybe able to pay interest
constantly."                              twice whatit was15 to 20 years ago.      paymentsand maybe      reduce its debt
   Whileinflation reportedlyhit a            Taxincentives for exportedgoods,      somewhat    with its balance of
record high in May 235.5 percent,                                are
                                          accordingto Waldock, excellent.                     and
                                                                                   payments trade situation." []

August 1984                                                                                                               19



                   SAN FRANCISCO


                                                                          LVESTON                    MIAMI

          When it comes to comprehensive       service,    Kerr    a bill ot lading released in Anchorage, Dallas or
          Steamship Company, Inc., has the edge over its           Miami, we can do it. It you have a special cargo
          competitors hands down. The professional      person-    handling problem in Boston, Baltimore or British
          nel staffing our extensive network of offices in the     Columbia, we can solve it. If you have a sales lead
          major ports and hinterland market cities ot North        in Charleston, Chicago or Cranford, we can pursue
          America are in constant communication to cut the         it. No matter where you are, or what your problem
          red tape out of your cargo movements. If you need        is, we’ve got you covered.

                                                   STEAMSHIP                COMPANY, INC.
                                Steamship    Agents,    Terminal    Operators,      Stevedores

                    Suite 5130, One Shell Square                   American General Tower, Suite 1500
                    New Orleans, La. 70139                         2727 Allen Parkway
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      Speed. Economy. Reliability.  That’s         By sea, rail and roads we have the know-
just the beginning of what you get when you      howand the resources to take care of all your
chooseSail Shipping.                             shipping needs. And our large volume makes
                                                 our rates more than competitive.
   Sail offers a completerange of services for
fully containerized and breakbulk cargoes to       If you want to move cargo without            any
over 30 foreign ports. And that includes pro-    hassles, or surprises give us a call.
viding high liability  insurance, intermodal
bills of lading--the works.                             Shipping     Is   a breeze   when~’~
                                                                   you      choose          ~
                                                          coin revecll
        ocean freight rat~.,,
       you’re    unawa

                     Eric Ridder,
                 The Journal of Commerce

      "When you try to find an oceanfreight rate buried in       full text or rate and rule summaries-even   get
     volumesof paper tariffs, there’s a limit to howmuch         updated vessel sailing timetables.
     time you can spend searchincj. So odds are you settle          "RATES  programmingto-date includes all outbound
     for the best rate you can locate quickly. Whichmayor        tariffs to Northern Europe, the Mideast and Far East-
     may not be the lowest.                                      conference, independent, plus all intermodal freight
        "With RATES instantly call up on your terminal           tariffs. Therest (including inbound)will soon follow.
     (or one we supply) every possible rate at the touch         When   completedlater this year, RATES will store over
     a burton. No hit or miss. No gaps either. RATES   stores    200,000 tariff pages."
     comprehensive  electronic files of tariffs taken directly                          how
                                                                    Switch to RATES-see quickly it pays for itself.
     from the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission(FMC).             For a detailed brochure, contact The Journal of
     Tariffs which we update daily. User-friendly software       Commerce,110 Wall Street, NewYork, NY 10005
     lets you select tariffs by port pair, and checkrates just   (212) 208-0224.
     by entering commodity descriptions. You can choose          A Knight-Ridder business service.

                                         The Journal of Commerce

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