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									Apple iPad™

Igor Njagojević 245/08
   The iPad™ is the first tablet
    computer developed by Apple
    Inc. and is part of a category
    between a smart phone and a
    laptop computer.

   Two     models have    been
    announced: one with 802.11n
    Wi-Fi and one with 802.11n
    Wi-Fi and 3G.
                                      Picture 1. An iPad featuring the iBooks
   It is Apple’s first device that                 application
    uses its iBookstore service and
    companion iBooks e-book
    reading application.
                  Product name and
   By late 2009, iSlate and iTablet were among
    speculated names for this product.
   The product, with his orginal name, was announced
    on January 27, 2010, at an Apple press conference at
    the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.
   Its name is a subject of various criticism, because it
    shares its name with existing products, such as Fujitsu
    iPAD, that is a mobile multi-fuctional device by
    Japanese company Fujitsu.
   Some media noted its similarity to “pad”, the
    common name for a sanitary napkin, and said that this
    would make women less likely to buy the product.
   Others noted that “iPad” sounds like “iPod” in
    various regional accents, etc.
Announcing the iPad

Picture 2. Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, introducing the iPad
    Technical specification
     Model                  Wi-Fi                         Wi-Fi + 3G
  Release date           April 3, 2010                   Late April 2010
                   4:3 aspect ratio, 9.7 inch (20 cm × 15 cm) IPS LCD with
  Color display
                                          LED backlight
    Graphics              1024 × 768 px, 132 ppi, up to 720p video
   Processor        1 GHz Apple A4 SoC based on the ARM Cortex-A8
    Memory                          Flash - 16, 32, or 64 GB
    Wireless             Integrated 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1
      GPS                    No                           Assisted GPS
    Sensors         Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Digital compass
Operating system                         iPhone OS 3.2
                              Built-in lithium-polymer; 25 W·h
                   (10 h usage, 140 h music playback, one-month standby)
     Weight             1.5 lb (680 g)                    1.6 lb (730 g)
  Dimensions        9.56 in (24.3 cm) x 7.47 in (19.0 cm) x 0.5 in (1.3 cm)
    Controls             Home, Sleep, Screen rotation lock,Volume
   The iPad and its iPhone OS
    are controlled using multi-
    touch touchscreen that
    takes up most of the
    device’s front side.
   The iPad also has external
    buttons for sleep, screen
    rotation lock, volume
    control and to return to
    home screen.
   It also has Accelerometer,
    for motion sensitivity,
    ambient light sensor and a    Picture 3. The iPad’s home
    digital magnetic compass.                screen

 The  iPad will only run software
  downloaded from Apple’s App Store.
 Also it will run almost all iPhone
  applications unmodified.
 The iPad will come with the following
  applications: Safari, Mail, Photos,Video,
  YouTube, iTunes Store, App Store, Maps,
  Notes, Calendar, Contacts and Spotlight.

 As  of March 12, 2010, customers in
  the U.S. are able to pre-order the
 The iPad is scheduled to go on sale
  in the U.S. on April 3.
 Consumers in Western Europe,
  Canada and Japan will be able to buy
  iPad in late April.

 The  iPad model only with Wi-Fi will
  cost $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB,
  and $699 for 64GB.
 Adding 3G will cost $130 per model,
  so the most expensive model
  (64GB/3G) will be $829.
           Optional accessories
   Apple will also sell several iPad accessories,
    ◦ Keyboard Dock with hardware keyboard ($69),
    ◦ Case which can be used to stand the iPad in various
      position ($39),
    ◦ Charge Dock ($29),
    ◦ Camera Connection Kit (with USB connector
      adapter and SD card reader) for transferring
      photos and videos ($29),
    ◦ Dock Connector to VGA Adapter for external
      monitor or projector ($29).
                 Criticizing iPad
   Some of the iPad’s
    shortcomings that are
    oftenly mentioned by
    critics are:
    ◦   No multitasking,
    ◦   No Adobe Flash,
    ◦   No camera,
    ◦   4:3 aspect ratio,         Picture 4. Back Of The iPad Wi-Fi

    ◦   Dependence on adapters,

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