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Womens Health Diagnostic Testing Markets



Even though slightly more than half of the US population is female, medical
research historically has neglected the health needs of women, other than
reproductive issues. However, during the past two decades, there have been
major changes in government and private support of womens health research
-- in policies, regulations, and the organization of research efforts. In a recent
Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, the Washington DC-based institute found
that womens health research has contributed to significant progress over the
past 20 years in lessening the burden of disease and reducing deaths from
some conditions for women, while other conditions have seen only moderate
change or even little or no change.

This report, Womens Health Diagnostic Testing Markets provides insight into
this key area of testing. The following tests are among those covered in this

      Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests
      Bone Density Testing
      Prenatal Screening
      Ultrasound
      Mammography
      Pap Smears
      Colposcopy

Women make more than 75% of the health care decisions in American
households and spend almost two of every three health care dollars. Women
also make more than 65% of physician visits, 62% of prescription drug
purchases, and 76% of the nursing home population. The life expectancy of
women is longer than for men and is climbing steadily due to advancements
in medicine. Yet, female health is an area that has much room for
improvement both in the development of products and the treatment of

This report analyzes the current and potential world markets for key
diagnostic tests targeted at womens health. This report generally forecasts
future market growth for these tests to 2015. Market segments covered
include the world and North American markets. This report also reviews the
nature and direction of research and trends, and gives insight into some
issues facing the industry.

Table of Contents :

     1.1 Womens Health in Focus
     1.2 Diagnostics Moving Forward
     1.2.1 Advancing Female Health
     1.2.2 Studying the Most Relevant Groups
     1.2.3 Translating Research into Practice
     1.3 Key Issues Involving Womens Health
     1.4 Market Picture
     1.4.1 Overall Trends
     1.4.2 Key Diagnostic Forecasts
     1.4.3 Methodology

   2.1 Perspective on Womens Health
   2.2 Key Differences between the Sexes
   2.2.1 Autoimmune Disease
   2.2.2 Cancer
   2.2.3 Musculoskeletal Health
   2.2.4 Birth Defects
   2.2.5 Urinary Tract Infections
   2.3 Key Leading Causes of Death in Females
   2.4 Demographics
   2.4.1 What Claims Womens Lives
   2.5 Key Trends and Issues in Womens Diagnostics
      2.5.1 Understanding the Molecular Basis of Disease
      2.5.2 Managing Cancer Disease and Costs
      2.5.3 Ultrasound and Mammography Use Grows

   3.1 Perspective on Testing
   3.1.1 Digital Testing
   3.2 OTC Test Market Forecast
   3.3 Church & Dwight Co. Inc.
   3.4 Inverness Medical Innovations
   3.5 Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

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