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					      Intensive Course
Human Resources Development

    Employment Interview
         Role Play
          Delivered by :
    HRD Function : Employment - # 1

•   Recruitment
•   Selection
•   Personal Filing
•   Promotion & Demotion
•   Transfer
•   Induction
•   Termination

         Recruitment & Selection

•   Job advertisement
•   Applications short listing
•   General Entrance test
•   Interviews
•   Job offer
•   Medical test
•   Working agreement
•   Employee induction
•   Placement

              Job Advertisement

•   Company profile        •   Dead line
•   The job                •   Address
•   Location               •   Application letter
•   Job requirement        •   Curriculum Vitae
•   Special skill          •   Copies of certificates
•   Candidates profile     •   Candidate’s phone
•   Remuneration package   •   Confidentiality

• Mengapa interview begitu penting?
• Mengapa calon yang paling cocok begitu penting?
• Apa “alat bantu” yang paling penting waktu
• Langkah-langkah yang dilakukan pada interview.
• Bagaimana memulai interview.
• Pertanyaan apa saja yang diberikan.
• Apa saja yang tidak perlu (jangan) ditanyakan.

    Entrance / Employment Test

• General employment test
• Language test
• Computer test
• Aptitude test
• Technical test
• Psychological test (assessment)
• Medical test


•   Set the time / schedule
•   Interviewers
•   Venue / interview room
•   Writing tools
•   Interview technique
•   Transportation & accommodation reimbursement

           Interview place / venue

•   A separate room / closed
•   Quiet
•   Pleasant temperature
•   No telephone call
•   White board, flip chart, markers, papers etc.
•   Proper furniture
•   Prepare plain water

              Interview Technique
•   Read the candidate’s resume prior to interview.
•   Welcome the candidate.
•   Introduce interviewers.
•   Introduce the company briefly, the department and
    the job.
•   Ask the candidate to introduce him/herself.
•   Make the candidate feeling comfortable.
•   Establish easy contact / communication.
•   Do not make the candidate feeling ashamed.
•   Apologize when you have to interrupt.
•   Correct the answer and give the correct one to show
    that he is wrong.
        Interview Technique           (continued)

• Do not push the candidate “in the corner “.
• Do not ask same question for the second time.
• Ask candidate to drink as soon as you see him / her
  tired / loosing energy.
• Convince him that this is not interrogation, but a
• The 1-2 hours interview is for him “to sell”
• Show the candidate your gratitude to have come to
  the interview, to close the interview.
• Promise to give immediate result.

      Employment Interview Questions
• Tell me about your job - what   • What are some of the things in
  did you do exactly?               a job that are important to
• How did you progress in your      you?
  job?                            • What are some of the things
• What did you like about your      that would really bother you?
  job?                            • What are of the things about
• What is the most interesting      that you and your supervisor
  activity?                         disagreed?
• What kind of problem did you    • Why did you leave your job?
  encounter on your job/          • What was the best job you ever
• What did you like best?           had? Why?
• What did you like least?        • What do you think about

             Formulir Evaluasi Calon
                 (Interview Record Form)

                                     Contoh terlampir
•   Candidate name
•   Interview date
•   Position applied & Section/ Department
•   Present occupation
•   Evaluation criteria (weight, rating and point)
•   General comments
•   Recommendation or decision
•   Name & signature of Interviewer
•   Notes (if any)

                                  INTERVIEW RECORD FORM
Nama calon karyawan                                    Tanggal                Contoh
Melamar untuk jabatan                                  Section

Pendidikan akhir calon                                 Department
Pekerjaan sekarang
(nama perusahaan
dan alamat)

                          Selection Criteria
 No.                                                               Bobot   Rating      Point
                       (Kriteria Pertimbangan)

  1       Pengetahuan Accounting secara umum.

  2       Pengetahuan Management Keuangan.

  3       Kemampuan berkomunikasi (self presentation)
          serta Human Relations Skill.
  4       Kemampuan konseptual dan analisa

  5       Kemampuan dan motivasi memberikan training dan
          mengembangkan bawahan,
  6       Kemampuan teknis bidang Taxation, General
          Ledger, Internal Auditing.

  7       Kemampuan bahasa Inggeris, lisan maupun tulisan
          untuk komunikasi dan membuat laporan.

  8       Computer skills, terutama untuk Accounting (Excel).

  9       Budgeting dan Financial Report.

 10       Kesiapan dan motivasi pribadi calon untuk bekerja
          dengan workload dan pressure yang tinggi.

Komentar umum dari Interviewer mengenai calon :

Rekomendasi & keputusan akhir mengenai calon :
    Dipertimbangkan untuk diterima.
    Tidak dipertimbangkan untuk diterima.
    Menunggu proses lebih lanjut.
Nama & tanda tangan yang
melakukan interview

         Employment Interview
              Role Play

Casting :

1.   HRD Manager
2.   Finance Director
3.   Candidate of Accounting Supervisor # 1
4.   Candidate of Accounting Supervisor # 2
5.   Candidate of Accounting Supervisor # 3
                Interview Room
• Oval shape table, normally used for inter
  departments meeting.
• 4 chairs : 3 for the Interviewers and 1 for the
• 1 white board
• 1 flip chart
• 1 OHP
• Markers sufficiently.
• Plain water on the table for everybody.
• Necessary writing tools.

Recruitment of an Accounting Supervisor –
          company & job spec
•   PMA manufacturing company (USA).
•   Located in Surabaya.
•   1.200 permanent employees.
•   Producing various types of chemicals for industry.
•   Strong export market.
•   Replacement needed to fill in vacant position, present
    job holder will resign as of 30 November 2004.
•   Job holder will report to Finance Director.
•   Liaise with Head Office Accounting Executives.
•   To conform with local taxation rules and regulations.
•   Put special attention to possible bribery, price mark
    up, embezzlement.
  Recruitment of an Accounting Supervisor –
        company & job spec (continued)
• Will supervise 5 Junior Accounting staff covering the
  responsibilities of Payable Account, Receivable Account,
  Petty Cash, Cashier, Taxation and Workers Payroll.
• Train subordinates.
• Develop and adopt Group wide accounting system from
  the HO.
• Special capabilities :
   – Developing yearly company budget such as in Payroll,
     operational cost, taxation.
   – Preparation of monthly report.
   – Preparation of yearly financial report.
   – Tax returns.
   – English and computer skills are essential.           17

•   HRD Manager
•   Finance Director
•   Production Manager (indefinitely)
•   Candidate of Accounting Supervisor # 1
•   Candidate of Accounting Supervisor # 2
•   Candidate of Accounting Supervisor # 3

                Effective Interview

1.   Give careful attention.
2.   Outline of information to be obtained & questions to
     be asked.
3.   Put applicant at ease. Don’t put applicant on a spot.
4.   Facts obtained to be recorded.  Prepare form.
5.   Evaluate the interview process.  Put weight &
     rating system.

Contoh Formulir Evaluasi Calon


                  HRD Manager
• You are in a senior manager position in the
• Report directly to the President Director of the
• Finance Manager really needs your help to hire new
  Accounting Supervisor.
• The existing Accounting Supervisor will resign as from
  30 June 2006. You are assigned and be responsible to
  get replacement in May 2004.
• The replacement is expected to commence working on
  1 July 2006. Handover to new incumbent is not needed
  (Will be handed over to Finance Director).

                 Finance Director
• The Accounting Supervisor will report directly to you. The
  position of Financial & Accounting Manager has been vacant
  for the last 2 years.
• You feel disappointed with the resignation of the present
  Acct. Supervisor because he performs very well.
• Resignation reason : unsatisfied with his income. Therefore
  he will get a new job (same level) from a company that
  offer him a better salary.
• You need this position to be filled in soon because, most of
  the day to day accounting works are done / supervised by
  the Accounting Supervisor.
• By mid of December 2006, you will have to prepare Budget
  2005 for submission to the President Director, so you know
  the knowledge and skills required from the candidates.
         Profile of Candidate # 1
• Graduated in 2002
• Accounting Section, Faculty of Economy, State
  University. GPA above required, nearly cum laude.
• He is one of the top scorers in his class.
• 1 year work experience at Public Accountant, 1 year
  teaching experience in Accounting Course.
• Fluent in English both verbal and written, familiar
  working with computer.
• Possessing of Taxation Course Certificate.
• Familiar with taxation rules and regulations.
• Capable to prepare yearly budgeting.

           Profile of Candidate # 2
• Graduated in 2001
• Accounting Section, Faculty of Economy, Accredited
  Private University. GPA as per required.
• 3 years work experience as Accounting Staff in Public
  Accountant Office.
• Not so fluent in English, rather poor in written.
• Familiar working with computer, very good in excel and
  MS Access.
• Possessing of Taxation Course Certificate and also
  familiar with taxation rules and regulations.
• Familiar with budgeting.
          Profile of Candidate # 3
• Graduated in 2002
• Accounting Section, Faculty of Economy, State
  University. GPA a little bit below required.
• Very strong interpersonal skill.
• Very good in making presentation.
• Former Chairman of Students Senates.
• Member of Indonesian Accountants Association.
• Very good communicator.
• Active in MLM Amway, one of the Gold Members.
• Also fluent in English and good computer skill.
• Not so familiar with local taxation system.


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