Corinne (DOC) by yaoyufang


									                                         Corinne van den Heuvel
                                         The Hague, Netherlands

                 Height: 6'/182,5                  Hair: Brown           Eyes: Brown
            Weight: 140/65                    Measurements: 36-25-36      Age range: 25-35

Film                              Role                            Producers
Diep                              Shopping woman                  IJswater Films
Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo    Tourist                         ID TV
Fast Forward                      Corien (lead)                   Dienand Christe (for NFTVM)
De D van Dag                      Samantha                        HKU
Egofixe                           Party guest                     Amsterdam Film Academy
Vroeger is dood                   Singing extra                   Jos v.d. Linden, Ine Schenkkan

Corporate                         Role                            Producers
Gas Station Security movie        Employee                        IFS
Infosecure                        Business woman                  IFS
Rabobank De Bilt en Omstreken     Presentation Annual Report      Video Unlimited
Falck Security Corporate film     Employee
HEMA Corporate film               Client
Security Company Pilot            Presentation                    BlazHoffski

TV                                Role                            Producers
Koppels                           Margot                          Egmond Films
Net5 bumpers                      Girl in fall leaves             SnoepFilms
Gameshow Pilot (international)    Contestant                      Endemol International
Gameshow Pilot (Dutch)            Contestant                      NCRV
De Miljonair                      Contestant                      BlueCircle
Streetlife                        Presenter                       A2B
Zomer op je TV (real life soap)   Myself                          RNN TV
Gameshow Pilot (Dutch)            Contestant                      625
Gameshow Pilot (American)         Contestant                      CBS
Veronica                          Game Show Guest Host            Veronica
VPRO                              Demonstrator / Photographer     VPRO
VPRO Lolamoviola                  Call center employee            VPRO

Commercials                       Role                            Producers
Sarixell                          Editor/hand model
CZ                                Woman with kid
Conimex                           Girl on the beach
FBTO                              Physical therapist
Tapiola                           Business woman
Agis                              Woman                           van der Film
Nissan                            Business woman                  Lukkien
TPG                               Pedestrian
Hypotheekshop                     Friend of the bride             hazazaH
RTL Shop / Yorin Shop             Model for various products      Endemol
Blokker                           Mover                           Reel Works
Try this @ Home                   Chloë, journalist (lead)        CCCP TV

Theater                           Role                            Company
Musical                           Village Person                  Haganum
Musical                           Peasant's Daughter              Haganum

Print                             Photographer                    Campaign
Connexion                         Propaganda                      Internal
HEMA                                                              Christmas
Daad Uitzendbureau                Erno Wientjes                   Fashion/Retail
KLM                               Roel Nederveen                  Insert
NS                                Sinot Design                    Internal visual
Human Nature                      PS Studios                      TCS Swiss promotion
Sikkens                           Leo van der Noort               New Products
Holland Casino                    Arno Bosma                      Groups
Dutch FHM                         Daniëlle Vermeij                Girl Next Door
L’Ago B                           Lourens Smak                    (Bridal) Fashion
SnowWorld Promotion Folder                                        SnowWorld Ski Resort
Dutch Cosmopolitan                                                SnowWorld Ski Resort
Telegraaf                                                         SnowWorld Ski Resort
Story (Fashion)                   Ronnie Hertz                    Polar Bear
Vriendin (Interview)              Wout Jan Balhuizen              Bond
         Sebastian                          Hair model                     New fall line
         Trucco for Sebastian               Make up model                  New fall line
         Else Le Comte                      Make up model                  Students


         Bilingual English & Dutch
         French - Quite well
         German - Quite well as well
         Italian – Fair
         Spanish – Fair
         Accents, Dialects in above mentioned languages, interchangeable

         Classical Ballet - 6 years
         Jazz Ballet - 5 years
         Ballroom Dancing (including Latin) - 2 years
         Tap – Fair
         Other dances - Fair to very well

         Robin Pera Comedy Workshop
         Amsterdam & The Hague Acting Academy Audition Workshop

         Bluescreen & Autocue/teleprompter experience

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