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									     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                                    2007 KU Life
                                       University Services &
                                                                                                              Insurance services include: auto
                                                                                                              insurance, driver's insurance,
                                                                                                              travel insurance, fire insurance,
                                                                                                              foreign student insurance, etc.

                                                                                                              Fresh flowers, potted flowers
                                                                                                              and plants, floral wreaths for all
                                                                                                  Florist     occasions, and flower baskets:
                                                                                                              (we deliver flowers everywhere
                                                                                                              within South Korea.)

                                                                                                              Services include taking pho-
                                                                                                              tographs, developing film, print-
                                                                                                Photo Shop    ing, enlargement, and camera
                Facilities                Services                       Contact                              repairs: film and disposable
                              Textbooks, study guides, books,
                              souvenirs, wooden and brass                                                     For sale or repair: computers,
                Uni Store                                                                                     copy machines, facsimiles, scan-
                              plaques, memorial plaques,                                         Computer     ners, hardware, all-in-one/multi-
                              sporting goods, stationary, etc.                                     Shop       function machines, computer-
                                                                                                              related supplies,office network-
                 Fast-food                                                                                    Registration for (or switch to) dif-
                              Hamburger, sandwiches Kebab,
                  Corner                                                                          Mobile      ferent mobile phone
                              chicken, coffee, soft drinks, etc.
               (Food Court)                                                                       Phone       (010,011,016,017,018)
                                                                                                  Shop        companies, accept payments for
                                                                                                              both cell phones and PDA.
                              For sale or repair: calculators,
                Electronic    watches, home appliances, cam-                                                  Financial services include
               Goods Shop     eras, cassette tape, CDs, batter-                                               deposits and withdrawals,
                              ies, etc.                                                         Hana Bank     money transfers, credit cards,
                                                                                                              loan approval foreign exchange,
                              Airline (international and domes-
                 Travel       tic) and train tickets, overseas
                              group travel arrangement, pick-
                 Agency       up services for passports and
                              visa, DHL services, etc

                              Services include: copying, book-                                   Facilities               Services                   Contact
                              binding (books, fast-steel blind-    (KU Lyceum, 1st floor)
               Copy Center
                              ing, roll-spring binding, printing
                              (including internet search) etc      (Central Library,1stfloor)   Fast Food
                                                                                                              Hamburgers, sandwiches,
                                                                                                Restaurant    kebab, chicken, soft drinks, etc.
                              Eye glasses, sunglasses, con-
                              tact lenses, and various acces-
                              sories and supplies for glasses:
                              offers free eye examination, etc                                  Convenience
                                                                                                              Soft drinks, snacks, instant food,
                                                                                                   Store      various necessities, etc.
                                                                                                (Mini Stop)

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     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                   2007 KU Life
                  Room          Services Available: Internet
                  (Magic        search and games
                 Station)                                                              Facilities                Services               Contact

                                Textbooks, study guides, books,
                                souvenirs, wooden and brass                            Sports Bar    Spaghetti, salad, chicken, fried
                 Uni-Store      plaques, memorial plaques,                           (1stBasement)   rice, soft drinks, etc.
                                sporting goods, stationary, etc.

               Coffee Shop                                                            Food Court     Noodles, hot dogs, doughnuts,
                                Variety of coffee and soft drinks
               [Rose Bud]                                                              (1st Floor)   soft drinks, etc.

                                [Sungmun Overseas Study
                                                                                     Coffee Shop -
                Overseas        Center] Consultation service:
                                overseas language and special                         [Starbucks]    Coffee and soft drinks
               Study Center
                                studies programs                                       (2nd Floor)

                Fast Food
                Restaurant                                                            Restaurant     Spaghetti, pork cutlet, salad,
                                Bibimbab and other fast food
                  (Hans                                                               (3rd Floor)    steak, soft drinks, etc.

                                Services include: emergency aid,
                                health consultations, temporary      (Main Campus)
                                                                                       KU Maru
               Health Center    rest and recover facilities, and                                     Lounge for Internet
                                information related to health cen-                     (4th Floor)
                                ters, services, etc.                   Campus)

               Student Health   A certain percentage of medical      (Main Campus)
                  Services      fees, paid by the student, will be
                  Payment       reimbursed under the plan.
               Deduction Plan                                          (Science

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     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                          2007 KU Life
                                                                                             Services include: copying, bind-
                                                                               Copy store    ing, thesis binding, etc            (Science library,
                                                                                                                                     1st floor)
                Facilities                Services                   Contact

                              Electronic goods including calcu-
                Electronic                                                     Coffee Shop
                              lators, watches, etc., cassette                                Variety of coffee and soft drinks
               Goods shop     tapes, CDs, batteries, etc                       [Ross Bud]

                Computer      Computers, hardware and com-
                              puter-related supplies
                                                                               Coffee Shop   Variety of coffee and soft drinks     (Cafeteria,
                                                                                                                                    3rd floor)

                              Eye glasses, sunglasses, con-                                  Financial services include
                                                                                             deposits and withdrawals,
                              tact lenses, and various acces-                   Kookmin
                              sories and supplies for glasses,                               money transfers, credit cards,
                                                                                 Bank        loan approval, foreign
                              offers free eye examination, etc
                                                                                             exchange, etc.

                              Haircut, perms, hair-dye, bleach,
                Hair shop     etc. (faculty and students wel-

                              Registration for (or switch to) dif-
               Mobile Phone   ferent mobile phone (011, 016,
                  shop        017, 018), accept payments for
                              both cell phones and PDA.

                              Textbooks, professional and
                Bookstore     general books, special language
                              guidebooks, etc.

                              Stationary, laboratory gowns,
                Stationary    and DHL.

                              Sporting, goods, bags, etc
               Goods store

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     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                                          2007 KU Life
                                     Location                                    contact      Facilities                     Location                      Contact

          International Studies Hall Cafeteria (University Staff, Student)                                    Each college has a student lounge fur-
                                                                                           Student Lounge
                                                                                                              nished with a sofa, table, and coin-
          Korean Studies Hall (University Staff, Student)                                  (located at Each
                                                                                                              operated soft-drink machine. Drinking
          Living Plaza Cafeteria for University Staff                                                         water is also available.

          Student Union Building Cafeteria                                                                    Faculty and Women Students' Hall,
                                                                                                              Science Library (2nd floor), Cafeteria(3rd
          Student Union Building Snack Bar                                                 Female Student
                                                                                                              floor, Science Campus), and
                                                                                                              Communications Building Annex (3rd
          Living Plaza Student Cafeteria & Snack Bar
          Alumni Hall Student Cafeteria
                                                                                                              The club is located in the 4.18
          TechnoComplex Research Center Cafeteria                                                             Memorial Hall (Basement, 2nd floor)
                                                                                                              and equipped with 30 different kinds of
          College of Medicine                                                              KU Fitness Club    health equipment and shower facilities
                                                                                                              for both men and women. The number
                                                                                                              of members is limited to 250. Fee

                                                                                                              There are live ping-pong tables in the
                                                                                           Table Tennis       4.18 Memorial Hall (Basement, 2nd
                                                                                                              floor). No fee is charged.

                                                                                           Ice Rink           University Green Campus
                              Location                                       Hours

                                                                Mon~Fri 09:00~17:00
          Ground Floor, College of Arts Bldg
                                                                Sat 09:00~13:00

                                                                Mon~Fri 09:00~17:00
          2nd Floor, Science Library
                                                                Sat 09:00~13:00

                                                                Mon~Fri 09:00~17:00
          All Colleges
                                                                Sat 09:00~13:00

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     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                                  2007 KU Life
                                                                       Undergraduate and graduate students may use private lockers for a period of six
                  Facilities               Location          Contact   months. Anyone who wishes to use a private locker must apply for and pay a rental
                                                                       fee. Every February and August, a notice for a private locker application will be
                                                                       posted on the Portal system, KU Homepage, and College Homepages.
                                  Inchon-ro Building
                 Hana Bank        (1st floor)                          (Portal    Information Depot     Application for a Private Locker)

                                                                          Locations of Private Locker
                                  Communication Building                         Type                          Location                Number of Lockers
                  Post Office     Annex
                                                                                               Main Library

                                                                        Lockers for Public     Central Plaza
                                                                                               Science Library
                                  Student Union Building
                Beauty Parlor     (1st basement)                                               Woo Dang Hall

                                                                                               Business School (Annex Building)

                                                                                               Life Science Building
                                  Green Campus Garage (1st                                     (Main Hall/ Special Building)
               Auto-Repair Shop   basement)
                                                                                               Political Science & Economics Hall

                                                                                               Asan Science Building
                                                                        College Lockers        Engineering Building
                Shoe Mending                                                                   2nd Engineering Building
                                  Humanities Building
                   Shop                                                                        Innovation Hall
                                                                                               Education Building #1

                                                                                               Education Building Annex
                                  Communication Building
                  Music Hall      (1st floor)                                                  International Studies Hall

                                  Inchon Memorial Hall
                                  4.18 Memorial Hall
                 Auditoriums      Alumni Hall
                                  Business School
                                                                       Injuries inflicted on students caused by educational facilities or in the course of edu-
                                                                       cation-related activities can be covered by Student Security Insurance. In such
                                                                       cases, please contact the Student Security Insurance Desk, Student Affairs Dept.
                                                                       (Tel: 3290-1103)

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     Life KU

         The University Welfare and Health Center provides primary medical care and
                                                                                                                                                          Student Activities
         health services for students. These services include: annual physical exams and X-
         rays; medical care for cases of pulmonary tuberculosis detected during annual
         exams; primary medical care for simple ambulatory cases; health counseling; pri-
         mary dental care; consultation and referral services to the University Hospital; sani-
         tation and inspection of University food services and employees and other services
         and employees who work closely with students; and health education services. In
         addition to the central clinic on the Main Campus, branch clinics are located on the     Education at Korea University is not pursued solely inside classrooms and research
         Science and Seochang Campuses.
                                                                                                  centers. Numerous club activities and close relationships among students complete
                                                                                                  KU's responsibility to the community and to the creation of an open world. The cul-
         For further information:
          Anam Campus - Central Square (1st basement) Room #112 (3290-1571)                       ture of KU is the future of Korean culture, one in which young intellectuals lead
                            Science Library 1st floor Room #113 (3290-1572)                       each other towards fulfillment.
          Seochang Campus           041-860-1038

            Deduction for Medical Expenses
         If any registered student catches a disease or is injured during his or her study at
         the university, his or her medical expenses will be in part covered by the deduction
                                                                                                  (1) Social Science
         for medical expenses. For more information, please contact the University Welfare
                                                                                                     * Philosophy Village                         * The Wagen Wheel
         and Health Center. (Anam Campus: Tel 3290-1570 / 1573; Seochang Campus: Tel
         041-860-1036)                                                                               * Saram Saneun Saesang                       * Study Group of Culture
         -- KU Homepage        About Korea University     Service & Welfare     Health Care          * Working People                             * KUCC
                                                                                                     * Economics Institute of Current Events
                                                                                                     * UNSA (UN Student's Association)
                                                                                                     * Korean Modern history Research Association
                                                                                                     * Current Affairs & Economy Society
                                                                                                     * Korean Society Research Association
                                                                                                     * Korean Spirit Training                     * B&B

                                                                                                  (2) Exhibition and Creative Art
                                                                                                     * Institute of Arts Criticism                * Our Literature Research Institute
                                                                                                     * KU Literature Association                  * Institute of Korean Painting

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     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                                                   2007 KU Life
           * Dolbit (KU Movie Critique Club)                                                  * Christ's Ambassador Mission (CAM) University Mission
           * Geurim Madang (KU Cartoon Club)                                                  * Buddhist Student Association                  * Joy Mission
           * Keul Mal Literature Institute (KU Poet's Society)                                * Catholic Student Association                  * Students for Christ (SFC)
           * Hoyounghoi                                 * Jindo Creative literature Club      * IVF
           * Seowha                                     * PAPCON
                                                                                            (6) Language Studies
         (3) Social Studies                                                                   * Nid d'amis (French club)                      * Dongsuchoi
           * One, Two, Five (campaign for the disabled)                                       * KU Research Institute on Korean and Japanese Culture
           * Red Cross Student Association                                                    * S.I.S. Time                                   * KU China Research Institute
           * Rotarect (university federation public service club)                             * E.C.S. (English Conversation Researching Society)
           * Nadal Moeum (agriculture club)                                                   * LECA (English conversation club)              * A.L.C
           * Howoo Hwe (KU public service club)
           * Eunhawhe (student association for night studies)                               (7) Life Culture
           * Saebyok Kwangjang (club for preserving the environment)                          * Leisure and Recreation Research Association
           * KUSA                                                                             * Youth Hostel (Traveling club)
                                                                                              * Ho-Jin Hwe (theater appreciation and critique club)
         (4) Art                                                                              * Scout
           * KU Nongak (Korean peasant instrumental music)                                    * Ho-Dong Hwe (club by Japanese Koreans)
           * KU Orchestra                         * We Love Tal (Korean Traditional Mask)     * Paduk Sarang Meeting (club for people who play Korean checkers)
           * KU Wind Ensemble                     * Noraeol
           * Theater                              * Korean Classical Music                  (8) Sports
           * Classic Guitar Club                  * KU Choir                                  * Amateur Soccer Team                           * Scuba Diving
           * Crimson                              * Geurootogi (acoustic guitar club)         * KU Amateur Baseball Club                      * KU Archery Club
           * KUDT                                 * TTP                                       * Swimming Tiger Club                           * Badminton / Ping Pong Club
           * Bulas (Sports Dance)                                                             * Soobakdo

         (5) Religion                                                                       (9) Literary Art
           * Won-Buddhism Student Association                                                 * Norae Madang                                  * Talpae Hanaldarae
           * Every Nation Mission (ENM)                                                       * KU Folk Music Band                            * Yeol Gu Rim
           * Jeung San Do                         * Student Christian Association             * ICCUS                                         * TERRA
           * C.C.C.                               * Korean Christian Student Union            * Sun Hyang Jae                                 * Dark Room

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     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                                                                 2007 KU Life
         (10) Science Technology
             * KULS                                         * KUERA
             * Amateur Astronomer Club (KUAAA)                                                        Suksoon was established by students interested in exploring and solving problems
             * Amateur Radio Association (HAM)                                                        experienced by Korean women. It was first published in 1983 and is now released
                                                                                                      once a year. Suksoon has the objective of promoting consciousness and solutions
                                                                                                      to problems experienced by youth as well as promoting the women's movement.
         (11) Others
             * Honong-hoe                                   * The Morning Dew
             * Breaking The Cell                            * Buddhist Student Society
             * Sunlight Village                             * Youth & Future KU
             * Extreme Sports Club (KESC)
                                                                                                      The KUBS was established on the 2nd floor of the Communication Building on
                                                                                                      June 1, 1968. The KUBS is notably strong in maximizing the human imagination,
                                                                                                      relative to other mass media, since it provides audio-visual materials. The KUBS
                                                                                                      has recently organized its program and provides a wide array of services through
                                                                                                      the Internet (kubs.korea.ac.kr) and the school cable system.
         The Suktap Daedong Festival, one of the annual festivals at this university, is held
         every year around May 5, the anniversary of the university's foundation. Originally          -Facilities
         limited to simple commemorative activities, starting from 1962, the activities were          The station currently has a radio studio, a controlling room where audio consoles,
         expanded to include large scale festivals where students, professors, friends, fami-         turn-tables, tape recorders, CDs and LPs are accessible, and an editing room. Its
         lies, and surrounding residents could all enjoy themselves. This festival, which             services range from providing audio-visual equipment for producing single slides or
         attracts participation from all university departments, clubs and societies, has             movies to other types of functions.
         earned a reputation as a university festival in both variety and quality.

                                                                                                      A wide arrange of records, cassette tapes, and CDs for recording and producing
                                                                                                      music and other instructional materials are available in the station and excellent
                                                                                                      professional audio materials and other outstanding media works produced by
         The Kodai Moonhwa is published with the objective of cultivating in-depth academic           KUBS can be viewed.
         theory and scientific critical thinking through giving Korea University students the
         opportunity to present their academic papers, literary output etc. The Kodai                 -Accomplishment
         Moonhwa, which was launched in December 1955 by the members of literary                      The station offers KU students broadcasting service 3 times a day of 2 hours each
         groups within Korea University, is published twice a year. This publication, which is        through cable speakers on campus. It is committed to developing broadcasting
         distributed all over campus, has a general character and is proud to have cultivated         technology, recording major school events, providing audio recording services and
         intellectual writers, poets, literary figures etc., who are currently making a significant   producing and editing materials for preservation for Korea University.
         contribution to society.

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     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                                                              2007 KU Life
                                                                                                   Shinmoon has not only served as the voice of Korea University, contributing to the
                                                                                                   creative reinterpretation of Korea University's traditions and the maintenance of
                                                                                                   academic excellence, but has also occupied a position as one of the leading uni-
         KU Television Network, located on the 4th floor of the communication Building, was
                                                                                                   versity newspapers. Now, both the newspaper Kodai Shinmoon and its Internet edi-
         established on May 2, 1997, and has been providing its broadcasting services of 60
                                                                                                   tion (www.kunews.ac.kr) are available to its readers. In addition, 'kukey.com'
         channels, including satellite and cable televisions and other KTN produced chan-
                                                                                                   (www.kukey.com), a kind of webzine which provides all kinds of information on KU
         nels throughout the entire campus.
                                                                                                   life, is also available.

         KTN currently has a main controlling room, a transmitting room, editing room,
         announcers' and dimmer room, and is equipped with video camera (Beta CAM,
         DVCAM, Hi8, U-Matic), VCR (Beta CAM, DVCAM, U-Matic, Hi8, VHS), video
         switcher (GVG 1600-3D) as a producing gear and Modulator (ATM-14500), and                 Q. When is Kodai Shinmoon published and where can I get it?
         converter for transmission.                                                               A. Kodai Shinmoon is published every Monday (it will be sent once to your address
                                                                                                      during the summer vacation), and is placed in the lobby of each building.

         -Resources and Collections
         Audio-visual materials for producing various broadcasting programs are accessible         Q. What should I do if I want to hold a meeting in the student cafeteria?
         and other video-taped materials of school events, KU news and informative movies          A. First check whether the site has been reserved for your meeting date by calling

         and documentaries to promote and publicize the school are well-preserved in the              3290-1562. Then fill in the Notice of Meeting form placed in the Office of

         center.                                                                                      Academic Affairs of the college and Health & Welfare Service Dept. Obtain the
                                                                                                      signature of your academic advisor and submit it to the Health & Welfare Service
                                                                                                      Dept. You may hold a meeting in the Student Union Cafeteria (1st floor) and
         -Mission and Achievements                                                                    Living Plaza Cafeteria during the hours 19:00 ~ 22:00.
         The center has provided students with 3 hours of cable and satellite services as
         well as KTN news and other special academic lectures featuring various topics
                                                                                                   Q. When does the school festival take place and what activities are available?
         through Channel 4 (KTN) on a daily basis. This will lead to on-line courses and web
                                                                                                   A. The festival, named Granite Tower Festival, is held every May. Starting with the
         conferences in the near future.
                                                                                                      opening ceremony, events such as performances, exhibitions, and outdoor bars
                                                                                                      take place. The finale is the IPSILENTI held by the Korea University Cheer

                                                                                                   Q. How are KU PR student personnel selected? Do I have to be good-looking
         Kodai Shinmoon was launched in 1947. This newspaper, which has the oldest his-
                                                                                                      to be selected?
         tory of its kind in Korea, is edited and published by student reporters and editors.
                                                                                                   A. They are selected every September. You must be a KU student, either regis-
         Since its start, it has contributed to the development of academic traditions at
                                                                                                      tered or taking leave of absence, to apply. We will interview you and we prefer
         Korea University and proposed many issues between the various university com-
                                                                                                      an outgoing and positive character with a neat appearance.
         munities and society at large. Kodai Sinmoon has been faithful to its duties as a
         leading university newspaper. Through the talented efforts of its faithful staff, Kodai
                                                                                                   Q. What does each club do and how can I join?

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     Life KU

                                                                                                                                                                                                     2007 KU Life
         A. There are two club associations. Please refer to the Club Introduction. Students               at the General Affairs Dept. 3 days prior to the event.
            usually join at the start of the semester but may join anytime.

         (1) How to request a signboard set-up?                                                         Q. Can lecture rooms be used for off-campus group events?
         (a) In the case of college or department level events, you must first fill in the 'facility    A. We try to avoid lending them to protect the facilities and maintain academic
            use application form' from your Office of Academic Affairs and get approval of                atmosphere. However, we try to lend facilities for national exams because many
            your Office of Academic Affairs. Then submit the form at the General Affairs                  KU students apply for the exams.
         (b) In the case of university level or separate events, you must first fill in the 'Facility   Q. How can I reserve Inchon Memorial Hall?
            Use Application' Form from the Student Affairs Dept. and get approval from the              A. First, provide detailed description of the event and a rental application to the
            Office of Student Affairs. Then submit the form to the General Affairs Dept.                  Student Affairs Dept. The Student Affairs Dept. will decide whether to lend it or
                                                                                                          not and apply to the General Affairs Dept. Permission depends on the manage-
         (2) 'Facility Use Application' form submission period                                            ment regulation of Inchon Memorial Hall and permission may be cancelled in
         At least 3 days prior to the event                                                               case of unavoidable circumstances.
                                                                                                           * Procedure
         (3) 'Facility Use Application' form limitation                                                    1. Check the Inchon Memorial Hall schedule at the General Affairs Dept.
         If the event overlaps with school events such as matriculation or graduation cere-                2. Submit a rent application to the General Affairs Dept. with a detailed descrip-
         mony, the signboard may not be provided.                                                            tion of the event.
                                                                                                           3. Confirm permission from the department.

                                                                                                        Q. How can I reserve the exhibition room in the Lyceum?
                                                                                                        A. Priority in using the exhibition room in the Lyceum is given to school events and
                                                                                                          lectures. If students want to rent it, they should visit the General Affairs Dept.
         Q. Where can posters be placed on campus?                                                        with a detailed description of the event.
         A. Posters can be placed on billboards at various places. However, student event
            posters should be inspected by the Student Affairs Dept.
                                                                                                        Q. How can I rent the Green Campus athletic field?
                                                                                                        A. The Green Campus athletic field consists of an artificial turf field, 2 basketball
         Q. How can I borrow an electrical water boiler for a department seminar or                       courts, and a field track. You can make a reservation via the KU homepage.
            event?                                                                                        www.korea.ac.k - Online service - Online Administration Support - Green
         A. Fill in the <Facility Equipment Use Application > form (Office of Academic                    Campus athletic field reservation
            Affairs or KUPID - Knowledge Management - Administration - General Affairs -
                                                                                                           You need approval from the General Affairs Dept. after making the
            Forms) and get the approval of the General Affairs Dept. Then submit the form

86                                                                                                                                                                                              87
     Life KU


         Q. How can I get to the Green Campus athletic field?
         A. Get off at subway station <Anam> or <Korea University>. Enter the university
           and go behind Inchon Memorial Hall. Upon exiting KU, turn left, go up the hill
           and go past the dormitory.

         Q. How should I reserve a lecture room for a seminar?
         A. You should visit the Office of Academic Affairs of the respective building.

                                                        KU Life 2007


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